Started logging meeting in #debconf-video, times are UTC.
[16:05:59] <h01ger> #topic 1. remaining fosdem and debconf7 videos
[16:06:21] <des> the showstopper here is penta AFAIUI
[16:06:41] <h01ger> the fosdem videos are done (since two month or so), just need annoucing. if someone can beat me to that, great. if someone can help me with it, greater :)
[16:06:58] <h01ger> des, so penta is still the showstopper for debconf8 - who should know if not you? :)
[16:07:02] <des> I've ported the code to penta 0.3 as I said here sometime ago, pushed it to upstream, but hasn't been merged yet
[16:07:39] <edrz> what version currently runs on
[16:07:42] <des> Maybe I could work with Ganneff into merging it to the dc penta code
[16:07:57] <des> edrz: is a customized version based on 0.3
[16:08:00] <des> or so
[16:08:03] <h01ger> des, please do. we would really really like to have no debconf7 backlog when we start debconf8
[16:08:20] <h01ger> either merge it or set up an old instance
[16:08:37] <h01ger> Womble2 / WombleToo probably also has something to say to this...
[16:08:49] <des> edrz: the one I call "the dc penta code"
[16:09:01] <xerakko> hi
[16:09:16] <h01ger> hi xerakko
[16:09:25] * xerakko reading log...
[16:09:28] <h01ger> xerakko, agenda at
[16:09:31] <edrz> how much remains to be done with dc7 videos?
[16:09:32] <des> yes there are some technical differencies for the video importing scripts, but should be workable
[16:09:48] <des> (i've already updated the sql schema reflecting those changes in the video-team svn)
[16:09:50] <h01ger> edrz, afaik not much. just letting a script run, i think the manual work is mostly done. again, Womble2 knows
[16:10:07] <edrz> ah, ok.
[16:10:29] <h01ger> next point? we will keep this on our agenda until its done, so... lets move on :)
[16:10:32] <des> h01ger: #action me to try to merge the new code in penta.dc.o
[16:10:48] <h01ger> des, try again without the "h01ger: " in front.. :)
[16:11:02] <des> oh, public actions? nice
[16:11:13] <des> #action merge the new code in penta.dc.o
[16:11:28] <h01ger> nope, doesnt work
[16:11:40] <h01ger> #action des will try to merge the new code in penta.dc.o
[16:11:50] <des> there
[16:11:57] <h01ger> #topic 2. debconf8 planning
[16:12:07] <h01ger> #topic 2.1 debconf8 planning: team members planning to be at dc8
[16:12:15] * h01ger will be in .ar - who else? :)
[16:12:17] <edrz> i'll be there
[16:12:20] * des
[16:12:21] <xerakko> me too
[16:12:35] <xerakko> dererk, will be there too
[16:12:54] <edrz> hermanr: ?
[16:12:55] <h01ger> i guess thats it, plus hermanr. toresbe? Q_ ?
[16:12:59] <h01ger> hermanr will be there
[16:13:26] <h01ger> #action dererk des edrz hermanr xerakko and h01ger will be in .ar for sure. not sure about toresbe and Q_
[16:13:33] <h01ger> #action we need more volunteers!
[16:13:45] <xerakko> rene merou will be there too
[16:13:59] <hermanr> I will come.
[16:14:03] <edrz> how many .ar volunteers can we expect for video work?
[16:14:25] <h01ger> edrz, marga said she had a bunch of them
[16:14:33] <des> we only have 18 volunteers atm, IIRC
[16:14:40] <edrz> yes, i know. bunch == ?
[16:14:55] <edrz> ah. 18 total for all of dc?
[16:14:56] <des> which is quite disapointing, we were expecting like 30
[16:15:01] <des> yes
[16:15:05] <edrz> hmm.
[16:15:13] <xerakko> :/
[16:15:32] <des> and I'm not sure we'll get more
[16:15:34] * h01ger just said on #debconf-team: marga: you once said you had a bunch of .ar volunteers to helk the video team. it looks like we need them, currently our team consist of 6 people, who will be dead at the second^wthird day without external help :)
[16:16:08] <hermanr> If most of the volunteers are fresh people, we need talkback.
[16:16:18] <des> yes, they are
[16:16:49] <hermanr> talkback: Headphones to the camera operators, with intercom from the producer.
