17:59:54 <pollo> #startmeeting
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17:59:57 <paddatrapper> \o
17:59:58 <pollo> #topic Roll Call
18:00:11 <pollo> please say hello if you're here for the meeting!
18:00:24 <sahilister> hello o/
18:00:30 <paddatrapper> hi o/
18:00:42 <terceiro> hi
18:00:52 <pollo> proposed agenda: https://deb.li/oNCD
18:00:57 <rojin[m]> Hi o/
18:00:57 <tobi> hi
18:02:55 <tumbleweed> o/
18:03:36 <pollo> #tropic
18:03:37 <pollo> :)
18:03:48 <pollo> #topic Review system
18:04:06 <pollo> I don't think wouter_ is here, but I don't think anything changed on that side either
18:04:48 <pollo> #topic Q&A webapp
18:05:07 <pollo> I don't think there's been changes on that one either, I haven't had time to do what I wanted
18:05:10 <tumbleweed> haven't touched it in a while
18:05:23 <pollo> #topic Ansible & migration to Bullseye
18:05:36 <pollo> I've battled etherpad & npm yesterday without success
18:06:00 <tumbleweed> I can help debug things there, but I can't really do much testing of the whole video stack, on a slow cellular connection
18:06:23 <tumbleweed> I'd like to see some end-to-end testing of the video stack before we commit to bullseye
18:06:34 <pollo> I plan to do that before our next meeting
18:06:43 <tumbleweed> great!
18:06:59 <pollo> #action pollo to do end-to-end testing of the video stack on bullseye
18:07:08 <pollo> #topic New Video Archive Mirror
18:07:18 <pollo> no news, I'll re-re-re poke jeb
18:07:26 <pollo> #topic DC21 schedule
18:09:05 <pollo> terceiro: ^^
18:09:16 <terceiro> right
18:09:36 <terceiro> so I was starting to look into putting a schedule together
18:09:50 <terceiro> I asked here but only pollo said somethign about
18:10:10 <terceiro> are we ok with repeating last year structure?
18:10:10 <terceiro> i.e. long days
18:10:17 <terceiro> instead of e.g. shorter days with 2 parallel tracks
18:10:33 <terceiro> I got some feedback on -team as well wrt to longer days allowing to cover more timezones
18:10:44 <terceiro> TBH my main concern is load on the video team
18:10:48 <tumbleweed> you think it'll stay one track? or end up with a parallel ad-hoc track?
18:10:53 <paddatrapper> We should be able to do it again. Need volunteers though
18:11:07 <pollo> I think longer days means less volunteers overall
18:11:14 <terceiro> let me pull up the number of accepted sessions
18:11:14 <pollo> 2 parallel tracks is more work
18:11:45 <terceiro> 64 accepted so far
18:12:03 <terceiro> divide by 8 days, that would give us 6 talks/day
18:12:16 <terceiro> or we could make less, longer days
18:12:26 <pollo> 8 days seems like _a lot_
18:12:39 <terceiro> yeah, specially fully online, it's exausting
18:12:40 <tumbleweed> 8*8 = 64, so 8 per day
18:12:48 <terceiro> ah yes sorry
18:13:00 <pollo> the ad-hoc track question is a good one though
18:13:13 <pollo> 'cause if there's one, we'll need 2x the infra anyway
18:13:18 <terceiro> yes
18:13:27 <terceiro> and you decided to stream/record that as well last year :)
18:14:06 <pollo> so if we do 5 days, 2 tracks, this leaves 2 ad-hoc slots per day
18:15:47 <pollo> sorry, maths. 5 days, 2 tracks, 8 talk slots per track per days
18:16:07 <pollo> total of 80 slots, 16 blank slots for ad-hoc
18:16:11 <terceiro> I still need to figure out timezones
18:16:56 <terceiro> but that looks promising
18:17:38 <pollo> anyone against something like that?
18:17:38 <terceiro> I may propose different starting hours depending on the day, would that be a problem?
18:17:53 <pollo> as long as we can find core members, I don't think it matters
18:17:57 <terceiro> ack
18:18:15 <tumbleweed> probably nice to have some mornings off, yeah ;)
18:18:31 <terceiro> if we agree on 5 days, we need to pick which 5 days. I would bring this up on the next #-team meeting, do you have a preference?
18:18:49 <pollo> #info we'll likely do 5 days, 2 tracks, 8 talk slots per track per day. There are 64 accepted talks at the moment, leaving 16 empty slots for ad-hoc talks
18:19:03 * pollo doesn't mind
18:19:09 <tumbleweed> neither
18:19:11 <paddatrapper> Probably having a weekend in there helps for flexibility
18:19:19 <paddatrapper> personally I don't have a preference
18:19:29 <terceiro> we could do Wed-Sun
18:19:33 <pollo> probably weds-sun would be better than sat-weds
18:19:35 <terceiro> or Sat-Wed
18:19:54 <terceiro> ack
18:20:11 <valhalla> no day trip (a.k.a. recovering the review backlog) day?
18:20:19 <urbec> wouldn't be 6 talks per day with 7 days less stressful?
18:20:43 <urbec> ah or what vallhalla said
18:20:57 <terceiro> we could throw in a free day too
18:22:17 <pollo> anything else to add?
18:22:48 <terceiro> I don't think so
18:22:59 <pollo> #topic Any Other Business
18:23:16 <tobi> yep. thats me...
18:24:02 <tobi> In short, plans for minidebconf regensburgs thickens. Anticipated dates are  Saturday, October 2nd and Sunday, October 3rd.
18:24:19 <highvoltage> terceiro: single track longer schedule imho is a lot easier to co-ordinate
18:25:01 <tobi> (of course this is all conditionally on how the pandemic develops, but currentyl hopes are high that it can be done at least for some solid hygenic concept.)
18:25:15 <paddatrapper> tobi: awesome
18:25:15 <pollo> tobi: do you have any plans wrt video hardware?
18:25:24 <pollo> I don't think we've replaced our audio kit
18:25:28 <olasd> we haven't
18:25:29 <tobi> thats why I'm here :)
18:25:59 <tobi> pollo: is there a Thoman list?
18:26:13 <tobi> maybe I can help with the purchasing.
18:26:50 <pollo> I think olasd had one, but I can also look in my IRC logs
18:27:10 <pollo> as much as I'd like to, I won't be joining y'all though :)
18:27:24 <pollo> not having videoteam in-person sprints sucks :(
18:27:39 <pollo> #info plans for minidebconf regensburgs thickens. Anticipated dates are  Saturday, October 2nd and Sunday, October 3rd.
18:27:48 <pollo> #link https://wiki.debian.org/DebianEvents/de/2021/MiniDebConfRegensburg
18:28:06 <terceiro> the last 18 months suck
18:28:19 <tobi> pollo: yes, I'm missing my Debian family.
18:29:02 <pollo> tobi: I think the ML to coordinate the video cameras being shipped to Germany (if possible) would be the best way to keep track of this task
18:29:17 <pollo> I'll have a look for the audio kit list later
18:29:20 <pollo> anything else?
18:29:28 <tobi> pollo: ok!
18:29:48 <pollo> #topic Next Meeting
18:29:53 <pollo> Next week same time?
18:30:27 <paddatrapper> Works for me
18:30:49 <pollo> #agreed Next Meeting Thursday July 22nd from 18:00 to 19:00 UTC
18:30:51 <pollo> #endmeeting