12:02:06 <pollo_> #startmeeting
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12:02:25 <pollo_> #info proposed agenda: https://pad.riseup.net/p/videoteam-dc16
12:02:40 <pollo_> I have switched the order of the topics for wouter
12:03:11 <pollo_> anything else we should discuss?
12:03:20 <tumbleweed> hardware hire
12:03:27 <tumbleweed> the broken opsis board
12:03:39 <wouter> tumbleweed: highvoltage was going to look into rental, I think?
12:03:39 <pollo_> --- Renting vs shipping --- == hardwire hire?
12:03:50 <tumbleweed> yep
12:04:23 <tumbleweed> also, paddatrapper seemed like he may be able to dig in a bit
12:04:25 <wouter> so, what's broken about the opsis board?
12:04:42 <pollo_> let's stick to the agenda please
12:05:14 <tumbleweed> :)
12:05:14 <wouter> RattusRattus said on the list that he won't be here
12:05:37 <pollo_> #topic Final Hardware review - Opsis boards
12:05:53 <pollo_> :D so what's the matter with the boards
12:06:40 <pollo_> (if anybody wants to co-chair, just tell me what the command is :D)
12:06:49 <tumbleweed> #chair is the command
12:06:56 <tumbleweed> https://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot
12:07:10 <pollo_> it's not documented
12:07:12 <pollo_> anyway
12:07:13 <tumbleweed> one of the boards' fx2 (the usb controller) is misbehaving
12:07:15 <tumbleweed> it i sdocumented
12:07:22 <tumbleweed> oh, maybe not :P
12:07:33 <wouter> do we have a spare one?
12:07:38 <tumbleweed> http://meetbot.debian.net/Manual.html#commands
12:07:42 <tumbleweed> wouter: no spare
12:07:52 <tumbleweed> so, we need to do some debugging, and maybe we can get it working
12:07:53 <wouter> let's just make sure we bring one twinpact then?
12:07:58 <wouter> as a fallback
12:08:01 <pollo_> or all of them
12:08:02 <tumbleweed> I do have an atlys as a fallback
12:08:12 <wouter> or that
12:08:14 <tumbleweed> but after that it has to be twinpacts, yes
12:08:29 <wouter> I can easily bring one or two twinpacts in checked luggage
12:08:32 <pollo_> does this means we have 3 opsis boards, 2 in working state?
12:08:37 <tumbleweed> yes
12:08:43 <wouter> I'll do so regardless, so that whatever happens we'll have screen capture
12:08:56 <pollo_> #action wouter to bring twinpacts in checked luggage
12:09:01 <wouter> not that I *want* to use them, but it's the "known good" stuff
12:09:25 <pollo_> #info one of the three opsis board may not work, we may have to fall back on older stuff
12:10:06 <pollo_> just to be sure, we don't need to add twinpacts to the list of stuff to ship from IRILL, right?
12:10:13 <wouter> nope
12:10:18 <wouter> I have FOSDEM-owned twinpacts
12:10:21 <pollo_> next topic?
12:10:26 <wouter> yeah
12:10:38 <pollo_> #topic Final Hardware review - the case of the voctomix room
12:10:58 <pollo_> I kinda whipped up a list based on the stuff on the wiki
12:11:02 <wouter> URL?
12:11:03 <pollo_> we need to confirm it's good
12:11:20 <pollo_> https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf16/Videoteam/EquipmentList#Room_3
12:11:35 <pollo_> I was not sure we wanted 2 cameras
12:11:41 <wouter> yeah, we do
12:11:49 <wouter> I think that was a BOF room, right?
12:11:54 <pollo_> it's mixed
12:11:56 <tumbleweed> pollo_: projectors and screens are bolted to the room
12:12:06 <tumbleweed> same goes for PA
12:12:12 <pollo_> wouter: it's the size of a big room
12:12:43 <pollo_> yeah, I was worrying about soudn desk stuff more
12:12:48 <wouter> I think the video part of what you put on the wiki looks good
12:12:57 <wouter> I'm not that well versed in audio though
12:13:39 <pollo_> CarlFK has looked into capture, should we rely on him to do this?
12:13:50 <tumbleweed> err the desktop computer is by the wrong camera
12:14:04 <tumbleweed> and of course we need a machine by the other camera too
12:14:17 <wouter> ah, yes, good point
12:14:17 <tumbleweed> I guess both desktops if SDI...
