21:07:20 <h01ger> #startmeeting
21:07:28 <h01ger> lets have some structure ;)
21:08:08 <p2-mate> Q_: obviously with custom interior including sauna !
21:08:21 <h01ger> agenda at http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/Videoteam/Meetings
21:08:27 <h01ger> computer hardware needed for videoteam
21:08:28 <h01ger> audio hw
21:08:28 <h01ger> budget
21:08:28 <h01ger> penta
21:08:28 <h01ger> other software issues
21:08:29 <h01ger> any other business
21:08:30 <h01ger> next meeting
21:08:33 <h01ger> anything else?
21:09:04 <Q_> h01ger: So total of 5K?
21:09:23 <h01ger> yes.
21:09:40 <h01ger> #info the budget has 3k for equipment for videoteam and 2k for equipment for hire (A/V and stuff) :-)
21:09:53 <Q_> Maybe we should spend something in that case.
21:09:56 <p2-mate> yeah
21:09:59 <h01ger> #topic computer hardware
21:10:17 <h01ger> Q_, p2-mate: lets follow topics :)
21:10:34 <h01ger> http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf9/Videoteam
21:10:43 <h01ger> has the diagramm of our setup
21:10:52 <h01ger> 3 daffys and 3 mrwhite are not real ;)
21:11:09 <h01ger> instead there are some notes about naming on http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf9/Videoteam/TODO
21:11:36 <Q_> We seem to be missing review pcs
21:11:45 <p2-mate> mrwhite is a review terminal ?
21:12:06 * h01ger bought 2 1tb harddrives yesterday. (so we can carry the data home from the fileserver.) either we can fit that into the budget or i'll donate that.
21:12:10 <h01ger> p2-mate, yes
21:12:25 <p2-mate> ok
21:12:25 <h01ger> Q_, i asked junta for 1-3 or rather 5-15
21:12:37 <p2-mate> so that's basically any recent low cost machine
21:12:41 <h01ger> Q_, i expect that will work out. they have 100000s of desktops running debian :)
21:13:14 <Q_> The 3rd daffy isn't going anything?
21:13:43 <h01ger> its for distrubuting encoding load
21:14:03 <h01ger> we need names to create configs ;)
21:14:10 <Q_> So that's probably not a problem at all.
21:14:17 <h01ger> indeed
21:14:34 <h01ger> http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf9/Videoteam/TODO has a link to simpsons names :)
21:14:39 <h01ger> #topic audio hw
21:14:44 <Womble2> h01ger: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_characters_in_The_Simpsons
21:14:51 <Q_> We've been discussing that.
21:15:20 * h01ger doesnt want to decide names now. i'm happy if someone picks names. simpsons names. daffy and mrwhite should go ;)
21:15:32 <p2-mate> wait, patty and itchy have 2 dv inputs + dvswitch console ?
21:15:37 <Q_> If we use the 2 mixers we have in the 2nd room, we could have 6 (or 8) mics in that room.
21:16:10 <h01ger> Q_, yes, we will have 3 mixers in total
21:16:29 <h01ger> p2-mate, riiiight
21:16:32 <h01ger> hm
21:16:48 <p2-mate> h01ger: LSD, MDMA, DMT as the encoders ? :)
21:16:53 <Q_> h01ger: But you also said in your mail that there are already mics in the 1st room, and it the mixer there only has 6 mic inputs.
21:17:00 <h01ger> less review computers and more pci fw cards from ben :)
21:17:20 <h01ger> Q_, yes. those are wired handheld mics
21:17:35 <p2-mate> h01ger: how many ?
21:17:54 <h01ger> 2 or so
21:17:57 <Q_> h01ger: wired as in they have a long cable, or they're more or less fixed to a desk?
21:18:14 <p2-mate> handheld, so I assume a long cable
21:18:17 <h01ger> i would count on them and rather buy hw if we have the money now. so we can train and learn on our reliable hw
21:18:27 <h01ger> .oO( did i just say reliable hw? )
21:18:28 <p2-mate> ok
21:18:33 <p2-mate> ehe
21:18:38 <h01ger> Q_, more or less fixed
21:18:39 <Womble2> h01ger: The two computers we have listed as capturing now are laptops, so they need CardBus cards
21:18:53 <Womble2> I have only one of them
21:18:59 <p2-mate> Womble2: or have builtin 1394
21:19:13 <Womble2> but they need two ports
21:19:17 <h01ger> Womble2, yes. and i dont have good experinece with that. i'd prefer additional desktops with pci cards
21:19:21 <Womble2> OK
21:19:24 <p2-mate> Womble2: ic
21:19:40 <Womble2> h01ger: so when do you find out whether you can get those desktops?