[16:17:22] <daven> hermanr: I'd suggest setting up an asterisk instance on the video server
[16:17:28] <h01ger> hermanr, we were freshmans too and we managed about talkback. PLEASE lets get the absolutly mandatory infrastructure in place, before designing whistles and bells
[16:17:41] <h01ger> daven, you mean like last year
[16:18:08] <des> we'll have some handies, but I'm not sure how many and if there would be any spare for video-team
[16:18:12] <hermanr> Asterisk is utter fail wrt usability, IMO.
[16:18:17] <des> that might be an option
[16:18:27] <edrz> talkback might be nice, but /me agrees with h01ger, we need to be sure we have cameras, etc, before.
[16:18:46] <des> do we have any figure of how many volunteers we would need?
[16:18:53] <daven> h01ger: if I didn't have exams at the time it would've worked
[16:18:56] <h01ger> marga has 18 volunteers and can possible get more. (not all for video, but..)
[16:19:15] <h01ger> daven, and this year you are not there. so... lets drop the idea for now. please.
[16:19:20] <h01ger> des, not yet
[16:19:23] <h01ger> next point?
[16:19:53] <edrz> sure.
[16:20:28] <h01ger> #action there are local volunteers to help us too. we need to find out how many people we need.
[16:20:53] <h01ger> #action so we should set up penta for this, as this will give us a schedule and a view, whos missing when and where
[16:21:13] <des> that's the part is missing of penta
[16:21:21] <h01ger> #topic 2.2 debconf8 planning: hardware aquisitions
[16:21:32] <des> I'll do it this week
[16:21:54] <h01ger> des, rock!!
[16:22:01] <h01ger> des, muchas gracias already! :)
[16:22:01] <edrz> des: meaning that part exists, but still needs merging into dc-penta?
[16:22:06] <h01ger>
[16:22:14] <h01ger> has the list of hardware we currently plan to buy
[16:22:32] <des> edrz: no, it doesn't exists (except for last year code, based on 0.2)
[16:22:36] <h01ger> the DPL has approved me to spend 2000 EUR sensibly :)
[16:23:00] <hermanr> daven still has my Sony, which still has b0rken fw port, AFAIK...
[16:23:22] <daven> yep
[16:23:36] * hermanr would not mind travelling lightly to this Debconf.
[16:23:40] <daven> confirmed. If you look closely, one of the pins is out of alignment
[16:23:57] <hermanr> daven: Is that user serviceable?
[16:23:57] <des> we are getting 4 cameras from dererk's friend, and a NTSC from gunnar
[16:24:02] <h01ger> daven, regarding short XLR cables: at first i wouldnt buy them extra. the mic i bought came with one, which was a special offer. i assume we get those offers again
[16:24:20] <h01ger> des, do those 4 cams from dereks friend have (audio) line-in? are they pal or ntsc?
[16:24:40] <h01ger> des, we dont want a mixed ntsc/pal setup... at least we want to avoid that :)
[16:24:42] <edrz> there is some confusion about the model of those cameras ...
[16:25:03] <des> h01ger: they are PAL, adn have line-in, although there is confusion regarding the exact model
[16:25:06] <edrz> derek said "panasonic dv-9000"
[16:25:10] <h01ger> des, rock!
[16:25:32] <h01ger> #action we are getting 4 cameras from dererk's friend - they are PAL, adn have line-in, although there is confusion regarding the exact model
[16:25:47] <edrz> if they are actually Panasonic NV-MD9000, then they have xlr inputs.
[16:25:54] <des> but they are suposedly nice cameras since he does video for living
[16:26:06] <edrz> if not, i can't figure out what exactly they are ...
[16:26:17] <des> they have line-in since that was asked specifically
[16:26:29] <edrz> des: he is giving them for free use?
[16:26:30] <h01ger> hermanr, i understand your hope, but giving how many people are coming... i would be happy if you could bring stuff... which we need to buy still. and i would be happy if xerrako could bring stuff too. xerakko, when will you arrive in .ar?
[16:26:33] <des> same with PAL
[16:26:55] <des> edrz: he asked for a sponsored stay so he can watch us use them sensibly
[16:27:09] <edrz> would be strange for .ar video pro to have non-pal cameras. ;)
[16:27:17] <xerakko> I'll be in .ar at 1st, but I'll go t to mdq in 9
[16:27:18] <edrz> des: nice.
