18:10:12 <wouter> #startmeeting
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18:10:52 <wouter> #topic getting stuff there
18:11:25 <wouter> this is usually done by someone driving the gear over, I suppose?
18:11:31 <RichiH> i contacted IRILL about what they even _have_ "there"
18:11:40 <tumbleweed> yeah, it's all a bit unknown
18:11:49 <RichiH> from what i know, it's sent; not driven
18:12:00 <wouter> or that
18:12:13 <RichiH> dc14 paid $1971.42 for shipping
18:12:20 <RichiH> that was CarlFK's stuff though iirc
18:12:26 <edrz> right
18:12:27 <wouter> well, Paris -> Heidelberg isn't that large
18:12:30 <RichiH> aye
18:12:47 <RichiH> it is probably cheaper to pay for gas for an attendee
18:13:10 <RichiH> at _max_, we are looking at €500 imo. €200 more likely unless it's a ton of crap
18:13:15 <tumbleweed> they'd need a van
18:13:18 <RichiH> (problem is, i still don't know what they have)
18:13:22 <wouter> tumbleweed: or multiple cars
18:13:31 <RichiH> so, 500 _max_?
18:13:34 <wouter> presumably there will be people driving from paris to heidelberg anyway
18:13:40 <tumbleweed> I seem to recall the IRILL stuff being shipped to the mini DCs in cambridge
18:14:34 <wouter> I think 500 is a bit on the low side
18:14:39 <wouter> if we're going to ship
18:14:59 <RichiH> how many boxes of what size?
18:15:07 <wouter> I have shipped a few twinpacts from Antwerp to wherever FrOSCon is a few times, and that cost €100
18:15:13 <wouter> (approx)
18:15:42 <wouter> IIRC, there's one large box containing the cameras
18:15:57 <wouter> and three or four smaller ones containing various smaller items
18:16:06 <tumbleweed> and tripods, that don't fit in boxes
18:16:11 <wouter> (mixers, twinpacts, ...)
18:16:19 <edrz> laptops, too ... aren't there?
18:16:36 <wouter> CarlFK's stuff is packed in two large boxes, sized similarly to the large IRILL box
18:16:48 <wouter> so actually, while the boxes are smaller, the amount to be shipped may be larger
18:16:57 <wouter> CarlFK also doesn't have cameras, IIRC
18:17:06 <tumbleweed> CarlFK's stuff did pack very compactly
18:17:07 <wouter> let's say 2K, worst case, most likely 1K?
18:17:09 <tumbleweed> he does have cameras
18:17:16 <wouter> oh
18:17:44 <tumbleweed> way more than IRILL has (and more cables, etc)
18:18:18 <wouter> well, still. Does 1-2K sound reasonable?
18:18:36 <RichiH> 2k for shipping? i think not
18:18:49 <RichiH> 500-1000 is on the high side imo, but we can keep that for now
18:19:00 <RichiH> twinpact means DV video?
18:19:04 <wouter> okay, let's say 1K then
18:19:06 <wouter> RichiH: yes
18:19:23 <tumbleweed> twinpact is the VGA -> DVA frame grabber
18:19:25 <edrz> twinpact's convert laptop vga-> dva
18:19:38 <wouter> #topic methodology
18:20:00 <wouter> so, previous years we've worked with dvswitch and a penta extension
18:20:11 <wouter> for 2014, I understand CarlFK's python thingy was used
18:20:24 <wouter> can anyone who was actually there comment on how well that worked?
18:20:24 <edrz> veyepar.
18:20:29 <wouter> right
18:20:32 <tumbleweed> https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/Videoteam/HardwareInventory looks accurate (re boxes)
18:20:48 <CarlFK> here - caught up,  assessment of my stuff is about right
18:21:19 <wouter> (I can say that for FOSDEM '14, the veyepar part of our stuff didn't work very well, with almost nobody doing reviews, so I'm slightly reluctant to repeat that for dc15; but I don't know how well it worked for dc14...)
18:22:10 <RichiH> wouter: is using FOSDEM15 workflow an option at all, in your eyes? i know you have several concerns, but i know at least a few of them are being adressed
18:22:24 <RichiH> and i _think_ all of them
18:22:28 <wouter> RichiH: not for debconf
18:22:42 <RichiH> wouter: for understanding: why?
18:22:54 <wouter> RichiH: FOSDEM15 used "MistServer", an "open core" streaming server
18:23:02 <wouter> that part worked okayish
18:23:14 <wouter> they didn't do *any* on-site editing, and have spent several weeks now editing things afterwards
18:23:18 <wouter> for debconf, that will not happen
18:23:30 <wouter> so if we go that route, we'll fail
18:24:26 <wouter> I don't think we should switch away from dvswitch for dc15
18:24:42 <wouter> but it's the reviewing part of the setup that we need to make a decision on today, IMO
18:25:03 * h01ger has no time to participate in the meeting today, sorry
18:25:16 <RichiH> wouter: from what i know, they will have both live switching and dual stream recording so you can edit afterwards
18:25:18 <CarlFK> how does reviewing effect the budget ?
18:25:27 <wouter> CarlFK: it doesn't
18:25:38 <RichiH> CarlFK: the overall workflow does
18:25:52 <tumbleweed> who would edit afterwards?
18:26:04 <wouter> tumbleweed: for debconf? nobody would, that's my point
18:26:10 <tumbleweed> that was my point too
18:26:28 <wouter> so, as I said, I don't think the fosdem15 workflow will work for debconf
18:26:37 <h01ger> i'm actually somewhat annoyed you hold the meeting now. way to build a team :/
18:26:49 <wouter> #endmeeting