Started logging meeting in #debconf-video, times are UTC.
[20:00:49] * des _o/
[20:00:59] * edrz present
[20:01:02] <h01ger> #topic 1. agenda at
[20:01:29] <h01ger> Meeting agenda July, 2nd, 20 UTC
[20:01:29] <h01ger> remaining fosdem and debconf7 videos
[20:01:29] <h01ger> debconf8 planning
[20:01:29] <h01ger> required hardware
[20:01:29] <h01ger> hardware purchases
[20:01:30] <hermanr> re
[20:01:32] <h01ger> donated/loaned hardware
[20:01:34] <h01ger> software
[20:01:36] <h01ger> debian day
[20:01:38] <h01ger> any other business
[20:01:40] <h01ger> next meeting
[20:01:45] <karora> Morning all :-)
[20:01:54] <h01ger> good morning karora :)
[20:02:06] * h01ger hands karora a coffee
[20:02:26] * karora needs it. Thanks :-)
[20:02:39] <h01ger> if you have stuff to add to the agenda, please edit it _and_ tell me, so that i'll reload :)
[20:03:01] <h01ger> #topic 2. remaining fosdem and debconf7 videos
[20:03:23] * h01ger puts announcing fosdem videos somewhere up in his personal todo and waits for dc7 status :)
[20:03:57] <h01ger> des, Womble2?
[20:04:20] <Womble2> erm, yeah, will try to finish that this weekend
[20:04:30] <Womble2> I was busy with the BSP last weekend
[20:04:54] <des> Womble2: you could access de database finally?
[20:05:00] <Womble2> yes
[20:05:03] <h01ger> \o/
[20:05:09] <des> Cool :)
[20:05:10] <h01ger> great
[20:05:39] <Womble2> I committed a change to the import script to work with the new schema, but haven't properly tested
[20:05:55] <Womble2> I think the other scripts are unaffected
[20:06:47] <h01ger> and this will also work for dc8 then?
[20:06:50] <Womble2> yes
[20:06:56] <h01ger> greatgreat
[20:07:00] <h01ger> next point?
[20:07:09] <des> yeap
[20:07:20] <Womble2> if anyone feels like digging up some good pics for DVD menus, please do so
[20:07:50] <h01ger> hey tassia, backlog available at - agenda at
[20:07:55] <Womble2> (must be reasonably free, like our licence or CC-BY or CC-SA)
[20:08:10] <tassia> h01ger, thanks
[20:08:25] * h01ger suggests Womble2 sends a short mail about this - mostly as reminder... we are all here, but... maybe even to debconf-discuss...
[20:08:27] <h01ger> or blog
[20:08:38] <h01ger> #idea if anyone feels like digging up some good pics for DVD menus, please mail them to Womble2
[20:08:49] <h01ger> #topic 3. debconf8 planning
[20:09:01] <h01ger> #topic 3.1 requiered hardware
[20:09:15] <karora> Womble2: What sort of pics do you want? Anything from that would do the trick (all PD), or from my gallery
[20:09:18] <Q_> The first question I have is, how many rooms will we be covering?
[20:09:22] <h01ger>
[20:09:43] <h01ger> is the list of hardware we have, which needs updating. i promise i'll not leave here today, until its done
[20:09:52] <Q_> I would either like people to tell me what they want, or fill in that wiki page
[20:10:23] <Q_> Like, are we only going to cover the 2 rooms, or will we also do BOF rooms?
[20:10:30] <Womble2> karora: pics of the DC7 venue, talks, crew, etc.
[20:10:37] <h01ger> Q_, i think 3, pending localteam input. but we have 2 main venues and last meeting decided/discussed to set up a 3 bof-venue for bofs to be recordred/streamed, and if people want to do bofs elsewhere, its their call
[20:10:54] <h01ger> localteam being des and dererk here, obviously :)
[20:10:57] <karora> Womble2: OK, I'll see what I've got. I do have some, for sure.
[20:11:02] <Q_> So that's 5 rooms in total?
[20:11:15] <hermanr> 5?!?
[20:11:17] <h01ger> ah, no. 3 in total.
[20:11:24] <des> nonono, at most 3
[20:11:26] <h01ger> s/3 bof-venue/3rd bof-venue/
[20:11:37] <des> but we don't have a lot of planning for the bof room yet
[20:11:38] * h01ger blames himself for that confusion :)
[20:11:49] <h01ger> des, we also lack a third dvswitch machine atm, right
[20:11:50] <h01ger> ?
[20:11:58] <des> specially because the only room available for it is very small
[20:12:13] <h01ger> small as in how many people?
