18:05:53 <paddatrapper> #startmeeting
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18:06:28 <paddatrapper> #topic roll call
18:06:33 * olasd rolls
18:06:38 <paddatrapper> Please say hello!
18:06:41 <ivodd> hi
18:06:49 <paddatrapper> Agenda: http://deb.li/3aA7s
18:07:03 <paddatrapper> If you want to add anything feel free to just edit it
18:08:48 <paddatrapper> #topic Audio Hardware follow-up
18:08:51 <olasd> I guess we can start the actual meeting?
18:08:53 <olasd> hah.
18:09:11 <paddatrapper> So I've updated the wiki here, but haven't got further
18:09:18 <paddatrapper> olasd: you read my mind :)
18:09:42 <olasd> While in Cambridge for BBQ I retrieved the mixer that was sponsored for us
18:10:10 <paddatrapper> #info olasd retreived our mixer
18:10:45 <cate> hello
18:11:00 <paddatrapper> I guess the next step is to get clear pricing so that we can approach DPL for approval
18:11:11 <paddatrapper> https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/DebConf/Video/VideoTeamDocs/NewVideoTeamHardware#Front_of_House_Rack
18:11:25 <paddatrapper> Prices are estimated from various online sources
18:11:25 <tumbleweed> the kit we priced out before seemed a little on the pricy side
18:11:55 <paddatrapper> tumbleweed: yeah, so I dropped the mics down to reasonable prices (shaved 8k UDSD)
18:12:03 <paddatrapper> s/UDSD/USD/
18:12:03 <olasd> /that/ shopping list looks doable
18:12:14 <tumbleweed> yeah, it does
18:12:34 <paddatrapper> Shall I try get approval from DPL?
18:12:53 <tumbleweed> when do we want to buy?
18:12:57 <tumbleweed> where would we want to buy?
18:13:00 <tumbleweed> who would rack the stuff?
18:13:09 <ivodd> how many would we buy? 1?
18:13:10 <tumbleweed> (we need to think these out before we ask for approval)
18:13:28 <ivodd> where would the stuff be stored?
18:13:36 <paddatrapper> AIUI we want 1 room to start
18:13:50 <ivodd> I think 1 room is a good start indeed
18:13:55 <paddatrapper> does by the end of the year sound reasonable?
18:13:59 <tumbleweed> ivodd: I'm guessing Paris? olasd?
18:14:21 <ivodd> tumbleweed: sure, but it would be good to have olasd confirm :)
18:14:22 <paddatrapper> I'm happy to do the actual racking, Cape Town is just out of the way for gear
18:14:38 <tumbleweed> paddatrapper: we have to get you to a sprint, then :)
18:14:46 <paddatrapper> tumbleweed: sounds like a plan :)
18:14:55 <paddatrapper> (which is another point on the agenda)
18:15:15 <olasd> yeah, storing should be doable
18:15:19 <ivodd> olasd: nice
18:15:55 <paddatrapper> #info we can store the rack in Paris with the rest of our equipment
18:16:10 <ivodd> who would buy the stuff? debian france?
18:16:11 <olasd> I'm still not 100% convinced of the logistics of moving a 6U rack around
18:16:15 <paddatrapper> #action paddatrapper will rack the gear once we have it
18:16:36 <ivodd> olasd: do you think it would be easier if the gear wasn't racked?
18:16:36 <olasd> it's nice to have discrete cases that you can mix and match
18:16:41 <paddatrapper> We would need to find a different way yeah...
18:16:52 <ivodd> or do you want smaller cases?
18:16:56 <tumbleweed> quick release racks
18:17:02 <olasd> tumbleweed: lol
18:17:02 <tumbleweed> or the mini 2U / 3U rack flight cases
18:17:57 <paddatrapper> And then have multiple flight cases?
18:18:24 <tumbleweed> the rack is cheap enough that we can try it out, and break things up into smaller racks later if we wanted to
18:18:27 <tumbleweed> paddatrapper: yeah
18:18:40 <paddatrapper> tumbleweed: that is a good idea
18:18:40 <tumbleweed> what even takes 6U in there?