21:19:47 <Q_> We had a laptop for both the camera and the twinpact last year?  I guess so.
21:20:18 <Q_> Or maybe it's one of those other cheap things, like junta can provide?
21:21:09 <h01ger> Womble2, asap. added to my todo
21:21:34 <h01ger> Q_, we had desktops with 2 pci firewire cards
21:21:50 <Q_> h01ger: Having the same now would be good. :)
21:22:06 <h01ger> that was troublesome enough. i dont want to deal with cardbus firewire, desktop pci firewire is painful enough ;)
21:22:31 <h01ger> Q_, so you will order those mics now?
21:22:33 <Q_> So how many firewire cards do we have?
21:22:40 <h01ger> can you post the urls again, please?
21:22:49 <Q_> h01ger: I'm basicly waiting for us to decide on what we want to buy. :)
21:23:00 <Womble2> Q_: I can borrow some, I just need to which
21:23:03 <Womble2> +know
21:23:04 <Q_> http://www.thomann.de/be/the_tbone_tws16ht_863mhz.htm
21:23:25 <h01ger> Womble2, which?
21:23:57 <Womble2> which cards - CardBus, PCI, PCI Express
21:24:08 <Q_> http://www.thomann.de/be/beyerdynamic_opus_155_mk_ii_set.htm
21:24:11 * h01ger would say, lets buy for of those handhelds and another speaker headset
21:24:51 <p2-mate> s/for/neljä
21:24:56 * h01ger adds "track outgoing costs (incl. $details)" to his todo :)
21:25:14 <h01ger> Womble2, 3 of each? 0:-)
21:25:29 <Womble2> you're taking the piss now
21:25:52 * Jon--- is back
21:26:23 <h01ger> Womble2, eparse
21:27:01 <Q_> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taking_the_piss
21:27:20 <h01ger> thx. anything else about audio hw?
21:27:29 <p2-mate> cabling ?
21:27:47 <h01ger> Womble2, so i'm asking for too much?
21:28:12 <p2-mate> mackie 1402 VLZ3 ? :)
21:28:35 <h01ger> p2-mate, http://wiki.debian.org/Teams/DSA/non-DSA-HW lists the cables we have
21:29:02 <h01ger> but maybe we should buy cables for the mics Q_ buys.
21:29:04 <h01ger> .
21:29:05 <Womble2> h01ger: Right, I should ask for what we specifically need
21:29:08 <h01ger> or borrow locally
21:29:17 <h01ger> Womble2, 3 pci definitly
21:29:29 <h01ger> what the notebooks have i dont know out of the head
21:29:48 <h01ger> mine is cardbus
21:29:49 <p2-mate> h01ger: we will have 12 mics, so we need 12 cables
21:29:52 <p2-mate> we only have 6
21:29:57 <h01ger> and itchy is an x61
21:30:05 <h01ger> i dunno if that has pci express or also cardbus
21:30:14 <p2-mate> x61 has cardbus
21:30:45 <h01ger> so 3 pci and 3 cardbus? (3 to have a backup
21:30:46 <h01ger> )
21:31:07 <h01ger> or 2 and 2 if i'm still urinating
21:31:46 <Q_> h01ger: I'll buy some cables too.  2 meter?
21:31:49 <h01ger> p2-mate, the mics Q_ buys come with 1m cable
21:32:15 <Q_> They do?  That's probably good enough in that case.
21:32:18 <h01ger> so i dont think 2m are useful? or? i have no clue :)
21:32:21 <h01ger> yes, they do
21:32:30 <Q_> And that's XLR cable?  Or with a jack?
21:32:31 <h01ger> "Accessories included..."
21:32:38 <h01ger> 1m XLR female-jack output cable
21:32:45 <p2-mate> ok
21:32:55 <p2-mate> hmm, then we miss 1 ?
21:32:56 <Q_> XLR it seems.
21:33:01 <p2-mate> how is that possible ?
21:33:06 <Q_> miss 1?
21:33:09 <p2-mate> 12 mics
21:33:12 <p2-mate> so 12 cables
21:33:17 <p2-mate> we have 6
21:33:26 <h01ger> p2-mate, no, we get 4 more
21:33:28 <p2-mate> the 5 new mics come with 1 cable each
21:33:33 <h01ger> http://www.thomann.de/be/beyerdynamic_opus_155_mk_ii_set.htm misses the cable
21:33:34 <Q_> Or, right, the new headset only comes with a jack.