[16:27:34] <h01ger> des, did he got that granted? i'd expect him to be helpful too, if he is there...
[16:27:34] <des> edrz: I suspect he'll join the team too ;-p
[16:27:53] <edrz> :)
[16:27:57] <des> h01ger: yes, I'd like to confirm the model of the cameras, but yes he does
[16:28:11] <h01ger> des, whats his name?
[16:28:41] <des> h01ger: I don't know, dererk was the only one talking with him so far
[16:28:47] <edrz> ok. so if we have those 4 cams + existing twinpact, + maybe another new twinpact, we can cover the two main talk rooms easily.
[16:28:49] <des> s/was/is/
[16:29:07] <edrz> des: is he from mdq?
[16:29:12] <des> h01ger: I asked dererk to ask him to suscribe in penta and let us know
[16:29:19] <xerakko> dererk, is from buenos aires
[16:29:20] <des> edrz: no,
[16:29:55] * hermanr could use cheapo cams for the audience, if we are short of nice ones
[16:29:59] <des> edrz: yes, and gwolf NTSC for the randomly located BOF, maybe?
[16:29:59] <h01ger> edrz, we have money for three twinpacts. we just need to get them into the country. (and ordered and payed, debian will reimburst..)
[16:30:01] <edrz> any ides when he and his gear will be available? i.e. can he be at debcamp?
[16:30:22] <h01ger> des, i would rather not use ntsc _at_all_. it makes everything more complicated
[16:30:36] * edrz agrees.
[16:30:40] <des> edrz: I think dererk was talking about debconf proper only, but we can ask
[16:30:41] * dererk is in a study break
[16:30:44] <h01ger> des, yes, what edrz said: when will his gear be available? at debcamp?
[16:30:48] * dererk backlogs
[16:30:56] <xerakko> hi dererk
[16:30:56] <h01ger> hi dererk :)
[16:31:04] <WombleToo> I'm present now
[16:31:08] <h01ger> hi WombleToo
[16:31:20] <dererk> Hi all :D
[16:31:32] <des> h01ger: then please tell that to gwolf since I told him we could probably use the NTSC camera
[16:31:39] <des> (since I knew the only problem was mixing it with pal)
[16:31:45] <h01ger> des, will do
[16:31:49] <daven> ah
[16:32:06] <des> great, thanks
[16:32:23] <daven> something that I've just thought of: what power do you have in Argentina, and how will our gear cope with lower voltages
[16:32:43] <edrz> same plugs as .au/.nz
[16:32:45] <h01ger> so, hermanr and xerakko: would you be willing to order stuff for 500-700 eur (a twinpact, a mic or two, maybe a audio mixer), bring that to .ar and get reimbursted shortly after you send the recipes to the DPL?
[16:33:07] <h01ger> maybe a bit less than 500-700 EUR...
[16:33:12] <h01ger> depends how we share that...
[16:33:24] <WombleToo> s/recipes/receipts/ perhaps
[16:33:25] * h01ger hopes for toresbe or Q_ coming too and we can ask !team-members too
[16:33:25] <dererk> As des said, yes, the owner of the 4 cams will be helping too
[16:33:31] <h01ger> WombleToo, probably, yes
[16:33:32] <hermanr> h01ger: Is it that much more expensive in Argentina?
[16:33:43] <xerakko> h01ger, how does it work? I must to bring my computer too
[16:34:07] <edrz> last time i looked i saw a twinpact for slightly less in u$d than the equivalent i had seen in quoted in euros.
[16:34:13] <h01ger> xerakko, you bring both. the stuff is not heavy (1-3 kg) and not big. and should be no deal with customs, you're just a crazy tourist with some gear
[16:34:31] <xerakko> xD
[16:34:31] <dererk> I asked the guy for assist on 2nd Aug, and he accepted
[16:34:36] <h01ger> edrz, i'm fine if we buy in the USA instead of the USEU :)
[16:35:04] <xerakko> must I pay for bringing it?
[16:35:06] <dererk> (as for edrz question)
[16:35:14] <edrz> des: that's great.
[16:35:20] <edrz> s/des/derek/
[16:35:50] <h01ger> xerakko, no. same with your computer or stuff. its tourist gear you take out of the country again...
