Started logging meeting in #debconf-video, times are UTC.
[18:03:14] * h01ger looks for an agenda
[18:03:21] * h01ger = Holger Levsen
[18:03:23] <dererk> Hi there :)
[18:03:29] <xerakko> hi
[18:03:36] * des here
[18:03:46] <h01ger> [edit] Meeting agenda July, 24th, 18 UTC
[18:03:46] <h01ger> remaining fosdem and debconf7 videos
[18:03:46] <h01ger> debconf8 planning
[18:03:46] <h01ger> setup.dia
[18:03:46] <h01ger> test streams pre-debconf - streaming servers
[18:03:48] <h01ger> required hardware + donated/loaned hardware
[18:03:50] <h01ger> software, fai config
[18:03:52] <h01ger> volunteer scheduling in penta
[18:03:56] <h01ger> debian day
[18:03:58] <h01ger> any other business
[18:04:00] <h01ger> next meeting
[18:04:04] <h01ger> #topic 0. agenda at & say hi please
[18:04:34] * edrz == present
[18:04:34] <bwh> hi please
[18:04:36] <xerakko> hi hi
[18:04:59] <h01ger> #idea if you add stuff to the agenda, please tell me too
[18:05:11] <h01ger> #topic 1. the classic: debconf7 & fosdem videos
[18:05:13] * edrz == Eric Dantan Rzewnicki
[18:05:29] * h01ger had not time to announce the fosdem videos yet. surprise.
[18:05:59] <bwh> 19:01 < bwh> shows all Theora encoding done except for lintian BoF which I need to check
[18:06:07] <h01ger> cool
[18:06:08] <bwh> still uploading though
[18:06:21] <edrz> to where?
[18:06:28] <h01ger> so you're one it and they will be ready before debconf8 starts :)
[18:06:29] <bwh>
[18:06:32] <bwh> yes
[18:06:36] <h01ger> cool
[18:06:37] <bwh> might even have some DVD images
[18:06:42] <h01ger> are you making dv...
[18:06:45] <h01ger> great!
[18:06:46] <edrz> apu ok. does apu have all of everything?
[18:07:03] <bwh> it has everything for download, but not archival versions
[18:07:11] <h01ger> #action about debconf7 videos < bwh> shows all Theora encoding done except for lintian BoF which I need to check
[18:07:18] <h01ger> edrz, apu is our archive master
[18:07:23] <edrz> got it
[18:07:23] <h01ger> (and our test relay host)
[18:07:32] <bwh> archival versions are kept offline
[18:07:48] <h01ger> #action debconf7 videos will be released before deb_conf_8, there might even be dvd images
[18:07:55] <h01ger> next point?
[18:07:57] <des> great :-)
[18:08:18] <h01ger> #topic 2. debconf9 planning, welcome to the year 2009
[18:08:20] <des> h01ger: you should announce those too once they finish uploading ;-p
[18:08:21] <h01ger> #topic ups
[18:08:27] <h01ger> #topic 2. debconf8 planning
[18:08:44] <h01ger> #topic 2.1 debconf8 planning - setup.dia
[18:09:34] <h01ger> basically done, we have a nice overview. i have some ideas how to improve the dia picture, but not now...
[18:09:36] <h01ger> next?
[18:09:40] <des> the only thing I have to say regarding this is that the 'green' links there will probably be switched anyway
[18:09:44] <edrz> where is it again?
[18:09:51] <h01ger> (i think i put this on the agenda to be sure to have it done)
[18:09:55] <h01ger>
[18:10:00] <des>
[18:10:33] <h01ger> #link svn://
[18:10:36] <edrz> but, the source .dia?
[18:10:38] <edrz> ah
[18:10:40] <bwh> des: Why will they be switched?
[18:10:52] <xerakko> uauuu,... suprising!
[18:10:56] <h01ger> we'll get our own vlan in the main switch
[18:11:15] <edrz> lack of pci slots for firewire cards + extra NICs?
[18:11:17] <des> bwh: because finding machines powerful for PiP and with more PCI slots is too hard
[18:11:53] <h01ger> #topic 2.2 debconf8 planning - test streams pre-debconf - streaming servers
[18:11:54] <bwh> They don't come with two ports on-board?
[18:11:54] <des> and they'll be switched through some 3com baseline 24 port switches so we'll have a giga link anyway (it can even have it's own vlan)
[18:12:03] <h01ger> should we talk about hw first?
[18:12:08] <h01ger> or about the test streams now?
[18:12:23] <bwh> (I thought 2 ports was normal for all but the very low end...)
[18:12:46] <edrz> hardware fits more with the .dia.
