Started logging meeting in #debconf-video, times are UTC.
[20:09:23] * edrz just woke up from nap and wouldn't mind going back soonish.
[20:09:28] <edrz> yay. we meet.
[20:09:36] <h01ger> agenda is where? :)
[20:09:42] <edrz> agenda is here:
[20:09:54] <edrz> == Meeting agenda July, 10th, 20 UTC ==
[20:09:54] <edrz> # remaining fosdem and debconf7 videos
[20:09:54] <edrz> # debconf8 planning
[20:09:54] <edrz> ## required hardware + donated/loaned hardware
[20:09:54] <edrz> ## hardware purchases
[20:09:57] <edrz> ## software
[20:09:59] * des _o/
[20:09:59] <edrz> ## test streams pre-debconf
[20:10:01] <h01ger>
[20:10:02] <edrz> ## volunteer scheduling in penta
[20:10:04] <edrz> ## debian day
[20:10:07] <edrz> # any other business
[20:10:17] <h01ger> #topic 1. remaining fosdem and debconf7 videos
[20:10:28] <h01ger> i'll blog about fosdem RSN.
[20:10:44] <h01ger> afaik thats all left for fosdem
[20:10:52] <h01ger> Womble2, bwh, des ?
[20:11:05] <des> I have nothing to do regarding dc7 leftovers
[20:11:14] <h01ger> cool
[20:11:24] <edrz> moving on, then?
[20:11:33] * h01ger expects Womble2 to reply later..
[20:11:37] <des> unless we want to overload me and my network by sending me dv's to review
[20:11:42] <h01ger> štopic 2. debconf8
[20:11:48] <h01ger> des, no, we dont :)
[20:11:51] <h01ger> #topic 2. debconf8
[20:12:02] <h01ger> #topic 2.1 debconf8 - required hardware + donated/loaned hardware
[20:12:49] * h01ger didnt have time to work on this further, same with next, hardware purchases, but i'd like to diskuss hardware purchases, as i have a plan/idea for that
[20:12:59] <hermanr> daven: Had any quotes on fixes of the sony?
[20:13:32] <h01ger> hermanr, anybody tested the 25m cable with linux?
[20:13:43] <hermanr> h01ger: Not yet.
[20:13:57] <hermanr> toresbe, daven: Could we meet up in Oslo tomorrow?
[20:14:11] <hermanr> toresbe, daven: Like Oslo S, in the evening?
[20:14:25] <h01ger> next? how fast should we go? ;)
[20:14:51] <hermanr> Dunno. Localteam, anything?
[20:15:12] <daven> hermanr: I'm not back until the 14th
[20:15:34] * dererk has a terrific lag
[20:16:03] <hermanr> daven: It's getting too late for DC8, unless they're quick.
[20:16:28] <daven> I can do this sunday, but no earlier than that
[20:16:28] <des> nothing yet
[20:16:41] <daven> It wont really make a difference, they won't ship on friday anyway
[20:17:09] <hermanr> Move on?
[20:17:29] <h01ger> thats about repairing your good camera?
[20:17:35] <hermanr> Yes.
[20:17:42] <h01ger> #topic 2.2 debconf8 - hardware purchases
[20:17:45] <des> I'd only like to stress I'd *love* to know if we can/should plan for more 25fts cables or more capture PCs
[20:18:00] * h01ger would like to do this tomorrow. this being, deciding who buyes what hardware
[20:18:09] <daven> des: we'll find out on Sunday with any luck
[20:18:19] <hermanr> toresbe: ping. Do you have 'puters with 4-pin firewire?
[20:18:35] * hermanr can test at work
[20:18:42] <h01ger> anybody who comes to .ar and can borrow debian some money to buy hardware, please come to #debconfvideoxmasshopping on oftc tomorrow / now
[20:18:42] <hermanr> I'll try that tomorrow.
[20:18:58] <des> daven: Sunday seems ok
[20:19:28] <h01ger> we basically have a plan how to spend 900 euros more (and could spend 1100). we just need people who are willing and able to order/pay for stuff, take it to .ar and get it reimbursted
[20:19:36] <hermanr> des: I got the cable in two days.