[16:35:57] <xerakko> ok
[16:36:00] <dererk> edrz, s/derek/dererk/ :)
[16:36:04] <xerakko> and when you need it?
[16:36:05] <edrz> dererk: will he also bring tripods and various other video gear?
[16:36:20] <xerakko> remember I'll bot be there till 9, but I'll arrive .ar in 1rs
[16:36:21] <edrz> dererk: sorry. :-/
[16:36:22] <h01ger> edrz, can you try and look for good twinpact offers in the US? 400 USD is a lot cheaper than 400 EUR...
[16:36:28] <hermanr> We'll end up paying taxes in our own country instead (for importing), so what is the benefit?
[16:36:46] <edrz> h01ger: sure.
[16:36:54] <h01ger> hermanr, right, you're out of the EU...
[16:36:56] <dererk> edrz, It's highly possible that if I asked for them, he'll bring them. I've to ask Localteam to sponsor his travel though
[16:37:05] <dererk> it's not trivial lagguage
[16:37:06] <h01ger> if xerakko buys in .de at the store daven suggested, he doesnt pay extra...
[16:37:17] <h01ger> (as he is in .es)
[16:38:10] <hermanr> There is a substantial custum handling fee here.
[16:38:11] <edrz> h01ger: first look, just at amazon, 513 USD = ~330 euro.
[16:38:16] <dererk> xerakko, des que serķa "video gear" ?
[16:38:18] <LarstiQ> hermanr: hmm, would we have pay import taxes each time the gear ends up staying in another country after being used?
[16:38:24] <edrz> i'm pretty sure theres a place that has them slightly cheaper.
[16:38:27] <h01ger> hermanr, ok, so i will forget about you ;)
[16:38:52] <des> dererk: random video related hardware, like cables, tripods, $stuff ;-p
[16:38:56] <h01ger> LarstiQ, are you coming to dc8? (and afaik "no" to your question..) + hi :)
[16:38:56] <hermanr> LarstiQ: We invoke the tourist excuse then, since we are traveling with it.
[16:38:57] <dererk> ah
[16:39:47] <des> dererk: aranging the transportation wouldn't be hard. We'll need to do it for other hardware, so that's easy
[16:40:08] <LarstiQ> h01ger: unless I somehow miracously get travel sponsorship, I'm not going to dc8.
[16:40:21] <LarstiQ> h01ger: I do have the time to go fwiw.
[16:40:25] <dererk> des, Yeap, but I've to ask him that too though
[16:40:40] * h01ger nods LarstiQ - though miracles are, aeh, miracles ;)
[16:41:05] <des> dererk: I mean we can offer him that
[16:41:18] <xerakko> when will be the video stuff necessary
[16:41:22] <dererk> des, I offered him the assurance policy and he told me "I don't need it, I would just like to take a look at them from time to time"
[16:41:26] <xerakko> 1st? or 9th?
[16:41:30] <h01ger> dererk, des: so you think its likely we will get tripods from that guy, too? that be awesome...
[16:41:41] <dererk> h01ger, highly
[16:41:51] <h01ger> xerakko, rather 1st, though its ok if some parts arrive later.
[16:41:58] <Q_> I guess I'm a little late. I'm coming to dc8.
[16:42:02] <h01ger> one twinpact and mixer will be there on the first
[16:42:09] <dererk> So, as for the date. Would be 2nd Aug proper?
[16:42:11] <h01ger> hi Q_! great!
[16:42:13] <h01ger> dererk, yes
[16:42:16] <h01ger> fully
[16:42:18] <dererk> good :D
[16:42:22] <xerakko> I could bring something if somebody could get it at 1st
[16:42:57] <h01ger> xerakko, i guess that will work. i'll arrive in buenos aires on the 31st..
[16:42:58] <des> dererk and I will coordinate that with his friend
[16:42:59] <xerakko> dererk, could you? (I'll arrive to buenos aires )
[16:43:16] <dererk> yeah
[16:43:32] <des> we'd like to have the 4 cameras and 4 tripods
[16:43:32] <des> that's it?
[16:43:35] <edrz> i pass through BA on the 1st.