[18:12:58] <h01ger> #topic 2.2 debconf8 planning - required hardware + donated/loaned hardware
[18:13:00] <edrz> well, both fit
[18:13:25] <des> h01ger: thanks
[18:13:35] * h01ger hasnt really checked, but doesnt remember any blockers. basically we are prepared, herman send the cable to wouter (Yoe on irc)
[18:13:42] <h01ger> (hw wise)
[18:13:49] * h01ger checks
[18:13:57] <des> bwh: maybe yes, but we'll have 1 fw card there too
[18:14:02] <p2-mate> s/send/sent/
[18:14:12] <h01ger>
[18:14:33] <h01ger> "Overview required hardware" is quite green
[18:14:37] <edrz> umm ... does herman have yoe and LarstiQ confused?
[18:14:46] <des> I'm only concerned about getting all the machines giga, I'll give updates in saturday
[18:14:47] <bwh> des: I meant Ethernet ports
[18:14:51] <h01ger> edrz, dont think so. why do you think so?
[18:15:03] <des> bwh: oh, no, I haven't seen that
[18:15:07] <bwh> des: well you only need 100M for the green links
[18:15:07] <h01ger> des, truely great if they all have giga!!
[18:15:16] <edrz> 06:34 < herman_opera> LarstiQ: You should receive a large envelope early next week.
[18:15:19] <edrz> 06:34 < herman_opera> LarstiQ: You should receive a large envelope early next week.
[18:15:22] <edrz> grr.
[18:15:27] <p2-mate> hopefully not
[18:15:33] <edrz> sorry. middle mouse button is weird on this laptop.
[18:15:37] <h01ger> edrz, i mailed him the other wouter postal address, so i think its fine
[18:15:42] <edrz> ok
[18:16:01] <des> 100M is enough? I thought every place where DV was streamed over needed giga
[18:16:34] <des> and that would be 2 dv streams
[18:16:37] <bwh> DV is only 29M
[18:16:43] <h01ger> des, we sometimes need 50 or 75mbit, and giga is _definitly_ better
[18:16:46] <des> Mb or MB?
[18:16:46] <h01ger> for copying files
[18:16:49] <bwh> Mb
[18:17:00] <des> oh, I see.
[18:17:07] <h01ger> for streams, 25mbit per stream is needed. but we also want file access and there faster _is_ better
[18:17:15] <des> just don't mention this to the localteam or they'll probably kill me
[18:17:23] * h01ger thinks the red box on is wrong.
[18:17:29] <h01ger> next point?
[18:17:48] <h01ger> Q_, did the ordered hardware arrive at your place?
[18:17:57] <des> Ah, one more thing
[18:18:15] <des> I got the other 2 fw cards and tested them (just in case)
[18:18:15] <des> and they work nice
[18:18:22] <edrz> great
[18:18:41] <des> h01ger: let's leave that red until I have the machines properly assigned and with a base install
[18:18:43] <des> :)
[18:18:46] <dererk> h01ger, there are the machines for that role, but they haven't been labeled though
[18:18:48] <des> next, for me
[18:18:56] <edrz> via, 2x6 + 1x4 port?
[18:19:02] <h01ger> #topic 2.3 debconf8 planning - test streams pre-debconf - streaming servers
[18:19:15] <des> edrz: yes, exactly the same cars
[18:19:15] <des> cards
[18:19:30] <edrz> ok. so, who is and is the record in place?
[18:19:43] <bwh> looks like quimby
[18:20:01] <h01ger> according to the setup.dia, quimby
[18:20:01] <edrz> and what are the other servers that will be in round robin?
[18:20:09] <bwh> and no it isn't
[18:20:15] <h01ger> edrz, same machines
[18:20:18] <h01ger> some
[18:20:30] * h01ger would rather like to talk about the stream as it is atm
[18:20:34] <h01ger> did you read my mail?
[18:20:35] <bwh> same procedure as last year? same procedure as every year
[18:20:53] * edrz has read no mail yet today, sorry ... :(
[18:21:06] <edrz> i have one private mail from h01ger
[18:21:12] <h01ger> (we'll use 5-6 streaming servers this year. not more. mostly controlled by ganneff/weasel. so one point of contact.)
[18:21:17] <h01ger> edrz, not that one
[18:21:26] <h01ger> that one:
[18:21:28] <h01ger> > Forgot to ask, the dvswitch 0.7.1 etch packages you provided are using
[18:21:28] <h01ger> > libavcodec0d from etch. Jonas' provided packages give us a backported
[18:21:28] <h01ger> > libavcodec51. Would there be any benefit to having dvswitch packages for
[18:21:28] <h01ger> > etch built with that?
