Started logging meeting in #debconf-video, times are UTC.
[20:03:11] * edrz waves
[20:03:11] <h01ger> #topic 0. agenda at - please indicate your presence
[20:03:18] * h01ger = Holger Levsen
[20:03:26] <h01ger> please tell me, if you update the agenda
[20:03:26] * edrz = Eric Dantan Rzewnicki
[20:03:41] * karora = Andrew McMillan
[20:03:52] * Q_ = Kurt Roeckx
[20:04:13] * p2-mate waves
[20:05:56] <h01ger> remaining fosdem and debconf7 videos
[20:05:56] <h01ger> debconf8 planning
[20:05:56] <h01ger> setup.dia
[20:05:56] <h01ger> required hardware + donated/loaned hardware
[20:05:56] <h01ger> hardware purchases
[20:05:57] <h01ger> software
[20:05:59] <h01ger> test streams pre-debconf
[20:06:01] <h01ger> package uploads, fai config
[20:06:02] * daven = dave noble
[20:06:03] <h01ger> volunteer scheduling in penta
[20:06:05] <h01ger> debian day
[20:06:11] <h01ger> any other business
[20:06:13] <h01ger> next meeting
[20:06:15] <h01ger> is the agenda we have
[20:06:31] <h01ger> bwh, dererk, des, LarstiQ, toresbe & Womble2: we have a meeting now :)
[20:06:51] <edrz> des said he has debian day meeting now.
[20:07:12] <h01ger> yeah
[20:07:51] <LarstiQ> h01ger: I'll try to hold on to waking a little longer.
[20:08:08] * LarstiQ doesn't feel mentally present.
[20:08:11] <h01ger> ah
[20:08:29] <p2-mate> LarstiQ: it's still light !
[20:08:45] <Q_> p2: Around here it's starting to get dark.
[20:08:54] <LarstiQ> Q_: we're both in Espoo.
[20:09:03] <Q_> Oh. :)
[20:09:21] <Q_> So, what are we waiting for?
[20:09:34] <p2-mate> Q_: you're an hour earlier though :)
[20:09:36] <h01ger> nada, me was fighting wizth wiki syntax
[20:09:49] <h01ger> #topic 1. remaining fosdem and debconf7 videos
[20:09:55] <h01ger> fosdem done, i need to blog it
[20:10:01] <h01ger> dunno about Womble2 and debconf8
[20:10:13] <h01ger> Womble2, do you need help?
[20:10:18] <edrz> did he ever respond regarding the drives?
[20:10:18] <h01ger> next?
[20:10:33] <edrz> sure
[20:11:06] <h01ger> yeah, he has some stuff on them and needs to see if he can free this space soon. basically i dont care that much about the drives. the debconf7 videos are more important..
[20:11:20] <h01ger> and above ts debconf7 too :)
[20:11:33] <h01ger> #topic 2. debconf8 planning
[20:11:43] <h01ger> #topic 2.1 debconf8 planning setup.dia
[20:11:47] <h01ger> 5 secs, please :)
[20:12:26] <h01ger> voila:
[20:12:28] <h01ger>
[20:12:51] <karora> Pretty :-)
[20:12:57] <h01ger> its not in svn yet, cause i had a conflict on commit ;)
[20:13:06] <h01ger> havent checked yet, need to check later :)
[20:13:36] <h01ger> looking at it, we see two venues and 4 cameras and 2 twinpacts
[20:13:52] <daven> hm
[20:13:57] <daven> what's the mains voltage in argentina
[20:14:02] <h01ger> i dont think its sensible to do dvgrabbing of 3 cameras on a machine which is also used for dvswitch
[20:14:03] <daven> and can our gear deal with it
[20:14:05] <p2-mate> 230 iirc ?
[20:14:08] <daven> ok
[20:14:16] <daven> thats fine then
[20:14:22] <h01ger> so i dont think its sensible to get more long firewire cables
[20:14:33] <h01ger> right?
[20:14:46] <karora> Yes, it's 230v
[20:14:49] <daven> well, we would like one long firewire cable per twinpact, right?
