19:02:07 <vagrantc> #startmeeting
19:02:34 <vagrantc> please introduce yourself with /me = Your Name
19:02:39 * sepski = RonnyAasen
19:02:40 * vagrantc = Vagrant Cascadian
19:03:12 <vagrantc> http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Meeting
19:03:16 <vagrantc> first agenda item:
19:03:25 <vagrantc> #topic Who moderates the meeting and who writes the summary?
19:03:37 <vagrantc> looks like i'm moderating...
19:04:04 <vagrantc> summary writer, anyone?
19:05:15 <sepski> if it's just me and you i guess it's me ?
19:05:24 <vagrantc> heh. suppose so.
19:05:34 <sepski> i might be able to cutandpaste meetbot log into a mail.
19:05:35 <vagrantc> #action sepski will write the summary
19:06:00 <pere> great.
19:06:07 <vagrantc> #topic Lenny Status: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Status/Lenny
19:07:03 <sepski> have anyone installed it recently ?
19:07:24 <vagrantc> haven't since ... late may
19:07:53 <vagrantc> tried the other day, and the NETINST image was broken for i386, due to trying to fix that issue with cdebconf, i think?
19:07:53 * danielsan = Daniel Hess
19:08:00 * pere = Petter Reinholdtsen
19:08:23 <sepski> vagrantc, yes indeed
19:08:24 <vagrantc> bug #1315
19:08:30 <sepski> i had hopes someone had tested it by now.
19:08:43 * vagrantc needs to get some amd64 hardware...
19:09:05 <sepski> i am trying it now in qemu emualting amd64 but i am not even sure if it's a valid test case
19:10:19 * danielsan may have time on sunday, ...
19:10:22 <vagrantc> i've seen some svn commits regarding ssl certificates ... #1328 ... anyone have a chance to confirm if it's working?
19:11:55 * danielsan rsyncs now for a i386 test :)
19:13:35 * pere have not had time to test for a long time. :/
19:14:08 <vagrantc> so a couple issues may just need confirmation: samba schema in debian-edu-config, iceweasel connecting to https://www/,
19:14:19 <sepski> danielsan, lenny-test netinstall is amd64 only fyi
19:14:59 <sepski> -dvd is testable on i386
19:15:10 <danielsan> sepski: thanks, have downloaded the wrong image anyway
19:15:10 <vagrantc> when netinst is working for i386 again, i could try to get LTSP installing when installing over PXE
19:15:44 <vagrantc> i also see: http://bugs.skolelinux.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1351
19:15:55 * klausade is observing.
19:16:24 <vagrantc> 1351 has something to do with LWAT upgrades ... can anyone speak to that?
19:17:26 <vagrantc> seems it needs some testers as well..
19:18:14 <sepski> samba and lwat upgradepaths is something we have been poor at
19:18:42 <danielsan> sepski: did you test the ldap update script?
19:18:47 <sepski> have not had time.
19:18:53 <sepski> it's on my todolist tho
19:19:11 <vagrantc> i have a gyuess at what's wrong with 1354:
19:19:13 <vagrantc> Installation of ltspserver-profile stops.
19:20:01 <vagrantc> i think i need to re-add a debian-edu-thin-client task which ensures that the linux-image-486 kernel is available on the DVD
19:20:38 <vagrantc> 1355
19:20:39 <vagrantc> LTSP logins fail: "workstation isn't authorized"
19:20:44 <vagrantc> not working is a mystery to me ...
19:20:45 <sepski> vagrantc, or we can just hint it in the build system
19:22:07 <vagrantc> sepski: i'm not sure which is better...
19:22:33 <pere> hinting might work.  we already have some ltsp related packages there.
19:26:16 <sepski> vagrantc, well you can test the nest build.
19:26:27 <FBI> debian-edu: 3 sep-guest committed revision 58429 to debian-edu:  * hint 486 kernel for ltsp chroot
19:26:28 <sepski> s/nest/next/
19:26:28 <vagrantc> if someone wants to add hints to ensure that education-thin-client and linux-image-486 make it onto the DVD, that would hopefully resolve the issue.
19:26:41 <sepski> done.
19:26:57 <sepski> education-thin-client is missing as well ??
19:27:28 <vagrantc> if you could double-check, that would be good.
19:27:52 <sepski> it's in the wanted list and in the pkgdeblist so i belive it's there.
19:27:58 <vagrantc> ah, good.
