19:01:10 <h01ger> #startmeeting
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19:01:28 <h01ger> #topic hi - welcome to the team and thanks for joining (again or for the first time)
19:01:57 <Yoe> right, gotcha :)
19:01:58 * h01ger is happy to be in the videoteam and doing this work with you
19:02:41 <h01ger> anybody else here?
19:02:48 <h01ger> (now :)
19:03:01 <Yoe> doesn't look like it
19:03:22 <moray> I'm here, but don't claim to be videoteam
19:03:32 * h01ger gives it a moment, bwh was on #debconf a moment ago
19:03:41 <Yoe> Q_ was, too
19:04:28 <h01ger> for the "hi team" status interesting: the videoteam will get 70 tshirts this year (compared to 50 in NYC) - and i plan to make use of that many volunteers too ;)
19:04:57 <Q_> I'm here.
19:05:00 <bwh> I'm here
19:05:03 <Yoe> that's nice, I guess :)
19:05:54 <darst> hi
19:06:02 <Q_> h01ger: I assume you'll go to the meeting tomorrow?
19:06:11 <h01ger> zobel will be our admin helper this year and darst also wants to help from NYC
19:06:21 <h01ger> Q_, which? i'm still in .de
19:06:36 <Yoe> Q_: was something on the mailinglist
19:06:40 <Yoe> from pabs, IIRC
19:07:11 * h01ger doubts in any case. i'm thinking of closing my irc client tomorrow during the day..
19:07:12 <Q_> #debconf-meeting or something
19:07:29 <h01ger> wasnt that yesterday? anyway...
19:07:34 <Yoe> no, tomorrow.
19:07:39 <Q_> And mailed today? :)
19:08:34 <h01ger> even though we are not many here+now, http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf11/Videoteam/Help lists 27 people already. this might be a record (pre conf) or not :)
19:08:39 <h01ger> #topic hw status
19:08:47 <h01ger> #topic hardware status
19:08:59 <h01ger> the irill shipment should arrive in BL tomorrow
19:09:12 <h01ger> that is: 4 cameras (2 real proper ones with xlr)
19:09:27 <h01ger> our audio/video gear (mics, cables, mixers, 2 twinpacts, fw cables)
19:09:42 * zobel says hi
19:09:58 <h01ger> and 5 servers from t-k, 1 storage for video, 2 encoding iirc, and 2 "main infrastruicture" servers
19:10:05 <Q_> So we're now going to declare things in adance to customs?
19:10:16 <h01ger> Q_, that has already happened in fact
19:10:35 <h01ger> and we're using an ata_carnet (wikiepedia it), which basically means we dont have to pay customs
19:10:40 <Q_> And we actually have a proper inventory of everything that was in it?
19:10:45 <h01ger> yes
19:10:50 <h01ger> except the cable details
19:10:57 <h01ger> thats just a bunch :)
19:11:05 <Q_> I already did look up wikipedia about it today.
19:11:15 <h01ger> plus, on the 19th (tuesday) bdale will arrive with 6 laptops from HP, which we can keep
19:11:22 <Yoe> on hardware, looks like I might have lost one tally light, but I don't think that's critical, is it?
19:11:37 <Yoe> oh, and one headset too, but I guess that's even less critical :-)
19:11:40 <h01ger> (pesky details of them having to go back to the states first, included - but thats not really relevant here+now)
19:11:44 <Q_> Yoe: The ones we didn't use last year? :)
19:11:55 <Yoe> Q_: the ones we only used or half the conference last year
19:12:05 <Yoe> s/or/for/
19:12:18 <Q_> I thought it wasn't even that much. :)
19:12:38 <zobel> h01ger: hilight me on urgent stuff. #spi anual meeting i need to attend as board member (or at least: i should)
19:12:51 <h01ger> zobel, ack. shouldnt be any. wont
19:13:20 <h01ger> besides that http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf11/Videoteam/Hardware only lists small stuff from Yoe, bwh and me - and a little local rent
19:13:23 <Q_> So do we have a list of things we need?