[20:15:14] <h01ger> daven, yes. 2 long firewire cables we want. but not 4
[20:15:15] <edrz> i have one now
[20:15:22] <Q_> So, what does "non-switched" mean?
[20:15:38] <h01ger> direct ethernet link
[20:15:39] <edrz> Q_: it's an artifact from last year
[20:15:44] <h01ger> it can also be switched
[20:15:54] <h01ger> guaranteed bandwidth
[20:16:01] <h01ger> thats what it means
[20:16:16] <edrz> network private to the dvswitch settup
[20:16:17] <daven> h01ger: ok, I know this is trivial, but cam3 should go to scratchy, and twinpact2 should go to itchy
[20:16:23] <Q_> Well, one of the questions des had was if those boxes needed extra ethernet ports.
[20:16:41] <h01ger> could someone please answer my question?
[20:16:51] <h01ger> Q_, yes, thats a consequence from that
[20:16:55] <h01ger> daven, thansk
[20:17:04] <h01ger> Q_, yes, thats a consequence from this planning we do now
[20:17:21] <daven> well, we'll have 3 twinpacts, so 3 long cables is probably a good idea
[20:17:21] <Q_> So, the question is, is the plan using a switch, or not using a switch?
[20:17:41] <h01ger> to summarize my question: nobody thinks that having a machine doing dvgrab for 3 devices and dvswitch is a good idea?
[20:17:53] * edrz does not.
[20:17:59] <daven> h01ger: no, that's not a good idea
[20:18:03] <h01ger> daven, we only need two twinpacts. we only operate on two venues
[20:18:06] <daven> ok
[20:18:23] <daven> we're not covering BoF's
[20:18:37] <edrz> daven: there is no fixed bof rooms this year
[20:18:58] <edrz> or, not one(s) that make sense to settup up taping in.
[20:19:00] <daven> ah
[20:19:05] <h01ger> Q_, i added "extra NICs" to
[20:19:46] <Q_> So the dvswitch boxes need 2 ethernet ports? One for the dv capture, 1 for the recording/streaming?
[20:20:00] <h01ger> #idea we only cover the two main rooms this year. two streams , two recordings. advice from localteam. some bofs will be scheduled there (in the big rooms), some not.
[20:20:06] <h01ger> Q_, yes
[20:20:20] <h01ger> #idea the previous idea is basically a fact and not an idea ;)
[20:20:28] <karora> :-)
[20:20:44] <h01ger> which makes lives so much easier in many ways
[20:20:57] <h01ger> are we done with setup dia?
[20:21:09] <p2-mate> hehe
[20:21:23] * h01ger took a note on davens trivial comment :)
[20:21:46] <h01ger> #topic 2.2 debconf8 - required hardware + donated/loaned hardware
[20:21:48] * karora wonders if we have any statistics for people watching BoF videos vs talk videos
[20:22:11] <daven> ok, also, someone should really check what's going on with
[20:22:20] <daven> the overscan on the twinpacts
[20:22:26] <h01ger> karora, we had icecasts munin graphs last year. i'd be very happy (&supportive) if you would take the task to produce better stats this year :)
[20:22:42] <daven> as if that's left on, you get a black border, which is not so nice
[20:22:51] <edrz> daven: noted
[20:22:53] <h01ger> daven, can you bring this up after the meeting or add an agenda point? i feel its important but offtopic now
[20:22:56] <h01ger> +please :)
[20:22:57] <Q_> So, lisa is still one of the boxes we requested, krabapper is just part of the normal debconf network?
[20:23:11] <karora> h01ger: OK. I can sort something out when we get there, I guess.
[20:23:17] <h01ger> Q_, yes
[20:23:22] <h01ger> karora, great!
[20:23:48] <h01ger> karora, the prob with munin stats was for example that after 7 days one could not see anymore which talk had how many viewers... :)
[20:24:03] <h01ger>
[20:24:06] <karora> Right.
