17:59:40 <nattie> #startmeeting
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17:59:43 * edrz here
17:59:46 <nattie> anyone for chair?
17:59:48 <h01ger> nattie: right
17:59:52 <h01ger> nattie: /me
17:59:55 <nattie> #chair h01ger
17:59:55 <MeetBot> Current chairs: h01ger nattie
18:00:09 * nattie hands over to h01ger
18:00:11 <edrz> tiago: according this machine's clock we're still 1 minute early.
18:00:21 <edrz> guess I should fix that.
18:00:28 <h01ger> #topic introduction round, everybody say hi and what they intend to work on, if they know :)
18:00:34 <bwh> Hi
18:00:42 <CarlFK> bwh hi!
18:00:55 <edrz> hi, i'm making an attempt at videoteam scheduling in summit.
18:01:18 <jrayhawk> Hi, I'm a Portland local who streamed/recorded XDC2014. I have access to infrastructure at PSU and a fair amount of equipment.
18:01:25 <nattie> hi bwh
18:01:25 <urbec> hi, I might help with hardware setup
18:01:36 <h01ger> hiho :) i'll once again try to manage this wonderful chaos, which hopefully wont be so chaotic at all, with CarlFK and everybody else joining the fun
18:01:49 <tiago> hi, i've done pyohio with CarlFK then I know who he is :p
18:02:24 <tassia> hi there, sorry I'm late :-/
18:02:30 <h01ger> jrayhawk: hi! great that you're around!
18:02:40 <h01ger> #save
18:03:03 <h01ger> tassia: hi. so far you missed the intro round only, which you can read about on meetbot.debian.net -> this meetings log
18:03:20 <tassia> h01ger: thanks!
18:04:05 <h01ger> cate: fil_: MadameZou p2-mate rhalina RichiH Sylvestre: will you be around?
18:04:10 <h01ger> hi urbec :)
18:04:11 <jrayhawk> er, XDC2013
18:04:14 <jrayhawk> whatever year that was
18:04:22 <h01ger> #save
18:04:34 <h01ger> hi franklin. so far you missed the intro round only, which you can read about on  meetbot.debian.net -> this meetings log
18:04:38 <franklin> Hi
18:04:57 <franklin> ok ,thanks
18:05:02 <h01ger> Ganneff: can we use the streaming infrastrcuture like for dc13 and previous years again?
18:05:07 <Sylvestre> h01ger, not for the meeting but I should be able to help from Paris
18:05:36 <h01ger> Sylvestre: if you could set up something to record all the streams as an backup, that would be awesome! :)
18:06:03 <CarlFK> h01ger: unless there is a good reason not to, I would like to use the timvideos.us setup
18:06:38 <h01ger> CarlFK: seems reasonable, but lets follow the agenda at https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf14/Videoteam/Meetings
18:06:43 <h01ger> shall we move on to topic "hw"?
18:07:10 <CarlFK> hw it is
18:07:22 <tiago> valessio, what about timvideos.us ?
18:07:25 <h01ger> #topic hw - hardware from Carl
18:07:31 <h01ger> tiago: valessio: later please
18:07:36 <tiago> yep, sorry
18:07:39 <h01ger> CarlFK: what will you bring?
18:07:40 <edrz> CarlFK's bringing everything, right? ;)
18:07:45 <h01ger> or maybe rather, what not?
18:07:48 <valessio> tiago, h01ger hi, one moment..
18:07:53 <tiago> (giving him time to elaborate)
18:08:03 <h01ger> valessio: streaming is a later topic
18:08:13 <valessio> ok
18:08:29 <tiago> CarlFK not bringing projectors and speakers afaik
18:08:58 <h01ger> and also only 1.5tb usb drive
18:09:15 <h01ger> #info carl brings "everything", see http://whiteboard.debian.net/5df150.wb
18:09:23 <h01ger> #info except projectors and speakers
18:09:29 <h01ger> #info also only 1.5tb usb drive
18:09:34 <tiago> another important thing IMO is having HDMI on those twinpacks
18:09:37 <h01ger> #info so we'll want better storage
18:09:47 <h01ger> tiago: this needs magic
18:09:47 <tiago> many people asking for hdmi recently
18:09:52 <CarlFK> I have a quote from a portland av company for screens, projectors, amps, speakers - $900 for the week
18:10:03 <tiago> nattie does magic then
18:10:08 * h01ger notes we miss budget on the agenda
18:10:13 <tiago> :\
18:10:18 * h01ger adds it
18:10:36 <h01ger> CarlFK: is the above summary correct?
