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[20:02:44] <WombleToo> No codec changes - those are experimental
[20:02:57] * h01ger nods
[20:03:08] <h01ger> #topic who will be in the video team at fosdem?
[20:03:13] <h01ger> #link
[20:03:13] <edrz> codec changes meaning switching to ffmpeg from libdv?
[20:03:38] <WombleToo> yes, or modifying the codec code
[20:03:54] <h01ger> edrz, toresbe, hermanr, p2-mate: you are not listed on that page, please do list yourself if you intend to help
[20:04:25] <edrz> h01ger: i will be in cologne.
[20:04:30] <p2-mate> I don't have time to help this year
[20:04:32] <toresbe> h01ger: I have to stay here :(
[20:04:45] <h01ger> edrz, ah. i wasnt sure about you actually coming
[20:04:52] <h01ger> toresbe, !! :(
[20:04:57] <h01ger> p2-mate, ah
[20:05:02] <h01ger> ok, good to know :)
[20:05:10] <edrz> h01ger: sorry. i felt I needed to focus on LAC.
[20:05:19] <p2-mate> h01ger: I said that already last meeting
[20:05:28] <h01ger> edrz, thats fine
[20:05:31] <h01ger> p2-mate, ah
[20:05:58] <h01ger> looking at the shifts we have 60% of the requiered volunteers
[20:06:23] <h01ger> #idea we need more people volunteering for the shifts
[20:06:55] <h01ger> does someone have a printer and can bring the volunteer schedules printed? so we can put a list to the booth...
[20:07:00] <xerakko> h01ger, did you saw the René (H) offer?
[20:07:04] <h01ger> my printer aint set up
[20:07:12] <h01ger> xerakko, yes, but he didnt add himself to the list
[20:07:18] <edrz> h01ger: are you counting xf?
[20:07:20] <xerakko> which list?
[20:07:29] <h01ger> xerakko,
[20:07:46] <h01ger> edrz, no yet, he only told me some hours ago he will really attend :)
[20:07:51] <h01ger> anyway, next topic i guess
[20:08:19] <h01ger> #topic missing items: camera1, tripod, mics + audio cables
[20:08:38] <h01ger> daven and gismo dont appear to be here to discuss the missing audio bits
[20:09:05] <h01ger> i ordered a plus a 10m XLR male/female cable, which i expect to arrive here tomorrow
[20:09:09] <h01ger> or wednessday
[20:09:23] <daven> I'm here
[20:09:23] <daven> hang on am lagged baldly
[20:09:33] <h01ger> so we basically need one mic to catch the audience, if i understand correctly
[20:09:35] <h01ger> hey daven!
[20:09:58] <daven> badly even
[20:10:07] <daven> yeah
[20:10:20] <h01ger> daven, can you please reply to gismo on the list, regarding audio stuff?
[20:10:26] <daven> I should be able to bring onew and spome cable, I'll find out for you guys tomorrow
[20:10:26] <h01ger> so that we get that sorted
[20:10:43] <daven> ok will do
[20:10:51] <h01ger> daven, i dont think we need that much cables
[20:10:52] <WombleToo> h01ger: I have a printer
[20:11:08] <h01ger> WombleToo, cool. can+will you print the schedules then?
[20:11:17] <WombleToo> OK
[20:11:24] <WombleToo> if it's ready by Friday morning
[20:11:36] <h01ger> print whats there
[20:11:41] <h01ger> we can fill in the blanks with a pen
[20:11:54] <h01ger> or search for a printer at fosdem ;)
[20:12:12] <h01ger> daven, will you bring 9v batteries too?
[20:12:27] <daven> can't you bring them?
[20:12:39] <p2-mate> or buy them ? :)
[20:12:41] <daven> (can the cost be reclaimed)
[20:12:47] <h01ger> i dont think camera1 is still missing: this will be davens camera udn gismos camera as camera2. and audio in via the vga2dv box
[20:13:01] <h01ger> daven, i just assumed you had "tons" as its somehwat "audio gear" ;)
[20:13:06] <daven> well
[20:13:09] <daven> it's radio mic gear
[20:13:15] <h01ger> never mind
[20:13:38] <daven> I did have a huge pack which has about 12 left, for my preamp
[20:13:40] <WombleToo> h01ger: Right. Still need another tripod though
[20:13:42] <daven> but that's in .uk
[20:13:46] <h01ger> WombleToo, do you agree with the camera setup or would you rather bring your camera?
[20:13:51] <daven> I'll bring some if I can get them back
[20:13:54] <h01ger> and yes, tripod 2 is the major issue
[20:13:59] <hermanr> I can bring a tripod.