18:18:49 <tumbleweed> 4 receivers, presumably half-width = 2U
18:19:01 <tumbleweed> switch goes in a tray
18:19:08 <tumbleweed> PDU = 1U, fraction of the depth
18:19:11 <paddatrapper> 2U mics, 1U storage, 1U Opsis
18:19:11 <ivodd> in the wiki the opsis is in the same rack
18:19:16 <ivodd> that might be better separate
18:19:26 <paddatrapper> Can't remember what the other 2U is
18:19:36 <olasd> mixer
18:19:53 <tumbleweed> which presumably comes out fo the mixer and goes to the back of house?
18:19:57 <tumbleweed> err out of the case
18:20:24 <paddatrapper> Ah: 2U drawers, 1U antena
18:20:43 <paddatrapper> So 2U mics, 2U storage, 1U opsis, 1U antena
18:21:08 <tumbleweed> how deep is the antenna thing?
18:21:14 <tumbleweed> it could possibly go in the back side
18:21:34 <paddatrapper> ivodd: having it in the rack makes the satge look neater
18:21:55 <tumbleweed> paddatrapper: not necessarily
18:21:59 <ivodd> the opsis needs to be really close to the presenter
18:22:00 <tumbleweed> the audio rack can be behind the scenes
18:22:03 <paddatrapper> tumbleweed: possibly. I think it is 9" (So half length)
18:22:04 <tumbleweed> opsis needs to be by the podium, yeah
18:22:18 <ivodd> it depends on the stage layout
18:22:28 <paddatrapper> though it includes DI boxes, which also need to be close
18:22:42 <tumbleweed> presumably those are just in the storage?
18:23:14 <paddatrapper> can do it that way, sure
18:24:19 <CarlFK> I would try to mount everyting in the case, and put it on the floor next to the lectern
18:24:41 <paddatrapper> that was my thinking
18:24:52 <paddatrapper> https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/DebConf/Video/VideoTeamDocs/NewVideoTeamHardware?action=AttachFile&do=view&target=frontofhouserack.odg
18:25:01 <paddatrapper> this is the mockup RattusRattus drew up
18:25:36 <CarlFK> di boxes and switches and wall wart power supplies and all the cables.. yuck.
18:25:56 <paddatrapper> hide all the things behind closed doors
18:26:13 <paddatrapper> :)
18:27:10 <paddatrapper> So we still have the question of timing, but that can wait for the sprint discussion
18:27:44 <paddatrapper> Anything else here?
18:28:30 <olasd> not from my side
18:28:42 <paddatrapper> #topic Next sprint
18:29:04 <paddatrapper> pollo suggests around FOSDEM again (3&4 Feb)
18:30:01 <tumbleweed> try to stay clear of LCA
18:30:04 <olasd> (fosdem is 2 and 3 feb, not 3 and 4)
18:31:04 <paddatrapper> I'm just trying to find when I start uni next year
18:31:20 <paddatrapper> #info fosdem is 2&3 Feb
18:32:09 <olasd> as always I'm a bit wary of moving hardware "just" for a sprint
18:32:30 <paddatrapper> +1
18:32:33 <olasd> but brussels is basically the suburbs of Paris so I don't mind _that_ much
18:32:43 <olasd> :P
18:32:47 <paddatrapper> I start on 28 Jan, so can't do anything after that for a month or two
18:33:06 <olasd> boo
18:33:22 <olasd> so, sprint at LCA? :P
18:33:24 <paddatrapper> yeah post-grad sucks... :P
18:34:04 <paddatrapper> Could do fosdem and then later in the year too
18:34:15 <tumbleweed> there is always a sprint before lca
18:34:17 <tumbleweed> a timvideos sprint
18:34:41 <mithro> tumbleweed: Well - always is a bit strong :-P
18:34:42 <CarlFK> in NZ
18:35:38 <tumbleweed> mithro: ok, expected tob e :P
18:36:34 <paddatrapper> who would be interested in a fosdem sprint?
18:37:06 <olasd> what would be the agenda for such a sprint?
