Started logging meeting in #debconf-video, times are UTC.
[19:03:55] <h01ger> #link has the agenda
[19:04:01] * WombleToo sits on h01ger
[19:04:03] <h01ger> #topic agenda
[19:04:38] <h01ger> is there anything else to discuss besides fosdem and hardware acquistions?
[19:04:58] <WombleToo> Unprocessed DC7 videos
[19:05:16] <h01ger> should we start with that or rather in the end?
[19:05:48] <WombleToo> I don't mind
[19:06:40] * h01ger neither
[19:07:01] <h01ger> lets start with it and finish the meeting quickly
[19:07:39] <h01ger> #topic unprocessed videos
[19:08:05] <WombleToo> OK. Are you going to deal with them soon? Otherwise, you'd better hand them over to other people.
[19:08:31] <WombleToo> (whether that's as tape, disk or network stream)
[19:08:42] <h01ger> they are available as network streams now
[19:08:50] <h01ger> #link
[19:09:00] <WombleToo> Well, I'm willing to do the work, but I can't accept them as network streams
[19:09:14] <h01ger> i'll update this list at latest on wednesday
[19:09:54] <h01ger> i can also bring a disk to fosdem
[19:10:37] <h01ger> after updating the wiki todo list and the actuall first video, i'll need some help with penta..
[19:10:48] <h01ger> but this can be solved by pinging you on irc i guess
[19:12:34] <hermanr_> Was that it?
[19:13:30] <h01ger> i guess
[19:13:32] <h01ger> so
[19:14:07] <h01ger> #idea anybody who want to help postprocess the remaining DC7 videos can download the raw files from a fast server on the net. they are huge. contact #debconf-video
[19:14:08] <WombleToo> OK
[19:14:16] <h01ger> next?
[19:15:04] <hermanr_> team?
[19:15:15] <h01ger> #topic FOSDEM
[19:15:24] <h01ger> #topic 2.1 FOSDEM - team
[19:15:29] <h01ger> who will be there?
[19:15:39] <p2-mate> I will, but busy
[19:15:40] <hermanr_> I'm not adding myself to the list before I have ordered tickets. It's about 90% likely now.
[19:15:46] * h01ger will
[19:15:59] <p2-mate> I have another room to run
[19:16:20] * hermanr_ is not committing himself, rather his equipment
[19:16:30] <WombleToo> I'll be there
[19:16:30] <h01ger> i have talks on saturday but should be fine ragarding video, they are from 15-17oo on saturday (olpc, not in the debian room) and 18-19 in the debian room.
[19:16:57] <WombleToo> will bring my tripod, the VGA-DV box, and can bring firewire gear and my camera if they're useful
[19:17:11] * h01ger also heard from various other people who said they will be there and offered to help
[19:17:36] <h01ger> daven will be there too, i think
[19:17:36] <toresbe> (just popping in to say: I very strongly doubt I'll be able to attend; film at 11 etc. :)
[19:17:42] * hermanr_ will bring his old wireless mic kit, if it still works
[19:18:03] <h01ger> #topic 2.2 fosdem - hardware
[19:18:27] * h01ger thinks one camera is enough. plus the vga-dv box for grabbing slides
[19:18:37] <hermanr_> Again, if it works, h01ger can have my old wireless kit (stationary receiver), for keeps.
[19:18:56] * h01ger nods hermanr_ - thanks
[19:19:08] <h01ger> i will bring the behringer audio mixer too
[19:19:19] <WombleToo> Last year it was really hard to point the camera at audience members
[19:19:31] <hermanr_> Womble2: Too low?
[19:19:46] <h01ger> Womble2, so you suggest two cameras with all the hazzle? (more computers needed, more camera people needed)
[19:19:51] <h01ger> or a higher tripod?
[19:20:16] <hermanr_> For a higher tripod, a monitor and a zoom/focus remote is really useful.
[19:20:18] * h01ger wonders which computer we can use for recording, streaming and encoding
[19:20:35] <h01ger> or a different camera position?
[19:20:40] <WombleToo> Maybe
[19:20:44] <daven> ping
[19:20:52] <hermanr_> daven!