[20:12:15] <des> h01ger: right, that's why I've been accounting for 2 streams
[20:12:18] <Q_> h01ger: That's exactly why I'm asking, the amount of dvswitch machines we need to ask, and things like that.
[20:12:41] <des> h01ger: small as bathroom-small (and not a big bathrom)
[20:13:02] <h01ger> as in 4x4 meters? or less?
[20:13:03] <hermanr> I.e. a closet, not a room.
[20:13:09] <h01ger> thats almost a big bathroom :)
[20:13:20] <Q_> des: So like 5 people + chairs?
[20:13:40] <des> Q_: IIRC, yes, something like that
[20:13:54] <des> it's not square, so maybe a little more, but not more than 10
[20:14:14] <h01ger> hmmm
[20:14:25] <h01ger> that _is_ really small indeed
[20:14:26] <des> And that's without thinking on where to put the camera and the fov of it
[20:14:49] <edrz> probably no point even trying to record a room that size.
[20:14:52] <des> yes, is a 'management meetings' room
[20:14:54] <h01ger> des, but that will definitly not be _the_ bof room :)
[20:14:55] <Womble2> perfect for cabal meetings then
[20:15:18] <h01ger> where people are killed after participating, so its kept s3cr1t
[20:15:32] <des> h01ger: nope, that's why I was thinking on scheduling them on normal rooms, which could help the video team indeed
[20:15:42] * h01ger expect another room will be found, which will become the bof room
[20:15:42] <Q_> So I think we won't be streaming any bof room in that case, but maybe record some things people organize in other rooms?
[20:15:51] <h01ger> des, whats a normal room here?
[20:16:09] <des> h01ger: talkrooms
[20:16:14] <h01ger> ok
[20:16:28] <des> the other options for bofs are open spaces
[20:16:40] <des> mainly in the floor level
[20:17:03] <h01ger> ok, /me thinks the hardware topic is covered. we are looking for a third dvswitch machine (maybe a notebook), and we have enough cameras, twinpacts, mics, for three events at the same time.
[20:17:09] <h01ger> lets move on to the next topic?
[20:17:12] <des> the bar and/or some nice couches, but those are difficut to cover
[20:17:40] <h01ger> (and maybe we wont do 3 events at the same time at all...)
[20:17:47] <Q_> h01ger: I still like to know the rest of the required hardware for the 2 main talkrooms.
[20:18:06] <edrz> we have only 3 cameras, so far, right?
[20:18:08] <h01ger> Q_, what is missing?
[20:18:25] <h01ger> edrz, we get at 4 borrowed from this friend of dererk + des..?!
[20:18:30] <h01ger> s/at//
[20:18:39] <edrz> no, only 3.
[20:18:47] <h01ger> yup. checked the page now too
[20:18:50] <Q_> h01ger: All the "?" in the wiki page.
[20:19:11] * h01ger can bring a pal camera which cannot record to tape. i guess i should bring it, too
[20:19:24] * h01ger adds it to his packing list and asks the owner now
[20:19:25] <karora> What's the sound equipment supply like?
[20:19:26] <des> yes, as of now 3, I still have to write him to see what else we can get from him
[20:19:37] <des> -ETOOBUSY, sorry
[20:20:16] <edrz> des: dererk, PA for the 2 talk rooms is being arranged?
[20:20:25] <edrz> and will that include mixers?
[20:20:57] <Q_> edrz: I guess that's already the next agenda point. :)
[20:21:01] <des> It's not being arranged yet, but the idea is to do it
[20:21:04] <h01ger> we have a 8 channel mixer with only one output, not good for pa and recording and pondering buying a bit bigger one, with two outputs
[20:21:04] * karora has to drop kids at school. Back in five minutes...
[20:21:17] <des> Dunno about the mixers, we could hire them too if needed
[20:22:09] <des> s/hire/rent/
[20:22:24] <edrz> right.
[20:22:29] <edrz> ok. so yet to be sorted out.
[20:22:41] * h01ger thinks buying is a good idea, but buying stuff is next point
[20:22:49] <edrz> right
[20:22:59] <h01ger> (thats the mixer with 2 outputs..)
[20:23:22] <des> yes, we have talked with at least 1 company that does rent this kind of things, but haven't yet done more than that
[20:23:28] <h01ger> so, who else has / can bring pal cameras?
[20:23:45] * hermanr has a REALLY cheap one
[20:23:48] <h01ger> we could ask moray again
[20:23:59] <h01ger> hermanr, thats fine for audience shots
[20:24:02] <h01ger> isnt it?
[20:24:10] <hermanr> ...and a fancy one with broken firewire :-(
[20:24:13] <h01ger> should we ask moray again?
[20:24:23] <hermanr> Yes, Ok as crowd cam.
[20:24:27] <hermanr> If it's not dark there.
