17:01:11 <pollo> #startmeeting
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17:01:12 <RattusRattus> shall we start?
17:01:20 <pollo> #topic Roll Call
17:01:23 <highvoltage> o/
17:01:25 <paddatrapper> \o
17:01:25 <tumbleweed> o/
17:01:27 <olasd> hello
17:01:28 <pollo> Please say hello if you are here for the meeting!
17:01:29 <tobi_> o/
17:01:42 <RattusRattus> is here
17:01:52 <pollo> meanwhile, please have a look at the proposed agenda: http://deb.li/8eyj
17:02:54 <pollo> is everyone ok with the agenda?
17:02:56 <highvoltage> post mortem. well that's a cheerful start :)
17:03:19 <RattusRattus> yes
17:03:27 <pollo> highvoltage: one has to die to be reborn
17:03:28 <paddatrapper> yup
17:03:48 <pollo> #topic DebConf17 post-mortem
17:04:00 <pollo> I suggest we follow the order on the agenda
17:04:17 <pollo> Comments on the Voctomix setup?
17:04:27 <RattusRattus> it worked.
17:04:33 <RattusRattus> appeared stable
17:04:33 <olasd> we keep being bad at monitoring disk space
17:04:36 <tumbleweed> shutting down recording for the evening was a little messy
17:04:48 <tumbleweed> stop/start-all-the-things is a bit low level for volunteers
17:04:58 <pollo> #info voctomix: we need some solution for monitoring disk space
17:05:19 <pollo> #info voctomix: we need some easier way to shut down recording for the evenings
17:05:20 <paddatrapper> working tallly lights were useful
17:05:24 <highvoltage> it would've been nice to have tally lights sooner (maybe not directly related to voctomix but fits there best among the post mortem options)
17:05:28 <pollo> paddatrapper: indeed
17:05:57 <pollo> #info voctomix: tally lights should be part of our kit from the start
17:06:04 <RattusRattus> ack
17:06:12 <pollo> I think tally lights is a nice sprint goal btw :d
17:06:21 <tumbleweed> well we have lights now
17:06:37 <pollo> tumbleweed: we have cables for all of them?
17:06:41 <tumbleweed> although there's always work to do
17:06:48 <RattusRattus> so does that mean we want a talloy light signal from the front of house (stage) box?
17:06:50 <tumbleweed> pollo: sure, we've always had - but not very long
17:06:54 <jathan> Hello
17:07:04 <tumbleweed> in the past, we obviously had a machine at each camera
17:07:14 <pollo> RattusRattus: seems to be the new setup yes
17:07:16 <olasd> that's drifting off-topic
17:07:19 <pollo> indeed
17:07:28 <pollo> anything else for vocto?
17:07:46 <olasd> I think there was one point where a/v got desynced on one of the voctos
17:07:55 <RattusRattus> the whole p in p thing (see mailing list)
17:08:11 <olasd> of course you notice that in the middle of a talk so you just restart stuff and can't really debug
17:08:46 <olasd> that's it for me
17:08:57 <pollo> #info voctomix: we should keep an eye on a/v desync
17:09:14 <RattusRattus> did anyone work out why it lost a v sync?
17:09:15 <olasd> wouter wants us to make recordings in not-mpeg2
17:09:34 <tumbleweed> wouter wants us to make recordings in the final format, so he can just cut, not transcode
17:09:49 <pollo> is there a simple setting in vocto for that?
17:09:59 <tumbleweed> this is outside vocto, it's our recording script
17:10:03 <pollo> ah, ok
17:10:14 <tumbleweed> we chose to record fairly high quality, and transcode down to something smaller later
17:10:15 <highvoltage> would the machines be able to encode vp9 in real time though?
17:10:26 <tumbleweed> that doesn't fit with sreview's design, which was for fosdem
17:10:42 <olasd> moving on to new cameras?
17:10:45 <pollo> yes
17:10:47 <pollo> Comments on the new cameras?