21:33:37 <h01ger> so we need to buy one cable
21:33:45 <Q_> So we got 1 m cables for that last year
21:33:54 <p2-mate> oh ok
21:33:55 <h01ger> http://wiki.debian.org/Teams/DSA/non-DSA-HW
21:34:01 <h01ger> also lists our cables
21:34:02 <p2-mate> so we have then 10 cables
21:34:08 <h01ger> except those under my bed
21:34:09 <p2-mate> so we need 2 more
21:34:17 <h01ger> thats on my todo for tomorrow ;)
21:34:58 <Q_> We only have 2 of those 1m cables?  We probably rented one last year.
21:35:10 <p2-mate> are we still going to feed audio to the main camera ?
21:35:18 <h01ger> anything else about cables? Q_, if you send me the invoice via pdf+mail and your bank account data (ibann/bic) we can reimburst you immediatly..
21:35:21 <Q_> Then, do we need cable to go from the mixer to the PA system?
21:35:45 <p2-mate> yes
21:35:52 <p2-mate> for each setup we need :
21:36:01 <p2-mate> 1 stereo cable to PA
21:36:03 <Q_> h01ger: Don't remind me, I still need to send that of last year. :)
21:36:12 <p2-mate> 1 stereo cable to PC audio card
21:36:19 <p2-mate> 1  stereo cable to main camera
21:36:26 * h01ger thinks buying 5 mics (4 with cables) and 1 cable is fine. we have cables for our mics. and there are cables for the PA+mixer+mics already. and anto (the local guy from caceres) plays in a band, where they have cables. and we have budget still.
21:36:42 <Q_> h01ger: They asked me to fill in this doc, and send the original papers.
21:36:45 <h01ger> so i'd say, next point. (and Q_ goes shopping as discussed)
21:37:08 <h01ger> Q_, yes, they like the originals later. but if you send the pdf, we can initiate the money transfer. trust works.
21:37:11 <p2-mate> h01ger: what about the stereo cables for output ?
21:37:18 <h01ger> p2-mate, which?
21:37:25 <p2-mate> 00:36 < p2-mate> 1 stereo cable to PA
21:37:27 <p2-mate> 00:36 < p2-mate> 1 stereo cable to PC audio card
21:37:28 <p2-mate> 00:36 < p2-mate> 1  stereo cable to main camera
21:37:31 <p2-mate> times 2
21:37:54 <Q_> h01ger: I did send a scanned in doc, and my account details. :)
21:38:14 <h01ger> Q_, cool. when?
21:38:25 <Q_> Like last year somewhere.
21:38:38 <Q_> But it doesn't really matter, I'll do it properly this time. :)
21:38:56 <h01ger> p2-mate, if you can get urls to order, i'd say lets do. its too much detail and too little money for this meeting and if you say we need it, lets go
21:39:11 <h01ger> Q_, please cc: me, so i can approve it. that should help ;)
21:39:13 <p2-mate> h01ger: yeah, although some of them might be present already
21:39:14 <Q_> p2-mate: That's an RCA stereo to jack stereo for the PC?
21:39:30 <h01ger> Q_, also feel free to resend last years thing. (fosdem, right? or dc8?)
21:39:32 <p2-mate> Q_: no. 6mm jack to RCA stereo
21:39:59 <p2-mate> Q_: or wait...
21:40:02 <h01ger> #agreed Q_ and p2 sort out what cables to buy
21:40:09 <h01ger> #topic penta
21:40:17 <p2-mate> hehe
21:40:22 <h01ger> Womble2? any news?
21:40:31 <Q_> s/jack/TRS/
21:40:35 <p2-mate> yep
21:42:41 <Q_> It's 2 6 mm TRS jacks to 1 3 mm TRS jack?
21:43:24 <p2-mate> Q_: 2  6.3mm TRS to 2 RCA for the PA I think
21:43:41 <Q_> I was thinking about the PC.
21:44:23 <p2-mate> Q_: 2  6.3mm TRS to 1 3mm TRS for PC audio (unless we use usb audio adapters with RCA or 6.3mm TRS inputs...)
21:44:38 <p2-mate> Q_: and  2  6.3mm TRS to 1 3mm TRS for main camera
21:44:57 <h01ger> Womble2?
21:45:23 <Womble2> no, no news
21:45:24 <Q_> p2-mate: Which might have XLR inputs too.  Or mic level TRS.
21:45:36 <p2-mate> Q_: camera's with XLR ?
21:45:37 <h01ger> #topic other software issues
21:45:50 <h01ger> we'll use dvswitch trunk with rtsp? or?
21:45:51 <Q_> p2-mate: Last years we've alwyas had XLR inputs on the main camera.
21:46:00 <Womble2> h01ger: no!
