20:00:13 <bubulle> #startmeeting
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20:00:20 <bubulle> Please wave
20:00:29 * fezie waves
20:01:25 <bubulle> mhhh, mvz and bwh are here too, right?
20:01:38 <bwh> yeah
20:01:53 <bubulle> otavio: ?
20:02:08 * luk waves
20:03:07 <bubulle> well, we need to wait for otavio, otherwise I have no idea what we'll talk about..:)
20:03:44 <p2-mate> the snow maybe ?
20:03:55 <p2-mate> the lange wapper brug !
20:04:14 <bwh> snow?
20:04:19 <p2-mate> ye
20:04:20 <p2-mate> s
20:04:37 <bwh> snow.fi?
20:04:54 <p2-mate> snow.nl :)
20:04:59 <bwh> huh
20:05:56 * bubulle is looking at the udeb mugration page while waiting for otavio
20:06:13 <bubulle> #link http://merkel.debian.org/~joeyh/d-i/testing-summary.html
20:07:25 <bubulle> if I look for D-I "core" udebs, I only see grub-installer and flash-kernel besides the linux-kernel-di-* packages
20:08:33 <otavio> Hello
20:08:44 <bubulle> fezie: I guess we want grub-installer 1.47 in testing, right?
20:08:47 <otavio> bubulle: sorry; I'm in a bad time now ...
20:08:58 <bubulle> ah, we have otavio...welcome
20:09:06 <bubulle> we were mostly waiting for you..:-)
20:09:11 <otavio> sorry
20:09:14 <bubulle> #topic Release preparation
20:09:26 <fezie> bubulle: would be good
20:09:45 <bubulle> (grub-installer)
20:10:06 <bubulle> so either wer wait for it to age or it's aged by the RMs...but I guess we're not that in a hurry
20:10:17 <otavio> bubulle: yes; kernel and module udebs _ought_ to be going todya
20:10:20 <otavio> today
20:10:31 <bubulle> aha
20:10:35 <otavio> flash-kernel can go
20:10:42 <otavio> luk: mind to age it please?
20:10:47 <bwh> We want to get 2.6.31 into unstable soon, so the sooner you can migrate 2.6.30 the better
20:10:48 <bubulle> they were the last blockers, right?
20:10:58 <otavio> bwh: yes; i know
20:11:05 <otavio> bwh: i hope this happen in few days
20:11:15 <otavio> bwh: and udeb ought to be done today, hopefully
20:12:26 <luk> so another unblock for flash-kernel and one including aging for grub-installer?
20:13:10 <otavio> luk: grub-installer can go normally
20:13:28 <otavio> luk: flash-kernel would be nice to go asap
20:13:49 <otavio> fezie: do you want to have grub-installer really soon in squeeze?
20:13:56 <otavio> fezie: or it can wait the normal window?
20:14:19 <fezie> can wait
20:14:52 <otavio> My idea is to move kernel udebs, update translation-status and upload installer
20:14:55 <luk> ok, both unblocked and flash-kernel ASAPed :-)
20:15:04 <otavio> luk: thx
20:15:09 <bubulle> (so, tomorrow the kernel udebs should enter testing....they are the really last thing to have, are we OK?
20:15:24 <otavio> bubulle: yes; the last blocker for a1
20:15:30 <otavio> bubulle: so upload and start testing
20:15:35 <bubulle> ok
20:15:51 <otavio> bubulle: minor things can be fixed in remaining days in extra udebs but it should not block the release
20:16:12 <bubulle> it would be good to remind anyone about *what* to test (which images, etc...)
20:16:24 <otavio> bubulle: yes
20:16:45 <otavio> bubulle: as soon as installer is build and we get it in testing we can build a image for testing
20:16:56 <bubulle> who does it?
20:17:19 <otavio> bubulle: rm unblock it and ftp-masters fixes the links
20:17:22 <otavio> luk: am I missing anything?
20:18:51 <luk> that would be fixing the links for testing, right?
20:18:52 <bubulle> #agreed As soon as kernel udebs enter testing, otavio uploads d-i
20:19:24 <luk> I guess there should be an update on the website including the known issues
20:19:46 <bubulle> we don't have any answer yet to "who does it" (build the image)
20:19:48 * slackydeb is around
20:19:53 <luk> and an announcement (and call for testing which is hopefully broad enough to also test testing)
20:19:54 <otavio> luk: yes; the links
20:20:01 <otavio> luk: sure; we will do normal release stuff
20:20:06 <bubulle> luk: known issues are meant to be in the errata file
20:20:08 <otavio> luk: website, list  announcement and like
20:20:48 <bubulle> I have a pending errata file in my local copy of the website. Not sure If I can commit it right now (I guess I can't)
20:20:49 <luk> right, from ftp-master, it's only updating the links that I know of, the rest should be settled by britney
20:21:00 <otavio> luk: ok; good
20:21:22 <luk> though coordinating regarding CD building is probably also a major point
20:21:44 <otavio> luk: yes; I'll do it with debian-cd team, as usual
20:21:45 <bubulle> Release announcement is to be prepared in http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/ReleaseAnnounce
20:22:15 <bubulle> this wiki page has what I knew about D-I alpha1 a few weeks ago
20:22:31 <luk> otavio: it might also be good to contact debian live to see if they want to join
20:22:50 <bubulle> panthera: around?
