20:04:00 <h01ger> #startmeeting
20:04:02 <h01ger> hi :)
20:04:11 <h01ger> agenda at http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/Videoteam/Meetings
20:04:30 <h01ger> is that agenda fine?
20:05:10 <Q_> Fine.
20:05:27 <h01ger> #topic 1. we do 2 rooms now
20:05:31 <h01ger> the ordering was wrong..
20:05:40 <Womble2> Is there anything to discuss??
20:05:44 <h01ger> that topic is basically just a reminder / see if we still agree
20:05:45 <h01ger> no
20:05:47 <h01ger> not really
20:05:50 <h01ger> also no schedule yet
20:06:00 <h01ger> #topic 2. hardware needed for videoteam
20:06:11 <p2-mate> no decision on talks even...
20:06:19 <h01ger> http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf9/Videoteam/Hardware is up2date
20:06:30 <h01ger> p2-mate, yes, talks have been decided but not scheduled
20:06:46 <h01ger> the junta has been asked for the missing hw
20:06:54 <h01ger> (cameras, reviewing machines)
20:07:07 <h01ger> we have budget to rent cameras if needed
20:07:24 <p2-mate> we need more mics it seems
20:07:27 <h01ger> bwh, if you need a sata 2.5hd, we also should have budget for that, i was thinking today, "btw"
20:07:36 <h01ger> p2-mate, which kind?
20:07:57 <p2-mate> at least 1 more radio mic or a wired mic for the speaker
20:08:00 <Womble2> h01ger: What for?
20:08:16 <h01ger> Womble2, to exchange the exsting one in your thinkpad.. or is that pata?
20:08:41 <h01ger> p2-mate, i think we should buy that then.. then we have 4 of the same kind
20:08:44 <Q_> We currently have 3 mics for the speakers.  Isn't that enough?
20:08:47 <h01ger> and i think i agree
20:08:50 <Womble2> h01ger: The T61 has SATA, yes
20:08:56 <p2-mate> we have nothing for the audience then
20:09:04 <h01ger> Womble2, and you wanted to take the disk out, didnt you?
20:09:10 <h01ger> p2-mate, we do. condenser mics
20:09:19 <h01ger> ah. you mean passable mics
20:09:30 <p2-mate> h01ger: no, those are the enviroment noise
20:09:31 <p2-mate> yep
20:09:38 <h01ger> i'm not sure this works. i think its better if people are asked to stand up and go to the mic
20:09:39 <Womble2> h01ger: I need to take out the files... into a T42 which has PATA...
20:09:41 <h01ger> that works at cccongress
20:09:42 <Q_> We don't have any for that, I think we rented them before.
20:09:52 <h01ger> Q_, we have budget, so we could..
20:10:27 <p2-mate> h01ger: nah, doesn't work. you can't really use the same settings for the environment mic vs a mic which is used for questions
20:10:30 <Q_> I think that makes sense, so that we don't have to keep renting it and actually paying more than when we buy it.
20:10:30 <h01ger> Womble2, as said, if its easier for you to buy a hd, i think we have those 50-70e for it. better keep improving dvswitch then wasting your brain+time by copying hds :)
20:11:05 <p2-mate> h01ger: the environment mic is not routed to the PA while the questions mic is for example
20:11:08 <h01ger> #info we might want to buy some passable mics. quite probable, we should just wait to see if we get the cameras for free or need to pay
20:11:13 <h01ger> p2-mate, right
20:11:14 <p2-mate> h01ger: so they need to be different
20:11:24 <h01ger> will daven be at dc9?
20:11:29 <p2-mate> and no, we don't want to mess with that on the fly :)
20:11:36 <Q_> h01ger: Do you know if there are going to be mixers there, do we need our own?