21:46:00 <p2-mate> Q_: impressive :)
21:46:05 <h01ger> Womble2, :)
21:46:09 <h01ger> +ack
21:46:12 <Womble2> 0.8 branch
21:46:30 <p2-mate> Womble2: and if we give you an extra pair of hands and gdb ?
21:46:35 <h01ger> xfce installation works nicely, raw1394 too
21:46:40 <h01ger> (on my r51)
21:46:49 <Q_> So, how long should those cables be? :)
21:47:34 <h01ger> #topic any other business
21:48:12 <Womble2> Are we getting cameras from junta or do we need to hire them?
21:48:23 <h01ger> same as desktops
21:48:33 <p2-mate> Q_: 5m ?
21:48:37 <h01ger> i'm pretty confident but no sure confirmation yet
21:48:54 <p2-mate> Q_: the main camera one needs to be longer I guess...
21:48:55 <h01ger> its also on my list to ask
21:49:17 <h01ger> Ganneff, for streaming servers we'll use the same setup as last year, more or less?
21:49:22 <Q_> Do we need audio on the camera?
21:49:25 <h01ger> we need to plan this...
21:49:32 * h01ger adds it to next meetings agenda
21:49:38 <h01ger> which raises the question, when
21:49:47 <h01ger> #topic next meeting + any other business
21:50:13 <Womble2> Same time next week? Or Monday?
21:50:44 <Q_> Monday works for me.
21:51:14 <h01ger> next global team meeting in one week, 13 july 19 UTC
21:51:22 <h01ger> i would like 18 utc then
21:51:32 <h01ger> 20 utc is too late for me that day
21:51:56 <h01ger> and tuesday i will have just arrived in madrid
21:52:09 <h01ger> monday, 18 utc?
21:52:14 <Q_> Fine.
21:52:17 <p2-mate> 19utc ?
21:52:26 <h01ger> <h01ger> next global team meeting in one week, 13 july 19 UTC
21:52:33 <h01ger> then i would have to halve myself
21:52:41 <h01ger> -e probably :)
21:52:52 <p2-mate> :)
21:52:53 <h01ger> Womble2?
21:53:02 <Womble2> I don't mind what time
21:53:31 <h01ger> p2-mate, will you be able to make it at 18 utc?
21:53:32 <p2-mate> 1 more thing, do we want audio to the main camera or not ?
21:53:43 <Womble2> not needed if we have USB-audio
21:53:45 <p2-mate> h01ger: probably
21:54:12 <h01ger> we will very probably have suitable cameras. does notebook audio also suffice?
21:54:31 <Womble2> laptops mostly have mic in, not line-in
21:54:33 <h01ger> p2-mate, so we take that time and date..?!!
21:54:38 <p2-mate> Womble2: only the 1622 has USB audio. we can obviously use an extra mixer output
21:54:42 <p2-mate> h01ger: yes
21:54:54 <p2-mate> Womble2: and feed it into the dvswitch PC audio
21:55:05 <Womble2> p2-mate: if it has line in, yes
21:55:13 <h01ger> does thomann have usbaudio cards? ;)
21:55:21 <p2-mate> Womble2: I can bring a USB audio thingy with linein
21:55:23 <h01ger> but we will have cameras
21:55:28 <h01ger> p2-mate, great
21:55:29 <p2-mate> h01ger: good point
21:55:34 <Womble2> p2-mate: Yes please
21:55:38 <h01ger> p2-mate, please do
21:55:45 <Womble2> p2-mate: Please add to the hardware wiki page
21:55:46 <p2-mate> check thomann ?
21:55:53 <p2-mate> ok
21:56:00 <h01ger> p2-mate, if you have them for free? why thomann? :)
21:56:05 <p2-mate> h01ger: only 1 :)
21:56:08 <p2-mate> but yeah :)
21:56:19 <h01ger> only 1?
21:56:21 <h01ger> arg
21:56:28 <p2-mate> I have only 1 such usb thingy
21:56:31 <h01ger> #agreed next meeting 13th july, 18 UTC
21:56:40 <p2-mate> but we only need 1, so that's ok
21:56:50 <h01ger> why only 1?
21:56:59 <Womble2> because 1 comes with the Behringer 1622?
21:57:06 <h01ger> right
21:57:09 <p2-mate> h01ger: 1622 has builtin usb
21:57:14 <h01ger> p2-mate, please add too http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf9/Videoteam/Hardware
21:57:23 <h01ger> p2-mate, "build-out", but yeah :)
21:57:29 <h01ger> cool
21:57:35 <h01ger> so we are done?
21:57:53 <p2-mate> yeah
21:58:23 <h01ger> \o/
21:58:31 <h01ger> #endmeeting