18:06:39 <h01ger> #startmeeting
18:06:56 <h01ger> #topic agenda at http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/Videoteam/Meetings - please say hi and missing agenda points
18:06:59 <h01ger> huhu
18:07:13 <p2-mate> hi and missing agenda points
18:09:04 <Q_> Hi.
18:10:10 <h01ger> Womble2, bwh ? Jon---_ dererk ?
18:11:29 <h01ger> #topic computer hardware needed for videoteam
18:11:45 <h01ger> #info still no news from junta, but anto is working on getting them from alternative place
18:12:08 <h01ger> #info but we might only get one camera so its good if we have alsa sound source
18:12:25 <h01ger> (as there were several camera offers)
18:12:55 <p2-mate> one camera for 2 rooms ? :P
18:13:16 <Q_> p2-mate: Didn't you know yet we're only doing 1 room this year? :)
18:13:35 <h01ger> http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf9/Videoteam/Hardware says that Jon---_ and xerrako also bring one
18:13:36 <p2-mate> :)
18:13:37 <h01ger> so we only miss one
18:13:55 <h01ger> and there were several other offers
18:14:10 <h01ger> and we still have 1900e to spent
18:14:26 <h01ger> #info we will know by friday what we'll get from $junta
18:14:32 <h01ger> next topic?
18:15:02 <p2-mate> rent a camera ?
18:15:11 <h01ger> yeah. we have 1900 to spent
18:15:27 <p2-mate> we can buy a plane ! :)
18:15:28 <Q_> Wasn't renting a different budget?
18:15:29 <h01ger> but its mood to discuss until friday
18:15:32 <h01ger> Q_, no
18:15:33 <p2-mate> (or maybe not)
18:15:53 <h01ger> Q_, we also have 2k for AV stuff for the talk, ie projector and speakers
18:16:03 <h01ger> #topic audio hw
18:16:06 <Q_> h01ger: I was under the impression that you said we had 3k + 2k
18:16:13 <h01ger> Q_, yes
18:16:42 <h01ger> we had 3k and spent 1.1, so we have 1.9 left. the 2k are not our budget but room/talk budget. (but spent for stuff we think about)
18:17:04 <h01ger> topic audio hw - except for the non-xlr cables we are fine?
18:17:11 <h01ger> #info we need to buy batteries
18:17:13 <Q_> Anyway, I'm shipping lots of our audio equipment tomorrow, should arrive on wednesday.
18:17:46 <h01ger> the day after?
18:17:47 <h01ger> wow
18:18:23 <Q_> h01ger: We _might_ have enough XLR cable, we could also use those TRS jack cables.
18:18:46 <h01ger> yeah
18:18:53 <h01ger> anything else to say about audio hw?
18:19:04 <p2-mate> effects ? :)
18:19:18 <p2-mate> but maybe we can hack something locally
18:19:25 <p2-mate> we will see
18:19:46 <p2-mate> other then that I think we are fine
18:20:12 <Q_> You want things like an echo on it? :)
18:20:21 <p2-mate> gate
18:20:21 <h01ger> #topic penta
18:20:25 <h01ger> or
18:20:28 <h01ger> we have time..
18:20:43 <p2-mate> Q_: vocoder !
18:21:17 <p2-mate> Q_: but gating might be useful
18:21:54 <h01ger> so, about penta, nothing new i guess. bwh and Ganneff still need to do some changes, probably
18:22:48 <h01ger> bwh, technically i can also do the changes, so we could also sit together at dc9 and do it there...
18:23:19 <Q_> h01ger: What was the rest of the budget used for?
18:23:40 <h01ger> Q_, renting cameras. buying batteries. buffer.
18:23:51 <h01ger> we could maybe also buy a camera now if in need
18:23:54 <dererk> Hi
18:23:59 <dererk> (delayed)
18:24:00 <h01ger> bahamas sounds tempting too!
18:24:05 <Q_> I mean the 1100 we spend now, I know about 700. :)
18:24:08 <h01ger> ¡holas dererk!