19:13:28 <h01ger> (speakers and PA)
19:13:33 <h01ger> Q_, that url..
19:14:06 <h01ger> for me, hw things are clear, but i'm happy to explain a bit before going to the next topic, which is "hw backup"
19:14:51 <h01ger> bwh, we do need your tally lights and from Yoe the 2 switches (and from me the 4 harddrives)
19:15:01 <h01ger> s/tally lights/tripods/ - gosh :)
19:15:12 <Yoe> sorry for confusing you there :-)
19:15:15 <Q_> So how many rooms will there be?
19:15:38 <h01ger> 2
19:15:45 <h01ger> right
19:15:52 <Yoe> I thought it was the same deal like last year, that is, three but only two videoed?
19:15:57 <h01ger> we'll have 2 rooms on the first=ground floor to cover
19:16:19 <h01ger> Yoe, yeah probably, butr that 3rd room is totally unclear and is definitly not videoed
19:16:20 <bwh> h01ger: Yes, I will bring the tripods
19:16:41 <Q_> h01ger: And what's available in the rooms?
19:16:45 <h01ger> the big room is a fancy concert hall type of room
19:16:52 <Q_> Since I only see 1 PA system on that list?
19:16:58 <h01ger> with stage equipment and mixers and speakers
19:17:01 <h01ger> and pa
19:17:16 <moray> we'll find out what they really have soon :p
19:17:25 <h01ger> the small room lacks PA+speakers, but has a nice ceiling where we can sit and put our gear
19:17:35 <h01ger> see the pics from morays and my BL trip in may
19:17:42 <Q_> url?
19:17:43 <moray> s/ceiling/balcony/
19:17:51 <moray> both rooms have balconies that can be used
19:18:00 <moray> and probably will be wanted for cabling, at minimum
19:18:01 * h01ger asks moray to provide url
19:18:08 <h01ger> or this duckduck thing
19:18:09 <moray> gallery.debconf.org /something
19:18:22 <moray> [am cooking dinner]
19:18:29 <h01ger> gallery and you see it
19:18:38 <Q_> Will look later.
19:18:43 <h01ger> we shall have 1gb uplink, about to be confirmed working tomorrow
19:18:46 <jimbodoors> h01ger, https://gallery.debconf.org/v/debconf11/trailer/
19:19:12 <h01ger> more questions to the basic setup?
19:19:13 <Q_> h01ger: Do we have a separate network cable for us?
19:19:24 <h01ger> we'll use squeeze like last year, only that it has been released by now
19:19:33 * Yoe grins
19:19:34 <h01ger> Q_, yes. Yoe brings 2 gigabit switches for us
19:19:48 <h01ger> and we allocated 1000m cat5 cable to buy
19:19:55 <Yoe> yeah. I still have to pack them, but hey, I was supposed to be at this meeting :-)
19:20:00 <Q_> 5e I assume.
19:20:01 <h01ger> zobel will need helping hands for this on monday
19:20:16 <Yoe> should I bring my cable-making gear?
19:20:22 <h01ger> and we have cams which can do xlr
19:20:25 <Yoe> only one extra small box in the car, wuoldn't be an issue
19:20:32 <h01ger> those cams are brand new and untested though ;)
19:20:54 <zobel> Yoe: it wouldn't hurt
19:20:55 <h01ger> the big room has a mixer and we have 2 mixers too
19:21:08 <Yoe> I'll bring it, then
19:21:15 <Q_> Yoe: Does that include the plugs? :)  Afaik there are a few different types.
19:21:31 <h01ger> right. the switches we have (if Yoe forgets his) can do vlans, so even without we might be able to manage :)
19:21:38 <bwh> Do we need to move equipment at night (particularly the cameras)?
19:21:45 <h01ger> anyway... next topic or more qeustions about the basic hw setup?
19:21:48 <Yoe> Q_: yeah, well, if you buy the wrong ones you'll get one less crimptang
19:22:00 <h01ger> bwh, for insurance reasons we'll probably have to, yes
19:22:05 <Q_> Tapes?