[20:14:01] <WombleToo> h01ger: Mine would be an absolute last resort
[20:14:08] <h01ger> hermanr, \o/!
[20:14:10] <h01ger> yay
[20:14:15] <xerakko> h01ger, I've seen you still need a camera. You could use my camera if you need it.
[20:14:22] <hermanr> The best tripod is a little heavier than I like.
[20:14:23] <xerakko>
[20:14:26] <xerakko> is this one.
[20:14:27] <h01ger> xerakko, actually we dont
[20:14:31] <xerakko> ok
[20:14:33] <hermanr> I have a smaller one; the one used at DC5.
[20:15:09] <h01ger> xerakko, are you finally coming?
[20:15:14] <xerakko> no
[20:15:26] <xerakko> This time it will not be possible
[20:15:36] <xerakko> but I've talked with my wife for next one ;)
[20:15:40] <daven> LAC?
[20:16:44] <h01ger> so, AV gear is solved, yay, leaves the computers
[20:17:09] <WombleToo> and the notwork
[20:17:17] <h01ger> i was thinking of bringing a extra linksys (with wlan disable) so we can more easily have a seperated network. do you think thats sensible?
[20:17:56] <daven> as long as it doens't interfere with the uplink
[20:18:16] <p2-mate> rather bring a real switch then I would say ?
[20:18:28] <h01ger> p2-mate, i fear that then others will plug in
[20:18:33] <h01ger> a linksys only has 5 ports
[20:18:34] <p2-mate> mark it :)
[20:18:48] <WombleToo> make any spare ports etherkillers
[20:19:00] <daven> heh
[20:19:10] <p2-mate> and if it doesn't give you internet access, people will quickly learn it's no use to plug into that switch
[20:19:24] <daven> "why's there a wall wart *and* a mains cable going into the linksys"
[20:19:29] <p2-mate> lol
[20:20:30] * h01ger adds "network setup" to the missing items and wants to move on. we dont have to discuss this here and waste everybodys time. i'll work on that
[20:20:30] <daven> ok, back to topic
[20:20:58] <h01ger> #topic computer set up (hardware, with a focus on software. but not software setup yet)
[20:21:00] <daven> just assign the computers static IP addresses on the wiki
[20:21:16] <h01ger> daven, there wont be time for wiki :)
[20:21:24] <p2-mate> paper
[20:21:25] <daven> I've tested the computer I'm bringing with dvsource, it seems happy enough
[20:21:35] <WombleToo> 192.168.42.n where n is the laptop number
[20:21:39] <h01ger> thats why bringing a linksys: the external ip of the linksys will be dhcp, and internally we'll use our static ips
[20:21:55] <h01ger> so lets go with that plan
[20:21:59] <WombleToo> so configure the dvswitch host address as
[20:22:18] <h01ger> laptop1 from daven. 1cpu, 2ghz, builtin firewire, can expand to handling two sources using firewire via pccard
[20:22:18] <h01ger> laptop2 from p2-mate. g3, firewire via pccard
[20:22:18] <h01ger> laptop3 from holger. 1cpu, 1gz, x40
[20:22:18] <h01ger> laptop4 from gismo. X60: 2CPUs, 2GHz, builtin Firewire
[20:22:18] <h01ger> server on the net needs to be set up - we can use apu for that, but can "only" use 70-80mbit from it. Should be plenty.
[20:22:18] <daven> We should set up a user and password on all the machines, that can be logged into from the switch machine
[20:22:25] <h01ger> is quoted from the wiki
[20:22:28] <WombleToo> h01ger: and the gateway address will be...?
[20:22:36] <h01ger> .42.254
[20:22:47] <h01ger> daven, thats software :) we're at hardware :)
[20:23:01] <h01ger> which laptop will be the dvswitch one?
[20:23:08] <daven> ok
[20:23:09] <p2-mate> 4 ?
[20:23:14] <h01ger> laptop3 is broken,btw
[20:23:28] <h01ger> though amaya offered her x40 as replacement
[20:23:34] <daven> laptop1 can be dvswitch
[20:23:39] <daven> laptop4 can be encoding machine
[20:23:57] <daven> laptop2 can be the grab machine
[20:24:01] <daven> for camera 1
[20:24:24] <h01ger> which will grab camera2 ?
[20:24:31] <p2-mate> 4 ?
[20:24:35] <h01ger> and which will grab the vga2dv devoce?
[20:24:38] <p2-mate> 1 ?
[20:25:07] <h01ger> 2 ghz should be capable of that...
[20:25:38] <p2-mate> yeah, problem may be cabling though
[20:26:21] <h01ger> ?