[18:21:28] <h01ger> I wonder if this is the reason why I couldnt get your stream display here.
[18:21:28] <h01ger> It worked with the dc7 packages back in EDI..
[18:21:30] <h01ger> regards,
[18:21:34] <h01ger> Holger (no time to research this properly, but I thought I'd at least share
[18:21:36] <h01ger> my thoughts
[18:21:59] <edrz> hrmm ...
[18:22:28] <edrz> bwh: what procedure do you mean?
[18:22:50] * h01ger would like to try this. cause atm we have 3 people who tested the stream, and one for whom it completly failed. and it worked with my etch setup last year..
[18:22:57] <h01ger> so i dont believe its a client issue
[18:23:01] <bwh> mailing out a request for people to run streaming "mirrors", though apparently h01ger has a different idea
[18:23:04] <bwh> edrz: ^
[18:23:18] <edrz> bwh: no, we don't want to, plus don't need to do that.
[18:23:51] <edrz> 30 relays, 5 of which actually work and have people attending to them is worse than having 5 dedicated relays.
[18:23:53] <des> I'd like to be ready to quickly do it, in case it's needed though
[18:24:03] <h01ger> des, what?
[18:24:16] <h01ger> edrz, is your test stream still up?
[18:24:17] <bwh> h01ger: it's the Theora encoding you need to look at, not the DV encoding
[18:24:19] <des> asking for more mirrors and set them up
[18:24:25] <h01ger> edrz, can we/you send it to apu?
[18:24:30] <bwh> edrz: yes, agreed
[18:24:37] <h01ger> des, no, we dont want that
[18:24:45] <des> since there are ~200 persons that couldn't come (comparing to last year)
[18:24:58] <edrz> h01ger: not at the moment. after my "pizza + kurosawa" last night the dvsink-command had died. Plus there was a crazy storm going on so, I shut everything down.
[18:25:03] <h01ger> des, no, we still dont want that. it will work with 5-6 streaming servers
[18:25:14] <edrz> and I woke up just before I had to head out for a bit and got back just before the meeting.
[18:25:22] <h01ger> edrz, can you set it up again? alternativly we could jsut stream files from apu
[18:25:25] <edrz> i can get everything back up and running after the meeting.
[18:25:28] <h01ger> cool
[18:25:32] <des> h01ger: assuming ~150 clients?
[18:25:40] <h01ger> des, yes
[18:25:45] <bwh> I think so, yes
[18:25:52] <h01ger> des, please read the log of the last two meetings :-P
[18:25:57] <des> h01ger: then, fine we don't need to worry about it
[18:26:02] <des> h01ger: I did :(
[18:26:09] <h01ger> des, we already worried about this
[18:26:13] <h01ger> :)
[18:26:16] <h01ger> des, strange..
[18:26:18] <edrz> des: 5-6 well managed relays on solid connections can easily handle thousands of clients watching.
[18:26:22] <des> then fine, just ignore me
[18:26:32] <h01ger> edrz, which version of ffmpeg2theora are you using?
[18:26:33] <edrz> des: no, it's ok. good to bring it up.
[18:26:34] <des> edrz: *perfect*
[18:26:42] <edrz> h01ger: backported 0.21
[18:27:07] <edrz> lenny/sid version. fixes the largefile issue and other bugs, (but, of course could have new bugs.
[18:27:11] <edrz> )
[18:27:17] <edrz> plus, it could have been the oggfwd that died
[18:27:21] <edrz> or some other thing.
[18:27:26] <edrz> i need to test more.
[18:27:40] <h01ger> edrz, can you put all versions you use on a wiki page, together with pointers where to get them? or mail me that info, i'd like to start collecting them and put in a repo
[18:27:50] <h01ger> +please
[18:28:10] <edrz> h01ger: but, yes, regarding streaming files from apu, i want to have ezstream running there feeding previous recordings + serving as fallback mount point.
[18:28:19] <h01ger> edrz, and this has definitly time til sunday :)
[18:28:31] <h01ger> i wont have much time til then
[18:29:00] <edrz> h01ger: they are in the software list already.
[18:29:23] <h01ger> #link
[18:29:25] <h01ger> ah cool
[18:29:26] <edrz>
[18:29:35] <edrz> + i'll double check I didn't forget something.
[18:29:38] <edrz> after meeting.
[18:29:59] <h01ger> next point?
[18:30:27] <edrz> sure, plus, sorry I haven't gotten it all sorted, yet.
[18:31:02] * h01ger would like to announce the test streams next wednesday or thursday even (aka rather "late"), because then we will get feedback, which will draw ressources. and i would like to spend time on other stuff (eg fai) before spending time on feedback...