20:11:42 <h01ger> because i assume p2-mate knows a lot of stuff but will also be busy with fancy embedded hw or such ;)
20:11:49 <h01ger> Q_, see my mail to the list
20:11:51 <h01ger> there is one
20:11:53 <h01ger> big one
20:11:54 <p2-mate> not so much probably
20:12:01 <h01ger> and we have another big one and a small one
20:12:04 <CarlFK1> Is there someone traveling from US to dc9 that I could give equipment to?  (pretty sure shipping overseas makes it not worth the hassle )
20:12:07 <p2-mate> I canceled my talk as the orga couldn't make up its mind :P
20:12:10 <h01ger> p2-mate, not so much embeddded or audio
20:12:16 <h01ger> p2-mate, arg
20:12:17 <p2-mate> not so much embedded
20:12:24 <Q_> h01ger: Right, so we actually don't need the small one.
20:12:49 <h01ger> Q_, yes, but the lower talk room has quite a hifi setup so i will bring it anyway. its also light :)
20:12:52 <p2-mate> we have 2 'big' mixers ?
20:13:03 <h01ger> p2-mate, yes. our own and the one which is there
20:13:05 <CarlFK1> I am not sure what equpment, but I do have lots of mics, mixer and a 60g 2.5 sata
20:13:16 <h01ger> CarlFK1, can you route that to .es?
20:13:19 <Q_> p2-mate: Where big means 6 mic inputs.
20:14:02 <p2-mate> h01ger: do we know which type the other mixer is ?
20:14:05 <CarlFK1> h01ger: when I looked into sending a twinpact to  xfxf in .au, it got pretty annoying
20:14:12 <h01ger> Q_, there is a pic with the model on the list. if you could google that up to get the specs and put that on the wiki page.. that be awesome ;)
20:14:22 <Q_> So we want to buy 1 Beyerdynamic OPUS 155 MK II SET?
20:14:27 <h01ger> CarlFK1, .au is not EU, but yeah
20:14:34 <Q_> (So that we have a total of 4 of those.)
20:14:51 <h01ger> i think that would be good, yes
20:14:52 <Q_> h01ger: I'll add it to the wiki.
20:16:02 <h01ger> Q_, yes, buy one of those. so that we are "complete" there.. its "only ~100e" anyway.
20:16:04 <p2-mate> Q_: I think we need mics to pass around for questions. at least handheld mics.
20:16:16 <p2-mate> wired would do too probably
20:16:21 * h01ger thinks condenser mics work for line-up people, as its different whether they are lined up or not
20:16:40 <p2-mate> and the env noise ?
20:16:43 <h01ger> p2-mate, can you go to thomann.de and look up some suitable ones?
20:17:01 <h01ger> #topic 3. audio hw at MT good enough?
20:17:09 <h01ger> did anyone actually read my mail / look at the pics? :)
20:17:18 <p2-mate> mail ? :)
20:17:19 <p2-mate> no :)
20:17:40 <h01ger> i think it is, with the stuff we have
20:17:44 <p2-mate> ah
20:17:46 <h01ger> but i'm no audio person
20:17:47 <h01ger> so
20:17:53 <h01ger> please read that mail
20:18:02 <Q_> h01ger: I did read the email, didn't look at the pic
20:18:23 <h01ger> http://lists.debconf.org/lurker/message/20090618.123057.08c23eab.en.html
20:18:24 <h01ger> this one
20:18:36 <Q_> So would it make sense to have 4 other wireless mics?
20:18:49 <Q_> But handheld in that case.
20:18:56 <h01ger> not sure. if we dont have the mixer to use them.. or do we?
20:19:14 <h01ger> #topic 4. budget
20:19:20 <h01ger> this includes buying audio hw :)
20:19:28 <Q_> It has 6 mic inputs.  2 for the condensor pair, 2 for the speaker, 2 left
20:19:39 <h01ger> right
20:19:54 <h01ger> Q_, depends on the price, too :)
20:20:07 <h01ger> can you get quotes/suggestions?
20:20:24 <Q_> I think there is something very simular to those sets we have now, but with a handheld mic instead.