19:22:14 <h01ger> p2memory cards instead of tapes
19:22:22 <bwh> Q_: Yes there will be duct tape ;-)
19:22:23 <h01ger> we have 4 32gb cards
19:22:36 <h01ger> btw, if you can bring duct tape, please do
19:22:53 <Yoe> I still have a leftover duct tape, would be happy to be rid of it :-)
19:22:58 <Q_> h01ger: They don't have any stores around there with ducktape? :)
19:23:22 <h01ger> Q_, dunno. so its definitly easier to bring a roll or 2
19:23:46 <Yoe> I would be very surprised if they wouldn't have it, but I'll bring mine anyway
19:24:31 <h01ger> Yoe, finding a store, going there, coming back might take 2-3h, so if you have it, bring it
19:24:38 <h01ger> #topic hw backup
19:24:45 <Yoe> exactly, that's why I'm planning to bring it
19:24:58 <zumbi> .. and soldering iron if you got one
19:25:03 <h01ger> i'm not concerned about the irill shipment, if it fails, we have lots of time to hack on debian... ;)
19:25:19 <Q_> How much time fits on those 32 gb things?
19:25:32 <Yoe> zumbi: you serious about that? I can bring one, but it's not mine (it's philip's); if you really need one, you got it
19:25:35 <h01ger> but i'm a bit concerned about the laptops from hp (the ata_carnet still has to be done)
19:25:39 <h01ger> Q_, ~4h
19:26:00 <Q_> zumbi: I think we actually have a soldering iron in one of those boxes.
19:26:03 <h01ger> so i would like to ask you to bring pci-firewire cards so that in worst case we can ask localteam for pcs...
19:26:05 <Q_> At least, we used to.
19:26:10 <h01ger> there is one
19:26:15 <h01ger> i saw it and touched it
19:26:20 <Yoe> h01ger: you mean expresscard, right?
19:26:29 <h01ger> Yoe, no, i mean p2cards
19:26:29 <Yoe> I put one in the box earlier today
19:26:34 <h01ger> ah
19:26:51 <h01ger> firewire cards i mean $whatever, pci, expresscards, whatever
19:27:04 <Yoe> and I'll be bringing this laptop, too, which has an experdcard slot, in case it's needed
19:27:38 <h01ger> so please bring fw cards (just 1-2)
19:27:58 <zumbi> Yoe: I just remember it was needed to solder some RCA connectors to coax cable (at DC9)
19:28:12 <Yoe> (that's on the wiki, fwiw, so this isn't all that important)
19:28:16 <h01ger> okay...
19:28:25 <Yoe> zumbi: I'll just put it in the car
19:28:27 <h01ger> who will bring some fw-cards?
19:28:34 <moray> if you want extra hardware, you should tell more than video team people, I'm sure others have it
19:28:44 <moray> but maybe you'll get too much then :)
19:28:53 <Yoe> better to have too much than too little
19:28:56 * h01ger just wants fw cards atm, in case laptops fail
19:29:17 <Yoe> what's the chance of that happening?
19:29:33 <h01ger> bdale will be there on the 19th and i'm 97% sure he will be there with laptops. but just in case it would be a pity to lack firewire hardware
19:29:45 * h01ger trusts bdale a bit
19:29:58 <h01ger> (for some large values of bit)
19:30:06 * Yoe trusts bdale (for no value of bit)
19:30:39 <h01ger> but if you have spare firewire cards, put them between some thirts + bring them
19:30:39 <Yoe> but yeah, being extra sure won't hurt
19:30:45 <h01ger> btw, BL will be hot :)
19:30:48 <Q_> Do you think we need more of that p2 memory?
19:30:59 <h01ger> Q_, no
19:31:14 <h01ger> i think we'll store everything on the server and will never read them
19:31:17 <Q_> wikipedia claims 2h8m for those 32 GB cards in dvpro mode.
19:31:38 <Yoe> dvpro is the mode where you do 40 minutes of a 60 minute DV tape
19:31:47 <Yoe> so it's going to be more, actually
19:31:51 <h01ger> so 3h
19:32:16 <bwh> No
19:32:31 <bwh> DVCPRO has more error-correction on tape, but the basic bit rate is the same as consumer DV
19:32:35 <h01ger> key is to have teams distributed like we had last year in NYC (where we only started too late..) - this year we have those penta-howto-docs already..