[20:24:27] <edrz> which was moray's?
[20:24:30] <h01ger> hermanr, uh, your big sony is broken? i thought only the small one...
[20:24:34] <des> hermanr: so you couldn't get that fixed?
[20:24:36] <h01ger> the big and old one is morays..
[20:24:44] <h01ger> +'
[20:24:49] <hermanr> des: Ask daven
[20:25:04] <hermanr> des: He's the one who has it.
[20:25:35] <Q_> So, how many microphones do we want for each room?
[20:26:18] <h01ger> Q_, one or two for the speakers, plus a audience mic or two. (one condensed (?) and one to pass around)
[20:26:24] * h01ger would say
[20:26:49] <Q_> So, 4 per room?
[20:26:53] <edrz> one to pass around would need to be wireless.
[20:27:08] <edrz> and could serve as 2nd speaker mic for the few talks with 2 speakers.
[20:27:30] <Q_> Making it only 3 per room. :)
[20:27:39] <edrz> in a pinch.
[20:27:46] <edrz> 4-5 would be better.
[20:28:00] <hermanr> Can you enforce a "wait for the microphone" regime?
[20:28:15] <h01ger> hermanr, no. doesnt work
[20:28:19] <Q_> hermanr: So far, that didn't always work very well.
[20:28:26] <h01ger> we can *ask* for it, and it will work sometimes
[20:28:31] <hermanr> So there should be a sensitive crowd mic.
[20:28:31] <h01ger> same with repeating questions
[20:28:36] <h01ger> but thats life
[20:29:09] <Q_> And I guess we need 3 mic stands?
[20:29:10] <h01ger> people will learn by watching videos, being disappointed about not understanding parts and then trying to be better themselves, next times. its a process...
[20:29:26] <karora> back now.
[20:29:29] <edrz> Q_: no stand needed for wireless headset speaker mic
[20:29:50] <edrz> "social engineering"
[20:29:50] <h01ger> wasnt the stands avaailable locally? (if we ask for it) - and what edrz said..
[20:30:02] <hermanr> And we _do_ want headset mic on the speaker!
[20:30:17] <Q_> You say we could just do without any?
[20:30:25] <h01ger> hermanr, yes. we have two of those we have at fosdem and i want to buy another one
[20:30:52] <hermanr> Goodie.
[20:30:54] <edrz> Q_: we'll need at least one mic stand per room.
[20:31:07] <edrz> for a condensor mic.
[20:31:09] <h01ger> yes
[20:31:15] <Q_> K
[20:31:22] <edrz> preferably 2
[20:31:37] * h01ger is really happy Q_ continues to work on this list
[20:31:50] <h01ger> next point?
[20:31:51] * des too
[20:32:07] <Q_> h01ger: I'm just asking what I already have on the wiki, but have no idea about. :)
[20:32:18] * edrz sorry for Q_'s sake getting clear answers out of us is like squeezing water from stones.
[20:32:27] <Q_> So, we'll have 2 camera's and 2 tripods per room?
[20:32:35] <h01ger> Q_, maybe you can add a paragraph, "stuff thats missing/unclear & which we need"?!
[20:32:56] * edrz steps away for a moment.
[20:33:02] <Womble2> go not unto Debian developers, for they will say both "yes" and "no" and "IANAL"
[20:33:03] <h01ger> Q_, yes, thats the idea. plus the twinpacts as a third dv source
[20:33:17] <h01ger> Womble2, context?
[20:33:23] <h01ger> (you're right, obviously :)
[20:33:29] <Womble2> what edrz said
[20:33:37] <h01ger> ah
[20:33:39] <Q_> I assume we'll need headphones? Only for the mixer?
[20:33:53] <h01ger> Q_, they are on the list to buy... which is the next point...
[20:33:54] <hermanr> Q_: For the master camera, too.
[20:34:01] <hermanr> Not mandatory...
[20:34:04] <hermanr> ...but nice to have.
[20:34:05] <h01ger> hermanr, those are not on the list :)
[20:34:14] <des> hehe
[20:34:44] <h01ger> next point?
[20:34:47] <hermanr> It's kinda sad if the connection to the camera fails silently, for some reason.
[20:34:49] <Q_> And we'll need 1 dvswitch box for the audience camera?
[20:35:04] <h01ger> hermanr, the mixer will notice
[20:35:16] <Q_> (I think that's like my last question.)
[20:35:18] <h01ger> Q_, one dvswitch box per room
[20:35:24] <hermanr> h01ger: Do they listen to the stream?
[20:35:35] <h01ger> hermanr, they should
[20:35:40] <Womble2> h01ger: sadly not until I implement a VU meter in dvswitch
[20:35:44] <Q_> h01ger: Yes, I'm always talking per room.