[20:19:40] <edrz> i'm not sure i can bring much more than I am. I'll have to do a trial packing and see how much weight I'm already bringing.
[20:19:43] <des> h01ger: remember we could buy stuff here too, it's probably more expensive, but we save on you guys shipping it
[20:20:05] <h01ger> des. true
[20:20:10] <h01ger> thanks for that reminder :)
[20:20:24] <hermanr> +1
[20:20:30] <des> h01ger: just let me know if you need anything
[20:20:32] <h01ger> des, we wouldnt ship but rather take with us, but anyway :)
[20:20:53] <des> yeap, that
[20:21:03] <h01ger> #topic 2.3 debconf8 - software
[20:21:32] <edrz> icecast 2.3.2 was released in early june and made it into lenny a few weeks ago.
[20:21:36] <h01ger> edrz, prod me anytime to prepare the install usb sticks
[20:21:57] <h01ger> and actually its s/prepare/hand over/ almost :)
[20:22:07] <h01ger> edrz, is there a backport for etch?
[20:22:27] <edrz> no. i intend to try to get one together if no one beats me to it.
[20:22:28] <h01ger> we have our own repo and can put any software we want in there. it should just be etch based
[20:22:32] <edrz> hopefully within the next week.
[20:23:07] <h01ger> edrz, ask the maintainer for a sid deb? should build on etch as well..
[20:23:14] <h01ger> s/deb/dsc/
[20:23:25] <edrz> sure. shouldn't be a problem.
[20:23:35] <des> btw, according to some early test the quad core should be enough for enconding 3 dv streams
[20:23:38] <h01ger> and we need to get the process of getting our own packages in the repo going
[20:23:53] <des> at least in cpu time
[20:23:55] <h01ger> so that team members can upload, if their gpg key is in the keyring
[20:24:03] <h01ger> des, GREAT!
[20:24:19] <h01ger> (and /me nods to "at least in cpu time" :)
[20:24:44] <h01ger> Ganneff, can the video team upload its own packages atm?
[20:24:51] <h01ger> next?
[20:24:57] <h01ger> ;)
[20:24:59] <des> I still intend to test it with 3 interlaced dv's which according to Womble2 use some more cpu than non-interlaced, but we are optimist about that little extra
[20:25:01] <dererk> haha
[20:25:21] * des needs to get a camera and a 4-4 firewire cable
[20:25:23] <h01ger> Womble2 wanted to do a dvswitch release, thats needed too, i guess :)
[20:25:42] <edrz> yup
[20:25:56] <h01ger> edrz, can you ping me about the faiified d-i installer, please? :)
[20:26:12] <edrz> sure
[20:26:17] <h01ger> like in, anyday from tomorrow on..
[20:26:35] <h01ger> i have it ready, just for a different fai configspace
[20:26:42] <h01ger> next?
[20:26:45] <edrz> sure
[20:26:56] <h01ger> was that re: next? :)
[20:27:08] <edrz> yes.
[20:27:24] <h01ger> #topic 2.4 debconf8 - test streams pre-debconf
[20:28:12] <edrz> not much to say here, other than that I'm hopefully icecast 2.3.2 has the bugs we've encountered fixed and will be easily backportable.
[20:28:55] <des> edrz: are you going to test that?
[20:29:04] <edrz> i intend to, yes.
[20:29:15] <edrz> but, i've been unwell this week and haven't gotten to it, yet.
[20:29:19] <h01ger> with debconf7 and fosdem videos as streams?
[20:29:26] <h01ger> ah
[20:29:58] <h01ger> take it easy, be fit for debconf ;) more seriously: take it easy in any case. get well first.
[20:29:59] <edrz> i was thinking of running a playlist of past videos to test relays and the dns stuff and get mirror admins onboard, etc, etc.
[20:30:08] <h01ger> cool!
