17:59:09 <tumbleweed> #startmeeting DebConf Video Team weekly meeting
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17:59:13 <tumbleweed> #topic Roll Call
17:59:21 <tumbleweed> Say hi if you're here for the meeting
17:59:24 <tumbleweed> #link http://deb.li/oNCD Agenda
17:59:44 <pollo> 0/
17:59:46 <lenharo> hi o/
18:00:07 <phls> hi
18:00:28 <tumbleweed> Glad the brazil video team could make it :)
18:00:43 <tumbleweed> #topic MDCO2 - Video Encoding and publishing
18:01:03 <tumbleweed> I've fixed up 3 videos yesterday, and one more in progress now
18:01:19 <tumbleweed> I think when this one lands, we're done
18:01:25 <pollo> yay!
18:01:25 <tumbleweed> assuming they pass final review
18:01:39 <pollo> I guess you'll publish to YT and PT afterwards?
18:01:51 <pollo> have ve finished trickle-publising on YT for DC20?
18:01:52 <tumbleweed> yeah
18:02:01 <tumbleweed> no, still quite a lot of those left
18:02:06 <pollo> heh
18:02:16 <tumbleweed> we can do these in parallel or just wait for dc20 to finish
18:02:31 <tumbleweed> DC20 is up to: 2020-08-25 22:00:00
18:02:57 <tumbleweed> last day was 29th
18:03:19 <tumbleweed> sreview=> SELECT id, title, apologynote FROM talks WHERE event=8 and apologynote IS NOT NULL; id  |             title             |                                   apologynote
18:03:23 <tumbleweed> -----+-------------------------------+---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 318 | Open Source Game Achievements | Apologies, the speaker's camera is quite choppy due to a bad network connection. 346 | YIRL engine presentation      | Apologies for the poor audio quality.
18:03:28 <tumbleweed> (2 rows)
18:03:30 <tumbleweed> urgh, badly formatted paste
18:03:35 <tumbleweed> 318 | Open Source Game Achievements | Apologies, the speaker's camera is quite choppy due to a bad network connection.
18:03:39 <tumbleweed> 346 | YIRL engine presentation      | Apologies for the poor audio quality.
18:03:48 <tumbleweed> those are the unfixables that still have apology notes
18:04:12 <tumbleweed> (btw, the text formatting on that apology note is *really* weird
18:04:23 <pollo> yeah
18:04:47 <tumbleweed> highvoltage: not sure if you want to re-run those with better looking apology notes :P
18:04:48 <pollo> but it doesn't look that out of place with the background we used
18:04:57 <tumbleweed> right, it almost looks intentional
18:05:27 <tumbleweed> #topic MDCO2 - Feedback
18:05:36 <tumbleweed> thoughts on how things went?
18:06:07 <pwaring> very well I thought
18:06:13 <tumbleweed> yeah
18:06:18 <pollo> I think it went well, but as I've mentioned before (we have a topic for that), I'm not happy with the jitsi-pad-share quality
18:06:21 <tumbleweed> no serious screw-ups
18:06:25 <pollo> the Firefox bug was unfortunate
18:06:32 <tumbleweed> nothing broke *too* badly, except firefoxes, yes
18:06:47 <tumbleweed> things I think we could improve:
18:06:57 <wouter> o/
18:07:00 <wouter> (sorry I'm late)
18:07:19 <tumbleweed> there were some talks that were broken in pre-recording. This maybe could have been picked up with more stringent review. But some of those were last-minute video submissions, so <shrug>
18:07:37 <tumbleweed> It seems some speakers should have been more strongly encouraged to pre-record
18:07:57 <tumbleweed> Ideally, we should have caught the firefox problems in test calls
18:08:50 <wouter> The idea of using SReview for uploads is that it allows normalization of prerecordings to a certain standard codec, which *should* reduce these kinds of surprises
18:08:59 <tumbleweed> wouter: the problem wasn't codecs
18:09:07 <tumbleweed> one of the talks had clipped audio
18:09:08 <wouter> we could try to go back to that too? I can disable bs1770gain SReview-wide if needs be :)
18:09:17 <tumbleweed> highvoltage tried to clean it up in an audio editor, and it helped a bit
18:09:20 <tumbleweed> but it's still awful
18:09:23 <wouter> tumbleweed: no, but we did have issues with a video having red mist
18:09:36 <wouter> which I think was a codec issue
18:09:47 <tumbleweed> yeah, maybe
18:09:53 <wouter> I'm not saying it will fix everything, but it should reduce surprises? or am I being silly here?