19:32:46 <Yoe> bwh: oh. Okay.
19:32:50 <h01ger> so people do reviews while others record
19:33:23 <h01ger> if someone can bring a 2tb disk (or 2) that would be awesome too. (for a 2nd nfs server as well as to take the data home)
19:34:03 <h01ger> though this year we could even copy the data at irill, before giving the servers back. but i would like to avoid more work for those heros at irill (/me waves to zack, mehdi & Sylvestre :)
19:34:27 <h01ger> next topic=
19:34:28 <h01ger> ?
19:34:36 <Yoe> sure
19:35:11 <h01ger> #topic software
19:35:36 <Yoe> which dvswitch version are we using?
19:35:47 <h01ger> streaming + penta are my notes from the agenda... and i already mentioned "squeeze"
19:35:50 <Q_> So is there a better version of theora in squeeze than what we had last year?
19:35:56 * h01ger leaves that to upstream :)
19:36:04 <Yoe> bwh: ?
19:36:27 <Q_> I think we wanted to backports lots of things, but then gave up or something?
19:36:41 <bwh> Don't know but squeeze has libtheora 1.1.1
19:36:50 <Q_> And I'm not sure what we ran exactly last year.
19:37:11 <bwh> Maybe we can do WebM?
19:37:29 <Yoe> that'd be nice, if we have the time to invest in that
19:37:39 <bwh> I want to work on PEnta first though
19:37:44 * h01ger will look at fai + software stack on the train on saturday... starting on saturday... we have last years sources+source pakcage names in the first place.. i dont expect that to be too hard/much work
19:37:49 <Q_> 1.1.1 is at least the last release.
19:38:28 <h01ger> WebM would be awesome, but i'd suggest to first get the known-to-work-solution to work again :) and start with webM on tuesday or so
19:38:39 <Yoe> yeah, that'd work for me
19:38:49 <bwh> WebM *should* just be a case of ading another row in the database
19:39:01 <h01ger> Yoe, when will you arrive? you do have a laptop which we could use for dvswitch for first tests, right?
19:39:05 <Yoe> and adding another dvsink-command
19:39:11 <Yoe> h01ger: somewhere on the 17th
19:39:19 <h01ger> Yoe, and you bring a laptop+cam?
19:39:20 <bwh> Yoe: If you want to stream it, yeah
19:39:25 <Yoe> h01ger: yeah
19:39:38 <h01ger> Yoe, cool
19:39:41 <Q_> I guess theora can't make use of multiple cores?
19:39:49 <h01ger> so we can start early+distributed
19:40:02 <h01ger> ie test the software when the audio cabling is still being done, and so on
19:40:12 <Yoe> yeah, that works
19:40:21 <h01ger> Yoe, and we can erase the harddisk? (if not, i have one i could bring)
19:40:27 <bwh> Q_: Mmm, don't know
19:40:35 <Yoe> h01ger: no, you can't.
19:40:42 <h01ger> Yoe, sata or pata?
19:40:52 <Yoe> h01ger: there's a Windows installation on there that I need to be able to update my car GPS
19:40:57 <Yoe> sata, I think. Let me check
19:41:15 <Yoe> yeah, it has ahci loaded
19:41:24 <Yoe> it's a core2duo, would be weird if it wasn't sata :-)
19:41:37 <Q_> bwh: Afaik, last year they were only using 1 core to do the stream encoding, and we had to change the parameters because it couldn't keep up.
19:41:40 <h01ger> ok, thats a bit harder but imo doable. Yoe, else we could reinstall the linux partition, or?