20:20:39 * p2-mate wonders what http://layer-acht.org/mt-20090618/18062009(010).jpg is :)
20:21:05 <h01ger> the amplifier me thinks
20:21:12 <Q_> But I just wonder how many frequeties there are, and if they'd all be different.
20:21:15 <p2-mate> might be
20:21:26 <p2-mate> but so many knobs for an amp ?
20:21:27 <h01ger> Q_, are you volunteering to research mics/prics?
20:21:29 <h01ger> +e
20:21:34 <h01ger> prices
20:21:39 <h01ger> ;)
20:21:41 <p2-mate> http://layer-acht.org/mt-20090618/18062009(011).jpg
20:21:48 <p2-mate> this looks more like an amp
20:21:51 <Q_> h01ger: Remind me in the weekend.
20:22:08 <h01ger> Q_, interesting challenge, but will do
20:22:13 <Q_> Actually, next monday would be better. :)
20:22:18 <h01ger> #info we are thinking about buying 4 handheld mics
20:22:33 <h01ger> Q_, ack
20:22:57 <p2-mate> http://layer-acht.org/mt-20090618/18062009(007).jpg
20:23:00 <p2-mate> has a table mic
20:23:01 <h01ger> #info but we should wait until we know more about the cameras, whether we need to rent or get for free
20:23:05 <p2-mate> how many of those are there ?
20:23:16 <h01ger> p2-mate, re (011).jpg - i have no idea, thats why i made the pic :)
20:23:37 <p2-mate> h01ger: yeah, I think I need a better pic to identify this thing :)
20:23:46 <h01ger> #topic 5. penta
20:23:56 <h01ger> bwh, did Ganneff give you access already?
20:24:02 <Womble2> no
20:24:25 <Q_> Is taking care of the video projector something we're supposed to do?
20:24:27 <h01ger> i was thinking today, that i might want to have access and instructions too, as penta is superuberimportant and it needs to get done and ruby aint that hard...
20:24:52 <h01ger> Q_, no, thats general conf orga. though we need to make sure, someone is doing it, so maybe its better if we do
20:25:06 <h01ger> (i mailed cesar and told him, we need one)
20:25:16 <p2-mate> we have twinpacts, so what do we need a projector for ? :)
20:25:30 <h01ger> Q_, http://lists.debconf.org/lurker/thread/20090621.145004.53325937.en.html
20:25:57 <h01ger> #info Ganneff please give bwh and me access+instructions how to hack on penta..(!)
20:26:18 <h01ger> this video controller is (or should be) really the core of our workflow...
20:26:20 <h01ger> hi tiagovaz
20:26:43 <h01ger> tiagovaz, http://meetbot.debian.net/debconf-video/2009/ (log)
20:26:57 <h01ger> #topic 6. other software issues
20:27:23 <Q_> I have a feeling h01ger wants this meeting to be over soon. :)
20:27:40 <p2-mate> that's ok :)
20:27:45 <Womble2> I suppose I need to add tally light support on the 0.8 branch
20:28:12 <h01ger> Q_, just say if you think its too fast. but i prefer to have quick team meetings, details can mostly better be solved in smaller groups
20:28:21 <h01ger> Womble2, right
20:28:27 <h01ger> should i still mail you one?
20:28:36 <p2-mate> h01ger: (011).jpg is an amp BTW :) It even says so :)
20:28:37 <h01ger> i could mail it this wednesday morning...
20:28:40 <Q_> h01ger: Works for me.  I just had a 2hour meeting that was supposed to last 1h.
20:29:15 <h01ger> Womble2, i think i should. todolist++
20:29:57 * h01ger will test installation and xfce and firewire in lenny on his r51 this week too
20:30:56 * h01ger cheers Womble2 for the no-recording-warning-frame, btw! \o/
20:31:11 <h01ger> #topic 7. any other business?