17:10:58 <tumbleweed> +1 :)
17:11:00 <olasd> they're nice
17:11:04 <paddatrapper> They worked well
17:11:09 <olasd> shutting down when closing the lid is dumb
17:11:15 <RattusRattus> good.  lenses are pretty nice especially for their size.  CCD in low light is good
17:11:29 <pollo> #info cameras: we are happy with our purchase
17:11:48 <olasd> (someone should work through the menu to look whether we can turn off this behaviour)
17:12:00 <highvoltage> sometimes it seems like some of them were set incorrectly and they were focussing on anything else except what they were pointed to. not sure what setting caused that but it might be nice to add it to training for camera operators to check for it
17:12:10 <pollo> #info cameras: we should check if we can disable shut down on lid closure
17:12:22 <olasd> (the only thing I know is that pulling out the eyepiece disables the behavior)
17:12:29 <pollo> lulz
17:12:38 <RattusRattus> #info look for spot / matrix auto focus settings
17:13:03 <olasd> highvoltage: some operators played with the cameras and didn't reset them
17:13:32 <olasd> anyway, yes, more training
17:13:37 <pollo> anything else for the cams?
17:13:40 <olasd> next: audio
17:13:44 <paddatrapper> Perhaps morning check should include camera setup with audio and batteries
17:13:56 <olasd> probably
17:13:58 <RattusRattus> so lessons lernt re av techs.
17:14:13 <paddatrapper> Lessons: don't use them :)
17:14:15 <pollo> #info cameras: we should include batteries and cameras setup in the morning check
17:14:23 <tumbleweed> (.oO these things have IP interfaces, we sohuld be able to configure them with ansible)
17:14:24 <RattusRattus> we (I) need to be more forcefull when it comes to what mix we get out from the house desk
17:14:27 <pollo> Comments on audio!
17:14:51 <pollo> #info audio: using in house tech is generally a bad idea
17:14:53 <tumbleweed> venue techs suck
17:15:00 <tumbleweed> ^5
17:15:10 <olasd> lazy venue techs suck
17:15:13 <pollo> (mandatory shit, sorry :( )
17:15:13 * tumbleweed would like better audio monitoring in our stream monitoring (i.e. visualisation). But that's vague
17:15:16 <nattie> didn't we only have the venue tech because we were contractually obliged?
17:15:23 <olasd> I'm sure some venue techs actually want their output to be good
17:15:25 <RattusRattus> I should also walk the rooms at start of day / after lunch and wash the desks
17:16:03 <pollo> #info audio: having some audio monitoring for the stream monitoring would be nice
17:16:23 <pollo> #info audio: morning check should include a check of the sound desks
17:16:31 <RattusRattus> #info re venu sound - we need room mix and seporate video stream mix (a foldback mix or similar)
17:16:57 <olasd> tumbleweed: I searched for a while, but apparently displaying a vu-meter without wanting to screw around with actual gui widgets is something really hard to do for some reason
17:17:19 <paddatrapper> RattusRattus: we do currently have two outputs though?
17:17:22 <tumbleweed> olasd: yeah, I'm guessing we have to hack something with GTK/something and gstreamer
17:17:24 <RattusRattus> some normalisation bounding accross all rooms as part of a monitor process in the noc would be good as well
17:17:24 <pollo> anything else on audio?
17:17:39 <RattusRattus> paddatrapper: yes we have 2 outputs.
17:17:55 <olasd> paddatrapper: we do; we need to insist that the venue does if we use its hw
17:17:56 <pollo> RattusRattus: I'm not sure I understand what that means
17:18:02 <paddatrapper> RattusRattus: ah yes
17:18:09 * wouter waves
17:18:14 <RattusRattus> I think but am not sure that we didn't in the staffed room (or if we did it was pre-fade)
17:18:19 <wouter> sorry about being late, trains failed
17:18:58 <paddatrapper> RattusRattus: yeah I'm not sure what he sent us
17:18:58 <RattusRattus> pollo: it would be nice to have average vu monitoring for each stream, and alarms if we drift too far out of that normalised level
17:19:18 <pollo> ah, yeah, basically what tumbleweed asked for but more fancy
17:19:20 <RattusRattus> paddatrapper: /me will better document what we need in terms of mix
17:19:31 <pollo> Comments on review system?