[20:30:22] <h01ger> mail the list with the current plan?
[20:30:23] <edrz> but, also to test live streaming via dvswitch from home.
[20:30:27] <des> edrz: great, take care of yourself first, though
[20:31:07] <h01ger> #topic 2.5 debconf8 - volunteer scheduling in penta
[20:31:20] <h01ger> "works" according and thanks to des!! :)
[20:31:25] <edrz> i would very much like to get meta data into the streams this year + capture the encodings for near immediate uploads of "rough cuts".
[20:31:44] <edrz> well, des said you could get reports
[20:31:55] <edrz> and penta admins can assign roles.
[20:31:56] <h01ger> edrz, oh yes! put it on the agenda for the next meeting? (and seriously discuss in two? ;)
[20:32:13] <des> the self-signing interface is missing though
[20:32:21] <h01ger> yes, there will be reports like "event without video-mixer"
[20:33:00] <h01ger> des, what is the self-signing interface?
[20:33:23] <edrz> interface for individuals to sign up for roles/tasks
[20:33:30] <h01ger> ah
[20:33:37] <edrz> i.e. non-admin individuals.
[20:33:38] <des> the nice day by day schedule where each one could assign themselves for each role
[20:33:41] <des> exactly
[20:33:47] <h01ger> thats quite important :)
[20:33:53] <des> yes
[20:33:58] * h01ger dont want to play proxy :)
[20:34:53] <edrz> ok. so some (more) work for des.
[20:34:56] <edrz> next point?
[20:35:04] <h01ger> #topic 2.6 debconf8 - debian day
[20:35:12] * h01ger hugs des
[20:35:18] <edrz> i've not seen any new news on this.
[20:35:19] <h01ger> .oO( thank you so much )
[20:35:22] <des> we are still unsure about the venue
[20:35:46] <edrz> or, maybe i have seen it in #debian-ar, but no comprendo.
[20:35:53] <des> we have a new, very nice, possibility but we still need to talk with the owners
[20:36:10] <h01ger> in BA & same day?
[20:36:14] <des> yes
[20:36:37] <des> we have a meeting on tuesday to see what they can offer and if we fit
[20:37:01] <des> but we'd love to have it there, is a very nice cultural center in downtown
[20:37:40] <des> btw, you can consider the day settled, even if we need to pay for a place we'll do it the 18
[20:37:44] <dererk> h01ger, yes
[20:37:53] <des> also BA is settled
[20:38:03] <des> the problem is just *where* in BA
[20:38:34] <edrz> ok. will where in BA have a big impact on choosing places to sleep?
[20:39:33] <edrz> anyway, i guess we will know more next week.
[20:39:38] <edrz> shall we move on?
[20:39:42] <des> It may have a fair impact
[20:39:44] <h01ger> yup, but its the last point
[20:39:48] <edrz> ok
[20:40:00] <des> next is ok for mw
[20:40:01] <des> me
[20:40:06] <des> I have a AOB ;-p
[20:40:08] * h01ger is confident we, or rather the rocking localteam, will find something good
[20:40:18] <edrz> ok
[20:40:21] <h01ger> #topic 3. AOB
[20:40:31] <edrz> des: ?
[20:40:33] <des> t-shirts
[20:40:55] <des> We (videoteam hat on) will have orange t-shirts :)
[20:40:58] <h01ger> will become realitiy!!!!
[20:41:17] <h01ger> did i say "rockstar localteam" yet? ;)
[20:41:30] <dererk> lol
[20:41:40] <karora> Morning all - sorry I slept in :-(
[20:41:48] <edrz> wonders how well orange tshirts go with green hair.
[20:41:51] * h01ger hands karora a coffee
[20:41:55] <h01ger> good morning :)
[20:41:59] <des> I like orange, orange is really nice, and if you disagree you are wrong :)
[20:42:02] <edrz> kia ora
[20:42:09] * edrz is wrong.