[19:21:00] <WombleToo> I don't think one camera position can cover both speaker and audience - the rooms are quite cramped
[19:21:16] <WombleToo> We do get a bit more freedom if we don't have to cover the screen though
[19:21:36] <daven> I think that one static camera facing the audience would be a good idea, I can see if I can bring one if you want
[19:21:39] * h01ger thinks we need to solve the computer situation first, before we can think about more cameras
[19:21:43] <hermanr_> Insane suggestion: Steadicam!
[19:21:44] <WombleToo> Yes
[19:21:48] <hermanr_> (no, not really)
[19:22:02] <toresbe> Flycam? :)
[19:22:03] * toresbe ducks
[19:22:16] <h01ger> flycam is more workable than steadicam and still insane
[19:22:20] <h01ger> the room is too small
[19:22:24] <WombleToo> Practically I think we can record & encode with a laptop and external disk
[19:22:42] <h01ger> Womble2, with two dv sources, yes. but not with three
[19:22:46] <hermanr_> AND encode?
[19:22:52] <WombleToo> Sure
[19:22:53] <daven> I can bring a dedicated dvsource-firewire machine
[19:23:04] <daven> I have a spare laptop here in germany with firewire, that runs it for sure
[19:23:19] <h01ger> daven, how fast is it?
[19:23:31] <daven> the machine
[19:23:31] <h01ger> pccard slot existent?
[19:23:33] <WombleToo> h01ger: I didn't say anything about capture or mixing!
[19:23:33] <h01ger> yes
[19:23:38] <daven> 2ghz single processor
[19:23:40] <h01ger> Womble2, aaaah
[19:23:51] <daven> not something you'd want to use for encoding
[19:24:38] <WombleToo> I think that's probably OK for encoding a single stream, actually.
[19:24:45] <h01ger> daven, does it have a pccard slot?
[19:24:53] <daven> h01ger: yes
[19:24:53] <p2-mate> 2Ghz what ?
[19:25:04] <daven> p2-mate: 2ghz p4 desktop replacement thing
[19:25:07] <daven> needs to be plugged it
[19:25:08] <daven> *in
[19:25:09] <h01ger> p2-mate, cpu ;)
[19:25:14] <hermanr_> So, how much manpower? Two cam-ops, and one mixer/switcher?
[19:25:21] <daven> yep
[19:25:31] <p2-mate> p4 ic
[19:25:33] <daven> we could cut that down to one cam op and one mixer if necessary
[19:25:36] <h01ger> the room will be packed
[19:25:41] <p2-mate> h01ger: which cpu obviously :P
[19:26:07] * h01ger really thinks we should go for one camera and the slide grabber
[19:26:29] <hermanr_> You need dvswitch no matter what, right?
[19:26:32] <h01ger> otherwise it will become messy in many ways
[19:26:41] <hermanr_> You mean the cam-op should also do mixing?
[19:26:46] <h01ger> hermanr_, if we use a camera and the vga-dv box, es
[19:26:53] <h01ger> hermanr_, no
[19:27:05] <h01ger> the cam-op should be cam-op
[19:27:18] <h01ger> probably the audio mixer can do video mixing too
[19:27:42] <hermanr_> We could get by with a fixed secondary camera, to do cutaways.
[19:27:48] <p2-mate> I can offer my old g3 laptop with cardbus if someone needs it
[19:27:51] <hermanr_> Two cams, but one single cam-op.
[19:28:06] <daven> yep
[19:28:08] <h01ger> hi xerakko. we have a meeting. has the backlog. will you attend fosdem?
[19:28:25] <h01ger> p2-mate, does it have firewire?
[19:28:40] <p2-mate> h01ger: with a cardbus card yes
[19:28:56] <daven> h01ger: the one I can bring has builtin firewire and a cardbus slot
[19:29:16] * h01ger rather would not have an old laptop with a different arch there. we dont have time for debuggin or setup...
[19:29:33] <xerakko> h01ger, the meeteng now and here?
[19:29:43] <hermanr_> xerakko: Yes, now and here
[19:29:48] <h01ger> p2-mate, how many firewire cardbus catds can you bring?
[19:29:50] <xerakko> ok
[19:29:52] * p2-mate doesn't see problem
[19:29:59] <p2-mate> h01ger: one I think
[19:30:38] <h01ger> hm. do you think a mounted, not movable camera would be useful in this room? i actually dont think so
[19:31:06] <WombleToo> No, it would be useful to have one to point at audience members asking questions
[19:31:07] <p2-mate> why not ?