17:19:36 <RattusRattus> pollo: ack - I type too slow
17:20:02 <tumbleweed> it seemed to do the job? I didn't interact with it enough
17:20:12 <RattusRattus> ^^ me too
17:20:18 <paddatrapper> RattusRattus: I may be able to look into vu monitoring - need to implement something similar at work at some point
17:20:27 <pollo> I played with it a little and it seems ok, albeit things that wouter knows about and will be fixed
17:20:43 <wouter> tumbleweed: re: audio monitoring: FOSDEM had a setup where we monitored something in prometheus for that
17:20:49 <wouter> richih would know more
17:20:49 <olasd> it'd be nice to make sure it doesn't try to kill the network next year
17:21:31 <pollo> olasd: was it a bandwith limit or a cpu one, I can't remember?
17:21:38 <tumbleweed> could blame the rest of us for not warning wouter what resources he was sharing with streaming
17:22:01 <olasd> I'm not assigning blame, just stating things
17:22:20 <RattusRattus> sticking with postmortem - did we have much in the line of random talks / short notice?
17:22:36 <RattusRattus> I know we struggled with having enough people.
17:22:38 <tumbleweed> there were some that we just didn't record
17:22:46 <pollo> #info review: we should try to have separate machines for network and review
17:22:47 <wouter> if sreview killed the network, that was only because the MPEG2 files were so big
17:22:55 <pollo> please try to stay on topic
17:23:04 <pollo> if needed we will add points at the end of the postmortem
17:23:08 <RattusRattus> 'k
17:23:18 <olasd> nothing else on my end
17:23:19 <wouter> which is yet another reason to switch to something else
17:23:33 * tumbleweed doubts another format would have helped there, but move on
17:23:42 <wouter> I maxed out the bandwidth
17:23:48 <wouter> that was just the "files are huge" issue
17:23:49 <pollo> Comments on ansible setup?
17:24:02 <olasd> ansible is slow
17:24:04 <olasd> but it works well
17:24:04 <highvoltage> ansible is nicer than fai
17:24:06 <wouter> don't think that would have happened with smaller files
17:24:11 * tumbleweed still wants to do more cleanup to our ansible
17:24:24 <wouter> tumbleweed: cleanup is one of those things that's never finished :)
17:24:26 <tumbleweed> wouter: and the doing cutting on the wrong machines problem. And doing it way too parallel
17:24:39 <pollo> olasd: I'm pretty sure there is a setting that keeps 1 ssh connection open instead of opening 1 for each command
17:24:40 <tumbleweed> wouter: and just generally, ramping up the parallelism too fast
17:24:45 <olasd> pollo: it's on by default
17:24:58 <wouter> mmm, yes, I suppose I could have looked at not overdoing it a bit more, true
17:25:03 <olasd> still slow
17:25:07 <pollo> #info: ansible is nice but slow
17:25:10 <highvoltage> I spent quite a bit of time on a voctomix session that would simplify the desktop recipe in ansible, but then got horribly, horribly distracted
17:25:19 <tumbleweed> olasd: the tags definitely helped
17:25:24 <olasd> yes, tags are good
17:25:28 <pollo> #info ansible: we still have cleanup to do
17:25:35 <pollo> we should get a PR mechanism
17:25:43 <wouter> PR?
17:25:49 <pollo> pull request
17:25:53 <wouter> pull requests or public relations? ;)
17:25:55 <wouter> right
17:25:56 <pollo> with reviews and all
17:25:59 <olasd> well that should happen in the next few $timeframes
17:26:06 <wouter> and possibly CI, too?
17:26:06 <tumbleweed> when alioth gets replaced
17:26:12 <paddatrapper> Well alioth replacement intends to have that
17:26:14 <olasd> salsa.d.o exists
17:26:17 <wouter> (and hopefully tests, etc)
17:26:22 <RattusRattus> wouter: CI yes!
17:26:30 <highvoltage> gitlab can do merg requests and CI :)
17:26:31 <pollo> #info ansible: when alioth will be replaced, we will need to setup a PR and review workflow
17:26:43 <pollo> anything else on ansible?