19:41:40 <Yoe> hp 2230s if it matters
19:41:49 <Yoe> yeah, you can do that
19:42:04 <Yoe> that is, I'll make sure you can by the time I get there :-)
19:42:09 <h01ger> Yoe, cool
19:42:28 <h01ger> thats fine. we use d-i+preseeding into fai, with manual partitioning, so that works nicely
19:42:44 <Yoe> h01ger: alternatively, if you can just do a dd of the windows partition before you wipe it and put it back before you return it to me, that's fine as well
19:42:58 <Yoe> it's "only" 40G
19:43:16 <h01ger> heh
19:43:29 <h01ger> streaming!
19:43:50 <h01ger> Ganneff, i assume we can use "your" (with and without quotes) servers again?
19:44:17 <h01ger> and penta, the version we're using has all our patches i assume...
19:46:43 * h01ger hopes that "yes" is the answer to both and assumes that Ganneff will reply later...
19:46:52 <h01ger> next topic would be AOB
19:46:58 <Yoe> which is what, exactly?
19:47:04 <Yoe> :)
19:47:15 <h01ger> any other business
19:47:18 <Yoe> oh,okay
19:47:48 * h01ger has hoped for a 30min meeting but actually 45min is pretty good too, considering its really the first one ;)
19:47:54 <h01ger> s/has/had/
19:49:04 <h01ger> #topic AOB
19:49:54 <h01ger> bwh, when will you arrive? Q_ ? tiago ?
19:51:23 <tiago> h01ger: 19th
19:51:31 <tiago> +tassia
19:51:40 <h01ger> cool!
19:51:47 <tiago> :) count on us
19:51:48 <h01ger> tiago, happy backlog reading ;)
19:51:51 <bwh> h01ger: Ask the organiser
19:51:54 <h01ger> tiago, will happily do
19:52:07 <h01ger> bwh, heh
19:53:24 <Q_> 21st
19:53:39 <Q_> Very late
19:54:22 <p2-mate> there's a wiki which tells you these things :)
19:55:22 <h01ger> uh. point
19:55:46 <h01ger> no p2-mate on this wiki page :(
19:56:05 <Yoe> p2-mate: weren't you coming by car, too?
19:56:16 <p2-mate> I am
19:56:22 <p2-mate> h01ger: which wikipage?
19:56:36 <p2-mate> I'm arriving 23/7
19:57:17 * h01ger is really happy about the hw setup this year and hopes it will work out (and work much better in the next years) and is curious how your feelings about dc11 video are... will we have a smoother conf? thats at least my goal 8-)
19:57:36 <h01ger> p2-mate, http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf11/Videoteam/Help add yourself there :)
19:57:51 <Yoe> p2-mate: you're a funny guy, you know that?
19:58:00 <Yoe> first you mention the wiki page, then you go 'which wiki page?'
19:58:05 <p2-mate> well, I thought you already knew I would be helping out :) not much for setting up though
19:58:20 <p2-mate> Yoe: well, I was refering to the arrivals wikipage :P
19:58:32 <h01ger> (i'm also very happy about the videoteam itself, but thats nothing new ;)
20:00:34 <Corneliu1W> h01ger: the team is growing :D
20:00:53 * h01ger cheers Corneliu1W!
20:01:27 <tiago> i feel that while we have someone playing h01ger (even being h01ger himself) we'll do a good job in video stuff
20:01:36 <Ganneff> h01ger: yes
20:01:43 <h01ger> Ganneff, wunderbar!
20:01:46 <Corneliu1W> how are you? to much organisation stress?
20:01:50 <tiago> i
20:02:38 <p2-mate> why does https://penta.debconf.org/penta/volunteer/schedule show 2009 dates? :)
20:02:43 <h01ger> Corneliu1W, i'm good, thanks! dc11 organisation+preparation is coming together nicely and soon we'll all be at a great conf "down under"! ;)
20:02:44 <tiago> i'm a bit distant from video stuff this year due to other DC issues, but it takes only few hours to become fully involved again
20:02:47 <Ganneff> cos you didnt select dc11?
20:03:58 <h01ger> Corneliu1W, video preperations _are_ very smooth and IMO good too, so what could possibly go wrong?
20:04:13 <p2-mate> everything :)
20:04:16 * h01ger bows and looks forward to see you all soon!
20:04:19 <h01ger> #endmeeting