17:59:58 <pollo> #startmeeting
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18:00:23 <pollo> please tell us about your favorite boat if you are here for the meeting
18:00:40 <tobi> a nice boat with a nice bar!
18:00:45 <pollo> meanwhile, have a look at the proposed agenda: http://deb.li/3aA7s
18:01:02 * tzafrir_laptop likes u-boot
18:01:29 * tumbleweed likes sailing boats the most
18:01:44 <olasd> I guess I have to go with 3dbenchy
18:01:49 * urbec likes a space boat
18:01:57 <pollo> damn, I was about to say that
18:02:12 <olasd> even though it's CC ND
18:02:13 <pollo> the BSG got to be my pick
18:03:31 <pollo> as you can all see, the agenda is pretty baren
18:04:06 <pollo> I'm expecting AoB to be the hot "have we forgotten something topic"
18:04:11 <pollo> #topic DC19 - PC & server rental
18:04:31 <pollo> do we have a status update on this?
18:04:41 <pollo> phls, terceiro: do you know when we'll get the PCs?
18:04:50 <paddatrapper> \o really slow internet here, so I'll see how this goes
18:05:13 <terceiro> they arrive this Friday
18:05:34 <olasd> cool
18:05:48 <pollo> #info the PCs and the server arrive at the venue on Friday 12th
18:06:15 <pollo> #topic DC19 - Audio rental
18:06:23 <pollo> same question now, but for audio rental :D
18:07:06 <terceiro>18:07:23 <wouter> o/
18:07:34 <terceiro> audio stuff will arrive on Monday 15th
18:07:45 <olasd> cool cool
18:07:57 <pollo> #info audio stuff will arrive on Monday 15th
18:08:04 <paddatrapper> everything is coming together
18:08:09 <pollo> #topic DC19 -  Misc
18:08:18 <pollo> tumbleweed: did you get the fiber connector specs?
18:08:47 <tumbleweed> pollo: nope, I mailed phls
18:09:18 <tumbleweed> and I'll bring a couple of SFP+ modules for 10-GBASE-SR and -LR as well as PCI-E cards
18:09:37 <pollo> #info tumbleweed will bring a couple of SFP+ modules for 10-GBASE-SR and -LR as well as PCI-E cards
18:09:51 <pollo> #info insurance has been bought
18:09:59 <pollo> anything else to add ?
18:10:32 <wouter> I did the animation
18:10:49 <wouter> haven't gotten around to the opening/closing credits yet, though
18:11:01 <tumbleweed> which animation is this? bg/loop ?
18:11:06 <wouter> loop
18:11:13 <wouter> https://latin.grep.be/~wouter/logo-animated.Webm
18:11:20 <pollo> #info wouter has worked on the loop: https://latin.grep.be/~wouter/logo-animated.Webm
18:11:29 <tumbleweed> s/W/w/
18:11:30 <wouter> also in my videoanim repo on salsa
18:11:41 <wouter> whoops, yes, typo, sorry
18:11:46 <tumbleweed> very cute
18:11:52 <wouter> thanks :)
18:12:19 <wouter> the version there is slightly buggy (bezier artefacts on the infomaniak logo), but that's been fixed since
18:12:30 <tobi> indeed, very nice!
18:13:03 <pollo> #topic AoB
18:13:15 <pollo> anything that needs to be dealt with before DebCamp starts?
18:13:56 <wouter> I'll need to have (remote) access to the on-site encoder machine if we're going to use that for encoding things with SReview
18:14:15 <wouter> (like we did for the past four debconfs)
18:14:20 <tumbleweed> the network is a bit of an unknown right now
18:14:27 <tumbleweed> but we will be able to make *something* work
18:14:32 <wouter> hopefully :)
18:14:42 <highvoltage> hello
18:14:45 <tumbleweed> it's not too late to come to curitiba :P
18:15:02 <wouter> finances wouldn't agree with that though
18:15:09 <tumbleweed> fair enough
18:16:21 <wouter> anyway, would be great if the server were up and running sometime early next week, so that I can set things up without having to rush etc
18:16:40 <tumbleweed> ack, we'll get it up as soon as we can
18:16:54 <wouter> thanks -- and if things are too busy, no worries, I understand too
18:16:59 <paddatrapper> we'll need to get infrastructure up early anyway
18:17:03 <wouter> true
18:17:29 <tumbleweed> I guess:
18:17:46 <tumbleweed> #info anyone who needs access to debconf-video infra make sure you have current public ssh keys in the ansible inventory
18:18:03 <wouter> ah yes, good point
18:18:27 <pollo> I guess that's all!
18:18:33 <pollo> last chance to add something D:
18:18:54 <pollo> #endmeeting