16:58:42 <pwaring> #startmeeting Debconf23 Team meeting https://deb.li/dc23meet
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16:58:46 <pwaring> #topic Roll Call
16:58:51 <pwaring> say hi if you're her
16:58:55 <pwaring> or here even
16:59:09 <lenharo> hi o/
16:59:11 <bhe[m]> Hi
16:59:28 <tzafrir> Hi
16:59:42 <DLange> \o/ I'm her
16:59:46 <indiebio> hi
16:59:55 <EnkelenaH[m]> hi
17:00:13 <anupaannjoseph[m]> Hi
17:01:02 <pwaring> #topic Budget
17:01:05 <pwaring> #link https://lists.debian.org/debconf-team/2022/11/msg00000.html
17:01:09 <pwaring> There is a budget proposal now
17:01:16 <PirateBady[m]> hi
17:01:26 <pwaring> is there anything specific we need to do about the budget at this point?
17:01:55 <bhe[m]> Yes, I only sent proposal today. Nothing specfic to discuss, I believe.
17:02:09 <srud> Hi
17:02:11 <[pirate]praveen> hi
17:02:37 <pwaring> #topic Website
17:02:54 <pwaring> I can't see the icon font issue anymore, was that fixed (or removed)?
17:03:09 <srud> pwaring: issue was fixed
17:03:23 <pwaring> great
17:03:31 <srud> Website content work in wip
17:03:53 <PirateBady[m]> also, sponsors list updated
17:04:47 <DLange> \o/
17:06:10 <pwaring> #topic Sponsors team
17:06:45 <[pirate]praveen> we decided to use https://fossunited.org/ as our local accounting partner
17:07:05 <[pirate]praveen> we contacted them and waiting for them to setup the accounting process
17:07:17 <DLange> great news, thank [pirate]praveen
17:07:20 <[pirate]praveen> new sponsors are updated on the website
17:08:13 <Anisa[m]> Hello, sorry I am late
17:08:25 <tumblingweed> Sorry, also late
17:09:00 <pwaring> is there anything else we need to cover on sponsors?
17:09:16 <DLange> I don't think so
17:09:24 <[pirate]praveen> contacting potential sponsors is going on. nothing more to add.
17:09:28 <pwaring> #topic Visa team
17:11:02 <srud> About the Kosovo visa.. The site that was pointed to us earlier was an unofficial site unfortunately.. We are checking with embassies directly now what can be done
17:11:22 <EnkelenaH[m]> srud (IRC): thank you
17:12:02 <pwaring> do we need to discuss anything else on visas now, or is it generally a WIP?
17:12:52 <srud> pwaring: nothing right now.. Maybe next meeting we will give a clearer picture
17:13:17 <pwaring> ok
17:13:21 <pwaring> #topic Meeting schedule
17:13:28 <pwaring> next meeting will be 12th December
17:14:03 <gwolf> o/
17:14:13 * gwolf was not late, but was talking with a colleague, sorry.
17:14:14 <pwaring> the one after that would be 26th December, but as that's a public holiday in lots of places and durting the Christmas period I'm going to suggest we skip it and have the next meeting after that on 9th January
17:14:26 <pwaring> so 12/12/22 and 09/01/23
17:14:47 <srud> Sounds good
17:16:52 <pwaring> #info next meetings: 12th December 2022, 9th January 2023
17:16:54 <pwaring> #topic AOB
17:16:56 <pwaring> anything else?
17:17:46 <srud> Nothing from my side
17:19:11 <DLange> EOM - End of meeting, I'd say :)
17:19:26 <pwaring> okay, thank you all for coming and see you in two weeks!
17:19:28 <pwaring> #endmeeting