18:59:27 <olasd> #startmeeting
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18:59:31 <olasd> #chair pollo
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18:59:33 <olasd> now for real
18:59:43 <paddatrapper> o/
18:59:46 <tzafrir> msg NickServ identify xhbdukrh
18:59:57 <olasd> #topic Roll Call
19:00:04 <olasd> tzafrir: you'll want to change that password
19:00:15 <olasd> ;)
19:00:36 <pollo> 0/
19:00:45 <pollo> please say hello if you are here for the meeting
19:00:48 <paddatrapper> \o
19:00:55 <olasd> hello if you are here for the meeting
19:00:58 <pollo> You can consult the proposed agenda here: http://deb.li/35Rds
19:02:06 <tzafrir> Hi. how do you know it's really tzafrir? and anyway, it's probably the wrong one anyway.
19:02:16 <paddatrapper> highvoltage: you can escape mutt now :)
19:02:30 <highvoltage> hello o/
19:03:00 <pollo> well, let's start and let the others join
19:03:02 <pollo> #topic Turbots Purchase Follow-up
19:03:11 <pollo> #info Our request to buy Turbots has been approved by the DPL!
19:03:17 <pollo> thanks to pollo
19:03:19 <pollo> grr
19:03:34 <pollo> s/pollo/paddatrapper
19:03:56 <pollo> anyway, my point is that we need to decide who is going to purchase them. The only sensible seller seems to be Netgate (https://store.netgate.com/Turbot2.aspx ).
19:03:59 <paddatrapper> Heh, any time
19:04:44 <pollo> I can do it, but that will mean extra border fees
19:05:27 <pollo> maybe tumbleweed could do it since he's in the US and already has a bunch of opsises?
19:05:44 <olasd> he does?
19:05:50 <pollo> doesn't he?
19:05:52 <paddatrapper> Is it a US company?
19:05:58 <olasd> there's one with paddatrapper, two with me and one with RattusRattus
19:06:11 <pollo> hmmm, why do we need 5 then?
19:06:13 <paddatrapper> tumbleweed has one I think
19:06:26 <paddatrapper> We have 5 opsises in total
19:06:34 <olasd> and we already have one turbot
19:06:51 <paddatrapper> We do?
19:06:55 <pollo> yup
19:07:12 <paddatrapper> Awesome. Then we only need 4
19:07:31 <highvoltage> a turbot appears to be some kind of fish
19:07:39 <pollo> well, I guess I could buy them and bring them to Hamburg
19:07:51 <pollo> highvoltage: minnowboard turbot SoC
19:08:06 <highvoltage> thanks
19:08:32 <pollo> the EU shop for the board sells them at 200 USD -_-,
19:08:42 <olasd> sure
19:08:46 <olasd> with VAT and duties paid
19:09:18 <pollo> ah, maybe it's worth it then, not sure taxes are included on the US price
19:09:26 * highvoltage gives them bonus points for listing Debian above Windows, Ubuntu and Android on their compatibility list
19:09:49 <olasd> pollo: the full price VAT included for four turbots from Mouser France is 772.61 EUR
19:10:19 <paddatrapper> And how much do we have approval for?
19:10:40 <pollo> 745 USD
19:11:15 <olasd> 596 USD for four boards :P
19:11:47 <highvoltage> olasd: wouldn't it be worth while getting the cases too?
19:12:00 <olasd> we're going to mount them in something else
19:12:03 <olasd> (with the opsises)
19:12:04 <highvoltage> ah cool
19:12:05 <paddatrapper> highvoltage: we are mounting them in our opsis cases
19:12:18 <pollo> so we buy them via Debian Fr?
19:12:36 <olasd> I don't know
19:12:43 <olasd> but we should probably consider it
19:13:11 <pollo> I'll try to mail netgate to estimate the taxes + shipping + border fees to Canada
19:13:17 <olasd> sounds good
19:13:33 <pollo> #action pollo to look at complete pricing to turbots to canada
19:13:46 <pollo> #topic Hamburg mini-debconf
19:13:55 <pollo> We have to decide what to do with regards to the audio hardware for the Hamburg mini-conf.
19:14:06 <pollo> Our current audio kit doesn't work reliably enough to be used there. We thus have 2 options:
19:14:10 <pollo> rent some
19:14:19 <pollo> or buy the audio kit we've been talking about
19:14:46 <pollo> olasd: weren't you saying that the wireless receiver we wanted was hard to get in France?
19:15:01 <olasd> well I couldn't find a distributor at all, actually
19:15:13 <paddatrapper> We could buy some (mixer, stage box) and rent mic receivers
19:15:22 <olasd> the mixer we already have
19:16:00 <paddatrapper> RattusRattus and I were looking on the Shure website, so hadn't started looking at suppliers...
19:16:08 <tumbleweed> sorry, I'm in another meeting atm
19:16:14 <paddatrapper> olasd: I thought the current kit was too unreliable to use?
19:16:29 <pollo> I don't have tons of time, so I think we should try to get some gear from the CCC instead
19:16:30 <olasd> fledermaus bought a mixer for us during the Cambridge miniconf
19:16:37 <olasd> it's at Rattus's
19:16:45 <paddatrapper> Ah awesome
19:17:03 <paddatrapper> pollo: sounds good
19:17:26 <olasd> sure
19:17:41 <pollo> #action pollo to poke holger about getting mics from the CCC
19:17:51 <olasd> I figured we could probably buy the hardware if the logistics were solved before this meeting, but as nothing happened...
19:18:04 <pollo> talking about that mixer, we need to retrieve it somehow
19:18:17 <paddatrapper> Are there speakers at the venue?