[19:31:31] <daven> it's better than the previous solution of swinging the camera all the way around
[19:31:34] <WombleToo> I suspect we won't have time to set up a second camera though
[19:31:40] <p2-mate> and why would it be required to be nonmoveable ?
[19:31:55] <WombleToo> lack of people
[19:32:06] <h01ger> so, if 2 cameras we need to operators. plus a audio/video mixer. we'll occupy quite some space and need lots of people for this. to keep the fun in fosdem i think we should go for a two people setup with one camera
[19:32:06] <p2-mate> so not required, but likely
[19:32:08] <daven> p2-mate: it's not a requirement that it's non-moveable, more an issue of there not being enough operators
[19:32:46] <p2-mate> s/lots of/3 to 4/
[19:32:57] <h01ger> lots of people=i was quite busy last year getting one operator per talk. a two camera setup would not double but triple that. doubling will be hard enough
[19:33:15] <hermanr_> daven, p2-mate: One operator less means less blocking of the view in the audience.
[19:33:38] <h01ger> p2-mate will be mostly elsewhere. hermanr_ too. leaves daven, Womble2 and me. no no...
[19:33:53] <daven> h01ger: are we in the same room as we were last year?
[19:33:56] <h01ger> yes
[19:34:01] <h01ger> 36 seats or so
[19:34:06] <p2-mate> 70
[19:34:33] <h01ger> right, 76:
[19:34:46] <p2-mate> 76 to be precise
[19:35:00] <hermanr_> We need remote-controlled cameras. Cheap ones.
[19:35:15] <hermanr_> (wishlist, I know)
[19:35:25] <h01ger> hermanr_, dream on, but please not now during the meeting
[19:35:29] <h01ger> ;)
[19:35:46] * hermanr_ keeps looking for cheap ones
[19:36:09] <h01ger> so, do you think we could use p2-mate g3 laptop for grabbing and davens laptop for grabbing, mixing and encodig?
[19:36:12] <h01ger> +n
[19:36:19] <h01ger> otherwise we need another machine
[19:36:32] <daven> I doubt the machine I could offer is fast enough for encoding
[19:36:47] <p2-mate> you could try ?
[19:37:23] <daven> well, we could give it a god
[19:37:25] <daven> *go
[19:37:26] <xerakko> h01ger, mixing and encoding? are there direct video, or is for post processing?
[19:37:30] <daven> but what sort of size are we talking?
[19:37:40] <h01ger> xerakko, life streaming
[19:37:43] <xerakko> ok
[19:37:46] <h01ger> live even
[19:38:00] <h01ger> daven, 320x200? less..
[19:38:06] <h01ger> one single stream also
[19:38:30] <daven> h01ger: I'll have a look later this evening if it can cope with running both dvswitch and ffmpeg2theora
[19:38:43] <h01ger> we'll have the same room as last year. Yoe just confirmed this on #debian-devel
[19:39:00] <h01ger> daven, and grabbing too :)
[19:39:31] <h01ger> hmmmm. ponders. fosdem is only two days... i might be able to get another laptop...
[19:39:43] <p2-mate> hmm
[19:39:54] <daven> I think it would be a lot less risky if we were to put the encoding on a different machine
[19:40:00] <p2-mate> maybe I could hijack the T41 from the office :)
[19:40:14] <p2-mate> it runs windows though :(
[19:40:25] <h01ger> daven, yes. we just need those machines
[19:40:33] <xerakko> h01ger, I'll try to convince my wife... It will be not easy, but If I could go, I could get my laptop.
[19:40:41] <xerakko> What hardware is necessary for it?
[19:40:43] <h01ger> p2-mate, reinstall?
[19:40:56] <h01ger> xerakko, a fast laptop with firewire...
[19:41:01] <p2-mate> h01ger: rather not. but running from memory stick ?
[19:41:04] <h01ger> working firewire
[19:41:07] <xerakko> mine
[19:41:16] <p2-mate> h01ger: should work for grabbing ?
[19:41:20] <h01ger> p2-mate, *cough*
[19:41:26] <p2-mate> h01ger: why ?
[19:41:36] <p2-mate> grabbing doesn't write anything so ?
[19:41:44] <h01ger> p2-mate, yes. but complicates the setup, (which will be time critical in 15min). and also on sunday morning at 9am
[19:41:52] <p2-mate> complicates ??