18:09:56 <tumbleweed> letting the speaker see a preview of what we're going to play could solve that
18:10:01 <tumbleweed> but only if they see it and sign off on it
18:10:06 <wouter> right
18:10:58 <tumbleweed> BTW, wouter, I dug into that encoding issue more
18:11:02 <tumbleweed> it seems specific to that one video
18:11:13 <tumbleweed> I'll file an upstream bug
18:11:19 <wouter> yeah, I haven't yet had time to look at it in depth
18:11:25 <phls> should we recomend to use Chrome/Chromium for MDCO-BR ?
18:11:26 <wouter> I suspect color encoding confusion somewhere
18:11:43 <pollo> phls: yes
18:11:50 <phls> pollo, ok
18:11:59 <pwaring> Chrome also lets you share a specific tab, and seems to hide the window decoration better than FF
18:12:04 <tumbleweed> wouter: my analysis: https://storm.debian.net/shared/zwpAKwkxwMdtKlBri-7224u9U96VDryz7iw4KmKDp86
18:12:12 <tumbleweed> wouter: test files in ~sreview/tmp/yirl/
18:12:13 <wouter> are we sure Firefox is causing issues? I thought those were fixed?
18:12:21 <tumbleweed> wouter: yes, we are
18:12:30 <pollo> it's a new bug
18:12:34 <wouter> OIC
18:13:10 <tumbleweed> sharing a tab from chrome is also convenient, because it can be backgrounded (assuming you only *need* to share one tab)
18:13:26 <tumbleweed> shall we move on?
18:13:38 <pollo> yup
18:13:44 <wouter> +1
18:14:05 <tumbleweed> #topic mdcobr2020 - maintenance loop
18:14:20 <tumbleweed> so, these are a list of topics of things we need for mdco2br
18:14:55 <pollo> I think phls gave highvoltage the SVGs needed and the plan was for him to generate the maintenance loop?
18:15:04 <tumbleweed> OK
18:15:07 <phls> yes
18:15:12 <tumbleweed> #action highvoltage to generate a maintenance loop
18:15:19 <tumbleweed> #topic title slides
18:15:27 <pollo> same for that :)
18:15:33 <tumbleweed> #action highvoltage to generate title slides
18:15:38 <wouter> I could do it too
18:15:48 <tumbleweed> #topic jitsi & etherpad links
18:15:53 <wouter> but then I guess if highvoltage is already going to work on it, meh
18:16:13 <tumbleweed> terceiro: are you guys going to pre-generate jitsi and etherpad links like we did for DC20 and mdco2?
18:16:24 <wouter> are we considering going back to the vnc etherpad stuff?
18:16:32 <tumbleweed> wouter: later in the agenda
18:16:34 <wouter> (or is that for a later subject perhaps)
18:16:36 <wouter> right :)
18:16:41 <terceiro> tumbleweed: I think we probably should
18:16:44 <terceiro> I can do that later today
18:16:48 <pollo> and if possible, don't used "mdcobr-" at the beginning of the etherpad slugs :)
18:17:05 <tumbleweed> pollo didn't like that prefix for mdco2 :)
18:17:11 <tumbleweed> pollo: you want the same 32-character slug, though?
18:17:20 <pollo> I don't mind the length
18:17:33 <tumbleweed> OK
18:17:42 <terceiro> FWIW I will just cargo cult the url patterns from mdco2
18:17:46 <tumbleweed> #action terceiro to pre-generate links
18:17:49 <terceiro> minus the hated prefix
18:17:53 <pollo> +1
18:17:55 <tumbleweed> heh
18:18:08 <tumbleweed> you'll also want to set up a video team group / something like that
18:18:18 <tumbleweed> and grant them "view all talks" access
18:18:29 <tumbleweed> so that they can see the jitsi links
18:18:33 <terceiro> ack
18:18:47 <tumbleweed> #topic OBS
18:18:56 <paddatrapper> Sorry in late
18:19:04 <tumbleweed> is highvoltage helping out with OBS setup?