[20:26:36] <p2-mate> well, the grabbing laptop should be close to its source
[20:27:07] <p2-mate> so that means the dvswitch laptop needs to be close to the conversion box
[20:27:13] <p2-mate> is that feasible ?
[20:27:29] <p2-mate> otoh, the encoding laptop needs no operator
[20:27:35] <p2-mate> so that can be anywhere
[20:29:42] <h01ger> laptop1,, dvswitch and grabber for vga2dv device. brought by daven.
[20:29:46] <h01ger> laptop2,, grabber for camera 2, brought by p2-mate.
[20:29:52] <h01ger> laptop3,, encoding and grabber for camera 1, brought by gismo.
[20:30:00] <h01ger> is whats on the wiki atm
[20:30:13] <h01ger> and the vga2dv device will be close to the speaker
[20:30:25] <h01ger> so probably not a good location for the dvswitch operator :)
[20:30:32] <daven> ok
[20:30:45] <daven> camera 2 will be at the front of the room too
[20:31:23] * h01ger is not convinced the above is a *good* setup
[20:32:14] * h01ger is actually not conviced that camera2 is a good idea in that room at all, but i said so long time ago already and well, lets keep it with 2 now..
[20:32:57] <daven> hm
[20:33:06] <WombleToo> why not put the switcher near camera 2?
[20:33:15] <h01ger> dont we want dvswitch and grabber for camera1 and encoding and vga2dv grabber combined?
[20:33:20] <daven> laptop1 and laptop3 dvswitch / encoding can be switched
[20:33:24] <daven> and that would be more sane
[20:33:26] <daven> so
[20:33:33] <h01ger> daven, yes, thats what i suggested
[20:33:47] <h01ger> we're will camera 2 be?
[20:33:55] <WombleToo> in the corner probably
[20:35:39] <hermanr> Next to the speaker? :-P
[20:35:48] <hermanr> (faceing the audience)
[20:36:05] <daven> yes, somewhere it can pick out people asking questions and isn't too much in the way
[20:36:29] <daven> Do we have a section on cables yet on the wiki?
[20:38:13] <WombleToo> and how about the disk?
[20:38:38] <h01ger>
[20:38:43] <h01ger> is a fast scetch
[20:38:57] <h01ger> daven, no cable section yet
[20:39:03] <h01ger> which disk?
[20:39:09] <h01ger> external storage hd?
[20:39:11] <WombleToo> For recording
[20:39:14] <WombleToo> Who's bringing it?
[20:39:19] <h01ger> good question
[20:39:29] <h01ger> i plan to bring a 200gb hd with debconf7 videos on it..
[20:39:49] <WombleToo> I can probably free up a disk
[20:39:51] <h01ger> i could also bring a 300gb empty hd
[20:40:33] <hermanr> 13 hours ~ 170 GB.
[20:41:19] <h01ger> ok, so i shall bring that disc
[20:41:51] <h01ger> daven, p2-mate, gismo: can you bring a 5-10min ethernet cable together with your computer, please? :)
[20:42:22] <p2-mate> 10min ethernet cable ?
[20:42:36] <p2-mate> cable which lasts for 10 minutes ? :)
[20:42:41] * h01ger kicks^wgrins at p2-mate
[20:43:23] <p2-mate> timeunits don't work very well for cablelenghts :P
[20:43:33] <WombleToo> Sure they do, just multiply by c
[20:43:39] <edrz> that would be a very very long ethernet cable
[20:43:47] <p2-mate> and before you ask, no I'm not bringing a 10 lightminute cable
[20:43:53] <edrz> hehhe
[20:43:54] <WombleToo> Feh
[20:43:54] <p2-mate> indeed
[20:44:12] <p2-mate> I think the airline would object
[20:44:43] <daven> rofl
[20:45:00] <daven> "well, it was an ugly hack to get ethernet to work to the far side of the sun, but we did it"
[20:45:01] * hermanr tries to calculate the mass...
[20:45:11] <h01ger> with more positions, please look at it
[20:45:18] <h01ger> i can provide jpg too if you want
[20:45:32] <daven> yeah may be nice
[20:45:58] <h01ger> the question is, do we want dvswitch at camera1 or 2 position?
[20:46:35] <WombleToo> Also where's the audio mixer going?
[20:46:48] <h01ger> .oO( arg )
[20:46:52] <h01ger> good catch
[20:47:00] <p2-mate> xcf ?