[20:35:52] <h01ger> also i really want a control computer where all streams are watched, constantly
[20:36:03] <h01ger> Womble2, i ment the audio mixer. the one, we buy the headphones for
[20:36:16] <hermanr> h01ger: What Womble2 said. This was mentioned at Fosdem.
[20:36:53] <h01ger> #topic 3.2 hardware purchases
[20:37:00] <hermanr> The mixer sees the sound that goes _to_ the camera.
[20:37:03] <Womble2> h01ger: yeah, and what if the output from that is disconnected or has the wrong level?
[20:37:06] <Q_> I meant, DV Capture machine per room for the audience camera ...
[20:37:08] * h01ger switches to next topic, as the questions/requierements are more or less clear
[20:37:11] * edrz back
[20:37:18] <h01ger> and can be solved partly by buying stuff
[20:37:29] <h01ger>
[20:37:33] <h01ger> please see that page
[20:37:46] <h01ger> we have 1121.88 EUR remaining to spend
[20:38:19] <h01ger> (and edrz, xerakko and hermanr, i'll work on your reimburstment either tomorrow or friday...)
[20:38:34] <hermanr> tnx
[20:39:07] <h01ger> imo, we need/want to buy: more firewire cables (to save grabbing computers), firewire cards (which we need then), headphones, this 1622 audio mixer, a condeced mic and maybe another lapel (?) mic.
[20:39:44] <edrz> h01ger: thanks
[20:39:54] <karora> Are the over-the-ear mics better than lapel ones?
[20:40:01] <hermanr> Some headphones are merely "is there sound, and is it not crap?" monitors.
[20:40:15] <hermanr> (like the one on the master cam)
[20:40:22] <edrz> right, headphones at the camera, can be cheap
[20:40:27] <h01ger> hermanr, Womble2: i'm not opposed to attch headphones to the camera. but the mixer gets the sound which is mixed, so gets the output which is recorded and should notice hickups? anyway, please lets discuss this after the meeting, i'm probably wrong and you're right, but lets be done with this in 20min, then we can still discuss this
[20:40:28] * karora will have one pair of headphones that can be used.
[20:40:39] <Q_> h01ger: I thought des was going to put firewire cards in it?
[20:40:43] <edrz> headphone at the audio mixer should be decent, at least 2 needed of each.
[20:40:49] <Q_> And maybe also provide the firewire cable?
[20:41:09] <h01ger> edrz, i plan to buy those:
[20:41:14] * des succefully used crapy sony earplug headphones for level monitoring in the main camera
[20:41:22] <des> +last year
[20:41:23] <h01ger> Q_, we want 25m firewire cables...
[20:41:39] <hermanr> ...which works for DV.
[20:41:44] <Q_> h01ger: Oh, that's the "75 feet" one we got 1 off?
[20:41:46] <hermanr> Only tested on Win XP, though.
[20:41:49] <h01ger> Q_, yes
[20:41:58] <h01ger> daven, please test them with linux!!! ;)
[20:42:03] <Q_> Which is a 4 to 4.
[20:42:07] <hermanr> Yes.
[20:42:23] <h01ger> des, do you have firewire cards in mind?
[20:42:30] <Q_> Which I guess means we should look for firewire cards with a 4 pins connector?
[20:42:41] <h01ger> are there pci-cards which have 4-type firewire connectors?
[20:42:55] <edrz> i have one
[20:43:09] <h01ger> hermanr, are you and the cable in oslo? can we get toresbe to test it, in case daven doesnt manage?
[20:43:10] <des> h01ger: maybe :)
[20:43:32] <hermanr> h01ger: It's in Horten, but I can bring it to Oslo any time.
[20:43:44] <h01ger> we only need to of those (4-type fw cards), i'd say, and another 25m firewire cable?
[20:43:44] <des> h01ger: I was thinking on buying some if you guy couldn't bring all the needed ones
[20:43:55] <des> guys
[20:44:08] <h01ger> des, can you look for 4pin pci-firewire cards, please?
[20:44:34] <toresbe> daven is on a train or something.
[20:44:35] <des> h01ger: I'll see, I haven't seen one with 4pin connector, but I'll look around
[20:44:37] <h01ger> des, i think we could "even" pay them from the videoteam budget, if debconf is short on it...
[20:44:49] <Q_> des: buy and not rent? Maybe if things need to be buyed we can do it from the budget?
[20:44:50] <toresbe> h01ger: I can test whatever you like.
[20:44:50] <h01ger> and then keep them :)
[20:45:15] <edrz> i have at least 3 pci firewire cards, one of which has a 4pin connector. i need to test them all, though.