12:14:37 <pollo_> well, we do have 2 more desktop computers from highvoltage (#5-6)
12:14:59 <pollo_> but I though the "gantry" computer was for the main one
12:15:00 <wouter> tumbleweed: actually
12:15:13 <wouter> there is a "video desk" thing which has the main video capture
12:15:18 <wouter> er, what pollo_ said :)
12:15:27 <tumbleweed> ah, gantry is video desk
12:15:28 <tumbleweed> right
12:15:45 * tumbleweed wonders what that'll do to his chairing ability
12:16:01 <pollo> :D well see
12:16:22 <pollo> else I'll fill out a bug report
12:16:29 <pollo> so yeah, capture
12:17:19 <pollo> is mini-pci an issue?
12:17:51 <tumbleweed> what does that question even mean?
12:18:02 <tumbleweed> you get mini-pci SDI cards? how does that make sense?
12:18:09 <CarlFK> the bm cards come with 2 ... slot things. full size and 1/2 size
12:18:22 <CarlFK> for low profile? desktop cases
12:18:48 <pollo> I meant did we need special hardware to make then work but it seems not
12:19:18 <tumbleweed> do we know if the desktops have full size PCI sockets?
12:19:34 <pollo> #info CarlFK has bought a blackmagic mini-pci capture card and will try it out
12:20:01 <pollo> tumbleweed: I tried to ask highvoltage a few questions a few times this week but got not response
12:20:04 <wouter> pollo: I think you are confusing mini-PCI with half-height PCI
12:20:24 <wouter> the two are not the same thing. mini-PCI is what you putin a laptop for wireless; half-height is wat you put in a low-profile PCI slot
12:20:48 <pollo> wouter: yeah, that's why I was asking. If the capture is half-height all is good
12:20:55 <wouter> yeah
12:20:58 <pollo> I was wondering about mini-PCI cards
12:21:10 <wouter> I don't think we want to deal with mini-PCI in desktops
12:21:17 <CarlFK> shoes on, got keys, got wallet, got phone, got DI box.. im off!  wishe me luck!
12:21:44 <pollo> I can try to deal with highvoltage again this week, but please ping him for me too
12:22:13 <pollo> so is this good for this topic?
12:22:23 * wouter thinks so
12:22:38 <pollo> #action pollo will ask highvoltage for more details on the desktops
12:22:43 <tumbleweed> pollo: I presume I'll see him
12:22:50 <tumbleweed> or can prod, at least
12:23:05 <pollo> #topic Final Hardware review - Renting vs shipping
12:23:09 <pollo> damn
12:23:11 <pollo> #chair pollo
12:23:19 <wouter> pollo: go /nick pollo_ first
12:23:32 <pollo_> #action pollo will ask highvoltage for more details on the desktops
12:23:34 <pollo_> #topic Final Hardware review - Renting vs shipping
12:23:40 <pollo_> \0/
12:23:45 <pollo_> bug report it is then :p
12:23:56 <pollo_> https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf16/Videoteam/EquipmentList#Renting_vs_shipping
12:24:03 <pollo_> Please have a look if you did not yet
12:24:31 <pollo_> I'm not sure we will have enough money to rent 2 more cameras :S
12:24:49 <pollo_> 900€ seems little for this
12:25:21 <pollo_> -- cameras and capture
12:25:37 <wouter> we're shipping four DV cameras from IRILL. Do I understand correctly that we've already rented two in cape town?
12:26:05 <pollo_> we haven't since I can't reach highvoltage
12:26:05 <tumbleweed> pollo_: then we must shave the audio quote down
12:26:05 <pollo_> I do think we should rent everything from the same place
12:26:12 <tumbleweed> wouter: I'm not aware of us renting anythnig yet
12:26:15 <pollo_> and wanted to know what cameras they had
12:26:31 <wouter> okay, I misunderstood that then
12:26:45 <pollo_> tumbleweed: agreed. We could shave of 2 mixers since we have them at IRILL
12:26:59 <wouter> 900 is indeed a bit on the low side to rent a camera with a good lens
12:27:24 <tumbleweed> buget can also be bumped if necessary
12:27:35 <wouter> (need to go in about two minutes fwiw)
12:28:25 <pollo_> the thing is i'M not sure we will be able to lower the price by much since we are getting a good deal
12:28:54 <pollo_> to be safe we could ask for 1000€ more. What do you think?