17:27:13 <olasd> having DSA members around and willing to help was really nice
17:27:24 <RattusRattus> olasd: +1
17:27:36 <pollo> #info ansible: we should try to have DSA members hang out more in the NOC
17:27:38 <pollo> Comments on talk scheduling vs Video team?
17:27:59 <wouter> there was some confusion initially about which talks needed to be recorded vs which didn't
17:28:04 <wouter> that got fixed afterwards, but...
17:28:10 <olasd> I think we've set a good precedent of saying no to recording ad-hoc talks and keeping up
17:28:15 <RattusRattus> some issues with BoFs not wanting to be videoed even though it was in a video room and no flags to say not
17:28:24 <wouter> we might want to clarify that better next time
17:28:42 <RattusRattus> but overhead mics in the BoFs worked very well
17:28:42 <pollo> #info talks: we should try to continue making clear that videod talks need to be scheduled in advance
17:29:00 <olasd> the video/no video flag got hacked in but needs better website support
17:29:06 <pollo> #info talks: we should try to clarify the videoed/not videoed status more
17:29:29 <RattusRattus> we still need to experiment a bit more on how to better record a BoF - but lets get talks done consitantly first
17:29:38 <olasd> the video review field on the website wasn't used in the end
17:29:47 <wouter> video review field?
17:29:53 <olasd> video reviewer
17:30:08 <tumbleweed> that veyepar would have used
17:30:10 <pollo> #info talks: the video reviewer field in wafer wasn't used
17:30:19 <pollo> #save
17:30:24 <wouter> I wasn't aware of that field
17:30:27 <wouter> where is it?
17:30:39 <tumbleweed> in the talk submission
17:30:54 <wouter> oh, okay
17:30:59 <wouter> so I could have sent emails out to those people?
17:31:10 <tumbleweed> yes
17:31:13 <wouter> sreview totally supports that, if we want to, I can do that next time
17:31:38 <RattusRattus> any wouter: any issues with things like sponsor loop / intro & outro credit roll?
17:31:40 <pollo> I'm not sure it's the best way to go though, we already have a working workflow
17:31:45 <pollo> Anything else wrt to talks scheduling?
17:31:51 <wouter> (I hacked up a workflow that *doesn't* have the emails for debconf, in fact, but sreview wasn't set up to do it)
17:32:09 <wouter> RattusRattus: that worked well, after I asked nicely
17:32:16 <pollo> humans and practises are harder to modify than software ;D
17:32:24 <wouter> true
17:32:33 <pollo> Anything else for the post-mortem we missed?
17:32:40 <paddatrapper> People were slow to volunteer
17:32:43 <olasd> the way we do sponsor loop in vocto is still shit
17:32:48 <wouter> and having well-known and trusted reviewers is actually better than having speakers do it themselves
17:33:06 <olasd> (it uses a quarter of a core for nothing)
17:33:06 <pollo> #info we should try to have a more coherent approach to volunteering
17:33:15 <paddatrapper> our training schedule was also inconsistent
17:33:27 <pollo> #info the way we do the video loop in vocto is wasteful for no reason
17:33:29 <RattusRattus> wouter: yes.  and on the subject of review laptop for judit?
17:33:58 <pollo> #info we should source a new laptop for judith
17:34:06 * tumbleweed dropped the ball on that, but we did get one offered
17:34:34 <wouter> olasd: what's the reason that we need to do "stream of PNG files" for the sponsor loop again?
17:34:42 <wouter> can't we just throw an already-encoded file at it?
17:34:51 <pollo> wouter: gstreamer yadayada
17:35:11 <wouter> um, yes, but if it's an actual problem, it would be nice if there were more details ;-)
17:35:31 <olasd> it's offtopic for the meeting
17:35:36 <wouter> fair enough
17:35:37 <pollo> sprint goal!
17:35:40 <pollo> anything else before we move to the sprints topic?
17:35:44 <RattusRattus> wouter: add as sprint goal
17:36:10 <olasd> next topic!