18:37:20 <olasd> I guess there's upgrading the setup to stretch
18:37:29 <olasd> buster*
18:37:45 <paddatrapper> there are always docs to update too
18:38:12 <paddatrapper> If I can somehow make it and we have equipment we could rack new gear
18:39:06 <paddatrapper> I know highvoltage is working on a tally system,he could be interested in continueing that
18:39:31 <olasd> if I'm receiving the hardware it's likely that I'll rack most of it before transporting it
18:39:48 <tumbleweed> volunteer system development
18:39:54 * pollo waves
18:40:00 <paddatrapper> #info LCA is 21-25 Jan
18:40:10 <olasd> it's a timeshifted pollo
18:40:11 <pollo> sorry I'm late, a water pipe burst in an appartment in my housing coop
18:40:15 <paddatrapper> pollo: \o
18:40:20 <tumbleweed> woo
18:40:21 <pollo> had to take care of it
18:40:23 <CarlFK> oh nooze
18:41:00 <olasd> I'm only now realizing how much sense it makes that you live in a coop
18:41:08 <tumbleweed> heh
18:41:58 <mithro> paddatrapper: Did you see the tally system micolous did at the most recent PyCon using the Tomu boards?
18:42:15 <ivodd> mithro: link?
18:42:15 <paddatrapper> mithro: no I didn't
18:42:33 <olasd> anyway, yeah, I'd be available for a pre or post-fosdem sprint
18:42:42 <pollo> as for the sprint, I'm up for anything
18:42:50 <ivodd> we would need a venue
18:43:04 <pollo> I'm writing my master's thesis this winter so I have time to spare
18:43:12 <paddatrapper> #info fosdem sprint looks promising. There are some ideas for things to do
18:43:14 <phls> is it to be in a event?
18:43:27 * highvoltage tries to catch up
18:44:02 <pollo> I wasn't there last year, but wasn't the place we used that wouter got us nice?
18:44:11 <pollo> if we can get it again it would be nice
18:44:13 <paddatrapper> phls: what do you mean?
18:44:28 <paddatrapper> that place would work well again
18:44:33 <phls> the sprint needs to be the same date other event?
18:44:46 <paddatrapper> phls: ah, not really, but it is nice
18:44:46 <pollo> phls: it helps if it close to some event
18:44:57 <pollo> more incentive for people to come
18:45:59 <pollo> So I guess we should poke wouter to see if we can get that space again?
18:46:01 <olasd> or we could sprint in the AirBNB you had rented, as long as we don't party after hours :P
18:46:12 <paddatrapper> heh
18:46:26 <phls> there is Campus Party Brasil in feb 12-17 in Sao Paulo
18:46:32 <phls> after Fosdem
18:47:35 <phls> the event has tables and camping tent to sleep indoor :-)
18:48:03 <pollo> phls: I think the idea is also that at lot of the team (and the gear) is already in Europe
18:48:06 <highvoltage> hmm, tumbleweed that might be good timing for a reccie too ^^^
18:48:11 <pollo> so it's more convenient for a sprint
18:48:30 <paddatrapper> #info Campus Party Brasil in Sao Paulo - 12-17 Feb
18:48:34 <phls> pollo, sure
18:48:50 <olasd> I mean, I don't mind being sent to Brazil
18:48:56 <olasd> the budget will be a little different
18:49:11 <mithro> paddatrapper: Poke micolous in the #timvideos channel
18:49:17 <paddatrapper> mithro: sure will do
18:49:26 <phls> yes, if its easier to do in europe, make sense
18:49:44 <ivodd> olasd: budget difference would depend on who is coming (and from where)
18:49:54 <olasd> ivodd: true
18:50:07 <ivodd> and the amount of gear that has to be present at the sprint
18:50:21 <olasd> all true
18:50:53 <ivodd> if we all go to curitiba, the next agenda item gets a lot easier :)
18:51:19 <olasd> we can budget both and see :P
18:51:24 <pollo> Sao Paulo != Curitiba though
18:51:28 <paddatrapper> I guess we don't need to choose one now - shall I put it to the ML and see the outcome? But essentially early Feb somewhere on Earth :)
18:51:38 <pollo> paddatrapper: +1
18:51:57 <paddatrapper> #action paddatrapper to put sprint to mailing list
18:52:17 <pollo> paddatrapper: can you action me to ask wouter about the space rental?
18:52:17 <paddatrapper> Anything else?
18:52:39 <paddatrapper> #action pollo to ask wouter about the space rental in Brussels
18:52:45 <olasd> if .be doesn't pan out we can figure out something in Paris
18:53:07 <paddatrapper> #info could potentially do something in Paris instead
18:53:21 <paddatrapper> #topic Preparations for DC19
18:53:59 <paddatrapper> phls: do you know what rooms/spaces will be the talk rooms yet?
