17:00:14 <paddatrapper> #startmeeting
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17:00:37 <paddatrapper> #topic Roll call
17:00:38 * tumbleweed is an ISP technician here right now (having weird performance problems), so I may be offline for stretches
17:00:44 <tumbleweed> has not is :P
17:00:48 <pollo> 0/
17:00:50 <olasd> o/
17:00:57 <paddatrapper> \o
17:01:18 <pollo> I'm stuck in a terminal shell since my ip changed and I'm still waiting for dns progation :(
17:01:33 <paddatrapper> #topic Camera equipment
17:01:47 <paddatrapper> wouter: you here?
17:02:31 <paddatrapper> If not we'll probably have to postpone this topic
17:03:40 <paddatrapper> #info wouter isn't here, postponing the topic to next week
17:03:50 <paddatrapper> anyone have anything to add to this?
17:04:01 <pollo> well, we don't have a lot of time until dc17
17:04:14 <pollo> shipping should ideally be done asap
17:04:24 <pollo> or else we risk not having the stuff in time
17:04:30 <olasd> how do you ship something that hasn't been purchased yet?
17:04:33 <pollo> especially if we have problems with border crossing
17:04:40 <pollo> that's my point
17:04:45 <paddatrapper> olasd: How is the purchase coming?
17:04:53 <olasd> the purchase order is being sent right now
17:04:57 * paddatrapper will be back in a minute
17:05:02 <paddatrapper> \o/
17:06:07 <wouter> o/
17:06:19 <wouter> sorry I'm a bit late
17:07:30 <paddatrapper> no worries
17:08:04 <paddatrapper> wouter: Any ews on RattusRattus opsis?
17:08:30 <pollo> I emailed him 2 weeks ago and still haven't heard from him
17:08:40 <pollo> so I guess we need to call him
17:08:44 <wouter> no. Will call him when I get home
17:09:00 <paddatrapper> #action wouter cal RattusRattus about the opsis
17:09:42 <paddatrapper> #info camera purchase order is being sent currently
17:10:42 <paddatrapper> wouter: is the purchase a blocker for the shipping quote you were going to get?
17:11:11 <wouter> no, shouldn't be; I'll need weights etc though
17:11:54 <paddatrapper> olasd: Did you add weights into your summary email?
17:12:16 <wouter> estimates should suffice...
17:14:16 <paddatrapper> olasd: do you have those estimates? otherwise I can try find some this week
17:14:26 <olasd> I'll reiterate that handling physical interaction with a shipping company is a hassle that I'd rather avoid
17:14:54 <olasd> I don't have weights of the stuff we don't already have
17:15:23 <wouter> I do have the weights of the camera
17:15:29 <wouter> what I don't have is the weights of the boxes
17:15:54 <wouter> if you can get those (approximately) to me, I can ask for quotes for "we need to ship XYZ amount of material" from various shipping companies, and see which quote is the best
17:16:19 <paddatrapper> And maybe add them to the wiki
17:16:46 <olasd> the boxes that have been ordered : one Pelicase 1550 and one Pelicase 1650 for the cameras, the opsises should be around 6-7 kg each (?)
17:17:08 <wouter> okay, I'll see if I can find out enough with that information
17:17:56 <paddatrapper> #action wouter to get quotes for shipping
17:18:26 <paddatrapper> #actio paddatrapper to add cases and opsis weight to wiki
17:18:45 <paddatrapper> #topic AV Equipment Hire
17:18:54 <wouter> paddatrapper: you want to do that last action again, there's a typo
17:19:00 <pollo> so I've been looking around
17:19:12 <pollo> and it seems it doesn't make sense to rent SDI cables
17:19:16 <paddatrapper> #actio paddatrapper to add cases and opsis weight to wiki
17:19:23 <pollo> best prices I got was 70 CAD for 2 weeks for 100 feet
17:19:28 <wouter> still ;-)
17:19:36 <paddatrapper> #action paddatrapper to add cases and opsis weight to wiki
17:19:44 <pollo> you can get cables at monoprice for that price
17:19:45 <paddatrapper> wouter: my n key seemed to be stuck...
17:20:12 <paddatrapper> pollo: is that pre-made on a drum?
17:20:19 <pollo> pre made, no drum
17:20:27 <pollo> couldn't find drums
17:20:44 <wouter> don't think drums are crucial...
17:20:56 <paddatrapper> hmm... I wonder if I can find someone who knows where to get drummed online
17:21:10 <paddatrapper> they're not crucial, just extremely handy
17:21:18 <wouter> if the price is the same as for rental, we can buy it and either sell or junk afterwards?