[19:41:54] <p2-mate> how so ?
[19:41:55] <h01ger> p2-mate, technically its easy
[19:42:09] <p2-mate> boot laptop from stick, leave it
[19:42:16] <p2-mate> how difficult is that ?
[19:42:33] <h01ger> for sleepy hurried people on a sunday morning, i'd prefer "compact solutions". "we lost that usbkey while storing the laptop over night"
[19:43:25] <hermanr_> Yeah, it must work even without a brain.
[19:43:30] <p2-mate> h01ger: I can make the usb key huge :P
[19:43:41] <daven> h01ger: have you tested out the vga -> dv box yet?
[19:43:52] <h01ger> p2-mate, anyway, as a last ressort sure. i'm not sure which of your two hardware offers i better like :) but they are good as last ressort and maybe we can get something else
[19:43:58] <WombleToo> daven: We tried it at CCC
[19:43:58] <h01ger> what hermanr_ said exactly..
[19:44:15] <daven> cool, how was the picture quality from it?
[19:44:24] <h01ger> daven, DV ;)
[19:44:34] <h01ger> a bit blurry, a bit pale
[19:44:45] <WombleToo> A bit fuzzy, but better than pointing a camera
[19:44:50] <daven> but better than shooting the camera at the screen
[19:44:51] <daven> cool
[19:45:15] <h01ger> daven, do you have a cordless mic you can bring? for the audience to supply (ergänzen) the speaker mic from hermanr_
[19:45:47] * hermanr_ has a plug-on thingie, too
[19:46:00] <hermanr_> If the _other_ mic kit work, that could be used.
[19:46:20] <daven> h01ger: I'll see if I can borrow one from work, but my stuff is in .uk and I'm in .de right now.
[19:46:27] <daven> h01ger: i'll let you know
[19:46:40] * h01ger actually plans to buy some more hardware and exatcly that: radio mic. but thats a later topic :-P
[19:46:56] <h01ger> should we go on to the next point?
[19:46:59] <hermanr_> daven: If you have a sensitive battery-powered condenser mic ...
[19:47:07] <h01ger> i'd like to finish this meeting in 15min'ish
[19:47:10] <hermanr_> ... it would be a good match for the plug-on.
[19:47:24] <WombleToo> Could we all list available equipment on a wiki page
[19:47:37] <hermanr_> mhm
[19:47:37] <WombleToo> because it's really not clear exactly what's being offered, in total
[19:48:11] * h01ger nods Womble2 - good idea
[19:48:17] <h01ger> and so new ;)
[19:48:19] <daven> I did put a wiki page together a while ago
[19:48:25] <h01ger> daven, where?
[19:48:25] <daven> do you want to use that again or should I get rid of it
[19:48:51] <daven>
[19:49:17] <h01ger> so lets use it
[19:49:31] <daven> k
[19:49:40] <h01ger> #agreed people who offer hardware please enter it on
[19:49:59] <hermanr_> next?
[19:50:22] <h01ger> #topic 2.3 fosdem - software
[19:50:28] <p2-mate> I will check on the T41 first
[19:50:45] <h01ger> p2-mate, please still add the g3 as option
[19:51:03] <h01ger> for software i suggest to use the same setup as we had at debconf7, minus ldap
[19:51:26] <xerakko> which sofware was used at debconf7?
[19:51:30] <h01ger> mybe a newer version of dvswitch, libtheora and ffmpeg2theora
[19:51:31] <daven> dvsource and dvswitch are both tested and known to work on the spare machine I'm bringing.
[19:51:51] <h01ger> dvsource implies firewire too?
[19:52:04] <WombleToo> I made some improvements to dvswitch while at CCC
[19:52:19] <daven> h01ger: yes
[19:52:30] <h01ger> xerakko, dvgrab, dvforward, dvswitch, ffmpeg2theora and icecast
[19:52:37] <WombleToo> Nothing huge, but it won't cut off overflowing sinks now
[19:52:47] <h01ger> Womble2, sure, selected newer versions are fine. but the same setup of the software and also etch
[19:53:09] <WombleToo> and you can stop/start record from dvswitch itself
[19:53:14] <h01ger> cheers!