18:19:16 <pollo> I think he started playing around already yes
18:19:28 <tumbleweed> OK, without him here, probably nothing to discuss, then
18:19:49 <tumbleweed> #topic mdcobr2020 - grabber machine
18:20:07 <tumbleweed> we found that for some of our mdco2 volunteers, sharing etherpad via jitsi was impossible on their machines
18:20:15 <tumbleweed> so, maybe it's a good idea to bring back the VNC grabber machine
18:20:25 <phls> please remember me, what is the grabber machine?
18:20:28 <pollo> and even with a good internet connection, the result is full of artifacts
18:20:37 <wouter> phls: the machine we use to show the etherpad
18:20:41 <phls> ok
18:20:44 <tumbleweed> pollo: it's basically just a desktop computer in the cloud, that feeds screen capture to voctomix
18:20:50 <wouter> phls: for mdco2 we told talkmeisters to do it on their machine, but that had issues
18:21:01 <terceiro> tha grabber vm felt a bit clunky to me during dc20
18:21:06 <pollo> it is
18:21:07 <paddatrapper> Yeah I think we should stand up a grabber
18:21:10 <tumbleweed> terceiro: yeah, that's why we dropped it for mdco2
18:21:27 <wouter> but bandwith considerations mean it's a good idea to bring it back
18:21:36 <paddatrapper> I'd rather have it clunky for volunteers than unreadable for attendees
18:21:47 <tumbleweed> if a talkmeister has a good connection they could use jitsi instead
18:22:02 <wouter> paddatrapper: +1
18:22:04 <terceiro> TBH I'm not sure people watching _need_ to the pad in the stream
18:22:05 <tumbleweed> but 2 options is harder to explain to people
18:22:07 <pollo> tumbleweed: that would mean 1 less source though, split-screen on questions is nice
18:22:12 <tumbleweed> pollo: yeah, it is
18:22:19 <tumbleweed> terceiro: agreed
18:22:23 <pollo> that also means we'll need a background loop
18:22:23 <tumbleweed> sometimes the pad is useful, sometimes it isn't
18:22:30 <tumbleweed> pollo: good point
18:22:46 <tumbleweed> do we action highvoltage for that?
18:22:49 <pollo> heh
18:22:50 <CarlFK> the grabber needs VNC so that someone can scroll it, and that's it, right ?
18:22:53 <terceiro> the conf where I discovered this pad thing was GUADEC, and they never showed it on the stream
18:22:54 <wouter> well, you can just keep the default which is a black background
18:22:54 <pollo> CarlFK: yes
18:22:58 <tumbleweed> CarlFK: and load the right pad
18:23:17 <wouter> terceiro: that's actually a good point too
18:23:19 <pollo> tumbleweed: I feel it's useful, especially when people have strong accents
18:23:19 <tumbleweed> I think it's very useful to show the pad during BoFs
18:23:32 <wouter> terceiro: I do sometimes think to myself "I can read too, talkmeister", but...
