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[19:19:26] <h01ger> agenda what ben said, plus a general sitation thingy first?
[19:19:32] <h01ger> are you still there?
[19:19:45] <h01ger> i probably have 20-30min, then i'll fall apart
[19:20:15] * dererk is
[19:20:42] <h01ger> #topic 0. general sitation
[19:21:20] <h01ger> debconf9 will happen as scheduled, but we were forced to change venue 2 weeks ago and we still are not completly sure how about everything related until next week
[19:21:40] <h01ger> and there hasnt been a preliminary schedule of talks yet
[19:21:56] <h01ger> so everything we can plan today is more or less guessing
[19:22:06] <h01ger> educated guesses, but guesses nonetheless
[19:22:13] <dererk> Changed for the best? :)
[19:22:18] <dererk> Or just changed?
[19:22:44] <dererk> Ah, misread something
[19:23:02] <h01ger> not sure yetm, might be (for actuall talks and stuff), mnight not be for food and hackign. but we're trying to fix, nothing is fixed atm
[19:23:13] <Q_> It's still in the same city, right?
[19:23:35] <bwh> No it's in h01ger's place
[19:23:51] <Q_> That's fine too. :)
[19:23:54] <dererk> hehe :)
[19:24:39] <h01ger> still the same city
[19:24:49] <h01ger> so next topic? ;)
[19:24:59] * dererk +1
[19:26:21] <CarlFK> did you guys ever use long vga cables to put the twinpact near the recording area?
[19:26:47] <dererk> CarlFK, How long are you refering to?
[19:26:52] <CarlFK> 50'
[19:27:00] <dererk> In dc8 we used a 25' meters long one
[19:27:05] <h01ger> firewire one
[19:27:11] <h01ger> #topic 1. rooms to cover
[19:27:16] * h01ger suggests to prepare for 2
[19:27:32] <CarlFK> opps, back to topic 1
[19:27:32] <h01ger> non movable. so if we have 3 rooms, one will be the "no video" room
[19:27:39] <bwh> Right, based on Edinburgh I don't think we can do more than 2 properly
[19:27:44] <h01ger> yeah
[19:27:50] <dererk> I agreed
[19:28:06] <bwh> If we have enough equipment we can provide "self-service" setups in any extra rooms
[19:28:20] <h01ger> i might also want some time off, and not do video 25/7. (i know sounds like a joke, but i mean it. maybe i will also want to do video 36/7)
[19:28:41] <h01ger> bwh, hmm. besides the "if", i'm not sure this wont be a support hog still
[19:28:53] <h01ger> #topic 2. Equipment requirements
[19:29:03] <h01ger> (for those 2 rooms)
[19:29:57] <bwh> So, looks like we want 4 cameras, 4 tripods, 2 Twinpacts, lots of cables, 2 fast desktops/laptops, 2 encoding servers and 1 file server
[19:30:01] <h01ger> the same as dc8, basically, plus a 2nd fileserver, plus idally more review stations
[19:30:20] <h01ger> bwh, yes, plus 2nd fileserver, plus review stations
[19:30:25] <h01ger> review stations were really useful
[19:30:31] <dererk> Indeed
[19:30:42] <h01ger> people without computers are very likely to be sucked into lots of work ;)
[19:30:44] <bwh> Actually I would prefer to record to local disk and sync in the evening, so only 1 file server would be needed
[19:30:46] <h01ger> if we have a computer for them
[19:30:49] <daven> 4 radiomics, two stereo ambient sets, two mixers
[19:31:01] <bwh> This worked pretty well at PyCon
[19:31:11] <h01ger> me nods
[19:31:46] <h01ger> we need 1 radio mic,, 1 mixer, 4 cameras+tripod, all the computers, and own the rest (adio hw mostly)
[19:31:53] <h01ger> Yoe offered his powerbook which has fw
[19:32:08] <h01ger> i can offer my r51 thinkpad, which has firewire
[19:32:16] <h01ger> both are not powerful enough for dvswitch
[19:32:33] <bwh> Right, but they will be fine for dvsource-firewire
[19:32:39] <h01ger> yes
[19:32:59] <h01ger> #topic 3. Budget and free loans available
[19:33:07] <dererk> little question. Are we having some low power pcs availability ?
[19:33:10] <h01ger> budget for what? loans for what?
[19:33:19] <h01ger> dererk, for what? i could offer you an olpc xo laptop ;)
[19:33:29] <dererk> hehe, for dvswitch
[19:33:31] <bwh> Budget for equipment hire, free loans of equipment
[19:33:43] <h01ger> ah
[19:33:52] <bwh> I can offer a decent tripod, a crap camera and 2 servers suitable for encoding
[19:33:54] <h01ger> we need to tell the dc9 budget team a sum
[19:33:55] <dererk> though laptops are more confortable to work with in small places (dc8 showed me that)
[19:34:06] <dererk> seems it's little difficult to find 4 of them
[19:34:11] <h01ger> Yoe has another tripod which is ours
[19:34:18] <bwh> Is it any good?