18:24:26 <h01ger> Q_, see http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/User:H01ger
18:24:32 <p2-mate> h01ger: skiing trip in february then
18:24:41 <h01ger> #topic streaming setup
18:25:09 <h01ger> afaik this is also a bit blur. but the same as dc8, so it should be easy, even if edrz is not there this time
18:25:14 <h01ger> but it needs to be done
18:27:45 * h01ger has added streaming to his personal todo page now :)
18:27:55 <h01ger> first a test stream and the geo setup
18:28:04 <h01ger> first a test stream and to confirm the geo setup is still working
18:28:15 <h01ger> #topic other software issues
18:28:41 <h01ger> IMO this topic is moot without Womble2, as i know the setup and you havent done much on the software setup side yet :)
18:29:13 <h01ger> svn+ssh://holger@svn.debian.org/svn/debconf-video/fai-config/doc/README
18:29:24 <h01ger> is a starting point
18:30:11 <h01ger> we have a automated usbstick, which just asks for the hostname (suggests what dhcp suggests) and asks for manual partitioning. the rest is automatic
18:30:36 <h01ger> http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf9/Videoteam lists the machines
18:30:41 <h01ger> and their purposes
18:30:45 <p2-mate> so you assume the machines do usb boot ...
18:30:51 <h01ger> which are configured automatically (according to the hostname)
18:31:02 <h01ger> p2-mate, yes. we know the machines. except Yoe's powerbook :)
18:31:22 <h01ger> but for that single machine its also easy to do half-automated
18:31:27 <p2-mate> ha ! that's challenge indeed :)
18:31:38 <h01ger> the apt repo we use has ppc
18:31:44 <h01ger> the extra dc apt repo we use has ppc
18:31:50 <p2-mate> I mean getting it to boot from usb
18:31:59 <p2-mate> I know debian has ppc support :P
18:32:36 <h01ger> no, the debconf.org repo too
18:32:43 <h01ger> p2-mate, boot from cd
18:32:57 <p2-mate> netboot
18:33:05 <h01ger> manually "pre"seed and start the script
18:33:10 <h01ger> to complicated :-D
18:33:13 <h01ger> anyway
18:33:18 <h01ger> #topic any other business
18:33:23 <p2-mate> netboot is easy :P
18:34:14 <CarlFK> oh hey, yesterday I ran dvswitch-dvgrab on a mac book pro + ubuntu
18:34:24 <CarlFK> I figured it should work, but now we know
18:34:31 <bwh> Sorry, caught up with work
18:34:38 <h01ger> CarlFK, we're in a meeting.. also almost done
18:34:49 <bwh> What do you want to know about the software situation?
18:34:56 <h01ger> penta status?
18:35:15 <bwh> Ganneff has never told me where the source is
18:35:24 <Ganneff> hm. right.
18:35:27 <h01ger> bwh, did you get how to deploy the configuration with fai (and not with the dc-video packages)
18:35:32 <Ganneff> let me do that now instead of postponing it again
18:35:34 * dererk backlogs
18:35:37 <h01ger> \o/
18:35:45 <p2-mate> /planes/airbus/A380/0/home/ganneff/penta ?
18:35:46 <bwh> Ganneff: Or we can beat you with sticks when we get to Caceres
18:35:55 <bwh> h01ger: No idea
18:36:12 <h01ger> bwh, no lets beat him now
18:36:49 <Ganneff> bwh: only if you are a nice looking woman. which, last i saw you, you are not
18:37:11 <h01ger> bwh, are its not done yet. it was the idea/plan from dc8. so i will implement it, as it really is better than uploading the package just to change configs. (or change configs manually and fuck up)
18:37:48 <h01ger> .oO( Ganneff fancies being beaten with sticks? )
18:37:57 <Ganneff> bwh: whats your debconf machine login again?
18:37:58 <p2-mate> :)
18:38:07 <Ganneff> h01ger: i didnt say that.
18:38:13 <p2-mate> h01ger: only by nice looking women
18:38:30 <p2-mate> h01ger: preferably undressed probably
18:38:31 <Ganneff> ah. benh
18:38:36 * h01ger tried to make the best out of that stupid comment..
18:39:57 <Ganneff> bwh: if you setup debconf.org access with ssh keys then you should be able to ssh access skinner.debconf.org
18:42:18 <Ganneff> bwh: there you should be able to bzr clone/checkout/whatever /org/penta/bzr/debconf8
18:42:26 <bwh> OK, thanks
18:42:44 <Ganneff> thats code. if you need more - tel me.
18:42:57 <Ganneff> if you want stuff changed, commit it in your tree and tell me what to bzr merge
18:43:02 * h01ger /msg'es Ganneffs phone number to bwh
18:43:31 <h01ger> anything else?
18:45:30 <p2-mate> I don't think so
18:45:49 <Ganneff> erm
18:49:20 <Q_> So the meeting is over?
18:49:47 <p2-mate> I think so ?
18:50:41 <h01ger> guess spo
18:50:49 <h01ger> thank you all, once again!
18:51:06 <h01ger> #endmeeting