18:23:34 <pollo> terceiro: :)
18:23:41 <tumbleweed> yeah, some talkmeisters are way too verbose
18:23:45 <tumbleweed> they could be summarizing the questions
18:23:51 <terceiro> IME, when the pad is actively used, it's best if someone involved shares it
18:23:53 <wouter> it's especially silly if the talkmeister reads a question that has *just* been answered, which happened once through the mdco2
18:23:53 <tumbleweed> (or skipping them, if thye've already been answered)
18:24:14 <tumbleweed> jathan: that was you, btw :)
18:24:25 <wouter> tumbleweed: I didn't want to name names, but yes :)
18:24:28 <tumbleweed> we should probably be giving talkmeisters feedback during the conference and improving them
18:24:43 <tumbleweed> it doesn't help if we all think "that was bad" but don't do anything about it
18:24:50 <wouter> true
18:25:07 <phls> i think it's a good idea the speaker and talkmeister see the pad, but not necessary share it on the streaming
18:25:15 <wouter> but then I always feel slightly awkward telling people who've been doing a certain thing a lot more than me how to do that thing
18:25:24 <tumbleweed> yeah
18:25:30 <pollo> I normally read questions even though they've been answered on the pad, I think it's wrong to assume everyone can read the answer on screen
18:26:09 <pollo> anyway, we agreed on a grabber VM :)
18:26:11 <wouter> should we perhaps action someone to write instructions/suggestions for talkmeisters?
18:26:30 <wouter> on etherpad things, I mean
18:26:38 <paddatrapper> wouter: we have documentation for that, but probably needs adding to
18:26:40 <tumbleweed> we do have intructions, this sounsd like a follow-up doc on how to be a better talkmeister
18:26:41 <phls> we will not have problem with accents (i hope) :-)
18:27:05 <terceiro> I would keep things simple, not have a grabber vm, and instead document how talkmeister should handle the pad
18:27:06 <wouter> 'kay
18:27:10 <terceiro> but that's just me
18:27:23 <wouter> terceiro: well, if you prefer not to show the pad, then we also don't need the grabber vm
18:27:40 <lenharo> i guess for now, don't need grabber vm
18:27:49 <terceiro> I seem to be in the minority on this though
18:27:50 <phls> i agree
18:27:55 <tumbleweed> OK, if you change your mind, let us know
18:27:57 <pollo> that's ok then, but we should discourage people to share the pad on jitsi then
18:28:03 <phls> for MDCO-BR at least
18:28:05 <tumbleweed> it's pretty simple to spin up
18:28:08 <wouter> it's up to you, really. I guess a non-english minidebconf has the advantage that more people are likely to speak the language natively
18:28:18 <wouter> which means the added advantage of being able to also read the question is not really there anymore
18:28:22 <paddatrapper> Especially with potential issues with screen sharing on Firefox
18:28:28 <wouter> right
18:28:54 <tumbleweed> #agreed mdcobr2020 does not need a grabber (and expects to show the pad on the stream less than usual for debconf online)
18:29:09 <tumbleweed> #topic mdcobr2020 - test run
18:29:22 <tumbleweed> do you want to do a test run before the weekend?
18:29:37 <tumbleweed> I think it would be a good idea, even if it's just 10 minutes
18:30:00 <phls> yes, sure
18:30:05 <tumbleweed> we should have all of the assets (slides, backrgrounds, etc.) in place before hand, though
18:30:14 <phls> after 21h UTC please :-)
18:30:29 <tumbleweed> you tell me when, and I can be there
18:30:40 <tumbleweed> but maybe we'll have to wait for highvoltage's actions, first
18:30:54 <phls> ok
18:31:23 <tumbleweed> #agreed we'll try to do a test run, once the prerequisite assets are in place
18:31:36 <tumbleweed> #topic volunteers and training
18:31:48 <pollo> I can't help tomorrow, sorry :(
18:31:51 <tumbleweed> I see from the agenda you'll be training on wednesday at 17:30
18:32:18 <wouter> 17:30 UTC?
18:32:26 <tumbleweed> yeah
18:32:35 <pollo> you should make sure volunteers have an account on salsa and log in the conference website
18:32:46 <tumbleweed> phls: I suggest collecting salsa usernames in signup, so we can give them access to https://salsa.debian.org/debconf-video-team/access-credentials
18:33:03 <tumbleweed> and yes, make sure they log into the website so they can be added to the video group and see jitsi URLs
18:33:39 <lenharo> no.. 23:30 UTC
18:33:59 <wouter> oh, so 17:30 local time?
18:34:06 <lenharo> 20:30 local time
18:34:13 <tumbleweed> it says 17:30 UTC in the pad
18:34:24 <phls> tumbleweed, ok for salsa usernames
18:34:30 <wouter> lenharo: 17:30 UTC is an hour ago
18:34:40 <wouter> (for today)
18:35:04 <wouter> lenharo: so would you mean an hour ago tomorrow, or later than that?