[18:31:26] <edrz> h01ger: when do you leave home?
[18:31:28] <h01ger> edrz, that we have a test setup already now up, is rockin' freakin' c00l!
[18:31:32] <h01ger> edrz, sunday morning
[18:31:36] <edrz> to madrid?
[18:31:40] <edrz> how long in madrid?
[18:31:45] <h01ger> yes. and then wednesday mornign to .ar
[18:31:48] <edrz> ok
[18:31:56] <bwh> edrz: If you can figure out how to make dvswitch crash, that would be really helpful, too
[18:32:13] <edrz> bwh: yes, i know ... since that first time, though, it's been rock solid.
[18:32:27] <edrz> which is both good and bad.
[18:32:31] <bwh> daven: That goes for you as well... I need to fix it before it happens in production
[18:32:37] <edrz> agreed.
[18:32:47] <h01ger> dererk, des: the dvswitch machines in MDQ, what graphics adapter do they have?
[18:32:49] <edrz> should i try to run a debug build?
[18:32:55] <edrz> are we on a new point now?
[18:33:07] <des> h01ger: I have no freaking idea
[18:33:16] <des> h01ger: ask me saturday
[18:33:16] <h01ger> des, can you run "lspci"?
[18:33:26] * h01ger will try to think about that :)
[18:33:32] <des> no, the one for the video team are not plugged yet
[18:33:45] <bwh> edrz: could do that - I think "debian/rules DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=debug,nostrip" will do that
[18:33:51] * h01ger experienced some dvswitch isses which were graphics adapter related...
[18:33:55] <edrz> bwh: ok. will try.
[18:34:12] <bwh> h01ger: Those were bugs that I fixed, weren't they?
[18:34:17] <edrz> should we change the topic?
[18:34:26] <edrz> since we've changed the topic ...
[18:34:57] <edrz> des: you go to mdq saturday?
[18:35:10] <h01ger> bwh, there might always be new ones, or nvidia cards, or...
[18:35:19] <h01ger> bwh, there might always be new ones, or nvidia cards, or...
[18:35:21] <h01ger> aeh
[18:35:31] <h01ger> #topic 2.4 debconf8 planning - software, fai config
[18:35:34] <des> edrz: friday actually, but late, so I'll go to the hotel on saturday
[18:35:49] <edrz> ok
[18:35:49] <des> edrz: along with marga and maxy, but I'll stay there
[18:35:53] * h01ger hasnt progressed further on the fai setup. on my agenda for the flight to madrid :)
[18:36:02] <des> they have to work, so they come back
[18:36:19] <edrz> just to be clear, i tested the fai install only once. my test machines are not under fai management currently.
[18:36:48] * h01ger nods
[18:36:50] <edrz> des: it's not as though you will not be working. :)
[18:37:00] <des> h01ger: Oh, I know one of the machines, that'll run dvswitch!, Mine! It's intel based, so shouldn't be a problem
[18:37:14] * h01ger worked several hours with fai again today, yesterday and the day before. though a different project :)
[18:37:16] <LarstiQ> yeah, Yoe is the other wouter
[18:37:21] <h01ger> des, hehe. and the other? :)
[18:37:33] <h01ger> next point?
[18:37:54] <des> that, I don't but, should be dererk's machine IIRC, so he might know
[18:38:05] * h01ger nods. cool
[18:38:14] <h01ger> #topic 2.5 debconf8 planning - volunteer scheduling in penta
[18:38:23] <des> intel based being 82G33/G31, which doesn't work in etch now that I racall
[18:38:36] * h01ger looks at poor^wsuper-des
[18:38:40] <des> I think it does in etch+half
[18:38:47] <h01ger> interesting
[18:39:05] <des> sorry, I totally drop this atm
[18:39:06] * h01ger has xorg 7.3 backports for etch. so that will be fine, one way or the other
[18:39:19] <des> I'll do it in mdq, I'll have more free time there surely
[18:39:42] <p2-mate> when not drinking beer then ? :)
[18:39:42] <des> But hopefully before debcamp
[18:39:47] <h01ger> des, ui. please pick it up agin. its SUPER important, and other people can do hardware or whatever things, but not many people can code penta
[18:39:55] <h01ger> s/agin/again/
[18:40:06] <des> h01ger: I know, I'll get to it, soon
[18:40:14] * h01ger nods
[18:40:21] <des> Can't promise today since I still have to arrange my tomorrow trip
[18:40:30] <h01ger> sure. take your time.