[20:24:14] <h01ger> that link has the info on what we bought
[20:24:21] <h01ger> stuff for 1900 Euros more or less
[20:24:47] <h01ger> is the other list, more for planning what we need at the venue
[20:25:19] <h01ger> this list, the latter needs to be updated now, so that we think of this details like batteries, NICs, keyboards, mice, firewirecards, machines, etc
[20:26:03] <edrz> i have 3 pci firewire cards, all different models. should I bring these, or would we rather v-t owns its own?
[20:26:09] <h01ger> but, the localteam reserved 6 machines for grabbing and dvswitching and we only need 4. so we can give one back and use one as "quality-control-station" where we permanently watch the streams
[20:26:40] <h01ger> edrz, the 75ft fw cable, is it 6to4 or 4to4? what type are your fw-cards?
[20:26:45] <edrz> 4-4
[20:26:54] <h01ger> and your cards?
[20:26:59] <Q_> We need atleast 6 firewire cards.
[20:27:09] <edrz> one of my cards has a 4 and a 6.
[20:27:10] <h01ger> though yes, bring them. we can attach short 6to4 cables to them
[20:27:16] <edrz> the others have only 6
[20:27:26] <h01ger> edrz, please bring them all and note them in
[20:27:49] <Q_> And write down what connectors they have.
[20:27:51] <edrz> i also have a couple 6-4 pin adapters
[20:28:15] <edrz> Q_: h01ger, yeah, sure. ok. will do after meeting. i want to get the chipsets noted as well.
[20:28:23] <h01ger> #action holger will add the quality-control-station to the hw+sw planning
[20:29:05] <h01ger> the tripod situation is the only thing which i can think off which is unclear to me atm
[20:29:19] <h01ger> i think we will get 3 with the cameras, so we need one more
[20:29:34] <h01ger> in need, we could probably live with duct/gaffertaping it
[20:29:54] <h01ger> #action everybody please look under your bed for a tripod. or ask your neighbors. or such.
[20:30:02] <h01ger> :)
[20:30:19] <h01ger> last year there were several borrowed..
[20:30:21] <h01ger> hm
[20:30:41] <p2-mate> didn't we buy one in .mx ?
[20:30:47] <edrz> i have plenty of crappy tripods, i'm just worried about running out of luggage space.
[20:30:50] * h01ger added "tripods" to
[20:30:56] <edrz> + nicer tripods would be nicer.
[20:31:01] <h01ger> p2-mate, good point. will ask gwolf
[20:31:04] <h01ger> next topic`
[20:31:05] <h01ger> ?
[20:31:39] <h01ger> #topic 2.3 debconf8 - hardware purchases
[20:31:54] <h01ger> already said so, we spent 1900 EUR (approx), so we cant spend more :)
[20:32:03] <h01ger> #link
[20:32:08] <p2-mate> :)
[20:32:15] <h01ger> #topic 2.4 debconf8 - software
[20:32:19] <p2-mate> so the A380F won't be for this year ?
[20:32:22] <Q_> h01ger: Tripods are in the list ...
[20:32:25] <edrz> wait, what about reimbursements?
[20:32:30] <h01ger> Q_, for next year :)
[20:32:33] <Q_> Oh
[20:32:51] <h01ger> edrz, after the meeting, basically solved. waiting for hermans bank details...
[20:32:55] <edrz> ok
[20:33:10] * h01ger will prod herman after the meeting via mail
[20:33:23] * edrz sad herman can't attend.
[20:33:26] <h01ger>
[20:33:38] <h01ger> has the theoretic planning
[20:33:55] <h01ger> which lots of details missing, eg. which dvswitch version to use... ( Womble2 )
[20:34:09] <h01ger>
[20:34:20] <h01ger> has the practical fai howto, so we can test the setup at home
[20:34:49] <h01ger> #link svn://
[20:34:58] <h01ger> has the actual fai configuration and a practical todo
[20:35:15] <h01ger> which atm reads:
[20:35:17] <h01ger> - test if hostname is really asked as it should
[20:35:17] <h01ger> -- maybe do that fully automatic in .ar? (by relying on dhcp)
[20:35:17] <h01ger> - put the ud ldap configiguration from dc7 in fai classes
[20:35:17] <h01ger> - change to use debconfs apt repo not holgers
[20:35:17] <h01ger> - huh? test if apt key really is fetched via http
[20:35:19] <h01ger> - in .ar: ask for root-pw?!