18:35:07 <nattie> i think someone calculated the time difference in the wrong direction
18:35:07 <tumbleweed> (by the pad, I mean the agenda)
18:35:10 <phls> sorry, 20:30 local time, 23:30 UTC :-)
18:35:28 <wouter> oh, right, I was confused there, sorry
18:35:28 <phls> I did 20:30 - 3:00
18:35:36 <wouter> aha
18:35:47 <tumbleweed> #info training will be on Wednesday at 23:30 UTC
18:35:50 <phls> :-)
18:35:55 <wouter> okay, 23:30 UTC is quite past my bedtime, so I won't be there
18:36:15 * nattie *might* be able to look in, but is possibly quite busy
18:36:16 <tumbleweed> it will be in pt_BR anyway
18:36:21 <tumbleweed> but I'll be around if you need anything
18:36:25 <phls> cool
18:37:08 <tumbleweed> #topic mdcobr2020 - questions
18:37:26 <tumbleweed> I quote from the agenda:
18:37:27 <tumbleweed> Show clock in UTC-3
18:37:28 <tumbleweed> Ask to update SReview
18:37:48 <tumbleweed> phls: are you talking about the clock in OBS?
18:37:59 <pollo> and likely on voctomix1 ?
18:38:02 <phls> yes, we had a small update on the agenda (just add some speakers on one BoF)
18:38:18 <pollo> I guess it would make sense to use UTC-3 everywhere
18:38:20 <phls> on the streaming, there is a clock on the screen
18:38:26 <tumbleweed> phls: that's OBS
18:38:37 <wouter> let me run the script, sec
18:38:57 <tumbleweed> pollo: yeah, maybe we should be changing the timezone of the machines to -3?
18:39:03 <wouter> eh, can't do it now, but I'll do it tonight
18:39:21 <tumbleweed> wouter: or do you want recording filenames in UTC?
18:39:21 <phls> wouter, thanks
18:39:35 <terceiro> I think only the onscreen clock is fine
18:39:42 <terceiro> or onstream in this case
18:39:54 <wouter> tumbleweed: I want recording filenames in whatever the in-SReview database uses as timezone
18:39:58 <wouter> otherwise things get confused
18:40:08 <wouter> but I can update the script to do that, so just make everything UTC-3 and I'll be happy
18:40:30 <tumbleweed> wouter: right, so what are you doing in your database
18:40:47 <wouter> tumbleweed: I'll make the times there stored in UTC-3?
18:41:07 <wouter> unless you tell me now that that would complicate matters
18:41:11 <tumbleweed> so you'll want UTC-3 filenames
18:41:15 <wouter> yes
18:41:33 <tumbleweed> sounds reasonable to me
18:41:41 <tumbleweed> #agreed we'll record in UTC-3
18:41:43 <wouter> then all the times can be UTC-3
18:42:15 <wouter> I'll also make the script idempotent and then just run it from cron
18:42:24 <tumbleweed> it doesn't seem ideal to be constantly changing timezone in our long-lived infra. But it does seem to make sense for this conference
18:42:28 <wouter> which would mean that any change to wafer will migrate to the db automatically
18:42:34 <tumbleweed> maybe in the future we'll decide this was a bad idea, and try to move to UTC-only
18:42:52 <pollo> #action pollo to update machines for UTC-3
18:42:55 <nattie> it makes sense for .in as well though
18:43:05 <terceiro> IMO this is pretty risky
18:43:07 <wouter> #action wouter to update the schedule in SReview to UTC-3
18:43:10 <terceiro> I would leave the clock in the machines alone
18:43:15 <nattie> since they're on a half-hour offset
18:43:36 <phls> ah, do we need to worry with record the talks during presentations? Or everything is done on background?