[20:42:10] <dererk> karora, morning
[20:42:11] * karora stirs in five sugars and drinks it in one swallow
[20:42:11] <edrz> :)
[20:42:17] <h01ger> hehe
[20:42:19] <hermanr> des: ...and stupid and ugly?
[20:42:30] <des> hermanr: sure, that too
[20:42:36] <dererk> ha
[20:42:52] <edrz> it's ok. i only ever wear confernce t-shirts to sleep in any way.
[20:43:01] * hermanr has a colleague who tends to go *aaarrrgggghhh my eyes!* at the sight of orange
[20:43:05] * h01ger likes orange
[20:43:14] * edrz likes oranges.
[20:43:16] <des> that's it, I just wanted to let you know you should plan your trousers acordingly ;-p
[20:43:32] <edrz> jejeje
[20:43:34] <dererk> lol
[20:43:43] <h01ger> you can probably trade, with "normal" volunteers, who want to be"come" videoteam volunteers :)
[20:43:49] <h01ger> hehe
[20:43:58] * edrz practices es_EDRZ
[20:44:07] <hermanr> Is the orange NTSC legal?
[20:44:10] <h01ger> #topic 4. proxima reunion
[20:44:16] <h01ger> #topic 4. next meeting
[20:44:57] <h01ger> aqui, mismo dia y ahora? /me sooo needs to *speak* spanish.
[20:45:08] <h01ger> next thursday or wednesday?
[20:45:16] <h01ger> which time?
[20:45:19] <h01ger>
[20:45:26] <des> 20UTC is ok for me
[20:45:35] * hermanr too
[20:45:37] <edrz> anytime thursday works for me
[20:45:44] <h01ger> karora, Womble2: ^^
[20:45:53] <des> thursday or wednesday is the same for me
[20:45:57] <karora> It's OK for me too, I just have to remember to set the alarm :-)
[20:46:02] <h01ger> :)
[20:46:15] <edrz> wednesday anytime before 16:00 utc
[20:46:20] <h01ger> #idea if someone prefers wednesday or thursday, speak up
[20:46:40] <des> edrz: add a p.s. for karora in your meeting reminder next time ;-p
[20:46:40] <h01ger> edrz, before is bad for karora and Womble2, i think
[20:46:54] <edrz> ah, right.
[20:46:59] <karora> For before 16:00UTC it needs to be before 11:00UTC
[20:47:06] <h01ger> karora, you know where to find backlog? (in your client, right? :)
[20:47:15] <karora> Sure.
[20:47:22] <h01ger> karora, which doesnt work for .ar people
[20:47:36] <edrz> ok. so shall we say thursday 20:00 UTC?
[20:47:36] <des> exactly
[20:47:37] <karora> Yeah, I figured.
[20:47:45] <h01ger> karora, great. i had some irc meetings recently with people who reconnect :)
[20:47:53] <h01ger> edrz, sounds good to me
[20:47:58] <karora> h01ger: X-chat + dircproxy
[20:48:10] <h01ger> karora, xchat + ctrlproxy here :)
[20:48:23] <edrz> screen +irssi :P
[20:48:42] <des> weechat + dircproxy, but just finish the meeting
[20:48:42] <h01ger> #agreed next meeting, thursday, 20 UTC. if you cant make it, please speak up, we can probably move. best you set up a poll then ;)
[20:48:43] * hermanr contemplates a proxy, or even... screen+irssi.
[20:48:48] <edrz> anyway, endmeeting?
[20:48:51] <h01ger> #topic EOM
[20:48:57] <h01ger> thank you all!!
[20:49:18] * h01ger will be more relaxed and less fast next time...
[20:49:32] <karora> Next thursday is the last one before I travel. Thursday after that I'll be in .ar
[20:49:37] <hermanr> It appears to me that the smart and beatiful all use screen+irssi.
[20:49:40] <edrz> #endmeeting
[20:49:43] <karora> Mendoza, even
[20:49:52] <edrz> hmm. meetbot only listens to chair?
[20:49:53] <des> karora: niice :)
[20:49:53] <h01ger> #endmeeting

Meeting ended.

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