18:58:51 <marga> #startmeeting
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18:59:01 <marga> #topic Roll Call
18:59:12 <marga> Is anybody else here?
18:59:18 <ntyni> Niko Tyni
18:59:21 * smcv Simon McVittie
18:59:23 <marga> Margarita Manterola
19:00:14 <marga> fil, gwolf ? (bremner is not connected)
19:02:01 * gwolf is here
19:02:06 * gwolf Gunnar Wolf
19:02:36 <marga> #topic Review of previous meeting's AIs
19:02:51 <marga> http://meetbot.debian.net/debian-ctte/2020/debian-ctte.2020-03-18-18.58.html
19:03:16 <marga> So, I closed the bug and did reach out to TC candidates, so that wasn't that bad.
19:03:35 <gwolf> and even got some promising answers :-]
19:03:42 <marga> Yup.
19:03:58 <marga> I didn't finish my draft on "The role of the TC", though... I spent some time on it, but not enough to have anything clear to share. Need to spend more time on that.
19:04:18 <marga> #topic Recruiting efforts
19:04:58 <marga> So, we've had some positive answers and we need to decide what to do now.  We're missing a reply from smcv and fil on this.
19:05:46 <marga> And assuming we all agree, the only question I have is whether we want to raise this to the outgoing DPL or wait until we have a new DPL.
19:06:08 <smcv> sorry, I've had nothing to add to the opinions people already offered
19:06:35 <gwolf> marga: AIUI we have three days left on the current term
19:06:54 <gwolf> So... I'd not put more pending things on the outgoing DPL's plate
19:07:03 <gwolf> we are not that much in a hurry FWIW
19:07:21 <marga> I think it's 5 days, but yeah, not a lot.
19:08:01 <marga> Alright, then.  In any case, we need to hold a public vote first and then ask the DPL for the appointment, right?
19:08:18 <ntyni> yeah I think so
19:08:20 <gwolf> Right... One vote per position, I guess?
19:08:37 <gwolf> or one vote with options for both?
19:08:44 <gwolf> Anyway, implementation details...
19:09:07 <ntyni> seems like one vote should be enough
19:09:16 <marga> Alright, let's aim to do the voting next week.
19:09:52 <marga> #action marga to start a vote for the new TC members next week unless some last minute objections are raised.
19:10:20 <ntyni> BTW I think the nomination order might matter a bit? not sure though
19:10:39 <ntyni> as in who expires first or something like that
19:10:53 <ntyni> whose term expires first I mean :)
19:11:11 <gwolf> I'd say in any case, the DPL's delegation to become part of the TC is what matters
19:11:35 <gwolf> And if the DPL delegates two people in a same action... both of them will be equally senior ?
19:11:46 <smcv> I think they are elected in an arbitrary order, and either we or the DPL need to say what that order is because it could matter in corner cases
19:12:03 <smcv> toss a coin? :-P
19:12:11 <marga> Uhm, I don't think it really will matter, but yeah, let's just toss a coin.
19:12:40 <ntyni> sure, sorry I'm picking nits
19:13:00 <gwolf> loophole detected! We might need an expert in Policy to tackle the issue...
19:13:01 <bremner> well technically, it is the technical committee. Also, hi.
19:13:10 <gwolf> bremner: o/ !
19:13:27 <marga> Ok, anything else on this subject?
19:15:08 <marga> Guess not...
19:15:15 <marga> #topic Any other business?
19:16:29 <smcv> I think that's a no
19:16:33 <gwolf> (-:
19:16:54 <marga> Alright, then, I guess we're done
19:16:57 <marga> #endmeeting