17:01:40 <tzafrir> #startmeeting
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17:01:45 <tzafrir> #topic Roll Call
17:01:53 <tumbleweed> Hi MeetBot
17:01:56 <srud> Hi
17:02:03 <[pirate]praveen> hi
17:02:23 <DLange> \o/ Hi
17:02:29 <anupaannjoseph[m]> Hi
17:02:34 <pwaring> o/
17:03:14 <abrahamr_> o/
17:04:10 <tzafrir> #topic Budget
17:04:34 <srud> Budget approved
17:04:46 <kannan[m]> hi
17:05:56 <tzafrir> So I guess we're OK with that.
17:06:01 <tzafrir> #topic Website
17:06:11 <DLange> Website approved :)
17:06:20 <DLange> (just tryin')
17:06:57 <abrahamr_> Lol.
17:07:46 <srud> Website up-to-date wrt sponsor
17:07:57 <srud> Rest content WIP
17:08:17 <tumbleweed> I suggest starting to look at registration soon
17:08:28 <tumbleweed> even though we don't need it right away
17:08:37 <tumbleweed> it's nice to not have to scramble at the last minute
17:09:00 <DLange> Infomaniak went Platinum \o/
17:09:18 <tumbleweed> sign up on wafertest.debconf.org. Register. Check that it asks the right questions, has the right prices, etc.
17:09:42 <srud> tumbleweed: OK.. kannan[m] please connect with tumbleweed after meeting..
17:11:34 <kannan[m]> i'll connect with tumbleweed after. also wafertest.debconf.org
17:11:43 <tzafrir> #topic Sponsors's Team
17:11:58 <tzafrir> <DLange> Infomaniak went Platinum \o/
17:12:13 <[pirate]praveen> contacting sponsors as usual
17:12:24 <DLange> We have a new member: Siji Sunny, they will get sijisunny@debconf.org
17:12:54 <DLange> tumbleweed: you may get another inquiry on your email server for sending @dc.o mail :)
17:13:01 <DLange> Anisa[m] will spam international sponsors again from next week, she's been traveling
17:13:02 <tumbleweed> sure
17:13:27 <tumbleweed> I'm AFK quite a bit at the moment, but I'm looking at things at least once a day
17:13:33 <tumbleweed> (sorry, keep forgetting to look at the contract thread)
17:14:53 <[pirate]praveen> Siji is trying to contact some local sponsors
17:15:33 <srud> tumbleweed: regarding contract.. I plan to have final meeting with them next week.. input before that will be appreciated
17:15:37 <gwolf> o/ !
17:15:38 <DLange> [pirate]praveen: once we have the alias @dc.o make them contact tumbleweed for help in sending with their debconf alias
17:15:57 <DLange> (receiving will work "automatically" as a forward to their existing email address)
17:16:17 <[pirate]praveen> DLange, sure, I will ask them to contact tumbleweed
17:16:32 <DLange> srud: any idea when next week? (I still owe you feedback as well)
17:17:18 <srud> DLange: Mostly Monday
17:17:33 <DLange> ok, will try to send feedback by the weekend
17:18:56 <tzafrir> #topic Visa team
17:19:30 <tzafrir> Anything on visas?
17:20:31 <tzafrir> #topic MEeting schedule
17:21:15 <kannan[m]> no updates
17:21:15 <DLange> We have 09.01.2023 scheduled.
17:21:57 <tzafrir> Great.
17:22:04 <tzafrir> #topic AoB
17:22:38 <srud> Another Mini DebConf India is in pipeline
17:23:21 <tzafrir> Do you have more information now?
17:23:30 <srud> Jan 28-29 in Villupuram,Tamil Nadu
17:24:25 <srud> Official CFP etc is yet to be released
17:25:16 <srud> More details will be updated later
17:25:30 <tzafrir> OK. Anything else?
17:26:23 <tzafrir> Thanks everybody, and see you in 4 weeks.
17:26:27 <tzafrir> #endmeeting