17:36:11 <pollo> #topic Planned sprints for the next year
17:36:17 <pollo> As you all know, organising sprints take both time and effort. If we can agree on a general plan for the year, it will help us have a better idea of what needs to be done.
17:36:24 <pollo> I think we should aim for 2 sprints:
17:36:25 <RattusRattus> ack.
17:36:33 <pollo> Something before/after Cambridge mini-DC (Thursday November 23rd - Sunday November 26th)
17:36:39 <pollo> Another one this winter
17:36:56 <pollo> does that seem reasonable to everyone?
17:36:57 <wouter> I called the guy behind https://linuxbe.com earlier this week
17:37:00 <wouter> yes, totally
17:37:13 <RattusRattus> yes
17:37:19 <wouter> he's a customer of mine, involved in the open source community, and a very nice guy overall
17:37:19 <pollo> we should focus on the Cambridge one first
17:37:25 <pollo> sooner
17:37:32 <wouter> er, sure
17:37:45 <paddatrapper> I've only got short windows where I'm available (the joys of finals...), but yes
17:37:45 <pollo> imho we can either have it before or after
17:38:03 <RattusRattus> so mini dc cambs....  is 2 days enough for a sprint (we can't setup in room until friday night anyway - and that is the same training room as last year)
17:38:24 <pollo> RattusRattus: I think 4 days would be best
17:38:31 <pollo> as we did in Paris
17:38:43 <wouter> but will we have any space inside the ARM offices for more than two days?
17:38:52 <wouter> (or more than four, yada yada)
17:38:52 <RattusRattus> ok so we can't sprint at Arm - they haven't the available rooms for 4 days
17:39:17 <RattusRattus> but I can ask arround cambs and get back (within 5 days)
17:39:18 <nattie> any alternative sprint venues in/around ambridge?
17:39:23 <nattie> RattusRattus: snap :)
17:39:28 * highvoltage wishes it was possible to remote sprint
17:39:32 * paddatrapper too
17:39:34 <nattie> (not Ambridge, this isn't The Archers)
17:39:37 <pollo> do we want to sprint before the min-conf or after?
17:39:39 <tumbleweed> if it's tacked onto the miniconf, 2 days is certainly better than nothing
17:39:43 <RattusRattus> highvoltage: your TZ isn't that far out that you could
17:39:49 <tumbleweed> but yes for travel a 4 day event makes a lot more sense
17:39:51 <RattusRattus> tumbleweed: ack
17:39:55 <tumbleweed> highvoltage: you totally can
17:40:12 <olasd> pollo: the streaming master setup needs to happen before
17:40:21 <paddatrapper> hmm.. telepresence robot anyone? :)
17:40:24 <pollo> so 4 days before the mini-conf then
17:40:31 <highvoltage> tumbleweed: ah grea, then I'll be in, remotely
17:40:41 <olasd> (it can happen out of the sprint, of course, but ideally the sprint would happen before)
17:40:52 <RattusRattus> #info action RattusRattus find space for 4 days before mini dc cambs?  (is after ok?)
17:41:12 <tumbleweed> olasd: but that's pretty simple, right? (streaming)
17:41:12 <nattie> might as well explore both options, i'd say
17:41:16 <olasd> tumbleweed: yes
17:41:21 <pollo> #agreed we will try to sprint 4 days before the Cambridge mini-conf (Thursday November 23rd - Sunday November 26th)
17:41:26 <olasd> so, in the end, either works
17:41:33 <RattusRattus> olasd: I see that there is a fr mini conf the week before
17:41:39 <olasd> yes
17:41:44 <RattusRattus> have we been asked to support that?
17:41:45 <olasd> which is painful for me
17:41:50 <olasd> no
17:41:54 <olasd> (t yet)
17:42:06 <pollo> #action pollo to flesh out the sprint details on a wiki page
17:42:16 <nattie> so theoretically one *could* fit the sprint between the two, but that might be arduous timing-wise
17:42:16 <pollo> do we want to talk about a possible winter sprint now?
17:42:47 <paddatrapper> probably a rough outline would be a good idea
17:42:59 <olasd> RattusRattus: the venue has recording equipment (I think), so DC videoteam shouldn't be needed
17:43:18 <wouter> olasd: are they going to record, do they want to publish videos, do they need a review workflow?