18:43:49 <nattie> (sorry for the diversion)
18:43:57 <tumbleweed> phls: we're always recording (or not recording)
18:44:06 <tumbleweed> I mean, we turn it on at the start of the conference, and off at the end
18:44:16 <phls> tumbleweed, ok
18:44:50 <phls> but should we ping someone to start and end it?
18:45:07 <nattie> phls: the whole conference, not just each talk
18:45:09 <wouter> phls: it doesn't hurt, I guess, but it's on our checklist
18:45:11 <nattie> the whole weekend event
18:45:27 <phls> ok
18:45:57 <pollo> paddatrapper: do you know if you'll be able to take the first "on-call" shift?
18:46:08 <pollo> phls: have you seen my ping wrt a wiki page for volunteers?
18:46:24 <paddatrapper> pollo: I'll only know Friday around 17:00 UTC unfortunately
18:46:36 <pollo> ok, well be sure to keep me posted
18:46:40 <paddatrapper> will do
18:46:43 <pollo> I won't get up saturday morning otherwise :)
18:46:53 <tumbleweed> terceiro, pollo: We could also just put TZ=America/Sao_Paulo in the record script (and OBS)
18:47:01 <phls> pollo, lenharo is creating the wiki page
18:47:29 <pollo> tumbleweed:  I'm ok with that
18:47:33 <terceiro> tumbleweed: +1
18:47:45 <terceiro> feels a lot safer
18:47:48 <tumbleweed> #agreed insert TZ into record script
18:47:56 <wouter> tumbleweed: I fear that if you do that we may forget one place and then things go horribly wrong?
18:48:08 <pollo> not if it's ansibled
18:48:15 <tumbleweed> wouter: it is a risk
18:48:28 <tumbleweed> but the only interface between voctomix and sreview is those files
18:48:32 <tumbleweed> so I think it's simple enough
18:48:45 * tumbleweed likes servers that run on UTC
18:48:46 <wouter> if it's system-wide and ansibled, and then you reboot the box to be sure...
18:49:00 <wouter> well, if you're sure you can make it work, it's fine I guess
18:49:12 <terceiro> I think we are complicating things. the only request was showing the OBS clock in UTC-3, nothing else is really necessary
18:49:22 <tumbleweed> the files do matter for sreview
18:49:24 * wouter 's server is running in a timezone he hasn't been in for over a year now :)
18:49:50 <tumbleweed> sreview uses tz-aware columns for times
18:49:59 <tumbleweed> but I don't know if it converts to UTC when it comes to deal with files
18:50:04 <tumbleweed> which is why I asked :)
18:50:05 <terceiro> but why is this different from any other conf with its own TZ?
18:50:21 <tumbleweed> terceiro: usually the machines are *on-site* at that conference, and in the local timezone
18:50:24 <wouter> yes, but I haven't actually ran any conference where it looked at that, and I'd rather not start looking now
18:50:26 <tumbleweed> i.e. the thing you didn't want to do
18:50:54 <terceiro> ah
18:50:55 <terceiro> ok
18:50:57 <tumbleweed> CarlFK takes his own machines to conferences, and they're usually still in Chicago timezone, so sreview has built-in hacks for dealing with this mess
18:51:06 <tumbleweed> s/sreview/veyepar/ I meant
18:51:07 <terceiro> omg
18:51:15 <tumbleweed> (he forgets to change the timezone)
18:51:19 <terceiro> heh
18:51:29 <wouter> yeah, I think it's fair to say that SReview assumes everything is in the same timezone
18:51:32 <terceiro> I'll shut up and let the people who know what they are doing alone
18:51:48 <wouter> I originally didn't want to write it that way, but I never ended up testing any code to actually work, and so now, no.
18:52:07 <tumbleweed> :P
18:52:21 <wouter> (aka, "don't look at the database for features that SReview supports")
18:52:33 <wouter> there are entire *tables* in the SReview database that *no* code will ever look at
18:52:40 <tumbleweed> :P
18:52:44 <tumbleweed> yeah, I found that last week
18:52:51 <tumbleweed> OK...
18:53:05 <tumbleweed> so, let's try TZ and see what it looks like
18:53:07 <tumbleweed> #topic video archive documentation
18:53:11 <tumbleweed> paddatrapper: carry the item?