20:31:13 <h01ger> ;-)
20:31:18 <p2-mate> hehe
20:31:28 <CarlFK1> h01ger: as long as you are testing hardware: http://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=13075
20:31:41 <p2-mate> yeah, some wiring schematics of the existing audio setup might be useful
20:31:44 <CarlFK1> cat /dev/dv1394/0 >/dev/null &  sudo ping -r -f -l 100 -s 2000 $ECHOSVR  = kernel panic in 5 min
20:32:00 <p2-mate> and identify the mystery device in (10).jpg
20:32:01 <h01ger> CarlFK1, we'll probably use .26
20:32:03 <CarlFK1> but only on one of my boxes
20:32:19 <p2-mate> and find out how many table mics we have and if we want to use them
20:32:24 <h01ger> CarlFK1, with the new fw stack, right?
20:32:33 <h01ger> bwh, do you propose the new or old stack?
20:32:41 <h01ger> Womble2, i mean :)
20:32:52 <Womble2> Old
20:32:57 <h01ger> p2-mate, "some"
20:33:00 <h01ger> Womble2, ack
20:33:08 <h01ger> #info we will use the old fw stack
20:33:14 <Womble2> The new is fine in sid, but I think not in lenny
20:33:27 <p2-mate> h01ger: 0 1 many ? :P
20:33:36 <h01ger> p2-mate, hehe
20:33:40 <h01ger> p2-mate, many
20:33:44 <h01ger> maybe 2 or 3
20:33:46 <p2-mate> aha
20:34:11 <p2-mate> maybe (10).jpg is some sort of preamp for those
20:34:16 <h01ger> but junta has more. cek+anto work in many companies i sometimes think. and MT (the venue) belongs to junta
20:34:21 <h01ger> could be, yes
20:34:23 <p2-mate> which also acts as a gate
20:35:03 <CarlFK1> I du know if it's new or old.  I'll stick lenny on that box and see what happens
20:36:04 <h01ger> #topic 8. next meeting
20:36:18 <h01ger> 14 days?
20:36:31 <h01ger> though i would prefer 15, i think
20:36:33 <Womble2> CarlFK1: The new stack makes devices called /dev/fw0, fw1, etc.
20:37:02 <p2-mate> when would that be ?
20:37:09 <h01ger> but as i see it, in two weeks more or less, is enough, isnt it?
20:37:18 <h01ger> july, 7th
20:37:29 <h01ger> 9 days before debcamp
20:37:56 <Womble2> Given how close it is, maybe we should be meeting weekly from now on?
20:38:15 <p2-mate> 7th is ok
20:38:18 <h01ger> also fine with me. next tuesday? the next two monday work badly for me...
20:38:25 <p2-mate> not 2 - 5 :)
20:38:36 <Womble2> I am away next Tuesday-Thursday
20:38:59 <p2-mate> I'm away next week Thursday - sunday
20:39:06 <h01ger> so that would be friday, the 3rd or tuesday the 7th
20:39:16 <h01ger> Q_, ^
20:39:25 <Q_> I have no plans after sunday.
20:39:30 <p2-mate> no, not the 3rd
20:39:39 <h01ger> p2-mate, got that :)
20:40:01 <h01ger> Womble2, i really think we are fine...
20:40:06 <Womble2> OK
20:40:09 <h01ger> penta is my biggest worry..
20:40:36 <h01ger> #agreed next meeting tuesday the 7th, july, 20 utc
20:40:48 <h01ger> or different time?
20:41:35 <h01ger> ok. agreed
20:41:40 <p2-mate> not later if possible :)
20:41:52 <p2-mate> 20 utc is ok
20:41:56 <h01ger> thank you all for attending and a productive meeting!
20:42:05 <h01ger> p2-mate, its 23.41 atm in .fi?
20:42:14 <h01ger> .42 :)
20:42:19 <p2-mate> yep :)
20:42:28 <h01ger> \o/
20:42:31 <h01ger> #endmeeting