17:43:18 <RattusRattus> wouter: can you find out if we can tack a few days on at FOSDEM?  or is that a stupid idea?
17:43:24 <pollo> from what I can see, winter sprint would have 3 options: FOSDEM, SnowCamp or possible German mini-dc
17:43:26 <RattusRattus> olasd: ok
17:43:29 <olasd> wouter: not my department
17:43:29 <wouter> RattusRattus: that was exactly my idea, too :-)
17:43:49 <wouter> olasd: Can you find out though? Might be nice to know that in time...
17:43:54 <wouter> so, re: FOSDEM:
17:43:55 <olasd> (that minidc is a track in a bigger event)
17:44:13 <RattusRattus> ok fine
17:44:18 <wouter> I asked Jasper whether he was okay with us using his training center for two days before FOSDEM (without committing to anything yet)
17:44:34 <paddatrapper> before FOSDEM would work better for me
17:44:37 <wouter> not only was he okay with that, he also suggested people could sleep there if they wanted to, not just for the sprint but for FOSDEM itself too
17:44:46 <RattusRattus> whoot!
17:44:52 <olasd> that's nice
17:45:02 <pollo> wouter: do you think we could get it for 3-4 days, or is that pushing?
17:45:03 <wouter> he has a shower and a toilet and a kitchenette, but you'd have to bring an inflatable mattress and sleeping bag or similar
17:45:09 <wouter> that is already 3-4 days :)
17:45:13 <wouter> or did you mean before FOSDEM?
17:45:16 <pollo> ha, including FOSDEM yes
17:45:16 <RattusRattus> I think I can speek for us all and say sign us up then!
17:45:28 <paddatrapper> +1!
17:45:33 <pollo> so we would sprint during FOSDEM too?
17:45:37 <RattusRattus> yes
17:45:37 <wouter> no, I don't think so
17:45:46 <wouter> we would be at FOSDEM -- at least, I know I would be
17:45:48 <RattusRattus> sorry before FOSDEN not during
17:45:50 <olasd> I have other things to do during FOSDEM
17:46:06 <pollo> so that means a 2 day sprint then
17:46:09 <wouter> but I can certainly ask him if we could use his venue for a week rather than four days
17:46:15 <RattusRattus> but a sprint for a few days before would work
17:46:27 <wouter> haven't asked yet, but I'm sure if he has nothing else scheduled he'll be okay with that
17:46:38 <pollo> #agreed a sprint before FOSDEM seems to be the prefered winter sprint option
17:47:01 <wouter> (also, for those of you who don't want to camp out, he told me there's a B&B "within meters" from his venue, so...)
17:47:04 <pollo> wouter: if need be I'm sure we can give him some money for the venue too
17:47:16 <wouter> he might be offended at that ;)
17:47:27 <pollo> I think that wraps up the sprint topic for me
17:47:35 <pollo> anything else is just conjectures atm :D
17:47:39 <wouter> right
17:47:59 <pollo> #topic DC17 recordings
17:48:06 <pollo> Should we keep the large VP8 files, even though we have VP9 ones that are smaller and technically the same quality?
17:48:30 <wouter> my original reasoning for keeping both was that I know everyone can do VP8, I wasn't so sure about VP9
17:48:47 <wouter> now that I haven't gotten any complaints, I'm planning on dropping VP8 for next year
17:48:47 <tumbleweed> hide the VP8 ones see if people complain?
17:48:58 <wouter> that's actually fairly easy, since they're all in git-annex
17:49:30 <wouter> but I might want to copy them elsewhere anyway, just in case
17:49:46 <wouter> tumbleweed: you did update the website to point towards the VP9 ones rather than the VP8 ones, right?