18:54:37 <phls> I know auditorium and miniauditoruim. We need to see the others 3 rooms
18:55:04 <phls> especially the third room with streaming
18:55:34 <pollo> phls: we will likely ask you to rent some stuff for the videoteam
18:55:46 <phls> pollo, ok
18:55:47 <pollo> for that we will need to have a map of the rooms
18:55:48 <olasd> for the third room, a classroom setup such as what we had in montreal would work well I believe
18:55:51 <paddatrapper> ok. could we get maps/layouts of the rooms and details of existing equipment so we can start working out what equipment we need to bring/hire?
18:56:09 <phls> yes
18:56:10 <olasd> not that it's on-topic for this meeting
18:56:11 <tumbleweed> paddatrapper: I have already scoped the two auditoria, and have photos (but not maps)
18:56:28 <paddatrapper> tumbleweed: are those somewhere accessible?
18:56:38 <phls> paddatrapper, yes
18:56:51 <paddatrapper> #info tumbleweed has photos of the two auditoria
18:57:05 <pollo> phls: you might want to read https://debconf-video-team.pages.debian.net/docs/venue_checklist.html
18:57:07 <paddatrapper> #action phls to get maps/layouts of the rooms and details of existing equipment
18:57:10 <paddatrapper> pollo: thanks
18:57:13 <pollo> it will give you a global idea of what we need
18:57:21 <paddatrapper> phls: thanks *
18:57:40 <tumblingweed> Paddatrapper: https://www.dropbox.com/sc/l78pzqn3goz46wy/AABbdnRX3Y_YNkLclVA0pL1Fa
18:57:57 <tumbleweed> (can only get album links via the android app, silly dropbox)
18:59:09 <paddatrapper> phls: do you have the details for FTSL?
18:59:10 <phls> should I consider use mics with wire?
18:59:42 <tumbleweed> the ambiet mics are usually wired
18:59:47 <phls> because I know there are mics with and withoud wire there
18:59:52 <paddatrapper> the rest are wireless
19:00:13 <tumbleweed> wired mics work just fine for questions, from a a mic stand at the front
19:00:24 <tumbleweed> wireless is just more flexible
19:00:44 <phls> paddatrapper, what did you ask about FTSL?
19:00:59 <ivodd> if the wired is there, it's good to have as a backup if the wireless doesn't work (very well), but wireless is clearly better
19:01:04 <paddatrapper> In the agenda: Comment by Paulo: on October 24-26 we will be at venue working at FTSL (free software event). It will be a good time to see the hardware there.
19:01:12 <paddatrapper> Is that as in the end of this month?
19:01:24 <phls> paddatrapper, yes
19:01:50 <mithro> ivodd: have to poke micolous don't know the current status
19:02:08 <paddatrapper> phls: cool. That is very useful to know
19:02:16 <tumbleweed> paddatrapper: the hardware that's there is pretty basic
19:02:18 <phls> we will have a Debian track there, and we will try to record the talks using Opsis
19:02:49 <ivodd> tumbleweed: do you have pictures of the equipment?
19:02:49 <phls> I agree with tumbleweed
19:02:54 <paddatrapper> #info FTSL is 24-26 October and in the same venue as CDC19. It will mean a rough dry run
19:03:06 <paddatrapper> ivodd: there seem to be in the dropbox folder
19:03:14 <phls> they have a pair of wireless mics in each auditorium, I believe
19:03:19 <tumbleweed> ivodd: yes, in that dropbox
19:03:27 <ivodd> ok, will have a look
19:04:06 <pollo> tumbleweed: do you remember the projector config? pictures seem to be lacking on that side
19:04:27 <tumbleweed> pollo: I think there was VGA from the front
19:04:31 <phls> pollo, at mini it is HDMI. At auditorium is VGA
19:04:49 <phls> both have cable to the stage
19:04:55 <paddatrapper> phls: please confirm that and what model/make mics they
19:04:57 <olasd> I'm tempted to suggest a bold idea for audio: can we just rent everything so that we're sure of what we're getting, and just wire our feed directly into the venue PA?