[20:35:20] <h01ger> - in .ar: choose a proper mirror
[20:35:26] <h01ger> - cleanup+adopt fai config space from dc7 to dc8
[20:35:28] <h01ger> -- design host setup first
[20:35:30] <h01ger> - move README from wiki to here and link this version in the wiki
[20:35:32] <h01ger> - upload fixed ffmpeg2theora package to cmburns (our apt repo), #429937
[20:35:49] <h01ger> the dvswitch configuration (from dc7) is also in svn...
[20:36:08] <daven> hm
[20:36:11] <h01ger> so i'm fairly positive we have a working (software) setup the day the hardware is physically setup :)
[20:36:37] <h01ger> we again use etch and a apt-repo on
[20:37:09] <h01ger> we have our users in ldap already - except probably xerakko (?) - so we are well prepared here too
[20:37:33] <h01ger> edrz, you wanted to test which version of icecast2 we should use? any news on that?
[20:37:47] <edrz> not yet. soon.
[20:37:51] <h01ger> .oO( OMG - do i talk to much ? ;)
[20:37:56] <edrz> tonight or tomorrow.
[20:37:59] <h01ger> scary backlog
[20:38:01] <h01ger> cool
[20:38:07] <edrz> h01ger: we're all just eating popcorn.
[20:38:15] * h01ger hopes you enjoy
[20:38:27] <edrz> "best movie of the year"
[20:38:33] <daven> haha
[20:38:35] <h01ger> :)
[20:38:39] <daven> will be for us watching the streams
[20:38:41] <daven> hm
[20:39:01] * h01ger hopes for daven reviewing the videos too :)
[20:39:03] <daven> Are you going to be restricting the streams to quarter res, or are you going to do it in whatever res doesn't drop fraims
[20:39:11] <h01ger> next point?
[20:39:19] <h01ger> daven, havent really thought about this yet
[20:39:23] <daven> ok.
[20:39:33] <daven> also s/fraims/frames/
[20:39:40] <h01ger> next point is "test streams pre-debconf" so there we can probably test that :)
[20:39:47] <edrz> yup
[20:39:58] <edrz> i should have an idea by monday.
[20:39:59] <h01ger> #topic 2.5 debconf8 - test streams pre-debconf
[20:40:04] <h01ger> here we go :-)
[20:40:53] <karora> How many of us will be there for all/most of Debcamp?
[20:40:55] <edrz> well, i guess this is just me testing and then getting in touch with -admin to make it happen.
[20:41:00] * edrz
[20:41:24] <h01ger> ha. just wroite a /msg for karora
[20:41:36] <edrz> says when people arrive.
[20:41:57] <h01ger> edrz, also we want less streaming servers than last year. how many did you have at LAC?
[20:42:03] <edrz> one
[20:42:07] <daven> but it had gigabit
[20:42:08] <edrz> on site master
[20:42:10] <h01ger> hehe
[20:42:13] <Q_> So, 0 this time?
[20:42:15] <edrz> well, yeah, there was that.
[20:42:37] <edrz> Q_: h01ger means less than dc7, and asked me about a different conference.
[20:43:06] <h01ger> karora, backlog at
[20:43:11] <karora> Sorry - proxy crashed
[20:43:12] <edrz> does debconf have a machine in NA or SA ?
[20:43:18] <h01ger> NA?
[20:43:23] <edrz> north america
[20:43:24] <h01ger> SA is south africa i assume
[20:43:30] <h01ger> ah. haha
[20:43:30] <edrz> south america
[20:43:32] <edrz> sorry.
[20:43:43] <h01ger> we have a machine in the usa, yes
[20:43:52] <edrz> ok. i also have one we can use
[20:44:06] <h01ger> edrz, 100mbit or a gig?