12:29:33 <wouter> dunno. We should shop around, see what we can get, and add a few hundred for emergencies and batteries etc
12:29:38 <wouter> and ask for that as a budget
12:30:30 <tumbleweed> let's get some quotes to compare
12:30:40 <pollo_> #info we may be short on budget but will wait a little before asking more to see if something can be done to lower our costs
12:30:41 <tumbleweed> and negotiate against each other
12:30:59 * wouter needs to go now
12:31:04 <pollo_> \0
12:31:09 <wouter> re: vienna: all reviewing is done, everything's live
12:31:12 <pollo_> wouter: thanks for being here!
12:31:19 <wouter> sorry I couldn't stay longer
12:31:43 <pollo_> tumbleweed: I can _try_ to look around on the internet, but it's not the best way to negociate stuff...
12:31:51 <tumbleweed> pollo_: no, we need to get those locally
12:31:59 <pollo_> that's what I meant
12:32:08 <pollo_> in CPT, from Canada :D
12:32:28 <pollo_> the best would be if we could get someone from local team to help^out
12:33:33 <pollo_> you said paddatrapper could maybe help. Is s/he from local?
12:34:10 <tumbleweed> yep
12:35:01 <pollo_> can I action paddatrapper on helping us with renting local stuff?
12:36:09 <pollo_> I also want to give out a final list to olasd since we need to ship ASAP. Is the list on the wiki any good or have I missed anything?
12:36:40 * tumbleweed SMSs highvoltage, just in case he's near a computer and forgot
12:37:01 <pollo_> I'll add the 2 mixers to the shipping list to reduce rental costs
12:37:07 <tumbleweed> well, that list depends on what we hire, yes
12:37:18 <tumbleweed> is it really cheaper to ship a mixer than hire it?
12:37:26 <tumbleweed> IIRC those things cost about $100 to buy outright
12:37:39 <pollo_> I don't know since we don't have the detailled quote
12:37:44 <pollo_> and mixers are quite heavy
12:38:12 <tumbleweed> yeah, the big one is in its own flight case
12:38:35 <pollo_> then I don't know what we can shave off the quote, since we need microphones too
12:38:38 <tumbleweed> I think we need a little more time to explore local options, before shipping
12:38:48 <tumbleweed> (and actually exercise that time)
12:39:30 <pollo_> #action pollo to ask olasd to start working on the temporary import papers
12:40:24 <pollo_> tumbleweed: i agree, but in 2 weeks we need a final list
12:40:32 <tumbleweed> yeah
12:41:40 <pollo_> #action pollo to follow up with paddatrapper for renting local stuff
12:42:01 <pollo_> I was thinking of going with UPS and compare with Fedex just to be sure
12:42:14 <pollo_> any other company I should look into?
12:42:45 <pollo_> I'm not certain we want to go with smallish companies since it might be more trouble than anything
12:42:58 <tumbleweed> yeah, I don't have anything else to suggest
12:43:13 <pollo_> #action pollo to compare UPS and Fedex prices
12:43:20 <pollo_> next topic?
12:43:25 <tumbleweed> DHL maybe
12:43:40 <tumbleweed> but I bet they all cost about the same
12:43:40 <pollo_> #info we should also look into DHL for shipping
12:43:48 <tumbleweed> yep, move on
12:43:50 <pollo_> yeah, pretty competitive market
12:43:57 <pollo_> #topic Follow up on last meeting's actions
12:44:12 <pollo_> we'll I did ask highvoltage a bunch of important quesitons
12:44:23 <pollo_> he told me he'd answer me and I got nothing back :(
12:44:33 <pollo_> wouter did the reviewing bit
12:44:42 <pollo_> that's it for me
12:45:14 <pollo_> tumbleweed: nice job with RattusRattus on the hardware
12:45:29 <pollo_> helps a lot to have a clearer portrait
12:45:39 * tumbleweed had forgotten all about that :P
12:45:56 <pollo_> it _has_ been a while since last meeting
12:46:10 <pollo_> can we move on?