[19:54:00] <h01ger> we have 15min on saturday to set everything up and test it. luckily the room opens at 14oo, so we have some time in the corridor before that, for verylastminute stuff
[19:54:13] <p2-mate> 30minutes
[19:54:22] <h01ger> p2-mate, did you talk with Yoe?
[19:54:25] <p2-mate> yes
[19:55:03] <p2-mate> 19:44 < Yoe> liw: how'd you feel like opening at FOSDEM on saturday?
[19:55:03] <p2-mate> 19:45 < Yoe> (that's at 14:30)
[19:55:03] <p2-mate> 19:45 < WorkingGeier> not remembering is okay as long as other people don't
[19:55:06] <p2-mate> have pictures
[19:55:09] <p2-mate> 19:45 < p2-mate> 14:30 ?
[19:55:12] <p2-mate> 19:45 < liw> Yoe, oh, I thought it'd start in the morning... 14:30 is fine
[19:55:15] <p2-mate> with me
[19:55:17] <p2-mate> 19:45 < p2-mate> Yoe: why is it so late ?
[19:55:20] <p2-mate> 19:45 < Yoe> p2-mate: video team setup before that
[19:55:22] <p2-mate> 19:45 < p2-mate> 30 minutes ? hmm
[19:55:25] <p2-mate> 19:45 < Yoe> p2-mate: I first wanted to give them 15 minutes, but they were
[19:55:28] <p2-mate> going to run into problems
[19:55:46] <h01ger> ok cool
[19:55:49] <h01ger> GREAT
[19:55:55] <h01ger> that leaves us room to breath!
[19:56:01] <h01ger> i mean, literally :)
[19:56:17] <h01ger> anyway, next point?
[19:56:38] <hermanr_> Go ahead
[19:56:49] <h01ger> #agreed we use the same setup as debconf7, plus selected newer versions. should also be put on the wiki and then uploaded to cmburns in the apt repo
[19:56:56] <h01ger> #topic 2.4 fosdem - streaming
[19:57:10] <h01ger> basically its all said
[19:57:23] <hermanr_> mm
[19:57:26] <h01ger> streaming is planned, recording has priority
[19:57:36] <h01ger> no guaranteed bandwidth
[19:57:48] <p2-mate> and wifi only
[19:57:56] <hermanr_> urk
[19:58:02] <h01ger> we'll need to setup a streaming server before fosdem and test it. i'm pretty sure we can use a debconf machine for it, otherwiese we find another
[19:58:05] <h01ger> p2-mate, no
[19:58:11] <h01ger> p2-mate, we can use a cable
[19:58:19] <h01ger> i discussed this with the network team already
[19:58:26] <h01ger> still no guaranteed bandwidth, but
[19:58:41] <daven> ok
[19:58:43] <h01ger> its goes to some uni backbone (or so. we just share it with the rest of fosdem)
[19:58:57] <daven> perhaps this is too early in the meeting to bring this up
[19:58:57] <p2-mate> read 10Mbps coax
[19:58:58] <daven> but
[19:59:02] <h01ger> hi maks, backlog at
[19:59:28] <daven> disk space for recording the DV, are we going to be doing so?
[19:59:46] <WombleToo> A single external disk will be enough
[19:59:56] <hermanr_> daven: For two days and one venue, it's trivial.
[20:00:02] <h01ger> we should bring one though :)
[20:00:07] <hermanr_> ;-)
[20:00:28] <xerakko> which is the volume of recoreded video?
[20:00:35] <daven> 25mbps
[20:00:40] <h01ger> xerakko, 13gb/h
[20:00:41] <hermanr_> May I warp back to hardware, just once?
[20:00:46] <h01ger> hermanr_, yes
[20:00:59] <h01ger> and then i want to warp forward, as i think we are done with streaming for now...
[20:01:05] <hermanr_> I think using a wireless handheld for audience questions is awkward.
[20:01:13] <hermanr_> ...since we have no PA.
[20:01:45] <h01ger> the room is small enough that we dont need a PA
[20:01:46] <hermanr_> It will solely be for the benefit of the video, not the audience.
[20:01:54] <hermanr_> What I said.
[20:01:58] <h01ger> hermanr_, yes. but usually people are cooperative
[20:02:06] <h01ger> hermanr_, whats your point?
[20:02:26] <hermanr_> My point is that it is annoying to the audience, and slows things down.
[20:02:26] <WombleToo> So maybe a condenser would be better?