[19:34:27] <h01ger> for audience cam its ok
[19:34:52] <bwh> The audience cam actually requires a good tripod as it's moving around more
[19:34:59] <h01ger> should we ask for 2000e? 3000? we shoulld probably more+also asks for cameras directly, i bet junta has some
[19:35:13] <dererk> bwh, Audience is supposed to use wireless mics
[19:35:32] <dererk> Uhm, thought we were talking about mics :)
[19:35:35] <bwh> Yeah but will they promise them and then change their mind at the last minute?
[19:36:11] <h01ger> bwh, bah
[19:36:42] <h01ger> i see what you mean but there is no use in planing if we dont believe in the plans
[19:37:17] <bwh> Ask for 3000 unless the budget is really tight this year (I thought not as the venue was entirely sponsored)
[19:37:38] <bwh> I doubt we'll have trouble spending it
[19:38:48] <bwh> Do we have any good cameras available? I doubt we can count on Herman
[19:38:58] <h01ger> nope
[19:40:27] <h01ger> #topic 4. Volunteers available
[19:41:20] <h01ger> as said, i might only be available 75%. not sure, as nothing for me atm is. but as usual i'll try to give 105% in that 75% time.
[19:42:18] <bwh> The trick is to avoid being essential
[19:42:26] <h01ger> but i expect we can count on getting many volunteers if we ask in time. it is fun and useful, so people are happy to help
[19:42:35] <h01ger> bwh, totally.
[19:42:35] <dererk> I'll be please to help with everything I could. Likely being spanish talker would help a bit bridging video-team with localteam. Unfortunatelly, I wont be able to be in .ES until 18 of jul
[19:42:51] <h01ger> dererk, cheerio!
[19:43:20] <h01ger> budget was adjusted that we ask fro 3000e. was at 2000e ;)
[19:43:34] <bwh> So who's going to be present? So far I think we have h01ger bwh dererk daven
[19:44:02] <h01ger> edrz and xfxf probably? Q_ ? DaCa ? karora ?
[19:44:02] <dererk> Xerakko will be helping setting up, I'm almost sure
[19:44:08] <h01ger> Yoe i think
[19:44:13] * h01ger nods dererk
[19:44:39] <bwh> We should put this on the wiki after the meeting
[19:44:40] * daven still needs to see
[19:45:13] <daven> I can perhaps be there for the rig, but it's a difficult time, and I'd rather spend holidays somewhere I'm not cooking my brains out
[19:45:48] <Q_> I'll be there.
[19:46:10] <h01ger> anyone with free time to put the essence from this meeting up on
[19:46:25] * h01ger cheers Q_
[19:46:39] <h01ger> daven, there is shadow and some holes in the earth ;)
[19:46:47] <Q_> And I'll be there during debcamp.
[19:47:20] <dererk> Q_, awesome :)
[19:49:44] <h01ger> #topic 5. next meeting
[19:50:53] <h01ger> in 27 days? 20?
[19:51:11] * h01ger dont like wednesdays :) or rather, i like to go swimming on wednesday evening
[19:52:13] <dererk> It's ok for me.
[19:52:37] <bwh> Tuesdays are normally OK for me
[19:52:53] <bwh> Most other days are better though
[19:53:10] <Q_> I can't on the 19th.
[19:53:16] <h01ger> mondays are often debconf orga meetings
[19:53:28] <h01ger> thursdays and fridays are often not so good niether
[19:53:52] <CarlFK> make one of these:
[19:54:05] <Q_> Well, I can, but I'll be in an other meeting from 18UTC, and they ussually take about 2 hours, but that one might be shorter.
[19:54:31] <CarlFK> - free, doesn't even require an account to log choices
[19:55:02] <h01ger> CarlFK, we know about doodle :)
[19:55:09] <h01ger> but you cant enter 365 dates there
[19:55:28] <h01ger> june, 2nd, 19 utc?
[19:55:53] * dererk is ok too.
[19:56:20] <bwh> How about a week earlier?
[19:56:50] <h01ger> i cant promise to be online that tuesday. i might, i might not. i wont be able to tell before some hours in advance
[19:57:40] <bwh> OK
[19:57:46] <CarlFK> oh, on equipment - even if you don't plan on running tape all the time, have some handy for when you don't have time to setup
[19:58:36] <CarlFK> and if someone will implement the "auto record" option I'll send them a picture of a pony
[19:59:16] <CarlFK> auto record = dont have to hit the Record button
[20:00:27] <h01ger> ponies!
[20:00:32] <h01ger> so june, 2nd, 19 utc?
[20:00:38] <bwh> OK by me
[20:00:49] <dererk> me too
[20:01:00] <Q_> Oh, june, that's fine for me. :)
[20:01:24] <h01ger> ok, cool
[20:01:28] <h01ger> #endmeeting

Meeting ended.

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