19:18:21 <pollo> I tried to use lamby as a mule but that didn't work, so I guess we'll need to have RattusRattus ship it
19:18:24 <pollo> paddatrapper: yeah
19:18:35 <olasd> well RattusRattus has free time to come to the miniconf now
19:18:40 <olasd> doesn't he? :P
19:18:51 <olasd> (wink wink nudge nudge etc.)
19:19:09 <pollo> I'm guessing he quit his job :p
19:19:22 <pollo> anyway, can someone take the task of following up with him on this?
19:19:42 <paddatrapper> I'm happy to
19:19:44 <olasd> as I'm the recipient, I will
19:19:49 <olasd> saves us some trouble
19:20:00 <pollo> #action olasd to follow-up with RattusRattus to get the mixing desk
19:20:28 <pollo> goot, anything else on the Hamburg mini-conf?
19:20:43 <olasd> pollo: we need to figure out how to get you there
19:20:47 <h01ger> mics from ccc or mics from the venue..
19:20:48 <olasd> but we can do that off meeting
19:20:49 <pollo> taking the place?
19:20:50 <h01ger> but yeah
19:20:52 <pollo> plane
19:21:02 <olasd> aren't you landing in Paris?
19:21:08 <pollo> olasd: nope, I leave from Paris
19:21:12 <olasd> oh, I see
19:21:34 <pollo> somehow getting from Hamburg and back is as expensive as getting to Taiwan...
19:21:36 <pollo> anyway
19:21:38 <olasd> anyway, we can see that off-meeting
19:21:40 * nicoo is late  :(
19:21:43 <pollo> #topic Preparations for DC18
19:21:51 <pollo> #info The DC18 local team tested the venue's projectors for us and it seems we will be able to use them.
19:22:01 <olasd> good
19:22:31 <paddatrapper> Mixers also look like they will be fine. Just need the headset mics and mic stands
19:22:42 <paddatrapper> And maybe snakes
19:22:44 <pollo> 6 x headsets microphones (they only have clip-ons) & 4 x mic stands
19:22:52 <olasd> I'm not taking snakes on a plane
19:22:55 <olasd> ;p
19:23:02 <pollo> we are going to use our mics for the ambient, thus the 4 stands
19:23:12 <paddatrapper> Keep them in the hold and all is good :)
19:23:23 * nicoo is caught up with the backlog
19:23:36 <paddatrapper> 4 mics doesn't divide cleanly into 3 rooms
19:23:48 <pollo> 2 in the int'l and 1 in each other
19:23:55 <paddatrapper> Cool
19:24:07 <pollo> I think the next step is to get plans of the rooms?
19:24:18 <paddatrapper> I can spend the week after next drawing up equipment lists, etc
19:24:48 <paddatrapper> pollo: we have those don't we? At least for one room (not sure which)
19:24:56 <pollo> I haven't seen them
19:24:57 <olasd> we'll need to find/rent SDI cables and computers for mixing as well
19:25:06 <olasd> (video mixing)
19:25:23 <olasd> and a bunch of pairs of headphones
19:25:26 <pollo> #action paddatrapper to come up with the equipement rental list
19:25:33 <paddatrapper> Do we have the BlackMagic cards?
19:25:37 <olasd> yeah
19:25:46 <olasd> I have all 7 of them
19:25:54 <paddatrapper> Awesome
19:26:08 <pollo> #info as of now, we need to rent 6 x headsets, 4 x mic stands, SDI cables and headphones. We also need to source towers for mixing
19:26:26 <paddatrapper> And towers for everything else
19:26:37 <paddatrapper> (encoding, streaming, storage)
19:26:49 <pollo> or we can user proper servers :p
19:27:04 <pollo> we still need to prod the dc18 local team on this
19:27:08 <olasd> yes
19:27:15 <paddatrapper> Well yes, that would work too, but where's the fun in that? :p
19:27:17 <olasd> needs to be part of our equipment list
19:27:26 <paddatrapper> Ok I'll add it
19:27:39 <pollo> #action pollo to prod the dc18 local team about the videoteam server needs
19:27:50 <olasd> (can we get lavamind's server full of SSDs again?)
19:27:58 <pollo> better use mosh
19:28:09 <pollo> anything else to add on this topic?
19:28:25 <olasd> no
19:28:30 <olasd> t for me at least
19:28:38 <paddatrapper> Don't think so
19:28:53 <pollo> #topic VOC conf
19:28:57 <pollo> wouter: prod prod
19:29:03 <olasd> ENOTIME on my end
19:29:12 <olasd> that's already a lot of miniconfs and sprints
19:29:19 <pollo> yeah
19:29:32 <paddatrapper> I haven't seen any chatter on their mailing list lately, so I don't think there are any updates
19:29:40 <pollo> #topic Next meeting
19:29:51 <olasd> I have some other business
19:29:55 <pollo> I guess in 1 month, same time?
19:30:02 <olasd> ah, fine
19:30:05 <olasd> yeah
19:30:11 <paddatrapper> Should be fine
19:30:20 <olasd> 18 april?
19:30:42 <olasd> (so we get some more buffer before minidc hamburg)
19:30:52 <paddatrapper> Cool
19:30:58 <pollo> #agreed next meeting, april 18th from 18:00 to 19:00 UTC
19:31:05 <pollo> #topic AOB
19:31:20 <paddatrapper> Isn't it at 19:00 UTC?
19:31:42 <pollo> won't daylight saving time arrive in the rest of the world too?
19:31:55 <olasd> sure, but is that a problem?
19:31:58 * pollo doesn't really mind
19:32:02 <paddatrapper> No idea, SA doesn't do daylight savings
19:32:16 <paddatrapper> 18:00 UTC works for me
19:32:21 <olasd> either work for me
19:32:29 <pollo> meh, we'll wing that then
19:32:31 <pollo> #endmeeting