19:00:17 <pollo> #startmeeting
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19:00:22 <pollo> #topic rolecall
19:00:30 <pollo> \0
19:01:16 <pollo> please say hello (again :D) if you are here for the meeting
19:01:18 <paddatrapper> o/
19:01:29 <tobi__> \o
19:01:30 * DLange lurks
19:01:31 <ginggs> hello
19:01:56 <pollo> tumbleweed: ?
19:03:01 <pollo> #topic Autumn sprint
19:03:25 <pollo> Well the goal of this meeting was to decide where & when the autumn sprint would be
19:04:15 <pollo> since both RattusRattus & olasd aren't here, I propose we agree on things that we would find suitable
19:04:28 <pollo> and then check if we can make them happen
19:04:33 <pollo> sounds right?
19:04:41 <paddatrapper> Sounds good
19:05:37 <pollo> personally, I think doing the sprint in Paris at IRILL would be the best option
19:05:45 <tumbleweed> o/
19:05:46 <pollo> since we would not have to lug the stuff
19:06:09 <tumbleweed> yeah, IRILL sounds the easiest
19:06:12 <paddatrapper> Definitely makes the most sense
19:06:32 <pollo> anyone been there before?
19:06:41 * tobi__ not
19:06:44 <pollo> I don,t know how far from everything else it is
19:07:03 <CarlFK> hello
19:07:44 <pollo> hmm, it's near arc de triomphe
19:07:50 <pollo> right in the middle of Paris
19:08:00 <pollo> so transport is pretty simple too
19:08:23 <pollo> tumbleweed: I think I heard you say we maybe could crash at some DD's appartement?
19:08:24 <paddatrapper> and apparently there is a metro stop right by it
19:08:29 <CarlFK> I don't think I will have time for anything this year - I was hoping to tack it onto the front or end of my trip to PyCon ZA but ignore that.
19:08:32 <tumbleweed> pollo: that wasn't me
19:08:53 <pollo> paris accomodation is sure expensive
19:09:33 <ivodd> paris accomodation is cheaper than cambridge
19:09:33 <pollo> anyway, anyone objects on agreeing to try to do it at IRILL is possible?
19:09:54 <paddatrapper> There are a couple of cheap hostels. Basic, but they do the trick
19:10:13 <pollo> #agreed Doing the sprint at IRILL would be the best
19:10:21 <pollo> what about dates then?
19:11:11 <tumbleweed> adjacent to pyconza (6-7 oct) would be convenient for me
19:11:19 <tumbleweed> but only me, if CarlFK is out
19:11:25 <CarlFK> im out
19:11:47 <pollo> how long do we want to sprint to be? a weekend?
19:12:35 <tumbleweed> probably
19:12:50 <paddatrapper> Can get a lot done over a weekend
19:12:59 <tumbleweed> at least that means no leave for people in europe (which are presumably the majority there)
19:14:20 <pollo> #agreed we would aim for a weekend sprint
19:14:50 <pollo> appart from PyconZA, anyone has other dates that work/do not work?
19:15:12 <CarlFK> but ... I can join remotely, and would prefer before PyconZA so that things are in place for it
19:15:37 <pollo> mid october to end of 1st week of november is bad for me
19:16:08 <paddatrapper> With varsity I'll probably have to work remotely before 10 November however we do it
19:16:22 <pollo> before PyconZA would mean 30-31 september
19:16:49 <tumbleweed> hrm, that could be ideal for me
19:16:59 <tumbleweed> but I shouldn't be twisting your arms too much :)
19:17:24 <pollo> it's good for me too, since I'll be in 3rd week of uni, no exams
19:17:35 <paddatrapper> September only has 30 days :0
19:17:36 <olasd> lots of dds with crash espace around Paris too
19:17:41 <CarlFK> there is some value to me field testing the results at PyCon ZA, but minimal.  it will be better to pick a date that lets more people attend.
19:17:48 * pollo was looking at july -_-'
19:17:58 <paddatrapper> Weekend would be 30 sep - 2 oct
19:18:12 <olasd> sorry, my train is just arriving in Paris and I'll be entering a long series of underground tubes
19:18:37 <pollo> ginggs: did you think of coming too?
19:18:42 <pollo> same for ivodd
19:19:07 <tobi__> 30 to 2 seems good for me (however, I'm just changed jobs so not save from late surprises.)
19:19:24 <pollo> tobi__: neat
19:19:48 <ivodd> that weekend doesn't work for me (most other weekends should work)
19:20:35 <pollo> tumbleweed: is 7-8-9 oct too close to PyconZA?
19:21:44 <tumbleweed> pollo: yeah, the sprints are usually on the weekend after it
19:22:07 <tumbleweed> so, it's better to describe it as 6-9 oct
19:22:07 <ginggs> pollo: no, i don't think i need to be there
19:22:31 <pollo> 23-24-25 sept is early too, we won't have enough time to prepare
19:23:33 <pollo> 18-19-20 november?
19:23:38 <pollo> paddatrapper can make it
19:23:41 <pollo> I can
19:23:44 <paddatrapper> Yup would work for me
19:24:31 * tobi__ probably too (disclaimer above)
19:25:05 <pollo> tumbleweed, ivodd?
19:25:40 <ivodd> that would probably work
19:26:01 <tumbleweed> pollo: sure, that's a week after the minidc
19:26:08 <tumbleweed> so, it could be in cambridge or IRILL then
19:26:15 <pollo> great
19:26:28 <ivodd> tumbleweed: do you have dates for the minidc?
19:26:47 <tumbleweed> yeah, I was rather too authoritivie there
19:26:52 <tumbleweed> that *could* be a week after the minidc :P
19:26:56 <pollo> #agreed date would preferably be 18-19-20 november, with 30-1-2 oct as backup
19:26:59 <paddatrapper> They still working on it
19:27:00 <tumbleweed> it could be 2 weeks after
19:27:15 <pollo> we'll see what RattusRattus & olasd think about the date
19:27:52 <pollo> So it goes IRILL > Cambridge && 18-19-20 november > 30-1-2 oct
19:28:21 <pollo> I don,t have anything else to add for the meeting. Anyone else?
19:29:06 <paddatrapper> Nothing from me
19:30:17 <pollo> #endmeeting