19:05:46 <sepski> #startmeeting
19:06:07 * danielsan = Daniel Hess
19:06:10 <sepski> #topic Meeting in progress agenda at  #startmeeting state your name with /me = for the log
19:06:16 * sepski = Ronny Aasen
19:06:37 <sepski> #topic Meeting in progress agenda at http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Meeting   |  state your name with /me = for the log
19:07:16 * pere = Petter Reinholdtsen
19:07:29 * pere is a bit on and off at the moment, packing to go north.
19:07:42 <sepski> j4v4m4n_ arntog foka d0rt snorre itais jever patrick-willam xoswald dinoex alfton klausade FBI schasi Werner Tolimar bahner_ C14r law proyvind zobel sturles k4x lazyb0y bittin white MeetBot AndrewLee sep winnie OleA h01ger : meeting starts now. please attend if possible.
19:08:01 * j4v4m4n_ = Praveen Arimbrathodiyil
19:08:07 <sepski> :
19:08:13 <sepski> :)
19:08:22 * klausade = klaus ade johnstad
19:08:51 * j4v4m4n_ hanging out to make a custom profile for schools in India
19:09:28 <klausade> no meeting reminder on email this time?
19:10:03 <sepski> guess. not. i didn't remember it myself even before my alarm went of 15 mins ago .
19:10:30 <arntog> arntog = Arnt Ove Gregersen
19:10:44 * jever = J├╝rgen Leibner
19:11:24 <sepski> #topic Meeting in progress agenda at http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Meeting   |  volunteer needed for summary writing.
19:12:08 <sepski> anyone ?
19:13:10 <sepski> keep in mind it does not need to be a huge essay. just the highlights and refer to the log.
19:13:15 * danielsan would write the summary if tomorrow evening is early enough
19:13:28 <sepski> danielsan, thank you. more then enough.
19:14:03 <sepski> #agreed danielsan writes the summary
19:14:27 <sepski> #topic Meeting in progress agenda at http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Meeting   | 2:  Lenny status http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Status/Lenny
19:14:32 <sepski> #url http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Status/Lenny
19:15:10 * pere tested barebone installation the other day, and autopartitioning did not work.
19:15:23 <pere> had to use manual partitioning.
19:15:34 * danielsan did a main+workstation yesterday that was successful
19:15:37 <sepski> personaly i have not thing else to say then last meeting. i have not had time to test any further unfortunatly. with vacation looming over my head like a damocles sword  i fear i wont get much time the next month either
19:16:30 <danielsan> I will try to update my windows vm tomorrow and if thats successful I will check the samba status
19:16:31 <pere> did anyone look at the bugzilla report about slapd failing to start?
19:16:49 * danielsan just did
19:16:52 <pere> and the webcache DNS entry problem?
19:16:52 * klausade have installed several ltsp-servers today with the netinst cd. all looks just fine. But the ltsp-server profile does not work from dvd, http://bugs.skolelinux.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1354
19:16:52 <sepski> pere, are there a recipe for barebone ?
19:16:55 <danielsan> works on my installation
19:17:01 <sepski> or did you use the debian ones or picked one of the others ?
19:17:02 <pere> sepski: I do not know.  hoped there was. :)
19:17:14 <klausade> pere: i'm installing main-profile to test that right now, the slapd thing,
19:17:29 <sepski> pere, looks like slapd was allready running. "address in use"
19:18:33 <sepski> #link http://bugs.skolelinux.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1354  ltsp-server profile does not work from dvd
19:18:34 <pere> what other things are not working yet?
19:18:35 <danielsan> and on the other bug about webchache there was an answer from the dns which gets its data from ldap too
19:19:38 <danielsan> the dhcp hosts are still missing from dns which triggers a warning
19:20:09 <sepski> pere, i guess it's the 97minimal recipe
19:20:50 <sepski> pere, and it does not have  a boot.. for some reason.
19:21:49 <pere> sepski: right.  that was the problem.
19:22:20 <danielsan> sepski: do we already build our images using 5.0.2 D-I?
19:22:54 <sepski> are 5.0.2 uploded to debian proper ?
19:22:55 <FBI> debian-edu: 3 sep-guest committed revision 58577 to debian-edu:  * add /boot for barebone
19:22:56 <sepski> if not then no
19:23:44 <pere> sepski: I believe so.  expert profile question looked good when I tested it.
