18:03:34 <highvoltage> #startmeeting
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18:03:41 <highvoltage> #topic roll call
18:03:43 <tumbleweed> thanks highvoltage  :)
18:03:46 <highvoltage> say hello if you are here
18:03:49 <tobi> o/
18:04:01 <phls> hi
18:04:20 <highvoltage> #topic #1 FOSDEM Sprint
18:04:45 <CarlFK> hello!
18:04:54 <highvoltage> paddatrapper said he'll take care of the request, so I suppose you should watch out for a mail from him with details if you're going to request travel funds
18:05:13 <highvoltage> I don't think there's too much else we can say on this topic, any question before we move on?
18:05:36 <highvoltage> (or comment, etc, I don't mean to rush)
18:06:36 <highvoltage> ok seems not
18:06:47 <highvoltage> #topic Status of purchases
18:06:49 <highvoltage> on to you tumbleweed
18:06:51 <tumbleweed> nothing changed :)
18:07:00 <highvoltage> next topic then? :)
18:07:03 <tumbleweed> yep
18:07:08 <highvoltage> #topic AOB?
18:07:14 <highvoltage> lol oops
18:07:20 <highvoltage> #topic AOB?
18:07:29 <highvoltage> Any other business?
18:09:45 <highvoltage> I'll take that as a no
18:09:52 <highvoltage> #topic Future meeting time
18:10:53 <highvoltage> I suggest 2020-01-17 again (as apposed to the usual 26th) due to travel/debcamp/etc before FOSDEM
18:11:08 <phls> ok
18:12:02 <highvoltage> sounds like one ok and no objections then?
18:12:25 <highvoltage> (also final call for AOB)
18:12:55 <highvoltage> ok then,
18:13:07 <highvoltage> #info next meeting at 2020-01-17 at 18:00 UTC
18:15:21 <highvoltage> I guess that's that then, thanks tumbleweed, tobi, phls and CarlFK
18:15:32 <highvoltage> #endmeeting