[16:44:05] <xerakko> I'll arrive BA on the 1rst at 9:20 am
[16:44:18] <h01ger> des, audio cables for the cams to. either xlr2xlr or xlr2chinch, depending what the cams have
[16:44:18] <des> xerakko: we can find a place for you to drop stuff temporarly in BSAS
[16:44:24] <xerakko> nice
[16:44:32] <dererk> xerakko, d'oh, I'll have to wake up earlier :-P
[16:44:33] <des> dererk: ^
[16:44:46] <xerakko> dererk, remember I'll be in bsas two days
[16:44:49] <edrz> xlr2chinchilla?
[16:44:59] <h01ger> :)
[16:45:01] <dererk> des, xerakko and I have already planned to meet already
[16:45:08] <dererk> so no problema :)
[16:45:11] <h01ger> on the 1st?
[16:45:20] <h01ger> des, dererk: when do you plan to go to MDQ?
[16:45:33] <edrz> ok, so probably we are in pretty good shape, video equipment-wise
[16:45:44] <edrz> should we talk audio gear and computers now?
[16:45:48] <dererk> h01ger, on 1st night would be great, I've no already arranged that
[16:46:22] <dererk> h01ger, It's highly probably that others localguys go there on 1st, so I could save the travel fair :P
[16:46:33] <des> h01ger: I'll probably be there a week before, depending how much is needed there or here (BA)
[16:46:55] <h01ger> dererk, des: amaya and me probably also want to go on the 1st...
[16:47:10] * h01ger nods edrz
[16:47:13] <dererk> h01ger, when do you arrive?
[16:47:16] <h01ger> audio gear and computers now
[16:47:27] <h01ger> dererk, 31st i think. (definitly leaving on the 30th)
[16:47:31] <dererk> ahhh
[16:47:35] <dererk> nice!
[16:47:46] <edrz> i'm starting to wonder if i could cancel my ba <-> mdq flight and take a bus with others ...
[16:47:57] <dererk> edrz, why so?
[16:48:12] <h01ger> dererk, 31st in the morning
[16:48:25] <dererk> ahh, I didn't read the "with others..." :)
[16:48:26] <edrz> seems most people are taking bus and it might be nice to travel with others
[16:48:40] <dererk> edrz, yes, sorry sorry, I missed the last part
[16:48:40] <h01ger> des: what was the url for the wiki page with the computer planning? (it was in spanish..)
[16:48:50] <h01ger> or dererk ?
[16:49:03] <dererk> h01ger, Debconf8/Hardware
[16:49:04] <h01ger> you're nicks are to similar ;)
[16:49:26] <dererk>
[16:49:35] <h01ger> gracias, just found it :)
[16:49:47] <dererk> h01ger, I tried to force des to change his, but didn't succeed :P
[16:50:02] <dererk> (j/k)
[16:50:10] <h01ger> (btw, for the linkssys i suggest you note down the board revision you are getting. WRT54GL is not the same as WRT54GL ;)
[16:50:32] <dererk> h01ger, WRT54GL is not the same as WRT54GL ?
[16:50:36] <des> h01ger: ok
[16:50:42] <dererk> ahh, you mean revisions
[16:50:52] <des> dererk: yes
[16:51:12] <h01ger> yes. they differ a lot
[16:51:32] <des> are we still on hardware aquisitions ? ;-p
[16:51:32] <Q_> For what are we goign to use the wireless?
[16:51:41] <h01ger> hm. that hardware list is a bit confusing: first a list, what we'll get. and then another, where we need it for. i'd suggest to merge it into one :)
[16:51:56] <h01ger> Q_, normal attendees. thats the overall debconf8 hardware list
[16:52:01] <des> btw, an #action for dererk and I for the cameras+tripod+audio cables would be in order
[16:52:11] <edrz> and are these items already promissed, or just what has been requested?
[16:52:16] <Q_> Oh.
[16:52:36] <dererk> well
[16:52:37] <des> edrz: promised
[16:52:49] <des> Q_: that hw list is for the whole dc8, not for video
[16:53:10] <dererk> the good news is that, as for my notes, We already fullfilled the V-T basic requirements
[16:53:33] <h01ger> Q_, edrz, xerakko: please follow the invites :)
[16:53:45] <h01ger> anybody else who is willing and able to bring hardware to .ar, please ping me
[16:54:45] <dererk> We have to ping for two or three regular pc's for capturing dv, but that's really trivial machines so no problemo :)
[16:54:53] <h01ger> des, how likely is it the promisses will be kept?