18:10:37 <tiago> so we should be more verbose about missing hdmi
18:10:42 <h01ger> what cameras are those? xlr in?
18:10:43 <bwh> tiago: Are there laptops with HDMI as the only video output?
18:10:44 <tiago> not a big deal
18:10:47 <h01ger> do you have xlr cables?
18:11:00 <CarlFK> one Q at a time :p
18:11:01 <h01ger> i'd say hdmi only is bad luck.
18:11:03 <tiago> bwh, usually not, but people don't use to carry their adaptors
18:11:10 <bwh> And, isn't DP/mini-DP more common?
18:11:18 <h01ger> tiago: we need to mail the speakers anyway, so this needs to be included there
18:11:36 <tiago> ok
18:11:39 <CarlFK> cameras are all panasoncic dvx100 - what I used at PyCon, yes xlr in.  DV firewire out
18:11:45 <h01ger> dc14 will still be vga projector conf... i'd strongly suggest or say ;-p
18:11:55 <h01ger> CarlFK: and you have xlr cables?
18:12:16 <CarlFK> and I have swtiched to using camera xlr.  partly because of h01ger's request at pycon.de - thank you for the nudge
18:12:24 <CarlFK> I have xlr cables.
18:12:29 <h01ger> :-)
18:12:34 <h01ger> my pleasure.
18:12:40 <h01ger> :-D
18:12:48 <h01ger> #info we'll use xlr for audio
18:12:55 <h01ger> we need audio mixers from psu?
18:13:05 <h01ger> #topic other hardware we need
18:13:15 <jrayhawk> Should I attempt to get mics/mixers/amps/speakers from free personal sources, or are we happy with paying that $900?
18:13:16 <CarlFK> nope, I will bring 4 audio mixers
18:14:02 <jrayhawk> Hmm. I suppose I don't know enough people with projectors.
18:14:13 <CarlFK> jrayhawk: I hope we are ok paying $900.  unless you can get the screens and projectors too
18:14:20 <tassia> h01ger: why don't we buy some vga/hdmi adaptors? just to avoid surprises
18:14:23 <h01ger> jrayhawk: of course we are more happy if we get them free of charge
18:14:35 <jrayhawk> I think I can only do one screen/projector.
18:15:03 <h01ger> tassia: if they exist for reasonable prices we absolutly should
18:15:21 <h01ger> #info carl will also bring audio mixers.
18:15:32 <h01ger> so all we need is projectors, screens and speakers + amps?
18:15:41 <h01ger> (and moar storage)
18:15:43 <bwh> tassia: Hmm, I think those will be quite expensive in general. Maybe some laptops can be switched to VGA output with a passive adapter but then it is probably specific to that model/manufacturer
18:16:03 <tiago> about $30
18:16:14 <tassia> http://www.amazon.co.uk/Neewer-Black-Adapter-Converter-Laptop/dp/B007KEIRNG
18:16:15 <h01ger> CarlFK: so all we need is projectors, screens and speakers + amps?
18:16:40 <bwh> tassia: wow
18:16:42 <CarlFK> h01ger: correct, at least for in the room
18:16:42 <tassia> but I'm not the pbest person to say that this is what we need
18:16:57 * h01ger likes to file this 900 usd budget and vga/hdmi adaptors under (important) "details" for after the meeting
18:17:06 <h01ger> CarlFK: what else besides the rooms is there?
18:17:22 <p2-mate> bwh: yes, chromebooks don't have vga for example
18:17:35 <h01ger> so anything else about hw or should we move to sw?
18:17:41 <nattie> could someone just get those adapters and expense them?
18:17:56 <tiago> h01ger, projectors
18:17:59 <CarlFK> h01ger: file server and I suspect some switches that will be in the NOC (Network Operations Center) which I think is someone elses problem
18:18:00 <h01ger> nattie: if they exist, feel free to do so
18:18:07 <tiago> i can't see the solution
18:18:10 <tiago> renting?
18:18:24 <h01ger> #info file server and switches (hi NOC, hi RichiH) are missing.