[20:02:37] <hermanr_> A really good directional mic.
[20:02:57] <hermanr_> The sound is OK, but not squeaky clean.
[20:03:26] <hermanr_> The question is boom or camera mounted?
[20:03:29] <h01ger> hermanr_, as always: if we can get better hardware, we'll use it. if we dont, we dont need to discuss this for long. its good to discuss it briefly, so we make efforts to get better hardware
[20:03:32] <hermanr_> Boom gives the most freedom.
[20:03:33] <h01ger> next point?
[20:03:51] <hermanr_> Is there one?
[20:04:19] <hermanr_> Yeah, hardware aquisitions :->
[20:04:28] * h01ger wants to close this meeting at -3 min, i prefer 1h meetings. but a.) i havent announced so in advanced and b.) a bit overtime is fine.
[20:04:38] <h01ger> plus next meeting is another point
[20:05:09] <h01ger> #topic 3. hardware hardware acquisitions
[20:05:24] <daven> Do we have a small audio mixer
[20:05:33] <h01ger> daven, yes. read backlog :-P
[20:05:38] <h01ger> the behringer one
[20:05:38] <daven> ok
[20:05:40] <daven> cool
[20:06:03] <WombleToo> If it works well, then maybe a second one of those for DC8?
[20:06:11] <h01ger> i have about 400e debian money from 24c3. which is debian-money, not my nor debconfvideo money
[20:06:26] <h01ger> Womble2, yup. it even has two output channels: one control room and a main output
[20:06:54] <WombleToo> and a second VGA-DV grabber
[20:07:19] <h01ger> anyway, i think we should try to buy some hardware before fosdem. microphones to be more exact. but i'm clueless wether lapel mics, a wireless handless or a condenser (whatever that is)
[20:07:36] <h01ger> Womble2, yup. after we (and our audience) found it useful in the fosdem videos
[20:07:45] <daven> hm
[20:07:53] <WombleToo> Condenser will capture sound from the whole room
[20:08:00] <h01ger> daven once gave me links to lapel mics kits with receiver
[20:08:04] <WombleToo> Like the one we had in the middle of talk room 1, iirc
[20:08:13] <daven> WombleToo: hang on, it depends.
[20:08:17] <p2-mate> h01ger: wireless handheld you mean ? :)
[20:08:27] <h01ger> p2-mate, yup :)
[20:08:39] <WombleToo> daven: OK, you explain :-)
[20:08:41] <hermanr_> Womble2: I thought you meant a shotgun on a boom or something like that.
[20:08:42] <daven> WombleToo: condenser handhelds are better, they tend to not be so critical how the user holds them.
[20:08:51] <h01ger> wont a condencer pick up too much noise in that small room?
[20:09:12] <h01ger> #link for those wondering what it is
[20:10:07] <daven> condenser mics can also be used to pick up room effects, basically the main difference is that the condenser mics have a far lower noise floor, and (where applicable) can be used to capture room ambience. it stops close mic'ed stuff sounding entirely unnatural.
[20:11:24] <daven> it all depends on budget. Wireless mics should be our priority
[20:11:37] * h01ger would actually invest money in a lavalier microphone first (to buy one now, and if its good a second one for DC8), because our first priority should be the speakers, not the audience
[20:12:01] <h01ger> (and when i said microphone here i ment the complete kit with receiver)
[20:12:37] <p2-mate> nah
[20:12:41] <p2-mate> they are a pain to use
[20:12:41] <daven> h01ger:
[20:12:54] <h01ger> p2-mate, which?
[20:12:54] * p2-mate votes for wireless handheld
[20:13:00] <p2-mate> h01ger: lavalier
[20:13:31] <daven> well
[20:13:34] <h01ger> p2-mate, much harder for untrained speakers
[20:13:36] <p2-mate> h01ger: I mean as a speaker I prefer a handheld mic
[20:13:37] <daven> the compromise here would be to go for a headset
[20:13:38] <p2-mate> h01ger: no
[20:13:46] <h01ger> daven, thanks for the link. looks pretty to me
[20:13:50] <daven> although those look awkward
[20:13:58] <hermanr_> p2-mate: You _do_ remember how inept speakers are to hold the mic at a constant distance, don't you?