[16:55:22] <edrz> + it would be good to know dates when machines become available.
[16:55:24] <des> h01ger: highly likely
[16:55:42] <h01ger> great
[16:55:52] <h01ger> the list only assumes we will be streaming two venues, though
[16:55:57] <h01ger> thats not so great
[16:55:59] <h01ger> ;)
[16:56:22] * h01ger nods what edrz said. when will they become available? we will need them asap during debcamp...
[16:56:26] <Q_> I would like to see a clear list with what we need, want, what we'll get from where, and what's still missing.
[16:56:33] <des> I think the third stream is hard to setup since bof's would probably be here and there
[16:56:39] <h01ger> Q_, would you be willing to make such a list?
[16:56:45] <h01ger> the bits and pieces are out there..
[16:56:46] <dererk> edrz, I appologise as they are in spanish, but you'll find the list here
[16:57:09] <h01ger> dererk, there are no dates..
[16:57:32] <des> most of the hardware have a "Disponibilidad: Toda la Debconf"
[16:57:37] <h01ger> des, there will not be dedicated bofs room?
[16:57:41] <des> which translates to "Availability: The whole debconf"
[16:57:49] <h01ger> des, toda la debconf o toda la debcamp y debconf? ;)
[16:57:53] <dererk> h01ger, they are under "Disponibilidad" field
[16:57:54] <edrz> dererk: yeah, i can sort of follow most of it from context ...
[16:57:59] <dererk> Disponibilidad == Availability
[16:58:28] <dererk> "Toda la debconf" == "All debconf"; "Vie" == "Friday" :)
[16:58:30] <Q_> And the earliest day things are available would be nice too, so that we know if we can already use them during debcamp.
[16:58:32] <des> h01ger: maybe a small one (10 persons at much) but given the facilities I doubt it would be used
[16:58:52] <des> (it's really tiny and kind of ugly in comparison with other places to lay down and have a bof)
[16:58:59] <h01ger> Q_, yes yes yes. can you do such a list? (on the wiki i'd suggest)
[16:59:00] <Q_> h01ger: I'll try to make the list.
[16:59:09] <h01ger> Q_, merci bien!
[16:59:15] <dererk> h01ger, I appologise for it being in spanish, but I helped offering people to fill their hardware
[16:59:39] <h01ger> dererk, espanol es mui fino, pero^wbut does the whole debconf include debcamp?
[16:59:50] <dererk> Yes
[16:59:53] <h01ger> good
[16:59:54] <edrz> great
[16:59:57] <h01ger> very good :)
[17:00:29] * edrz notices software not on agenda.
[17:00:30] <h01ger> so, i'd say, we are done for this topic now and we will pick up again at the next meeting, based on Qs list?
[17:00:32] * hermanr thought German was the Debconf language of choice :-P
[17:00:47] <edrz> esperanto
[17:00:56] <h01ger> perl?
[17:00:59] <edrz> heh
[17:01:01] <dererk> lol!
[17:01:03] <edrz> no, ruby
[17:01:07] * dererk hates perl >(
[17:01:18] <h01ger> #action Q will try to come up with a list of hardware (all kinds) and when it will be available
[17:01:20] <hermanr> What's "ordnung muss zein" in Ruby?
[17:01:26] <dererk> I know, and now you hate me :P
[17:01:29] <h01ger> (s/zein/sein/)
[17:01:54] <edrz> him, was an #action logged for dererk/des regarding the cameras/etc?
[17:02:16] <h01ger> edrz, check yourself:
[17:02:24] <p2-mate> hermanr: finnish is obviously the Debconf language of choice !
[17:02:25] <h01ger> edrz, i've added software to the agenda for the next meeting, ok?
[17:02:41] * h01ger wants to finish this under two hours today :-/ :)
[17:02:55] <edrz> h01ger: ok
[17:02:58] <h01ger> next topic?