[20:45:20] <des> h01ger: is not about the money, they are cheap, but more like it can be used in the future by the video team
[20:45:23] <h01ger> toresbe, please /msg with hermanr :) (or discuss here later) - its about testing this 25m firewire cable with linux. the cable is in horten
[20:45:35] <edrz> i also have one carbus firewire card
[20:45:45] <h01ger> edrz, please add your stuff to then
[20:46:02] <edrz> and a bootload of various length firewire cables, but none longer than 16.4 ft.
[20:46:09] <des> Q_: renting pci cards? I don't think I know anyone that does that...
[20:46:11] <h01ger> .4? :)
[20:46:25] <edrz> yeah. go figure.
[20:46:28] * edrz shrugs.
[20:46:31] * h01ger too :)
[20:46:49] <edrz> well, i guess it's really a 5 meter cable.
[20:46:50] <h01ger> anyway. i'm loosing track...
[20:47:16] <Q_> edrz: That seems to be like 4.998 meter ...
[20:47:33] <des> fwiw, is like a local ebay, you might want to check that for random local prices
[20:47:38] <h01ger> what do we need to buy? 3 headphones, 1 25m firewire cable (if toresbe test works), another radio mic a la fosdem...
[20:47:52] <h01ger> plus this 1622 mixer and a condenced mic?
[20:48:01] <hermanr> condenser*
[20:48:16] <Q_> So, we have various types of mics ...
[20:48:24] <h01ger> we still have budget (like for a camera) or to discuss this budget next week. we still have a bit time (for ordering + shipping)
[20:48:54] <Q_> I guess we want: 1 wireless that can be used by the audience, 1 headset, 1 condenced (per room).
[20:48:54] <h01ger> Q_, so maybe audio cables
[20:48:56] <edrz> probably 2 condensor mics. one for each room.
[20:48:58] <toresbe> What about purchasing extenders?
[20:49:06] <edrz> *condenser
[20:49:06] <h01ger> toresbe, what are extenders?
[20:49:08] <toresbe> active cable extender boxes, I mean
[20:49:22] <h01ger> toresbe, audio?
[20:49:27] <toresbe> No, Firewire. They seem to be chainable, up to 200 meters in length.
[20:49:42] <h01ger> 200m is way to much. if 25m works that should be plenty
[20:49:46] <h01ger> or?
[20:49:49] <h01ger> +o
[20:49:54] <Q_> How big are the rooms anyway?
[20:50:01] <karora> In my experience if we have wired mics a maximum of one will be used, in any room, and that only rarely.
[20:50:06] <toresbe> Well, *up to*. They come in units of 50 meters or something to that effect.
[20:50:13] * h01ger nods karora
[20:50:23] <edrz> Q_:
[20:50:29] <h01ger> toresbe, please test that cable first. if it works, whoohoo
[20:50:58] <toresbe> h01ger: roger
[20:51:25] * h01ger suggests to go to next point, please /msg me if you want to plan/do hardware purchases... (we need people who can pay now, take that stuff to .ar and get reimbursted...)
[20:51:32] <Q_> Is that in cm or something?
[20:51:44] <h01ger> Q_, that svg?
[20:51:46] <edrz> yah
[20:52:29] * h01ger also suggests to skip "donated/loaned hardware" and go directly to "software"
[20:52:37] <edrz> yup
[20:52:56] <Q_> I'm used to units being in mm (or m) on drawings that have no unit.
[20:53:06] <h01ger> #action we need to update the wiki pages and our infos til next week and have a clearer picture next week
[20:53:13] <h01ger> #topic 3.3 software
[20:53:20] <LarstiQ> /win 49
[20:53:22] <LarstiQ> meh
[20:53:39] <edrz> 49 ftw
[20:53:48] <h01ger> Womble2, you still test+develop dvswitch in etch, right?
[20:54:03] <h01ger> so that should be our base...
[20:54:07] * edrz thinks not ...
[20:54:12] <Womble2> It certainyl still builds in etch...
[20:54:12] <edrz> for some reason ...
[20:54:25] <h01ger> (and _btw_, the next .26 upload to sid will have the old fw stack enabled...)
[20:54:26] <edrz> but, using libdv, not libavcodec?
[20:54:38] <Womble2> using libavcodec
[20:54:47] <edrz> ok.
[20:55:08] <edrz> so, what h01ger said? we still use etch?
[20:55:09] <h01ger> is libdv in etch? Womble2 will you be more or less available during debcamp, for remote support or do you already know you're on a business trip / honeymoon / whatever? ;)
[20:55:27] <Womble2> I will be at home/work
[20:55:47] <Womble2> I will be away in Switzerland during DebConf proper
[20:55:50] * h01ger pities Womble2 but is "happy"
[20:56:08] <Womble2> (Linuxbierwanderung)
[20:56:18] * h01ger also hopes thinks we will be done when debconf starts
[20:56:39] <h01ger> edrz, you wanted to start streaming well in advance, so that users can test their clients, etc... do you still have this plans?
