Meeting started by h01ger at 20:04 UTC
20:05:04 Topic: quick welcome round - please say hi
20:05:26 AGREED h01ger sepski writes summary
20:06:47 Topic: 1. etch r2 cds
20:10:19 AGREED h01ger no more new etch-cd builds, we concentrate on lenny
20:10:30 Topic: etch: how to deal with #1336 (also in lenny)
20:13:12 AGREED h01ger holger will upload lwat 0.17-2~nmu+1 reverting the fix in 0.17-1 (see #1336)
20:16:08 Topic: lenny status
20:18:16 INFO h01ger is a good list of things that need helping hands, stuff from easy to hard. if you want to get Debian Edu lenny released soon(er or later), please take a look and join in! often testing (if a bug is gone or still there) is an excellent help already!
20:23:11 INFO h01ger lwat support for dns+dhcp is a blocker for lenny
20:34:21 LINK h01ger or such
20:41:59 Topic: ltsp features to backport
20:42:09 LINK h01ger
20:53:53 Topic: Documentation: What's inside Debian Edu
20:54:50 AGREED h01ger vagrant will look into backporting ltsp udeb for edu
20:56:32 LINK an3as
20:57:09 LINK an3as
20:59:41 Topic: any other business / next meeting when
21:01:14 Topic: next meeting when?
21:06:04 AGREED h01ger maybe have a irc meeting friday evening in bergen
21:09:40 AGREED h01ger meeting, monday, april 13th, 20 UTC
Meeting ended at 21:10.

People Present:
  1. sepski
  2. h01ger
  3. vagrantc
  4. klausade
  5. itais
  6. alfton
  7. an3as
  8. FBI

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