18:53:21 <paddatrapper> pollo you mean?
18:53:28 <tumbleweed> wrong p, oops
18:53:30 <pollo> yes
18:53:31 <paddatrapper> heh
18:53:41 <tumbleweed> #topic Any other Business
18:54:05 <wouter> would someone be so kind to help me set up a play environment of our stuff for fosdem?
18:54:15 <wouter> not before the weekend obviously, but after that
18:54:18 <paddatrapper> wouter: sure
18:54:29 <wouter> I don't know it *quite* well enough, so...
18:54:32 <wouter> thx
18:54:43 <tumbleweed> happy to help out there too
18:54:48 <tumbleweed> if you have infra, we can ansible it :P
18:55:25 <wouter> it's just that I don't really know which parts are required and which parts aren't, and also I don't think we have a gitlab
18:55:42 <tumbleweed> oh, phls, lenharo:
18:55:53 <pollo> wouter: a oAuth2 provider would likely work I guess
18:55:56 <wouter> so either we'll have to set up a gitlab for a play environment (feels like overkill) or we'll have to figure out some other OIDC service
18:56:00 <phls> wouter, will fosdem use the same debconf solution?
18:56:07 <wouter> phls: not decided yet
18:56:19 <tumbleweed> yesterday I tried to help avoid people setting video to a source, without setting audio to it. This happens sometimes.
18:56:30 <wouter> part of why I want this play environment, so I can (hopefully) convince people it's a good idea and we *don't* need to reinvent the wheel :)
18:56:33 <tumbleweed> so, this branch is currently deployed on the conference vogol: https://salsa.debian.org/debconf-video-team/vogol/-/merge_requests/14
18:57:32 <tumbleweed> it looks a little bit different to what we did training on
18:57:53 <wouter> I think it's fine?
18:58:20 <phls> tumbleweed, ok
18:58:39 <pollo> I think it makes it harder if we were to use split-screen, but for a miniconf with only 3 sources it does solve the problem
18:59:02 <tumbleweed> pollo: All of the controls are still there, just moved around
18:59:13 <tumbleweed> and in split screen, it will be obvious which sources are contributing audio
18:59:18 <pollo> yes, but "select" is confusing for split screen
18:59:31 <tumbleweed> I'd also expect a preset for dc20-style Q&A
19:00:00 <pollo> "fullscreen solo" was clearer in that regard imo
19:00:09 <tumbleweed> for a video-only source, it will say: "Select Video"
19:00:12 <pollo> anyway, no need to talk about this during the meeting :)
19:00:33 <tumbleweed> yeah, I just wanted to bring their attention to it
19:00:44 <tumbleweed> suggestions on improvements definitely appreciated :)
19:01:02 <paddatrapper> We may need to update docs and screenshots to reflect the changes?
19:01:08 <tumbleweed> yeah
19:01:12 <nattie> might be worth showing it to people before the training session tomorrow
19:01:21 <tumbleweed> we can hold this change until after the br mini, too
19:01:22 <nattie> (specifically, those conducting the training)
19:01:30 <nattie> fair enough
19:02:45 <tumbleweed> should we do that? go back
19:03:24 <phls> now vogol is updated?
19:03:26 <pollo> I think the current patch makes it better for miniconfs, so I'd say no
19:03:54 <tumbleweed> OK, I'll look at updating docs
19:04:09 <tumbleweed> let's finish this meeting
19:04:14 <tumbleweed> #topic Next Meeting
19:04:24 <tumbleweed> Same time next week?
19:04:35 <wouter> wfm
19:04:37 <pollo> yes, but afterwards, let's take a break :)
19:04:44 <tumbleweed> that'd be nice
19:04:47 <lenharo> yes
19:04:58 <paddatrapper> +1 to both
19:05:05 <wouter> yes please
19:05:06 <tumbleweed> #agreed same time next week. and then HOLIDAYS (until .in mini)
19:05:14 <wouter> regardless, I'll probably be too busy with FOSDEM anyway
19:05:19 <tumbleweed> #endmeeting