[20:56:44] <h01ger> Womble2, great!!
[20:56:47] <karora> Well we really don't want to be changing our setup that late if we can possibly avoid it, eh.
[20:57:19] <edrz> i still have that idea, yes. hopefully in the next week i'll have a test settup running here
[20:57:35] <hermanr> karora: Only if the network is "maņana"
[20:57:54] <h01ger> edrz, you can use a server to test it/set it up, directly...
[20:58:01] <karora> hermanr: Indeed :-)
[20:58:08] <h01ger> hermanr, what does "maņana" mean? i dont know this word?
[20:58:12] <edrz> ah, right, i meant a dvswitch settup here.
[20:58:18] * h01ger is irretated
[20:58:24] <h01ger> :)
[20:58:27] <Womble2> Oh , you'll need a fix for ffmpeg2theora for use when transcoding
[20:58:39] <edrz> for the large file thing?
[20:58:43] <Womble2> yes
[20:59:01] <Womble2> I'll make sure the backport is up-to-date
[20:59:08] <hermanr> h01ger: It means "God willing" in certain locales...
[20:59:08] <h01ger> ok, we'll need a software setup wiki page too...
[20:59:23] <edrz> what about dvgrab? which version had the not writing to stdout bug?
[20:59:34] <h01ger> uh?
[20:59:36] <h01ger> which bug?
[20:59:39] <Womble2> That was post-etch iirc
[20:59:43] <edrz> right.
[21:00:36] <edrz> ok.
[21:00:42] <edrz> anything else software wise?
[21:00:45] <h01ger> ok... basics are covered then... i would suggest moving on, if Womble2 is fine with another meeting at this time next week ;) we havent really covered the penta interface+skripts yet
[21:00:53] <edrz> the etch icecast is b0rked, too.
[21:01:02] * h01ger takes a note on that, edrz
[21:01:02] <Womble2> yes, that needs checking again
[21:01:13] <Womble2> though I couldn't reproduce when I tried it
[21:01:25] <Womble2> might have been specific to 64-bit builds?
[21:01:30] <h01ger> edrz, you have a suggestion for a non borked version?
[21:01:52] <h01ger> anyway...
[21:01:55] <edrz> as Womble2 said, it needs checking.
[21:01:58] <h01ger> #topic 3.4 debianday
[21:02:09] <edrz> i'll coordinate w/debconf-admin outside meeting time
[21:02:23] <h01ger> edrz, great
[21:02:57] <edrz> so, it sounds like from -team that it is currently uncertain where debian day will occur.
[21:03:04] <Womble2> !
[21:03:34] <edrz> aiui, the university that said they could use it has backed out.
[21:03:38] <h01ger> edrz, so i suggest, we just move on to next point and discuss it once its more clear
[21:03:42] <edrz> des: dererk ^^ can you confirm.
[21:03:45] * h01ger understood that too
[21:04:08] <karora> What date is DebianDay?
[21:04:09] <edrz> basically, all we need to know is who can be around in BA post-debconf. and probably we can coordinate later.
[21:04:15] <karora> 18th?
[21:04:21] <h01ger> karora, monday, 18th
[21:04:30] * karora will miss it then.
[21:04:32] * h01ger is around for debian-day
[21:05:00] * hermanr probably will be
[21:05:12] <hermanr> (cheaper return flight)
[21:05:14] * edrz also
[21:05:21] * edrz same reason as hermanr
[21:05:33] <Q_> It's after debconf this time?
[21:05:44] <edrz> yah
[21:05:47] <h01ger> Q_, yes. on the 18th. at least that was the plan so far :)
[21:06:08] <hermanr> Maņana would be the 19th
[21:06:10] <edrz> to hopefully draw crowds from a larger regional free software conference happening in BA the week after DC.
[21:06:20] <Q_> h01ger: Says so on the schedule, and that it's in Buenos Aires.
[21:06:21] <h01ger> everybody: please mark your presence (if you havent done so) at - for either debcamp/debconf or remote. and debian-day...
[21:06:31] * h01ger already added hermanr, edrz and himself for debianday
[21:06:38] <h01ger> hermanr with a "probably" :)
[21:06:45] <edrz> ok. AOB?