[20:44:08] <h01ger> ;)
[20:44:10] <edrz> 100mbit
[20:44:49] <h01ger> so this time we want something like 4 streaming servers: usa, europe, asia and .au?
[20:44:50] <Q_> h01ger: The TLD for South Africa is .za. .sa is Saudi Arabia, .na is Namibia. :)
[20:44:55] <h01ger> :)
[20:45:35] <edrz> something like that would work. would be good to also get one in south america, i guess.
[20:45:42] <h01ger> yes
[20:46:24] <h01ger> though maybe USA is better because of topology madness
[20:46:34] <edrz> so, my plan is to backport icecast 2.3.2 from lenny/sid to etch
[20:46:47] <h01ger> anyway, /me notes this is a bit unclear/undone atm
[20:47:05] <edrz> and test first here with my own settup. then get in touch with -admin
[20:47:09] <edrz> we can move on.
[20:47:19] <h01ger> edrz, did you ask the icecast2 maintainer?
[20:47:39] <Q_> Did we already ask for people who will be streaming?
[20:47:39] <edrz> not yet, no.
[20:47:42] <h01ger> paul van titburg or such. he also offered us a server last year and helped debugging our setup
[20:47:43] <h01ger> do
[20:47:48] <h01ger> Q_, no
[20:47:51] <edrz> i figure it will be no problem.
[20:47:58] <h01ger> Q_, "anyway, /me notes this is a bit unclear/undone atm" :-)
[20:48:00] <edrz> h01ger: ok, i'll contact him.
[20:48:07] <h01ger> Q_, do you want to?
[20:48:33] <h01ger> else my idea was to bring it up again next week and then also do something about it next week. atm i'm more focussed on the local setup still..
[20:48:38] <edrz> i personally don't think it makes sense to have 30 offers from people who may or may not be around.
[20:48:45] <edrz> h01ger: yes, let's do that.
[20:48:49] <h01ger> no. 6 servers are enough
[20:48:57] <h01ger> edrz, i dont mind if Q_ takes it away from me :)
[20:49:24] <edrz> but, i think we have half of the 6 already here
[20:49:29] <edrz> anyway, moving on?
[20:49:29] <h01ger> ok, next point
[20:49:38] * dererk avoids intervening, sits and backlog
[20:49:43] <h01ger> #topic 2.6 debconf8 - package uploads, fai config
[20:49:50] * h01ger saludos a dererk
[20:50:00] <dererk> :)
[20:50:08] <h01ger> fai config we covered, basically work in progress in a good/ok state
[20:50:26] <edrz> it basically worked just now when i tried it.
[20:50:47] <edrz> s/just now/earlier today/
[20:51:35] <h01ger> package upload is also easy, probably it will only be me who can do uploads, as (i think, iirc) Ganneff didnt want to put other people in the keyring as the software is (potentially) installed on all debconf machines everywhere. i think this is ok, as we only have 5 custom packages or so. (and no changes expected during debconf). for next year, we could plan to setup our own repo, but really, whats the point..
[20:52:07] <edrz> where does this repo live?
[20:52:12] <h01ger> edrz, cool! check /var/log/fai/ - especially if there is no error.log in the logfile dir of the last install. that would rock. but i doubt it
[20:52:21] <h01ger> edrz, (again, iirc)
[20:52:38] <edrz> that is onsite at dc?
[20:52:49] <h01ger> not sure.
[20:52:51] <edrz> ok
[20:52:59] <h01ger> next point?
[20:53:01] <dererk> its not in svn yet, cause i had a conflict on commit ;) <---- :-S that might have been my change
[20:53:16] <h01ger> dererk, fine. i'll look after the meeting :)
[20:53:30] <h01ger> #topic 2.7 - debconf8 - volunteer scheduling in penta
[20:53:40] <edrz> no des.