19:29:13 <sepski> hum ... but so is  linux-image-2.6-486_2.6.26+17+lenny1_i386.deb
19:29:26 <sepski> well this needs more looking into. so not during the meeting
19:30:07 <vagrantc> hinting the unversioned package is more certain to work
19:30:26 <klausade> sepski: could you perhaps send a mail to the list when you need testers?
19:30:55 <vagrantc> so, a number of "Issues which we need to fix for a release" and "Issues which we would like to fix for a release" still need testing.
19:31:29 <vagrantc> there's also a more complete list of bugs available at: http://tinyurl.com/edulenny-releaseview
19:31:32 <sepski> what exactly was the problem with #1315
19:31:58 <sepski> #link  http://tinyurl.com/edulenny-releaseview
19:32:41 <vagrantc> sepski: if you install in debian-edu-expert mode, you can't see the text of the profiles because it doesn't fix on the screen.
19:33:14 <sepski> 5.0.2 scrolls the profiles list so you can still not see it all, but you can access them all
19:33:49 <sepski> looks like fixed to me. (if 5.0.2 is accepted as the d-i for the next point release that is)
19:34:58 <vagrantc> sounds promising. :)
19:35:43 <vagrantc> would we like to try and review some more bugs, get commitments from people to check up on some, or move on to the next agenda items?
19:36:52 <sepski> i am still commited to testing the samba issue, but i can not say when....
19:37:05 * danielsan has time problems currently too
19:37:26 <danielsan> but I will have more time after 10th of july
19:37:49 <sepski> does anyone else want to checkout 5.0.2 or should i revert the D-I of lenny-test to allow more people to test it ?
19:38:01 * vagrantc would like to be able to test again...
19:38:09 <sepski> also we should bring lenny up in sync with lenny-test and try and make a rc release so we can get more testers
19:38:40 <danielsan> that would be cool
19:39:01 <danielsan> what is missing for having a lenny again, only the installer?
19:40:13 <FBI> debian-edu: 3 sep-guest committed revision 58430 to debian-edu:  * revert to DI in lenny. #1315 should be fixed if 5.0.2 is choosen for the next debian pointrelease
19:40:29 <sepski> synking the packages from lenny-test i belive. http://ftp.skolelinux.org/skolelinux/lenny_needs_love.html
19:41:23 <vagrantc> i don't really see any reason not to sync them... i think debian-edu, debian-edu-artwork, debian-edu-config and debian-edu-install are all in better shape that the previous versions
19:41:45 <pere> yeah, I agree.
19:41:56 <danielsan> me too
19:42:29 <vagrantc> and the few in lenny-test that are not in lenny probably as well.
19:43:35 <vagrantc> #agreed try to get the ftpmasters to sync up lenny-test with lenny repositories
19:43:46 <sepski> #agreed sync lenny to lenny-test since lenny is not activly tested and lenny-test is in bette shape
19:43:48 <sepski> #BAH!
19:43:57 <danielsan> :)
19:44:01 <sepski> :)
19:44:12 <vagrantc> #topic debconf9 plans
19:44:34 <vagrantc> so i just wanted to briefly ask who was planning on comping to debconf9, and were they going to be at debcamp?
19:44:44 <vagrantc> what infrastructure would we need to hack on debian-edu?
19:44:48 <sepski> wish i was, but i am not
19:45:39 <danielsan> i will not attent debcamp/debconf too
19:45:39 <klausade> vagrantc: remind us when and were that is?
19:45:50 <vagrantc> and i dare say, looks like we'll still be working on our lenny release...
19:46:13 * pere leave for debconf on the 23th.
19:46:28 <vagrantc> http://debconf9.debconf.org/dates.xhtml
19:46:46 <pere> #link http://debconf9.debconf.org/dates.xhtml
19:47:05 <vagrantc> july 16th is debcamp, july 24th is debconf, ends on the 31st.
19:47:24 <vagrantc> i'll be getting there on the 16th.
19:47:37 <vagrantc> and the location is caceres, spain.
19:48:33 <vagrantc> i'll be there for the whole thing, and around spain for a bit afterwards, too.
19:49:04 <pere> #link http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=39.5&lon=-6.4&zoom=5&layers=B000FTF
19:49:38 <vagrantc> any more on debconf9 ?
19:50:10 <sepski> will there be edu meetings hackdays or other edu ralted events ?
19:50:23 <pere> anyone giving a debian-edu talk during debconf/debcamp?
19:50:43 * pere do not expect to have time to prepare any talks this year.
19:51:20 <vagrantc> sepski: debcamp (the first week) is pretty much an open hacking session.
19:52:36 <vagrantc> well, we've got 8 minutes left...