[21:06:55] <h01ger> #topic 4. any other business
[21:07:09] <des> yes, DebianDay venue is still undecided, sorry
[21:08:02] <tassia> I have a topic for "any other business"
[21:08:05] * h01ger adds pre-debconf-streams to the next meetings agenda. i think thats a pretty good idea
[21:08:31] * hermanr can monitor them from Norway :-)
[21:08:57] <h01ger> tassia, please go ahead
[21:09:01] <Q_> tassia: Now would be the time to say it.
[21:09:03] <edrz> also for sorting out relay network + propagating working icecast version as well as the previously mentioned viewing client issues.
[21:09:05] <tassia> have you guys tought about the organization of voluteers, about time and rooms
[21:09:19] <tassia> it'a allways a problem
[21:09:25] <h01ger> tassia, yes. like last year in penta, only that it will be ready from day 0
[21:09:25] <edrz> tassia: organization? what's that?
[21:09:29] <edrz> ;)
[21:09:50] <h01ger> marga also has ~10 volunteers for us :) (maybe only 6 or 8)
[21:10:02] <tassia> ok, great
[21:10:10] <hermanr> There actually will be a schedule for the team members?
[21:10:19] <edrz> yes.
[21:10:25] <tassia> I just wanted to avoid the "blanks" like last years
[21:10:31] <hermanr> +1
[21:10:39] <Q_> h01ger: Well, I had a problem with that, that many people "subscribe" to the same thing, while only 1 was needed.
[21:11:05] <h01ger> tassia, yup, its good you brought it up. and having them in penta is not enough, as Q_ says...
[21:11:08] <tassia> we had sometimes rooms with nobody to operate the camera
[21:11:09] * des still needs to develop that part of the penta interface
[21:11:12] <h01ger> Q_, cant this be solved in penta?
[21:11:14] <des> so keep pinging me about it ;-p
[21:11:27] * h01ger also adds it to next meetings agenda, des :-P
[21:11:32] <edrz> des: oh? it's not there from last year?
[21:11:32] <Q_> h01ger: Probably. :)
[21:11:37] <edrz> or needs to be ported?
[21:11:55] <des> edrz: no, penta changed *a lot* it probably need to be rewriten
[21:12:06] <edrz> hrm. ok.
[21:12:19] * h01ger locks des in the small bof room, together with tons of laminated pizzas
[21:12:20] <Q_> Anyway, last year I ended up not subscribing to things but just showed up, and almost always had something to do.
[21:12:23] * hermanr is uncertain about the utility of a Web schedule that can change on a whim...
[21:12:25] <h01ger> now you can finish it, des :)
[21:12:39] * hermanr likes paper schedules that are _honoured_
[21:12:39] * h01ger suggests to print this schedule each morning...
[21:12:55] <h01ger> but then, not. people will update during the day...
[21:13:00] <des> h01ger: :)
[21:13:01] <Q_> h01ger: That's what we said last year, and I think it didn't happen. :)
[21:13:23] <h01ger> Q_, what did we say? printing or online?
[21:13:36] <edrz> basically, some people will be reliable and others will not.
[21:13:49] <h01ger> same as it always was
[21:13:55] <Q_> h01ger: That it would get printed.
[21:14:34] <h01ger> Q_, i think last year it didnt make sense, cause it was too much ad-hoc. hopefully we have the interface earlier this year and people can much earlier subscribe, so that printing makes more sense
[21:15:03] <edrz> hopefully.
[21:15:11] <h01ger> so if des finishes this part before debcamp, and does the encoding/reviewing part during debcamp... (or also before, obviously..)
[21:15:27] * h01ger is sorry for des he can only point to des atm...
[21:15:38] <Womble2> I thought the encoding/reviewing was already done
[21:15:43] * edrz also feels guilty.
[21:15:57] <Womble2> at least the display works, if not editing
[21:16:02] <h01ger> but having this scheduling thing ready at debcamp is crucial for the scheduling to work..
[21:16:12] <hermanr> So if you change the schedule "just in time", Penta should say, in red, "You must inform everyone that the printed schedule is out of date!"
[21:16:13] <edrz> agreed
[21:16:19] * h01ger is very happy tassia brought this up!
[21:16:23] <des> h01ger: the encoding/reviewing part is done
[21:16:32] <des> only the scheduling is missing
[21:16:39] <h01ger> hehe^wjeje (english jeje :)
[21:16:40] <edrz> ok. good.
[21:16:50] * h01ger seriously nods edrz :)
[21:17:02] <h01ger> next point, or more other business?
[21:17:29] <Q_> So, it would be nice that we have a "print" button in penta?
[21:18:05] <hermanr> Which printer?
[21:18:06] <h01ger> Q_, you dont have a print button in the browser? but yeah, sure, you could present it nicer with a print view...