19:23:45 <sepski> oh it was released june27
19:23:54 <sepski> in that case i have to check. but in theory it should
19:24:23 <danielsan> so 1315 sould be gone
19:24:48 <sepski> and pere have tested it even so indeed gone yes.
19:25:03 <pere> on a related note, I was in london working on the debian and ubuntu boot system last week, and there I was told that ubuntu had dropped the graphical d-i install because of its usability issues.
19:26:33 <sepski> we default to the ncurses one do we not ?'
19:26:41 <danielsan> oh, they had the graphical d-i? never had seen that
19:26:58 <pere> yes
19:27:23 <pere> sepski: I believe our default from CD is newt, while the pxe one defaults to graphical install.
19:27:41 <pere> we should consider changing the pxe setting.
19:27:46 <sepski> perhaps change that one then
19:28:12 <sepski> just do  it imho.
19:28:21 <danielsan> in etch we had graphical d-i as default
19:29:05 <pere> how bad is the graphical install?
19:29:16 * danielsan uses it all the time
19:29:27 <danielsan> and it's imho not worse thant text based
19:29:52 <sepski> i never use it. since it is slower
19:30:12 * pere do not use it in qemu, because it make it hardert to change virtual terminal.
19:30:14 <sepski> and more tricky to get to the tty's
19:30:38 <jever> that's why I don't use it too
19:30:47 <klausade> me too.
19:30:59 <pere> the nice thing about the graphical installer is the nice picture at the top. :)
19:31:14 <jever> :)
19:31:23 <danielsan> and it looks more friendly
19:31:38 <sepski> this is only for the pxe installer so it's a tiny issue. dont think we'r going to change the default of the images now are we ?
19:31:41 <arntog> but should have a been a picutre with a lot of people using debianedu, not a empty classroom with 2-3 persons
19:31:56 <pere> anyway, if very few are testing the graphical installer, I suggest we drop it from the pxe install and reconsider on request.
19:32:15 <sepski> it's more sane to have all installations with the same default anyway
19:33:09 <sepski> #agreed change DI default from grafical to text for the pxe installer.
19:33:54 <sepski> have anyone tested lwat properly ? does it do everything that is requiered to be able to admin dhcp and bind ?
19:34:49 * jever did not
19:34:50 <klausade> sepski: in my tests it does. but i realy havent had in full blown production anywere yet.
19:35:40 <sepski> besides the obvious add/remove machines. i would think it needed to be able to tweak service names and SRV records. eg you need to use a muncipiality mailserver. and need to change postoffice forinstance.
19:35:55 <sepski> or you have a dedicated proxy and need to change webcache
19:36:34 <sepski> and what would happen on a  nondefault ip range ?
19:36:51 <jever> and mass machine imports
19:37:01 <sepski> thatone is very important
19:37:32 <danielsan> it does not look like you can mange srv-records
19:38:08 <danielsan> our predefined srv for ldap, ... are added on install (by the installer), I thing thats it currently
19:38:23 <sepski> do we have a requirement list ? and does anyone have time to 1: write one 2: test it ?
19:39:32 <danielsan> I will mention the things said here in the summary
19:39:59 <jever> what about an upgrade/migrating script for account data?
19:40:06 <sepski> klausade, people admining edu installations would hopefully know what they change in their dhcp and bind configs and could help make the requirements. (on the wiki)
19:40:55 <danielsan> jever: I'am working on a script updating user entries (for samba)
19:41:33 <danielsan> maybe I could make it a general ldap update-script, ...
19:42:43 <sepski> we'v spendt 30 mins on status. 15 to go. any other items on lenny status ?
19:43:12 <jever> danielsan: fine, so would there be a part in that script, that can seperate the windows-profile-data from the user home and makes it arch-depending?
19:43:58 <danielsan> jever: arch-depending as in win9x vs. winxp?
19:44:24 <jever> ... for not merging NTUSER.DAT's from new Windowsversions
19:44:26 <jever> yes
19:44:27 <danielsan> sepski: from me no
19:45:16 <sepski> jever, does that require ldap changes ?
19:45:37 * danielsan currently can't imagen how to do that in LDAP
19:45:48 <jever> yes, as in correcting some entries
19:45:52 <danielsan> I once did that with a strange samba config
19:46:15 <jever> the example I did uses that
19:46:44 <jever> all schools I maintained used that
19:46:49 <sepski> think that would need to be put into the text acompanying the example since they would go together
19:47:54 <jever> sepski: yes, but I need a hint for understanding the Makefile for that case later on
19:48:19 <sepski> jever, we'r all here to help
19:48:40 <sepski> #topic Meeting in progress agenda at http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Meeting   | 3: debconf9 plans?