19:05:14 <paddatrapper> olasd: I am definitely leaning towards that, yes
19:05:22 <tumbleweed> ivodd: you can see the auditorium vga in one of the floor boxes
19:05:31 <pollo> +1, dc18 mix and match was a pita
19:05:32 <olasd> we keep being disappointed by venue equipment
19:05:39 <paddatrapper> removes the guess-the-venue factor
19:05:46 <tumbleweed> olasd: that's not very bold - I agree with it
19:06:11 <paddatrapper> #info we will rent all audio for DC19, feeding directly into the venue PA
19:06:33 <paddatrapper> Makes my life easy too
19:06:37 <olasd> well
19:06:54 <olasd> you don't know what brazilian audio kit rental companies are like yet ;)
19:06:56 <phls> you will tell me how many mics we will rent, right?
19:07:03 <paddatrapper> phls: yup
19:07:05 <tumbleweed> the most likely existing equipmeent we use is the mixer, and some wired mics
19:07:12 <tumbleweed> and that stuff is dirt cheap to hire, anyway (or should be)
19:07:29 <tumbleweed> we'd end up hiring wireless mics anyway
19:07:32 <paddatrapper> It is all listed in our docs, but I will customise it to include cabling, etc specific to DC19
19:08:41 <paddatrapper> #topic AoB
19:08:41 <ivodd> tumbleweed: is the projector acceptable (using the vga)?
19:08:45 <olasd> it'd also be nice for once to have three identical mixers in the rooms
19:08:52 <tumbleweed> ivodd: we didn't try it. But HDMI-VGA works
19:09:02 <paddatrapper> #topic Preparations for DC19
19:09:03 <paddatrapper> sorry
19:09:07 <tumbleweed> it's super high up, but we could also run a cable if we had to
19:09:21 <tumbleweed> in those pics, first 6 are mini-auditorium. Then main auditorium
19:09:31 <tumbleweed> then classroms, and finally mini auditorium back stage
19:09:46 <phls> i have to go now, I will read later
19:10:21 <paddatrapper> I think we're prety much finished with DC19 stuff for now anyway
19:10:26 <paddatrapper> #topic AoB
19:10:48 <paddatrapper> Anything else?
19:10:50 <olasd> One of our hdmi/sdi capture cards is on its way to be smuggled to brazil by way of germany and canada
19:11:18 <tumbleweed> o_O
19:11:35 * pollo plays the pink panther theme song
19:11:44 <paddatrapper> #info One of our hdmi/sdi capture cards is on its way to be smuggled to brazil by way of germany and canada
19:11:55 <tumbleweed> always minute smuggling
19:12:27 <olasd> phls wanted to have one of the blackmagic cards to try it out, so we're using the fact that koike and some germans are attending the cloud sprint to do the transfer
19:12:52 <paddatrapper> sounds good. More people who know how to use our setup, the better
19:13:09 <olasd> *nod*
19:13:50 <paddatrapper> #topic Next meeting
19:13:53 <koike> I suppose it is a normal sized card so I can put in my backpack?
19:14:08 <olasd> koike: it's a low profile pci express card, so yeah it's tiny
19:14:10 <paddatrapper> koike: yup, it's small
19:14:15 <koike> awesome
19:14:16 <olasd> I shipped it in an envelope as a letter
19:14:45 <pollo> I guess next meeting in 1 month?
19:15:04 <pollo> so 6th nov, from 18:00 to 19:00 UTC?
19:15:12 <phls[m]> I am here now :-) maybe we can rent a hdmi projector to use ?
19:15:13 <paddatrapper> works for me
19:15:26 <tumbleweed> yeah, also an option
19:15:29 <olasd> wfm (probably)
19:15:33 <tumbleweed> there is space at the front of the balcony to put it on
19:15:46 <tumbleweed> I think the projector that is there may already do HDMI anyway
19:15:50 <tumbleweed> we couldn't get close enough to see
19:16:18 <phls[m]> Auditorium is vga :-(
19:16:23 <paddatrapper> #info next meeting on 6 November at 18:00 UTC
19:16:33 <phls[m]> Hdmi at mini
19:16:46 <pollo> sorry again for coming in late, happy you started without me
19:17:01 <paddatrapper> #endmeeting