[17:04:13] <h01ger> actually i think we covered this... we will try^wget in with tourist gear
[17:04:24] <des> yeap
[17:04:33] <edrz> much simplified with cameras already being in .ar. :)
[17:05:00] <h01ger> i still would love special videoteam tshirts, as opposed to normal volunteer tshirts :)
[17:05:32] <h01ger> that needs three things: a.) a design b.) someone to print and prepay c.) a way to pay them
[17:05:41] <edrz> would help with frantic -team members not trying to pull away -video volunteers for general volunteer work. ;)
[17:05:41] <h01ger> or maybe i should drop the idea..
[17:05:45] <des> I think the most that the localteam would agree is changing the 'volunteer' for 'video team'
[17:05:49] <des> or something like that
[17:06:00] * h01ger thinks that would be perfectly fine
[17:06:56] <h01ger> des, when is the next localteam meeting?
[17:06:59] <des> how many?
[17:07:19] <des> every monday 10ART(UTC-3)
[17:07:30] * dererk waves around and faces back to his studies
[17:07:32] <h01ger> 15-20, i'd say. 6 from here, plus up 12 volunteers, plus random helpers
[17:07:48] <h01ger> dererk, gracias for showing by and enjoy! :)
[17:08:11] <edrz> hmm... probably single t-shirt per person gets stinky by day 2 ..
[17:08:14] <des> ok, I'll mention 20, and we'll see
[17:08:14] <dererk> h01ger, my pleasure
[17:08:25] * edrz waves to dererk
[17:08:39] <des> edrz: yeah, but we can't really afford more
[17:08:53] <h01ger> edrz, lol. not to wear them every day during debconf...
[17:09:03] <h01ger> though at lca07 they expected that from the volunteers :))
[17:09:18] <edrz> des: understood.
[17:09:32] <edrz> h01ger: i was thinking of LCA ...
[17:09:46] <h01ger> hermanr, is there anything already in svn? i think it is, but cant remember for sure...
[17:09:47] <edrz> they were used more as uniforms in .au
[17:09:55] <edrz> but, yeah, nm.
[17:10:01] <hermanr> h01ger: The abstract and the summary
[17:10:15] <LarstiQ> is it cold enough to wear the debconf shirt over regular clothing?
[17:10:22] <hermanr> (we've passed one hour, btw)
[17:10:23] <h01ger> hermanr, great. maybe you can mail it to the list, so people will actually read it? ;)
[17:10:39] <des> LarstiQ: probably, yes
[17:10:55] <edrz> hermanr: were is svn.
[17:11:08] <hermanr> h01ger: Isn't it accessible through a public URL? (like viewSVN, or some such)
[17:11:09] <edrz> hermanr: and > 1 hour ACK.
[17:11:19] <des>
[17:11:27] <h01ger> hermanr, yes, it is. but if you shove it in peoples inbox, its more likely they'll read it
[17:11:47] <h01ger> #link svn://
[17:11:49] <des>
[17:11:54] <h01ger> edrz, ?
[17:12:08] <des> h01ger: those are picked up automagically
[17:12:10] <hermanr> h01ger: Can do this week-end. If it's urgent, Someone Else must do it.
[17:12:18] <h01ger> ah. one hour aim. i didnt expect us to make this, to long since the last meeting..
[17:12:37] <h01ger> ok, i'll mail it then
[17:12:40] <h01ger> np
[17:12:51] <des> yeap, we should probably meet more often
[17:12:53] <h01ger> mailing it is the easy thing anyway :)
[17:13:40] <hermanr> I have some bit-fiddling in C to do, while my brain is still working well.
[17:13:42] <h01ger> hui. thats quite good already.. (the outline+abstract)
[17:14:00] <hermanr> Thanks.
[17:14:19] <hermanr> What's needed is some nice pix and diagrams for the proceedings.
[17:14:23] <h01ger> yup
[17:14:34] <hermanr> I hope I'll be granted one week vacation next week.
[17:14:35] <h01ger> and the talk will be held by edrz, hermanr and me in person?
[17:14:52] <h01ger> (others welcome, of course)
[17:14:57] <hermanr> That was the idea.
[17:15:05] <hermanr> Live demo is highly desireable.
[17:15:14] <hermanr> Uh, required.
[17:15:21] <hermanr> As it is in the abstract, IIRC.
[17:15:38] <h01ger> :)
[17:15:49] <h01ger> well, the whole conf will be the live demo, i assume
[17:15:50] <edrz> video team records and demos video team demo
[17:15:55] <h01ger> so that should be easy to show
[17:16:05] <hermanr> edrz: With infinite recursion.