19:52:42 <vagrantc> #topic other business?
19:52:56 <vagrantc> any other issues to talk about before we move on to setting next meeting?
19:53:08 <sepski> i have nothing to add, except that lenny-test should be back in working order for i386 shortly. please continue testing.
19:53:39 <pere> how important is working java browser plugin?
19:54:12 <pere> we could backport icetea/openjdk to get a free plugin, if we believe it is imporant.  it is available in unstabe.
19:54:17 <vagrantc> it seems flash has largely taken the troublesome web application of choice away from java
19:55:04 <sepski> pere, would it work on all sites ?
19:55:13 <danielsan> pere: does only backporting the plugin thing work, or do we need a complete openjdk backport?
19:55:30 <klausade> vagrantc: we need java for a very widly used educational thing: geogebra.org
19:55:37 <vagrantc> if someone had the time and energy to support it, it's probably a good idea, but i'd be a little concerned about it holding up a lenny release
19:56:14 <sepski> i'd think this was something for backports.org schools would pick the sun-java one anyway and we should not spend time on it
19:57:12 <pere> danielsan: I believe we need a complete openjdk backport.
19:57:19 <sepski> especialy not if it's not working perfectly on all testcases, better to document how to get it then to provide, and list as a feature something that does not work everywhere
19:57:37 * pere have not tested it, and do not know how well it work.
19:58:28 <sepski> there will allways be a new app in unstable that we should backport. but we'd never get lenny out that way..
19:59:01 <pere> sepski: not many are very important to the user experience.  java and flash are special in that regard.
19:59:27 <sepski> indeed. but they are also special in that immense testing work is needed to verify they work properly...
19:59:52 <pere> anyway, just wanted to mention it to make sure we had considered it.
19:59:58 <sepski> indeed.
20:00:07 <vagrantc> alright, with 1 minute left...
20:00:12 <vagrantc> #topic next meeting
20:00:13 <sepski> indeed. i just feel we lack resources atm
20:00:22 <pere> sepski: yeah.
20:00:52 <klausade> btw. is gnash installed with lenny debian-edu now?
20:00:59 <vagrantc> so, looking at the last poll, it seemed like mondays and wednesdays tended to get a few more people who could attend...
20:01:14 <pere> klausade: believe we dropped it, still not working with enough sites.
20:01:19 <vagrantc> does someone want to commit to doing another poll for the next meeting and setting a time based on the results?
20:01:53 * pere do not need a new poll.
20:02:40 <vagrantc> pere: up for calling the next meeting, then?
20:02:46 * sepski nither. most days after kids are in bed is ok. (iow 19 utc)
20:03:09 <pere> same with me.
20:03:32 <vagrantc> sun, mon, wed, thur 17-19 UTC tends to work with me
20:03:47 <vagrantc> oops, s,thur,fri,
20:03:59 <vagrantc> sun, mon, wed, fri 17-19 UTC tends to work with me
20:04:22 <danielsan> wed works best for me
20:04:25 <sepski> lets continue with wednesday 19 utc   but in 2 or 3 or 4 weeks ?
20:04:52 <pere> I'm busy in 3 weeks.
20:04:59 <danielsan> but if it is not monday or tuesday it may be ok to
20:05:08 <vagrantc> 4 weeks, and i'll be on my way to debconf
20:05:20 * danielsan would be ok with 3 weeks
20:05:25 <sepski> will we have had time to get anything done so there is a point to have one in 2 weeks ?
20:05:26 <vagrantc> so, i'd prefer 2 or 3 weeks.
20:05:31 <pere> did anyone investigate these: se of uninitialized value in hash element at ./get_diskusage.pl line 93, <LOG> line 23068.
20:05:43 <pere> 2 weeks?
20:06:00 <danielsan> not yet, is on my todo
20:06:07 <sepski> perhaps have a new one shortly to see if we can spin some action into the project again ?
20:06:14 <vagrantc> july 1st, 19:00 UTC ??
20:06:31 <sepski> yes
20:06:34 <vagrantc> sepski: yeah, i can commit to testing 2-3 days a week in the next two weeks again.
20:07:44 * jever = J├╝rgen Leibner
20:08:00 * pere added july 1th to his calendar.
20:08:01 <vagrantc> without further objection...
20:08:15 * danielsan too
20:08:20 <vagrantc> #agreed next meeting: wednesday, july 1st, 19:00 UTC
20:08:33 <vagrantc> thanks everyone!
20:08:38 <vagrantc> #endmeeting