19:48:42 <klausade> pere: ldap works just fine on a main-server installed with netinst lenny-test from 28.06.09
19:48:48 <jever> I know, but it is great luck that I have time to be here today ;-)
19:48:49 <sepski> looks like the agenda is very unchanged from last time
19:49:56 <danielsan> yeah
19:50:05 <sepski> anyone have anything to say about debconf ?
19:50:12 <sepski> if not we'll move along
19:50:41 <sepski> #topic Meeting in progress agenda at http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Meeting   | 4: other business ?
19:51:05 <sepski> anyone have something new or off the agenda they want to talk about.
19:51:07 * pere is working on the boot system in debian these days.
19:51:20 <pere> improvements for squeese.
19:51:33 <danielsan> maybe we sould do rc-releases after checking the last bits?
19:51:38 <jever> should bet.slx.no be removed?
19:51:55 <jever> +a
19:52:01 <klausade> anyone looking at http://bugs.skolelinux.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1354 ?
19:52:20 <sepski> jever, if it's not maintained. YES !
19:52:48 <jever> it was the testcase in feb 2008
19:53:00 <jever> and is not used since then
19:53:21 <sepski> klausade, i have been. but do not think i get the time to test in a while. would be nice to know if the package in questions is actualy on the dvd or not. (both the meta and the spesific version the meta point to )
19:53:33 <sepski> jever, then i think it should be removed
19:53:50 <sepski> old stale cruft does not inspire trust in users.
19:53:51 <jever> and arntog is building a new site and wants to come on the server with it
19:54:30 <klausade> anyone noticed that expert mode asks a lot more questions on lenny than on etch?
19:55:00 <klausade> sepski: i'll find out, and add info to #1354
19:55:59 <sepski> klausade, that is becouse i changes debconf_priority to high from critical. or else we lost important questions in the very early boot.
19:56:35 <klausade> sepski: but what was the debconf_priority for expert mode in etch?
19:56:36 <sepski> klausade, we can preseed them to seen if they are not important. but i feel expert mode is expert mode and we give the admin the gun to shoot himself in the foot if he so pleases
19:56:41 <sepski> critical
19:56:54 <sepski> but DI changes made us loose important questions if we used critical
19:57:33 <sepski> klausade, are there questions you feel are very unnessecary in a expert install ?
19:57:45 <sepski> then we can set those to seen
19:58:28 <klausade> sepski: i used to solely use expert mode when i installed etch, worked fine. expert mode in lenny was more trouble that it was worth. but i'll give it another try.
19:58:58 <sepski> klausade, what question do you need that you get in expert mode that you do not get regularly ?
19:59:19 <sepski> i rarely need to use expert mode
20:00:36 <sepski> klausade, test regular install and let us know if we need to change something :)
20:00:47 <sepski> j4v4m4n_, do you want to say a few words about your project ?
20:02:31 <klausade> sepski: i need to be able to use the "remote install using ssh" feature, that is only available in expert mode from cd.
20:02:46 <j4v4m4n_> sepski, hi I will share some info
20:04:13 <j4v4m4n_> we have the state of Kerala already using Free Software, a custom debian distribution in all of its schools
20:05:24 <j4v4m4n_> now with effort of the community, the neighboring state of Karnataka is also starting its ICT@School project with GNU/Linux
20:06:16 <j4v4m4n_> we are starting the initial phase of training, we chose skolelinux/debian-edu to tap into the excellent work that has been happening
20:06:41 <sepski> j4v4m4n_, whats the name of the custom linux distro you used priviously ?
20:07:02 <j4v4m4n_> we will need to have support for input methods, fonts and translations for Kannada language
20:07:47 <j4v4m4n_> sepski, http://support.space-kerala.org/wiki/index.php/Download_IT@School_GNU/Linux
20:07:59 <j4v4m4n_> It is called IT@School GNU/Linux
20:10:05 <sepski> j4v4m4n_, thanks. you have surely come to the right place :) do you have anything else to add, before we close the meeting ?
20:10:25 <danielsan> nice
20:11:11 <sepski> #endmeeting