18:18:48 <edrz> i think kees is the local handling network stuff.
18:19:07 <h01ger> he's not here. edrz, could you pass taht on to him?
18:19:18 <h01ger> next topic?
18:19:18 <jrayhawk> I manage servers in colocation at PSU which can be used for storage or rtp/rtsp/rtmp purposes.
18:19:40 <h01ger> jrayhawk: na, we want our own. thanks but no thanks.
18:19:57 <h01ger> #topic software stac
18:20:00 <CarlFK> also.. shipping 1000 lbs of gear and boxes (which is heavier than the gear) from chicago to portland and back: $2000.  (shipping company, not sure we can really do better unless someone wants to drive)
18:20:06 <h01ger> #topic software stac - live production
18:20:15 <h01ger> CarlFK: please bring this up again for later topic "budget"
18:20:18 <CarlFK> k
18:20:32 <h01ger> for software, i suggest wheezy plus the usual suspects
18:20:41 <h01ger> aka what we used at dc13, incl sesses stuff
18:20:53 <CarlFK> software: I suggest using the macines as they are now.
18:20:54 <edrz> what's sesses?
18:21:00 <h01ger> sadly there is no newer dvswitch or is there?
18:21:13 <p2-mate> h01ger: you can make one!
18:21:27 <h01ger> CarlFK: i suggest reinstalling, so more people know the stuff running on it
18:21:37 <h01ger> CarlFK: your solution/install is only known well by you
18:21:54 <h01ger> edrz: a person, who did the cube streamer
18:22:33 <CarlFK> h01ger: well.. nothing else works - the fosdem stack still seems broken and I could never even find the dvswitch source
18:22:43 <jrayhawk> http://www.x.org/~jrayhawk/fdoteelivestream worked for me
18:22:49 <jrayhawk> that plus crtmpserver
18:23:08 <CarlFK> I have 5 laptops that have a solid, tested, etc setup.
18:23:10 <h01ger> edrz: blog.sesse.net
18:23:17 <h01ger> search for his dc13 posts
18:23:21 <edrz> h01ger: ack. will look later.
18:23:27 <h01ger> CarlFK: still, you would be the SPOF then
18:23:29 <CarlFK> all the same, all working.
18:23:31 <h01ger> thats just stupid
18:23:50 <CarlFK> um... I can fail but the laptops will still keep working
18:24:12 <tiago> CarlFK, i suggest not using those ubuntu/unit thing
18:24:14 <h01ger> plus they run ubuntu, dont they?
18:24:16 <CarlFK> tiago was able to fix them on his own when dhcp went away
18:24:21 <h01ger> CarlFK: so no
18:24:39 <tiago> at least not unit, which sucked many times in pyohio
18:24:48 <CarlFK> what is unit?
18:24:52 <h01ger> unity
18:24:55 <tiago> oh
18:24:58 <tiago> whatever
18:25:01 <tiago> that shit thing
18:25:18 <CarlFK> and yet somehow we got videos
18:25:35 <tiago> CarlFK, we'll have extra work on merging
18:25:42 <CarlFK> what?
18:25:50 <tiago> because of unity freezing
18:26:00 <CarlFK> what?
18:26:10 <franklin> Is there some feature that we could merge from CarlFK into DC13 setup ?
18:26:23 <franklin> same question for Fosdem setup ?
18:26:24 <CarlFK> one Q at a time.. we now have 3
18:26:27 <CarlFK> 4
18:26:30 <tiago> eheh
18:26:44 <CarlFK> tiago: what do you mean by: extra work on merging ?
18:26:56 <h01ger> #info so we will need to discuss the software setup in detail later
18:27:00 <h01ger> next topic? ;-p
18:27:03 <CarlFK> lol
18:27:16 * h01ger really wants to finish in 60m
18:27:27 <tiago> CarlFK, we had to restart X in the middle of talks because of unity freezing
18:27:32 <h01ger> and better shorter, so we have more time for leftover questions then
18:27:39 <bwh> h01ger: You can do that but will we have made any progress?
18:27:39 <tiago> yes yes please
18:27:45 <aps-sids> I kinda agree with Carl here. I have worked on Carl/timvideos.us  It is reliable and we can fix it quickly if it break fo \r some reason. We can probably replace unity?