[20:14:12] <p2-mate> hermanr_: it's not that hard to learn
[20:14:14] <h01ger> p2-mate, dont conclude from yourself to other people. you also prefer to install debian with debootstrap, while most people prefer d-i
[20:14:15] <daven> h01ger: we shouldn't spend under 200 euros, it'll sound muddy.
[20:14:25] <h01ger> daven, its 189e
[20:14:29] <hermanr_> p2-mate: They don't have the time to learn.
[20:14:43] <h01ger> some people will even never learn
[20:15:13] <p2-mate> and I do remember lavalier mics to be a permanent source of annoyance at dc5
[20:15:20] <daven>
[20:15:41] * h01ger remembers lavalier mics as working very nicely at lca2007
[20:16:12] <h01ger> daven, thats also 189e ;)
[20:16:19] <h01ger> anyway. should we move on?
[20:16:37] <h01ger> and i dont think we make any progress here..
[20:16:47] <h01ger> (which we cannot do outside the meeting)
[20:17:13] <hermanr_> Next?
[20:17:36] <h01ger> #topic 4. next meeting, when?
[20:17:49] <WombleToo> week before FOSDEM?
[20:17:54] <hermanr_> +1
[20:18:24] <h01ger> we would rather like to have one the 11th too
[20:18:29] <h01ger> aeh
[20:18:31] <h01ger> /me
[20:18:42] <h01ger> and on the 18th
[20:18:47] <h01ger> and only 60min
[20:18:49] <WombleToo> Two meetings?
[20:18:50] <h01ger> not 80
[20:18:52] <p2-mate> week before fosdem sounds good yes
[20:18:53] <h01ger> yeah
[20:18:58] <h01ger> but faster ones
[20:19:02] <WombleToo> OK
[20:19:29] <h01ger> hermanr_, p2-mate, daven: are you fine with two short meetinsg on the 11th and 18th too?
[20:19:37] <p2-mate> maybe
[20:19:41] <hermanr_> h01ger: I think so
[20:19:45] <p2-mate> I think it's too much
[20:20:05] * h01ger is fine with 45min meetings, but we should coordinate and have progress
[20:20:15] <p2-mate> 18th yes
[20:20:20] <p2-mate> but 11 ..
[20:20:31] <hermanr_> With a shorter agenda, 45 minutes is possible ;-)
[20:20:47] <p2-mate> it's not as if 45 minutes will actually happen :)
[20:20:53] <h01ger> #agreed we sort of agreed to have two short meetings, one on the 11th and one on the 18th. preferedly 45min meetings
[20:21:18] <h01ger> p2-mate, a while ago nobody believed 60min meetings where possible... now i do them all the time.
[20:21:23] <h01ger> anyway
[20:21:30] <p2-mate> 1:21 :)
[20:21:34] <h01ger> same time?
[20:21:34] <p2-mate> so no :)
[20:21:40] <p2-mate> yeah
[20:21:41] <h01ger> starting at 19 tc
[20:21:44] <h01ger> starting at 19 utc
[20:21:48] <p2-mate> 21 eet
[20:21:59] <h01ger> so be it. else, use :)
[20:22:14] <h01ger> #agreed meeting time 19 utc. we'll aim for 45min meetings.
[20:22:48] * h01ger cheers to Womble2, hermanr_, daven and p2-mate - thank you :)
[20:22:55] <hermanr_> :-)
[20:23:01] <h01ger> thanks to toresbe and xerakko too, i hope we'll see each other there :)
[20:23:11] <xerakko> yes :)
[20:23:42] <xerakko> h01ger, I've been working in subtitle support
[20:24:18] <xerakko> and I've done a subtitle test
[20:24:22] <xerakko> and It's viable.
[20:24:26] <h01ger> xerakko, cool
[20:24:33] <h01ger> xerakko, what do you mean with subtitle support?
[20:24:36] <xerakko> I'll try to do a format comparation
[20:24:58] <xerakko> add subtitles to all debconf8 spanish talks
[20:25:24] <xerakko> my english is not good enought for english talks too ...
[20:25:30] <WombleToo> For your next challenge, work out how to do it live ;-)
[20:25:45] <xerakko> mm
[20:25:49] <xerakko> interesting
[20:25:49] <hermanr_> Hard.
[20:25:49] <xerakko> but
[20:26:08] <xerakko> anybody could write at same time people talk?
[20:26:32] <h01ger> #endmeeting

Meeting ended.

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