[18:40:32] <des> But I'll start any time now
[18:40:55] <h01ger> just remember: this is really important for us: fully automated workflow: automatic encoding, upload (of previews) to apu, rating them in penta and set cut marks, cutting them, final encodings, final uploads - so that we have the dc8 videos ready by september (this year :)
[18:41:14] <p2-mate> 2009 ? :)
[18:41:27] <h01ger> and people should submit themselves for video volunteer jobs during debcamp
[18:41:29] <xerakko> xD
[18:41:34] <des> yes
[18:41:39] <h01ger> good :)
[18:41:41] * des kicks p2-mate
[18:41:46] * h01ger too
[18:42:03] <h01ger> #topic 2.6 debconf8 planning - debian day
[18:42:20] <h01ger> whats the status on this? /me hasnt had time to really read mondays -team log, sorry :-/
[18:42:21] <des> still nowhere here
[18:42:42] <h01ger> hui
[18:42:43] <des> The nice place we have an offer for can't do it either
[18:42:51] <h01ger> outsch
[18:42:52] <des> So we are going for the plan b place
[18:43:00] <p2-mate> open air ? :)
[18:43:06] <des> but don't have more details than that
[18:43:32] <des> p2-mate: no, another place, a bit more away and in a not-so-nice place (although very touristic)
[18:43:39] <des> La Boca, fyi
[18:43:56] <h01ger> #topic 2.7 debconf8 planning - videoteam talk and paper
[18:44:18] <h01ger> we missed the deadline, twice, but i think we could still submit...
[18:44:35] <h01ger> i could submit, but not review what i submit :/
[18:44:54] <p2-mate> wasn't the talk accepted ?
[18:45:00] <h01ger> p2-mate, yes
[18:45:11] <h01ger> we just want a paper in the preceedings
[18:45:13] <p2-mate> oh
[18:45:15] <des> the papper deadline
[18:45:17] <h01ger> but noone has time to work on the paper
[18:45:50] <h01ger> #topic 3. any other business
[18:46:06] * dererk back
[18:46:30] <dererk> I'm not sure, but I *think* its an onboard NV card
[18:46:35] <h01ger> #topic 4. next meeting
[18:46:39] <h01ger> dererk, can you check?
[18:47:04] <dererk> h01ger, I'm afraid not, it's on MDQ atm
[18:47:10] <h01ger> in case it is, can someone bring a proper (intel, avi) card? ;) or, bwh, do you think nvidia is fine?
[18:47:15] <des> this time is nice for me
[18:47:18] * des can check, on saturday ;-P
[18:47:20] <bwh> h01ger: I don't see why not
[18:47:23] <h01ger> ok, cool
[18:47:38] <h01ger> next wednesday this time i'll be on a plane..
[18:47:39] <bwh> Someone must have tested with an nvidia card? Anyone?
[18:47:46] <dererk> h01ger, :)
[18:47:48] * h01ger hasnt
[18:47:50] <des> I don't think intel sells pci video cards
[18:47:59] <p2-mate> not yet
[18:47:59] <bwh> They don't
[18:47:59] * dererk nods
[18:48:10] <h01ger> next tuesday? next thursday?
[18:48:18] <h01ger> without me? 0:)
[18:48:23] <dererk> haha
[18:48:29] <xerakko> xD
[18:48:35] <dererk> tuesday then :D :P
[18:48:58] * des is ok either way
[18:48:58] <h01ger> tsss
[18:49:05] * dererk too
[18:49:12] <h01ger> same time?
[18:49:15] <des> let's make h01ger work ;-P
[18:49:21] <dererk> oh yeah
[18:49:21] <dererk> :D
[18:49:28] <xerakko> if ok to me
[18:49:29] * h01ger estas mui flojo
[18:49:32] <h01ger> -s
[18:49:36] <dererk> jaja
[18:49:40] <h01ger> si, si!
[18:49:44] <p2-mate> ei
[18:50:03] <h01ger> #agreed next meeting, tuesday, 29th, july, 18 UTC
[18:50:12] <h01ger> #topic 10min free time
[18:50:15] <h01ger> whoohoo
[18:50:19] <xerakko> xD
[18:50:20] <p2-mate> beer !
[18:50:27] <dererk> lol
[18:50:51] * h01ger will finish his customers lovely computer now and then maybe maybe press submit on the paper. or just have beer.
[18:50:58] <h01ger> cu & thank you!!
[18:51:02] * h01ger waves
[18:51:05] <bwh> bye
[18:51:10] <p2-mate> moimoi
[18:51:10] * dererk waves back h01ger and *
[18:51:19] <h01ger> #endmeeting

Meeting ended.

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