20:22:57 <bubulle> ^^^^^^
20:23:39 <otavio> luk: it is quite different "release cycle"
20:23:55 <luk> I don't agree
20:24:04 <otavio> luk: please explain
20:24:16 <otavio> panthera: if you are here, please wave
20:24:21 <luk> it should get quite some testing, so should be handled as a regular release candidate IMHO
20:24:52 <otavio> luk: my worriness is about we getting more focus in the live installer and people not doing in the regular one.
20:25:03 <otavio> luk: specially on this release, normal d-i is quite important to us
20:25:04 <luk> maybe even including contacting press@d.o to send an announcement/call for testing to a broader range of people
20:25:34 <otavio> luk: mainly due the amound of new and mostly untested code on it
20:25:39 <luk> otavio: either d-i and live are complementary or they should be merged IMHO
20:25:55 <mvz> if we make clear that is is potentially broken alpha
20:26:06 <otavio> luk: they are; we share a lot of things
20:26:21 <otavio> luk: but installer works  in different ways in both
20:26:58 <luk> ok, so it does not hurt to ask them if they want to join doing an alpha release AFAICS?
20:27:03 <otavio> luk: in my opinion debian-live ought (and then it would be quite good to make it) in a2
20:27:16 <panthera> otavio: hm?
20:27:17 <otavio> luk: yes, no problem. I'll talk to panthera about it
20:27:21 <otavio> panthera: wow cool
20:27:26 <otavio> panthera: please read the backlog
20:27:45 <otavio> panthera: do you think it would be nice to have live in a1?
20:28:42 <luk> alpha1
20:29:35 <panthera> otavio: sure.
20:30:03 <otavio> panthera: I worry about people testing live more  then regular d-i.  How we could "work this out"?
20:30:10 * mvz is reminded of http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/ReleasesAreDebianReleases a little bit
20:30:30 <panthera> otavio: first.. what's the timeframe?
20:30:41 <bubulle> mvz: that will be a bad Debian release, then..:-)
20:30:54 <mvz> well, we do call it alpha, no? :)
20:31:03 <bubulle> sure
20:31:33 <bubulle> I'm probably too much focused on that console-setup thing so I see verythgin in black wrt D-I these days
20:32:14 <bubulle> I'm more and more thinking that we screwed up by pushing c-s too hard: it does not seem to be ready for release
20:32:43 <otavio> panthera: well; mostly ASAP
20:32:48 <luk> I think it's bad to look backward, better look forward on how the current issues can be solved
20:32:57 <luk> bubulle: ^^
20:32:59 <otavio> panthera: we are waiting kernel udebs to migrate (probably today) and then will upload installer
20:33:04 <bubulle> luk: needs someone to *care* about them
20:33:08 <otavio> panthera: next we'll start normal testing
20:33:13 <otavio> panthera: if all goes well, in a week
20:33:23 <bubulle> and anton completely vanished: nobody is taking care of c-s these days
20:33:49 <panthera> otavio: ok; earliest thing is finishing up fixing stuff for sid/squeeze on next weekend.
20:34:04 <panthera> s/earliest thing/earliest thing i can do/
20:34:11 <luk> bubulle: what about the former maintainers of what was replaced, are they not interested?
20:34:11 <otavio> bubulle: maybe, just after a1 we ought to move to  c-s in d-i and break it. So we'll be forced to look ati t
20:34:40 <otavio> bubulle: so we'll be forced to look at it more carefully since it will be show in every install
20:35:32 <bubulle> otavio: things are more or less *already* broken if we look at installation reports (US keymap at the console, questions asked twice, etc)
20:36:14 <otavio> bubulle: hum ...
20:36:27 <otavio> bubulle: but for many of us it keep working
20:37:15 <otavio> bubulle: going back to console-data is a bad thing IMO ... but indeed, we need to improve console-setup for releasing with it
20:37:48 <otavio> bubulle: but maybe if we move to it and "migrate" we'll receive the needed complains to start looking at it more carefully
20:37:56 <bubulle> hmm, well, we'll see (I'm yet to be convinced)
20:38:13 <otavio> bubulle: ok; we talk about it later
20:38:22 <otavio> panthera: do you believe you can make it?
20:38:33 <otavio> panthera: or what are the current blockers for live?
20:38:34 <bubulle> so, anything else to add about release preparation or it the conclusion correct (see my "agreed" items above)?
20:39:10 <otavio> yes; it is correct
20:39:31 <bubulle> so, well, that concludes the first....and only...item in this meeting, then..:-)
20:39:38 <luk> lol
20:39:48 <otavio> lol
20:40:03 <bubulle> anyone having another item to propose before I officially close the meeting?
20:40:06 <otavio> I really thing that anything else ought to wait until we do a1
20:40:22 <otavio> later I'll update parted (to 2.0) and netcfg (udhcpc)
20:40:27 <otavio> just after a1
20:40:37 <otavio> and also kernel to 2.6.31 as well
20:40:46 <waldi> i have a busybox update in the pipeline
20:40:49 <bubulle> next meeting is Nov 2nd so we shoudl have first impressions abot test images if we follow the schedule
20:40:57 <otavio> waldi: just wait a1 go out plz
20:40:58 <waldi> loop-aes is gone with 2.6.31
20:41:34 * mvz nods
20:41:39 <bubulle> OK, time to end the meeting, then
20:41:42 <mvz> we'll need to do something about that in partman-crypto
20:41:48 <bubulle> #endmeeting