12:46:45 <tumbleweed> yep
12:46:46 <pollo_> #topic Quick summary of Vienna Mini-DC
12:46:55 <pollo_> any troubles worth nothing?
12:46:59 <pollo_> any good stuff we should learn from?
12:47:27 <tumbleweed> it went beatufiully
12:47:33 <tumbleweed> no firewire problems
12:47:39 <pollo_> shit, this is nice
12:47:43 <tumbleweed> had to reboot the opsis once or twice
12:47:48 <tumbleweed> that was it
12:47:54 <pollo_> any idea on why firewire was good?
12:48:03 <pollo_> did you use HP laptops?
12:48:06 <tumbleweed> we think it's more reliable on the HP laptops than the expresscards
12:48:17 <pollo_> good good
12:48:21 <tumbleweed> PCI cards could be too, who knows
12:48:44 <pollo_> #info HP laptops we reliable at Vienna mini-DC
12:48:47 <tumbleweed> only problem we had was feeding audio into the PA system
12:48:59 <tumbleweed> the only way in was a 1/8" jack
12:49:04 <tumbleweed> and the audio quality was just horrible
12:49:08 <pollo_> :(
12:49:14 <tumbleweed> but the room was small enough that we could turn the volume way down
12:49:28 <pollo_> hopefully this won't happen in CPT, the PA seems good
12:49:37 <tumbleweed> well, we could have the same problem...
12:49:50 <tumbleweed> an idea I wanted to try, but didn't have the cables for
12:50:07 <tumbleweed> was to feed from the desk into the mini-XLR (proprietary) connector on a wireless mic pack
12:50:30 <tumbleweed> (to their PA)
12:50:59 <pollo_> because the PA had mini-XLR?
12:51:00 <tumbleweed> so, yeah, more motivation to get into the audio cabinets at UCT
12:51:05 <tumbleweed> the mic pack did
12:51:13 <pollo_> hmm
12:51:24 <tumbleweed> i.e. feed our audio into their system as if its a microphone
12:51:30 <pollo_> anyway, you said you would be in CPT a month before to check this out
12:51:52 <tumbleweed> I was at UCT for a talk last week, and looked around a bit
12:52:25 <pollo_> I seriouly don't know how you can handle this much traveling
12:52:30 <tumbleweed> I get the feeling that with these new fancy lecturns they don't let the presenters have any access to the cambinet with the amplifier in it, any more
12:52:37 * tumbleweed stays in cape town until debconf, now :P
12:52:48 <pollo_> ha, good to know
12:53:30 <pollo_> could you liberate some time and try to see if we can use their PA for real and what the problems will be?
12:53:47 <tumbleweed> but yes, I must go discuss this with them
12:54:02 <pollo_> #action tumbleweed to look into the PAs at UCT
12:54:11 <pollo_> next topîc?
12:54:57 <tumbleweed> yep
12:55:08 <pollo_> #topic  Next meeting
12:55:43 <pollo_> I do have to say we have a problem having people to join the meetings
12:56:24 <tumbleweed> saturdays are not great
12:56:25 <pollo_> I think that if highvoltage would have been here it would have help a lot
12:56:31 <tumbleweed> but it's the only day everyone can do :/
12:56:38 <pollo_> there is sunday too
12:56:48 <tumbleweed> same problems though, likely
12:57:02 <pollo_> thta or friday night
12:57:17 <pollo_> but it seemed more problematic for h01ger
12:57:29 <pollo_> then again he has other stuff to mind
12:58:10 <pollo_> tumbleweed: if you think it's better, I will call the next meeting Friday from 20:00 to 22:00
12:58:13 <pollo_> utc
12:58:29 <tumbleweed> we can ask on the list
12:58:35 <pollo_> yeah
12:58:36 <tumbleweed> I guess we need a meeting next week?
12:58:46 <pollo_> I think it would be nice
12:58:47 <tumbleweed> things need to start happening faster, now
12:59:28 <pollo_> #action pollo to ask for if a meeting Friday 13th from 20:00 to 22:00 UTC would work for everyone
12:59:44 <pollo_> well I think it wraps it up
12:59:49 <h01ger> yeah, ignore me to find a meeting time… :)
13:00:01 <pollo_> tumbleweed: please nudge highvoltage for me!
13:00:33 <pollo_> last chance to say anything before I close......
13:01:12 <pollo_> #endmeeting