[17:16:09] <edrz> :)
[17:16:21] <hermanr> Stack overflow and all.
[17:16:28] <h01ger> next topic?
[17:16:33] <edrz> yup
[17:16:46] <hermanr> Which ones are left?
[17:17:00] <h01ger> and finding a date+time for the next meeting...
[17:17:03] <h01ger> thats left
[17:17:11] <h01ger> i dont know of any other business atm..
[17:17:31] * hermanr goes off programming C. /msg me to get my attention
[17:17:33] <h01ger> execpt, WombleToo, dvswitch in svn.. did you do anything since fosdem?
[17:17:44] <h01ger> (though we have software on the agenda for next week..)
[17:17:48] <h01ger> s/week/meeting/
[17:18:07] <edrz> next week's meeting?
[17:18:21] <h01ger> (though we have software on the agenda for next meeting..)
[17:18:31] <h01ger> i'm not sure if next week or in two is better..
[17:18:43] <h01ger> next point? ;) (which is next meeting..)
[17:19:31] <edrz> many of us are leaving for .ar in 6 weeks.
[17:19:44] <h01ger> #topic 4. next meeting - when
[17:20:09] <edrz> i guess i would like it if we could meet weekly.
[17:20:37] <h01ger> i'm fine with weekly meetings, if a.) we make them under one hour and b.) i chair less then 100% of them ;)
[17:20:40] <des> anything is ok for me, but we are more or less in a monthly schedule and meetings are starting to get too long
[17:21:03] <edrz> more frequent meetings will be shorter, no doubt.
[17:21:12] <des> h01ger: IME with localteam weekly meetings helped with both a) AND b)
[17:21:13] <edrz> probably we could keep them under 45 minutes.
[17:21:39] * h01ger liked 16 UTC actually
[17:21:51] <edrz> 16 worked well form me as well.
[17:21:55] <edrz> *for
[17:22:02] <des> I'd move it off 1h
[17:22:11] <edrz> 17utc?
[17:22:17] <des> don't care if earlier or latter actually
[17:22:18] <h01ger> WombleToo, will you have some time next week at 16/17 UTCish? (to discuss the software side..)
[17:22:30] <h01ger> so next wednesday, 17 UTC?
[17:22:34] <h01ger> arg
[17:22:37] <h01ger> a moment
[17:22:45] <des> just that 16UTC is 13here, and I'm suppouse to be eating by now
[17:23:04] <h01ger> i'll have a RL meeting next wednesday at 17 UTC.
[17:23:20] <h01ger> so next week i would favor 16 UTC or another day
[17:23:43] <des> I guess 16 is acceptable
[17:24:07] <xerakko> Write it in channel message, please it
[17:24:26] <h01ger> so lets go for next wednesday, 17 UTC, and if someone complains on the list, we can still change it...
[17:24:28] <h01ger> xerakko, will do
[17:24:42] <h01ger> #agreed next meeting: next wednesday, 17 UTC, and if someone complains on the list, we can still change it...
[17:24:44] <edrz> h01ger: you mean 16utc?
[17:24:51] <h01ger> dada
[17:24:55] <h01ger> #agreed next meeting: next wednesday, 16 UTC, and if someone complains on the list, we can still change it...
[17:24:59] * h01ger is tired
[17:25:02] <h01ger> already
[17:25:06] * hermanr too
[17:25:07] <h01ger> 90min is too long
[17:25:11] <edrz> ok
[17:25:15] <h01ger> edrz, thanks
[17:25:22] <des> yeap
[17:25:31] <h01ger> cheerio! we're done!
[17:25:32] <des> end it
[17:25:36] <hermanr> h01ger, edrz: The talk is kind of a sub-topic. I'd like to coordinate that on the side, not in the middle of team meetings.
[17:25:41] <h01ger> thank you all!
[17:25:49] <h01ger> hermanr, great. on the mailinglist?!
[17:26:00] <hermanr> h01ger: Yes.
[17:26:11] <hermanr> h01ger: And on IRC, later.
[17:26:12] <edrz> hermanr: agreed, i was going to say the same
[17:26:44] <h01ger> #endmeeting

Meeting ended.

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