[20:53:58] <dererk> I think des is on DebianDay's place meeting
[20:54:02] <edrz> yup
[20:54:17] <h01ger> des, when you are here again (and can still think..) an update on volunteer scheduling in penta status would be highly appreciated. :-)
[20:54:32] <h01ger> #topic 2.8 - debconf8 - debianday
[20:54:41] <h01ger> des, when you are here again (and can still think..) an update on debianday would be highly appreciated. :-)
[20:54:44] * h01ger hides
[20:54:44] <edrz> well, i guess that's des, too.
[20:54:45] <edrz> :)
[20:54:53] <h01ger> we cant really plan anything atm...
[20:55:04] <edrz> we have currently only h01ger and me listed for debianday from videoteam.
[20:55:05] <h01ger> #topic 3. any other business
[20:55:13] <h01ger> ouch
[20:55:34] <h01ger> guess we need to go recruiting at debconf :)
[20:55:35] <Q_> Oh, I can probably also be there.
[20:55:55] <h01ger> Q_, should i add you to ?
[20:55:58] <Q_> I'm staying for an other 3 weeks in .ar
[20:56:03] <h01ger> nice :)
[20:56:36] <h01ger> no other business?
[20:56:42] <p2-mate> no
[20:56:44] <edrz> can't think of any
[20:56:48] * p2-mate is hungry
[20:56:56] <h01ger> #topic 4. next meeting
[20:57:08] * karora won't be in NZ for the next meeting.
[20:57:22] * h01ger doesnt like the time+day combination. next wednesday this time, or next thursday an hour or two earlier
[20:57:30] * edrz looks for his calendar
[20:58:22] * daven is sorry he can't be in .ar
[20:58:56] <karora> Next Thursday I travel to Mendoza, Wednesday I am in Santiago. I will try and catch the meeting, but can't be sure.
[20:59:03] <h01ger> daven, if you can do reviews from home (and mark them in penta) that would be awesome :)
[20:59:19] <edrz> next wednesday won't work. but I can do 18:00 on thursday.
[20:59:39] <daven> h01ger: perhaps, if they are in ogg, etc
[21:00:02] <daven> but I doubt you have 28mbit upstream, so
[21:00:20] <edrz> daven: yes, that's what we're thinking. no way we can send the dv out. ;)
[21:00:49] <edrz> i'm going to try to get dvsink-command to write the encoded files out
[21:00:57] <daven> ok
[21:01:04] <edrz> so they get cut with the dv files.
[21:01:12] * h01ger ignores daven atm to find a date :)
[21:01:18] <edrz> + we'll rsync them offsite or something like that.
[21:01:43] <edrz> Tuesday is also fine for me anytime.
[21:01:44] * h01ger wonders if 18 UTC on thursday is fine for des and derek and Womble2
[21:01:59] <edrz> dererk: des Womble2 ^^
[21:02:17] <karora> What time will that be in Argentina?
[21:02:25] <dererk> +1
[21:02:39] <dererk> karora, 18UTC ?
[21:02:43] <karora> Yes.
[21:02:43] <h01ger> (and, no, we wont upload DV files for reviewing. we will upload shitty mpegs or oggs. an hour in 30mb. thats good enough for review)
[21:03:02] <dererk> karora, ART (argentina's Timezone) is GMT-3
[21:03:12] <dererk> which is UTC -3 hours
[21:03:18] <h01ger> so now it 8 pm, right?
[21:03:30] <dererk> 18hours? no no
[21:03:37] <dererk> 17
[21:03:43] <edrz> it's 17, here.
[21:03:47] <h01ger> #idea next thursday, 18 UTC
[21:03:47] <dererk> or 5pm
[21:04:06] <dererk> h01ger, I promise to arrive on time next time, miss
[21:04:08] <dererk> :-P
[21:04:12] <h01ger> dererk, :)
[21:04:21] <edrz> ok
[21:04:28] <edrz> are we done?
[21:04:41] <h01ger> so lets keep it that date+time and if it doesnt fit Womble2 or des they should speak up
[21:04:45] <h01ger> edrz, guess so :)
[21:04:47] <h01ger> \o/
[21:05:02] <h01ger> thank you all for attending!!
[21:05:05] * h01ger waves
[21:05:08] <h01ger> #endmeeting

Meeting ended.

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