17:21:23 <pollo> as for tripod, i don't really know what is a good tripod and what is not
17:21:44 <pollo> but this seems to be ok and the prices are all about the same: http://loucam.com/fr/accessoires/trepieds/sachtler-trepied-fsb-6.html
17:21:57 <pollo> so ~140 CAD for 2 weeks
17:22:11 <wouter> yeah, that looks pretty good, indeed
17:22:18 <pollo> there are cheaper models if that's overkill
17:22:27 <pollo> but it's a 2k CAD tripod
17:22:33 <wouter> nope, cheaper models probably won't be good enough :-)
17:22:41 <wouter> I think those are fine
17:22:47 <paddatrapper> Those look good to me
17:22:50 <pollo> for the same price they also have manfrotto
17:22:54 <wouter> yeah
17:22:57 <pollo> http://loucam.com/fr/accessoires/trepieds/manfrotto-trepied-520-mvb-tete-504.html
17:23:02 <pollo> if that's better
17:23:02 <wouter> sachtler and manfrotto are the top dogs in the tripod business
17:23:06 <wouter> they're like nikon vs canon
17:23:28 <wouter> one is not much better or worse than the other
17:23:43 <olasd> I think either will be fine
17:23:43 <paddatrapper> And for what we're using them for, we won't notice the difference I don't think
17:23:55 <wouter> paddatrapper++
17:24:00 <olasd> just get six of the same :P
17:24:09 <olasd> (so we don't get our volunteers confused)
17:24:13 <paddatrapper> olasd: +1
17:24:15 <wouter> yes, that
17:24:19 <pollo> so if you factor in the price of buying 6 100ft SDI cables and renting 6 tripods, it's aroudn 1,200 CAD
17:24:36 <pollo> for 2 weeks
17:24:46 <wouter> what's the exchange for CAD?
17:24:51 <paddatrapper> #info we will buy 6 100ft SDI cables
17:25:07 <pollo> ~1.3 to USD
17:25:23 <olasd> ~1.4 to eur
17:25:36 <paddatrapper> #info renting 6 tripods and buying 6 100ft SDI cables will cost ~950 USD
17:25:46 <olasd> close to 1.5
17:25:52 <wouter> yeah, that's fine
17:26:03 <pollo> so shall I do that?
17:26:12 <paddatrapper> I think so
17:26:14 <olasd> sounds fine
17:26:15 <wouter> yes from me
17:26:22 <pollo> no news from the AV guy
17:26:30 <pollo> I'll poke him some more this week for prices
17:26:40 <olasd> pokepokepoke
17:26:45 <paddatrapper> #action pollo to buy SDI cable and hire tripods
17:26:53 <paddatrapper> #action pollo to poke AV guy
17:26:54 <wouter> since he doesn't do V, isn't he more an A guy?
17:27:15 <paddatrapper> A for awesome?
17:27:25 <wouter> AV stands for Audio/Video
17:27:29 <wouter> since he doesn't do Video...
17:27:45 * paddatrapper knows, just trying to find other words that start with A
17:27:59 <wouter> oh. Heh. Sorry :-)
17:28:14 <paddatrapper> no worries :)
17:28:27 <paddatrapper> #topic Next Meeting
17:28:32 <paddatrapper> So same time next week?
17:28:45 <wouter> was that all we needed to discuss?
17:29:00 <paddatrapper> wouter: Seems like it. AOB is next
17:29:01 * wouter thought there would be more :-)
17:29:03 <wouter> sure
17:29:05 <CarlFK> I think you need 3 x 100' (even that is too long) and 3 x 12' SDI
17:29:22 <CarlFK> (sorry, catching up)
17:29:27 <paddatrapper> What is 12' in normal units?
17:29:32 <CarlFK> 3m
17:29:34 <wouter> paddatrapper: apt install units
17:29:46 <wouter> CarlFK: we decided last time that we want our SDI cables to have the same length
17:29:51 <CarlFK> basically close to the vocto box
17:30:03 <CarlFK> wouter: well that was dumb :p
17:30:12 <wouter> so that we're not limited by where the vocbo machine is on where we place the cables
17:30:23 <wouter> but I do agree that 100ft may be a bit much...
17:30:27 <paddatrapper> I'd suggest rather 5m than 3m, any shorter and I find they have a tendency to just not reach
17:30:47 <wouter> (after converting them, I find they're 30m, which seems way more than we need)
17:31:12 <pollo> well Buzz room is quite big
17:31:13 <paddatrapper> 30m was the distance from front to back last year
17:31:28 <paddatrapper> factoring in need cable running
17:31:29 <pollo> if we want to have a cam all the way in the back 30m is not enough
17:31:35 <wouter> point
17:31:45 <wouter> yeah, so 100ft it is
17:32:35 <paddatrapper> cool
17:32:54 <wouter> okay, next week same time wfm
17:33:15 <paddatrapper> +1
17:33:37 <paddatrapper> any objections?
17:33:44 <pollo> nope
17:34:21 <paddatrapper> #agreed Next meeting Wednesday 12 July 2017 @ 17:00 UTC
17:34:43 <wouter> that'll be my last meeting before debconf for which I'll be in Europe :)
17:34:49 <paddatrapper> We're 3 weeks away from DC17
17:34:59 <wouter> no, three weeks before debcamp
17:35:14 <wouter> (yes, that's nitpicking ;-)
17:35:15 <paddatrapper> true
17:35:19 <paddatrapper> )
17:35:22 <paddatrapper> :)
17:35:34 <paddatrapper> #topic AOB
17:35:39 <paddatrapper> Anything else?
17:35:42 <wouter> just one from me
17:35:59 <wouter> I think we should move this point before the "next meeting" next time, where it belongs ;-)
17:36:11 <paddatrapper> Sure :)
17:36:15 <wouter> it just feels "wrong" to have a "next meeting" point when there might still be other stuff to be decided
17:36:26 <paddatrapper> #action paddatrapper to move AOB above next meeting next week
17:36:28 <wouter> b/c that other stuff might impact the need for an early meeting
17:36:35 <wouter> yeah, that too is nitpicking, btw ;)
17:36:52 <paddatrapper> We wouldn't have a project without nitpicking :)
17:36:56 <wouter> true
17:37:14 <paddatrapper> #endmeeting