18:27:45 <h01ger> oh, and we wont run ubuntu to do debconf video
18:28:10 <h01ger> thats a hillarious idea, IMNSHO
18:28:29 <h01ger> next topic, review?
18:29:08 <h01ger> #topic software stack - review/encoding/publishing
18:29:14 <tiago> last thing: i'm fine with ubuntu, it has worked well, it was just unity breaking stuff
18:29:35 <CarlFK> tiago will work on writing up docs last Sat right?  oh wait no. such is free labor :p
18:29:39 * h01ger roles eyes. for that at fosdem - due to time constraints - we went with carls ubuntu setup too
18:30:48 <tiago> CarlFK, i'll do tonight
18:30:57 <tiago> :) if it doesnt rain
18:31:17 <CarlFK> yay!  I think you will find there is no "extra work on merging" issue.
18:31:31 <cate> oops. arrived late
18:31:54 <h01ger> #topic managing volunteer shifts (with summit?)
18:31:59 <edrz> so.
18:32:15 <edrz> i've been working on writing a volunteer scheduling piece in summit.
18:32:19 <edrz> nothing to show yet.
18:32:32 * h01ger still cheers edrz
18:32:36 <edrz> hopefully i'll get something done in time, but it would be prudent to have a backup plan.
18:32:52 <edrz> even if it's just a shared spreedsheet, or paper or ?
18:32:53 <CarlFK> cheers indeed -
18:33:08 <h01ger> #info edrz hopes to have something for volunteer scheduling in summit but thinks a backup plan would be a good idea
18:33:27 <CarlFK> backup plan - I find paper on clipboard in the room is a fantastic data store
18:33:51 <edrz> very good. so, i think that's it for that. moving on?
18:33:54 <cate> wiki
18:34:03 <p2-mate> whatever we had before
18:34:10 <tiago> wiki
18:34:16 <p2-mate> at least something web accessible
18:34:28 <tiago> then we migrate to summit if we get such feature in time
18:34:30 <p2-mate> tiago: no. I do remember it was more advanced than just a wiki
18:34:34 <cate> p2-mate: I think nodoby want really setup again penta only for volunteers
18:34:39 <edrz> sure. whatever the team decides, I'll just keep trying.
18:35:05 <p2-mate> cate: well, then make the new solution work
18:35:15 <edrz> accept for penta. i can't see that being _less_ work than getting done in summit.
18:35:17 <h01ger> cate: its still running, it just needs a data import
18:35:20 <RichiH> oi
18:35:26 <edrz> s/accept/except/
18:35:28 <RichiH> sorry; real life got in the way
18:35:31 * tiago go for CarlFK's paper on clipboard then
18:35:34 <h01ger> #topic setup - when + who
18:35:44 <cate> h01ger: Ganneff told me that in that case he should do a lot of works.,.. so maybe it is not only abouti mporting data
18:35:52 <RichiH> h01ger: i will not be at dc14
18:35:59 <h01ger> RichiH: ic + hi
18:36:00 <CarlFK> edrz: if you find it is daunting.. A) you can walk and DC will still be ok, B) so *anything* will be appriciated
18:36:02 <RichiH> but i can try and help remotely where possible
18:36:37 <edrz> CarlFK: yup. thanks.
18:36:38 * h01ger will be in portland on aug 20th late, but...
18:36:50 <cate> I'll also not attend DC14, so finally I could help in the controlling/rating things
18:36:54 <edrz> i will miss setup due to my daughter's b-day on the 23rd.
18:36:59 * franklin should arrive on  21st
18:37:10 <jrayhawk> I'm local and can make time for whatever needs to be done.
18:37:23 * urbec can be there from 20th
18:37:58 <h01ger> we should have one
18:38:01 <h01ger> in git
18:38:06 <RichiH> h01ger: if you still need hardware, i can poke the networking community, asking for sposonred hardware
18:38:11 <CarlFK> nattie: wake up! :)
18:38:39 <tassia> just a sec about the setup
18:38:52 <jrayhawk> PSU's TheCAT also might be bored and well-stocked enough to help out with the network side of things.
18:38:52 <tassia> tassia and tiago don't know yet when they will arrive
18:39:08 <tassia> it will depend on the setup start date
18:40:45 <h01ger> anybody volunteering to have an extra eye on budget?
