17:32:21 <olasd> #startmeeting
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17:32:27 <olasd> #chair paddatrapper
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17:32:33 <olasd> hi kids
17:32:37 <wouter> o/
17:32:40 <fil> o/
17:32:40 <olasd> #topic Roll Call
17:32:41 <paddatrapper> \o
17:32:45 <pollo> O/
17:32:50 <olasd> please wave if you're here for the meeting
17:32:52 <tumbleweed> o/
17:32:58 <ivodd> hi
17:33:00 <wouter> fil: long time no see :)
17:33:01 <Cathylafourmi> o/
17:33:10 <fil> wouter: Hi :-)
17:33:43 <wouter> are we waiting for anyone else?
17:33:49 <olasd> agenda is at https://storm.debian.net/shared/Rb8Cd-I7des3HjGUQimsqzwxLauuR6Y4wWT1BiJJtoL
17:34:12 <olasd> of course we'll have plenty of AOB to discuss, I think
17:34:21 <olasd> anyway....
17:34:24 <olasd> #topic SReview
17:34:38 <olasd> wouter ?
17:34:39 <tumbleweed> the box is up, I have an account on it
17:34:42 <wouter> I couldn't do much the past two days, because I was offline
17:34:46 <tumbleweed> I'll get wouter access ASAP
17:34:55 <wouter> but tammy is out tomorrow, I can work on it the whole day
17:35:19 <wouter> have been working on the transcode script the pst hour or so, isn't 100% ready yet
17:35:28 <wouter> question: is the uplink very fast?
17:35:31 <olasd> #info the storage box is up and we have an account on it
17:35:41 <olasd> #action tumbleweed to give wouter access to the storage box
17:36:01 <olasd> #action wouter to work on sreview tomorrow pretty much all day
17:36:17 <olasd> #info transcode script is being worked on now
17:36:22 <wouter> if so, I will create preview transcodes at high resolution (which is faster) rather than low resolution (which is slower, but takes more bandwidth to sync with sreview.debian.net)
17:36:26 <olasd> wouter: I think the uplink is 200Mbps
17:36:48 <olasd> pollo: ^
17:36:52 <wouter> olasd: okay, that should be enough; I'll run a few experiments tomorrow then
17:37:04 <pollo> And do we still have an veyepar instance somewhere?
17:37:14 <wouter> pollo: the veyepar instance we used for dc16 was never taken down
17:37:20 <olasd> yaeh, that
17:37:22 <pollo> The venue's uplink is 600mbps
17:37:34 <olasd> pollo: symmetric?
17:37:36 <pollo> Don't know if we can max it though
17:37:41 <wouter> pollo: we don't have transcode nodes, and vittoria itself wouldn't be fast enough to transcode all of debconf I think, but other than that we should be good
17:37:42 <pollo> Yep
17:37:46 <pollo> Symmetric
17:37:51 <olasd> last we talked with Marin the firewall capped at 580 something
17:37:58 <olasd> which is fair enough
17:37:58 <wouter> pollo: I can tell my rsync script to use rsync --bwlimit if necessary
17:38:04 <ivodd> we can make some of the desktops into transcoding nodes
17:38:05 <wouter> (if we get complaints or some such)
17:38:05 <olasd> Martin*
17:38:42 <olasd> wouter: can transcoding just happen locally?
17:38:49 <wouter> olasd: as in?
17:38:58 <olasd> oh, no, I misunderstood
17:39:05 <wouter> actually, that's not a bad idea
17:39:08 <olasd> only the preview transcodes get synced to vittoria, correct?
17:39:20 <wouter> well, at first, yes
17:39:44 <wouter> but I was thinking, I could change the <video> URLs to point to the local fileserver rather than sreview.debian.net
17:39:46 <tumbleweed> we did rsync everything eventually last year, because we had the space
17:39:58 <wouter> tumbleweed: not the problem
17:40:18 <olasd> wouter: the local fileserver also has a public ip address
17:40:20 <wouter> tumbleweed: between a cut and a review, a new preview video needs to be made available to do the actual review on
17:40:27 <wouter> olasd: oh, perfect then
17:40:44 <wouter> tumbleweed: so every time you do a review, after about 5 minutes or so something needs to be rsynced
17:40:45 <tumbleweed> in fact, it only has a public IP
17:40:57 <wouter> but hey, if the fileserver has a public IP, I'll point the preview URLs there and done
17:40:58 <tumbleweed> you can just point people straight at it
17:41:00 <tumbleweed> yeah
17:41:04 <olasd> sounds good
17:41:07 <wouter> #info file server to be used as preview video server
17:41:12 <olasd> #save
17:41:25 <pollo> Will we use that machine for transcoding too?