[20:47:07] <daven> I can get about 10m of audio cable for mixer -> dv converter
[20:47:09] <hermanr> p2-mate: Gimp native
[20:47:14] <p2-mate> ah
[20:47:15] * h01ger sees us occupy the first row on the right
[20:47:32] <h01ger> daven, please bring
[20:47:34] <daven> h01ger: surely you mean the back row
[20:47:39] <h01ger> and add to the wiki
[20:47:41] <daven> ok
[20:47:59] <h01ger> daven, for some reason we didnt use the back row last year but rather the first or 2nd
[20:48:47] <daven> hm, back row seems most sane, as we disturb the least people if we need to move
[20:50:05] <hermanr> Have you verified that the audio preamp on the VGA2DV box doesn't suck?
[20:50:14] <h01ger> so put audio mixer and dvswitch laptop in the back row? and grab camera 1 or 2 from there..
[20:50:21] <h01ger> hermanr, not yet
[20:51:50] <daven> hermanr: our other option would be going into a mic input of a consumer camcorder at line level
[20:51:54] <daven> which would not be pretty
[20:52:07] * h01ger gets another beverage of choice
[20:52:52] <hermanr> Was this a 45 minute meeting?
[20:52:59] <p2-mate> no
[20:53:04] <p2-mate> a 52 minute meeting
[20:54:25] * h01ger didnt think this was the plan at all. not if we forget last weeks meeting
[20:54:29] <edrz> p2-mate: hermanr it's 2 45 minute meetings held consecutively.
[20:55:03] <h01ger> but okay, move on and sort this out later. or now?
[20:55:59] <hermanr> *birds chirping, people whistling*
[20:56:08] <WombleToo> Let me test the VGA-DV box first
[20:56:24] <WombleToo> (which will be after the meeting)
[20:56:27] <h01ger> WombleToo, definitly.
[20:56:32] <h01ger> so lets move on
[20:57:22] <h01ger> #action computer placement and usage needs to be finalized after Womble2 tested the sound qualitfy of the vga2dv box
[20:57:28] <h01ger> #topic software set up
[20:57:43] <h01ger> we want one definied user everywhere
[20:57:52] <h01ger> and use the packages from!
[20:58:06] <h01ger> will we have etch everywhere or some woody boxes around? or sid?
[20:58:22] <p2-mate> my laptop is etch
[20:58:38] <p2-mate> and has dvsource installed
[20:59:00] <p2-mate> and has a user called 'root'
[20:59:47] <WombleToo> password "toor"?
[21:00:51] <WombleToo> Oh god I have to deal with Visual C++ .NET
[21:01:12] <h01ger> Womble2!
[21:01:21] <h01ger> you make my eyes bleed!
[21:01:23] <p2-mate> so what else is needed sw wise ?
[21:01:23] <h01ger> poor you!
[21:01:26] <h01ger> deb etch/i386/
[21:01:26] <h01ger> deb etch/all/
[21:01:32] <h01ger> is what should be in sources.list
[21:02:16] <Ganneff> # own repository
[21:02:17] <Ganneff> deb etch/amd64/
[21:02:17] <Ganneff> deb etch/all/
[21:02:24] <Ganneff> this is what should be in sources.list
[21:02:57] <h01ger> Ganneff, resp. i386 i assume :)
[21:03:02] * p2-mate notes his laptop is a ppc
[21:03:02] <Ganneff> yes
[21:03:14] <Ganneff> we dont have ppc there, as we dont have a ppc machine.
[21:03:21] <h01ger> isnt dvsource arch all anyway?
[21:03:27] <Ganneff> if someone gives me ppc builts of sources placed there - i place them there.
[21:03:46] <h01ger> Ganneff, cool. we'll keep that in mind :)
[21:03:47] <p2-mate> I compiled it myself from the svn tree
[21:04:10] <h01ger> Womble2, can you provide authoritive versions and .dsc files again? :)
[21:04:14] <h01ger> +please
[21:07:08] <h01ger> we should also probably put the configs in svn, like for debconf, or at least on the list. i planned to set up a test environment, but as the x40 didnt work and a customers machine went amok, i didnt. but this is definitly my plan for tomorrow or wednesday. and document the setup on the way
[21:07:22] <WombleToo> h01ger: Will do
[21:07:23] <h01ger> and test apu as icecast server for the world
[21:07:27] <h01ger> WombleToo, great
[21:07:42] <WombleToo> h01ger: dvsource is arch: any
[21:08:00] <h01ger> cheers
[21:09:15] <h01ger> so are we done for now?
[21:10:15] <p2-mate> yes
[21:10:20] <WombleToo> Looks like it
[21:11:11] <h01ger> cheers!
[21:11:18] <h01ger> #topic beverage of choice
[21:11:28] <h01ger> thanks for joining in!
[21:11:31] <h01ger> #endmeeting

Meeting ended.

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