18:40:51 <h01ger> +set up a file in git, tracking stuff
18:41:00 <h01ger> we have heard 900+2000 usd tonite
18:41:22 <jrayhawk> It would be nice to know where I can canonically volunteer hardware to offset those numbers.
18:41:29 <p2-mate> +hdmi -> vga
18:41:47 <h01ger> jrayhawk: do you want an email? a physical address? anything else?
18:42:17 <jrayhawk> I mean, in terms of, like, a bill of materials on a wiki or something.
18:43:08 <h01ger> yeah, we should have a wiki page for that
18:43:09 <jrayhawk> I assume someone has a list of what's needed versus what's been volunteered by e.g. Carl
18:43:12 <h01ger> feel free to start one ;)
18:43:16 <h01ger> jrayhawk: not yet
18:43:19 <jrayhawk> Okay.
18:43:20 <h01ger> except for this log
18:43:41 <h01ger> #info no volunteer for budget yet. it should be kept in git. 900+2000 usd were numbers needed today
18:43:46 <h01ger> #topic who writes a summary
18:43:48 <CarlFK> jrayhawk: shipping is about $2 per lb.
18:44:01 <p2-mate> MeetBot: h01ger :)
18:44:01 <MeetBot> p2-mate: Error: "h01ger" is not a valid command.
18:44:19 <h01ger> #save
18:44:30 <h01ger> http://meetbot.debian.net/debconf-video/2014/debconf-video.2014-08-05-17.59.html should help greatly
18:44:39 <h01ger> but a real summary for the list would be awesome
18:44:42 <franklin> h01ger, we need a volunter to initialize a git file with the budget, right ? just the list of items needed ?
18:44:50 <h01ger> franklin: yes
18:45:01 <h01ger> textfiles are good starters :)
18:45:10 * franklin initilize the file
18:45:23 <h01ger> MeetBot: anybody volunteering to write the summary?
18:45:23 <MeetBot> h01ger: Error: "anybody" is not a valid command.
18:45:28 <h01ger> MeetBot: pingall anybody volunteering to write the summary?
18:45:28 <MeetBot> anybody volunteering to write the summary?
18:45:28 <MeetBot> aps-sids bwh CarlFK cate christoph daven edrz FBI fil_ franklin Ganneff h01ger ivodd jon_d jrayhawk KGB-0 KGB-1 KGB-2 kierank MadameZou MeetBot moray nattie noahfx p2-mate paulproteus pixie rhalina RichiH rmayorga simonft Sylvestre taffit_sud tassia tiago urbec
18:45:28 <MeetBot> valessio wouter
18:45:28 <MeetBot> anybody volunteering to write the summary?
18:45:29 <CarlFK> jrayhawk:  hm.. not sure that helps given more is spent shipping the box than what is in the box.  nm all this
18:45:36 <p2-mate> echo drinks: 2000USD > budget.txt? :)
18:45:58 <h01ger> p2-mate: you destroyed the budget.txt!
18:45:59 <CarlFK> nattie: didn't you somehow get tasked with keeping track of $ for us?
18:46:04 <valessio> MeetBot: what?
18:46:04 <MeetBot> valessio: Error: "what?" is not a valid command.
18:46:04 <p2-mate> h01ger: yes!
18:46:15 <p2-mate> h01ger: it was empty so :)
18:46:19 <h01ger> so, anybody to write the summary?
18:47:10 <tassia> I can write the summary
18:47:11 * franklin will write a summary of the meeting
18:47:18 <h01ger> \o/
18:47:28 <h01ger> #info tassia and franklin will write a summary :)
18:47:34 <CarlFK> lol!
18:47:43 <h01ger> i'm sure you'll manage :)
18:47:49 <p2-mate> hehe
18:47:50 <h01ger> #topic AOB
18:47:58 <h01ger> (any other business)
18:48:18 <nattie> CarlFK: erm... not to my knowledge?
18:48:41 <CarlFK> nattie: oh.. never mind then.
18:48:49 <franklin> What about the review of the streams? will it be in summit ?
18:49:09 <CarlFK> review of the streams?
18:49:09 <edrz> we sort of skipped that ... CarlFK has this veyepar thing.
18:49:10 <h01ger> franklin: probably not
18:49:17 <p2-mate> why did we move away from the working penta setup?
18:49:19 <h01ger> #endmeeting