17:41:31 <wouter> preferably not
17:41:33 <pollo> Or the desktops we have?
17:41:39 <tumbleweed> it's not the fastest CPU (2x http://ark.intel.com/products/64598/Intel-Xeon-Processor-E5-2637-5M-Cache-3_00-GHz-8_00-GTs-Intel-QPI )
17:41:48 <wouter> but I can set it up to also do transcodes if necessary
17:41:49 <tumbleweed> so yeah, probably some desktops
17:42:06 <wouter> (and then just manage gridengine queues to twiddle with capacity)
17:42:26 <olasd> #info we'll set up some desktops as transcode nodes
17:42:44 <olasd> should we move on?
17:42:48 <tumbleweed> yep
17:42:50 <paddatrapper> Yup
17:42:53 <wouter> I have an ansible script that *should* set up a transcode node, but I may need to debug it some
17:43:03 <olasd> *nod*
17:43:09 <wouter> (hasn't been used since FOSDEM, might assume FOSDEM in some places)
17:43:10 <olasd> #topic AV equipment hire
17:43:26 <pollo> Everything arrived, but 2 mics and 2 antennas
17:43:26 <olasd> we received the hired equipment this morning
17:43:35 <olasd> #info Everything arrived, but 2 mics and 2 antennas
17:43:39 <h01ger> re
17:43:45 <pollo> I have to call the rental to get the rest
17:44:03 <olasd> ivodd has started hooking up cameras to one of the voctomix boxes
17:44:45 <olasd> should we prioritize getting a full room setup (w/audio) done?
17:44:54 <paddatrapper> I think so
17:44:55 <ivodd> olasd: yes
17:44:56 <olasd> so we can be ready as soon as we get access to the Open Day room
17:44:57 <wouter> olasd: might be a good idea, yes
17:45:05 <paddatrapper> We have enough of the audio to do one room completely
17:45:19 <wouter> also could be helpful to train sreview usage (and/or debug it)
17:46:43 <paddatrapper> pollo: is there a room available we can use?
17:46:50 <olasd> #action everyone to set up a complete room for tests and also training sessions
17:47:35 <olasd> #topic AOB?
17:47:56 <olasd> #info we'll make sure to coordinate the meatspace actions in meatspace
17:48:02 <tumbleweed> we need to arrange a visit a visit to buzz with an opsis
17:48:11 <tumbleweed> so we can be sure the thing will work with the projector
17:48:12 <pollo> We get Rex on the 4th in the afternoon
17:48:28 <wouter> diskspace on vittoria is running low
17:48:29 <pollo> And Buzz and Bo the 5th in the day for setuo
17:48:36 <tumbleweed> we can delete DV from dc16
17:48:49 <wouter> 171G (out of 2T) available on /srv, which is not enough
17:49:08 <tumbleweed> err I mena we can delete all old DV
17:49:16 <wouter> I was actually thinking to drop the dc15 files
17:49:25 <wouter> and move the dc16 files into the place where the dc15 files are now
17:49:30 <tumbleweed> wouter: +1
17:49:31 <wouter> but I don't know if I should bother with that?
17:49:51 <wouter> (they're not in the same data center is why...)
17:50:50 <wouter> actually, come to think of it, we may already have dropped the dc15 files..
17:50:54 <wouter> jcristau: ^^?
17:51:21 <wouter> I'll figure this out later. I don't think we need the dc15 or dc16 files anymore though
17:51:34 <wouter> #action wouter to make space on vittoria to ensure video files have a home
17:51:50 <olasd> #save
17:52:13 <olasd> well, thanks wouter :)
17:52:15 <olasd> #endmeeting