[21:18:11] <h01ger> hermanr, the conf printer
[21:18:15] <h01ger> there will be one
[21:18:17] <hermanr> h01ger: Yes, you do!
[21:18:32] <hermanr> But that's the system local printer, of course.
[21:18:50] * h01ger suggests to leave this implementation details to des. (whether a print button is needed)
[21:18:55] <hermanr> h01ger: There is actually a print widget (or JavaScript action, not sure)
[21:19:08] <tassia> will there be a coputer to monitor all talk/bof rooms?
[21:19:09] * des really has to go now
[21:19:14] <h01ger> hermanr, we wont print more than 5 times a day and going to the orga room / booth / whereever the printer is, sounds doable to me
[21:19:21] <des> or he'll be single by debconf ;-p
[21:19:24] <des> bye
[21:19:28] <tassia> the printed schedule should be beside this computer
[21:19:28] <h01ger> des, enjoy!
[21:19:33] <h01ger> des, y gracias!
[21:19:40] <h01ger> tassia, yes.
[21:19:43] <edrz> tassia: we've requested one.
[21:20:02] <edrz> des: bye, and thanks.
[21:20:03] <Q_> The schedule should be in the room, like at mixer / dvswitch box.
[21:20:06] <h01ger> tassia, i also want a control computer to monitor all streams, outside the venue.. depends on the hardware we get though
[21:20:18] <h01ger> #topic 5. next meeting
[21:20:26] <tassia> ok
[21:20:44] <h01ger> next week, same place, same day, time, channel?!
[21:20:59] <Q_> h01ger: As I understand it, the hardware we get will depend on the hardware we ask.
[21:21:00] <hermanr> WFM
[21:21:46] <h01ger> Q_, yes. added to my list to add to the hw page after the meeting
[21:21:49] <edrz> i'll be out from about 19 - 21 next Wed.
[21:22:21] <h01ger> edrz, utc? /me thinks 18 is bad for womble and 21 is hmmmmja, works for me, i like to have edrz here
[21:22:36] <edrz> yeah, utc. sorry. :(
[21:22:48] * hermanr needs to hit the sack soon
[21:22:52] <h01ger> edrz, i hoped for PST or such ;)
[21:22:57] <hermanr> So long, guys.
[21:23:03] <edrz> hermanr: 'night.
[21:23:09] <h01ger> good night, hermanr - thank you too! :)
[21:23:11] <Womble2> hermanr: 'night
[21:23:31] <tassia> I'll be in a work trip for the next 2 weeks, so I can't guarantee that I'll here next meeting
[21:23:42] <tassia> good night for all
[21:23:43] <h01ger> the problem is 21 utc is that hermanr goes to bed now, at 21.23...
[21:23:59] <h01ger> s/is/with/
[21:24:11] <Womble2> precisely?
[21:24:22] * h01ger is a bit helpless... schedule at 21 utc?
[21:24:34] <h01ger> guess so
[21:24:34] <Womble2> well we'll have to be quick
[21:24:43] <h01ger> yeah, wont hurt
[21:25:07] <edrz> sorry. you could start with out me at 20 and I could read backlog + add comments at the end.
[21:25:11] <h01ger> so so be it. or, should we discuss this on the list?
[21:25:43] <h01ger> we could also move to thursday..
[21:26:06] <h01ger> lets just decide something now :)
[21:26:08] <edrz> thursday is fine for me.
[21:26:13] <h01ger> for me too
[21:26:28] <edrz> anytime after 17:00 UTC
[21:26:39] <edrz> Womble2: ?
[21:26:47] <h01ger> des, dererk: ?
[21:26:59] <edrz> des: has left.
[21:27:01] * h01ger thinks we could use a poll and discuss this on the list. any takers?
[21:27:13] <h01ger> edrz, i know, but he's important to be there :)
[21:27:29] <edrz> of course.
[21:27:45] <edrz> take it to the list.
[21:27:50] <Womble2> edrz: Thursday should be OK
[21:27:51] <edrz> too many people have gone already.
[21:28:18] <edrz> ok. shall we propose 20 UTC, thursday, on the list and see if there are any objections?
[21:28:20] <h01ger> edrz, i was asking for someone else to take it to the list..
[21:28:23] <h01ger> ;)
[21:28:26] <edrz> right.
[21:28:55] <karora> This time WFM. I could make an hour earlier if you need.
[21:29:29] <h01ger> edrz, can you send a mail? (and maybe setup a poll, not sure if this is needed though..)
[21:30:02] <edrz> typing it now.
[21:30:10] <h01ger> cheers!
[21:30:20] <h01ger> #topic beverage of choice :)
[21:30:40] <h01ger> thank you all for attending!
[21:30:44] <h01ger> #endmeeting

Meeting ended.

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