17:50:04 <pollo> so can we agree we should try deleting them to see if things break? (with a backup copy)
17:50:37 <wouter> not sure I really see the point though
17:50:42 <wouter> it's not like we're running out of space on apu
17:50:55 <tumbleweed> wouter: no, I didn't
17:50:56 <tumbleweed> but I can
17:50:58 <wouter> at least not when last I checked
17:51:08 <pollo> to me it just looks messy
17:51:14 <pollo> and not very user friendly
17:51:16 <tumbleweed> olasd: is it worth doing the dual source option for the web video player that we had for streaming
17:51:21 <tumbleweed> to automatically use the lq versions
17:51:59 <wouter> tumbleweed: that might be a good idea...
17:52:00 <olasd> I don't know if we can do that with static sources
17:52:11 <tumbleweed> ah, ok
17:52:12 <olasd> and I can't commit to finding out
17:52:16 <tumbleweed> :P
17:52:25 <tumbleweed> I've been intending to find out
17:53:09 <pollo> #action tumbleweed to replace the webplayer links to VP9 and try to make dual source with lq happen
17:53:18 <pollo> anything else?
17:53:36 <olasd> not from me
17:53:46 <pollo> #topic Training videos project
17:54:11 <pollo> well, we have been having a nice discussion on the ML
17:54:14 * olasd raises ENOTIME and waits for next subject
17:54:24 <pollo> I don't think we should discuss the specifics of it
17:54:36 <wouter> if we're going to do that during sprints though, we will need cameras to be available
17:54:37 <pollo> but I wanted to point it out for people who missed out
17:54:54 <wouter> which would kinda conflict with setting up for a miniconf at the same time (if we're trying this at cambridge)
17:54:57 <olasd> wouter: the full set of hardware is tiny
17:55:04 <olasd> so really I don't see that as an issue
17:55:14 <wouter> olasd: I think you misunderstand what I'm trying to say :)
17:55:16 * RattusRattus will commit to having most documentation finished before mini dc cambs 17 so there is atleast something to use as a base
17:55:19 <pollo> olasd: +1
17:55:45 <olasd> wouter: well, setting up for a miniconf uses 2 cameras and 2 tripods
17:55:46 <wouter> if we're setting up cameras for the cambridge miniconf, then we cannot also use those same cameras for recording videos with them easily
17:55:51 <olasd> yes
17:55:55 <paddatrapper> RattusRattus: I can help with that until the start of November
17:56:04 <wouter> ah, yes, I suppose you could bring more than two cameras :-)
17:56:06 <olasd> I'm saying that bringing 4 cameras or 2 is pretty much the same
17:56:11 <wouter> gotcha
17:56:14 <RattusRattus> paddatrapper: thx.  will take that offline and chat later
17:56:17 <olasd> it's easier to bring 4, that case has wheels
17:56:26 <wouter> :)
17:56:26 <RattusRattus> :-)
17:56:43 <pollo> #topic Next Meeting
17:56:44 <RattusRattus> olasd: do I assume from that you will be driving to miniconf?
17:56:52 <pollo> weee, next meeting
17:57:00 <pollo> October 12th, from 17:00 to 18:00 UTC?
17:57:03 <pollo> (in 1 month)
17:57:05 <RattusRattus> sounds good
17:57:07 <wouter> +1
17:57:11 <olasd> RattusRattus: depends on what needs to be done for minidc Toulouse
17:57:16 <wouter> (wasn't there supposed to be an AOB thing first, though?)
17:57:36 <wouter> (not that I have something, but...)
17:57:37 <RattusRattus> olasd: 'k
17:58:00 <pollo> #agreed next meeting will be on October 12th, from 17:00 to 18:00 UTC
17:58:02 <paddatrapper> sounds goo
17:58:06 <pollo> #topic AOB
17:58:06 <paddatrapper> s/$/d
17:58:10 <wouter> pollo: goo has sound? ;)
17:58:15 <wouter> slosh slosh
17:58:22 <paddatrapper> wouter: yup :)
17:58:23 <olasd> let's keep the option of rescheduling if that ends up the same day as a team meeting
17:58:27 <pollo> yeah
17:58:34 <olasd> (please :D)
17:58:51 <nattie> how about the following day? ;)
17:59:10 <pollo> well, Thu seemed to be a very consensual day
17:59:17 <pollo> we'll see in Oct
17:59:22 <pollo> #endmeeting