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[20:01:37] <h01ger> danielsan, haha :)
[20:01:50] <sepski> will everyone please make their presence known to the meetbot (including the early starters)
[20:01:53] * jever = Jürgen Leibner
[20:02:00] * an3as = Andreas Tille
[20:02:00] * sepski = Ronny Aasen
[20:02:04] * danielsan = Daniel Hess
[20:02:17] * h01ger = Holger Levsen
[20:02:18] * klausade = klaus ade johnstad
[20:03:02] <sepski> was that all ? give it a minute
[20:03:36] * h01ger suggest to merge/remove the 3 subpointts of "lenny status"
[20:03:48] <h01ger> (since that has been done)
[20:04:03] <h01ger> maybe we need other subpoints, like cd status, whatever
[20:04:11] <sepski> #topic Skolelinux - Meeting in progress :: Agenda at :: 1- who writes the summary?
[20:05:01] <sepski> we merge them and see what we make of it? It's been so long since the last that a small status would be nice
[20:05:21] * danielsan can't - to busy with exams, sorry
[20:05:38] <h01ger> sepski, sure. i ment to propose to remove the subtopics, not the topic :)
[20:05:49] <sepski> agreed then :)
[20:05:51] * h01ger will write summary
[20:06:05] <sepski> cheers h01ger :)
[20:06:21] <sepski> #topic Skolelinux - Meeting in progress :: Agenda at :: 2- How to deal with backscatter on the list
[20:06:44] <sepski> does anyone have anything to say ? i have not seen much lately ?
[20:07:14] <lfaraone> h01ger: any reason for pinging me? :)
[20:07:14] * danielsan neither
[20:07:27] <h01ger> lfaraone, i pinged everyone in the channel :)
[20:07:38] <sepski> except the one i got just now :)
[20:07:52] <h01ger> should we nag listmasters to implement it, wait further, or close the bug?
[20:08:22] <danielsan> backscatter or the moderation par?
[20:08:25] <h01ger> btw, please mark spam in the webmail archive as spam. it needs three people doing this, so that it gets (considered to be) removed
[20:08:28] <danielsan> s/par/part/
[20:09:04] <h01ger> danielsan, ?
[20:09:11] <sepski> i am happy with the situation as it is now. we could be quicker to nag the listmasters to add new filters it would be ok enough for me. I still will moderateif that's the wish
[20:09:39] <danielsan> h01ger: "to implement it", what exactly should or should not be implemented?
[20:09:57] <sepski> mailing list moderation
[20:10:28] <h01ger> sepski, i've pointed them (via irc) to the last two backscatter mails on the list
[20:10:36] <h01ger> so next topic? ;)
[20:10:57] <sepski> so close the bug then ? and we live with filters for now ?
[20:11:00] * danielsan is ok with the spam/backscatter volume at the moment
[20:11:49] * h01ger shrugs. i think keeping the bug open is better in case it increases again, but then, we can always reopen :)
[20:12:03] <sepski> #AGREED no need for moderation at the current time.
[20:12:16] <sepski> #topic Skolelinux - Meeting in progress :: Agenda at :: 3- Lenny status
[20:12:40] <h01ger> do the CDs at least boot atm? ;) /me has no idea :)
[20:12:56] <sepski> i can say something about the debian cd build
[20:13:45] <sepski> debian-cd is upgraded to the latest upstream debian-cd version. and all our current images are building and booting
[20:14:11] <sepski> it even builds etch-test :)
[20:14:13] <klausade> is this the cd that we should test:
[20:14:16] <klausade> ?
[20:14:29] <h01ger> sepski, nice
[20:14:29] <sepski> all the lenny-test-* images need testing
[20:14:36] <h01ger> #info debian-cd is upgraded to the latest upstream debian-cd version. and all our current images are building and booting
[20:14:45] <h01ger> #info all the lenny-test-* images need testing
[20:15:08] <h01ger>
[20:15:37] <danielsan> sepski: our packges are now included again?
[20:15:40] <sepski> i am trying to make a multiarch netinstall image as well. since our package selection is not optimal
[20:15:54] <sepski> eg lwat dependencies does not make it onto atlest one image
[20:16:01] <h01ger> jever, hi. see for a quick summary so far :)
[20:16:15] <sepski> that would allow testing the installer separately from the package selection on the limited medium
[20:16:47] <sepski> our packages are mostly included.
[20:17:17] <jever_> h01ger: only 24h kick so far, thx
[20:17:18] <sepski> one thing to note is that cdspacelist-$suite-$arch in svn is broken due to chances in the logfile it parses
[20:17:36] <sepski> someone with perl foo can take a look at
[20:17:50] <h01ger> should we start to build lenny images too?
[20:17:56] <h01ger> do we have enough space?
[20:18:14] <danielsan> sepski: are the logs it parses in svn?
[20:19:04] <sepski> yes it's also on the ftp in the dir of the image
[20:19:11] <sepski> called log.sort_deps.$arch
[20:19:21] <danielsan> cool, /me will look at it later
[20:20:08] <sepski> hmm it's actualy only on the ftp i think .
[20:20:48] <danielsan> if they are avaliable in a way I can find and access them, that is all I need :)
[20:21:01] <sepski> good thanks for looking at them danielsan
[20:21:11] <sepski> does anyone have a idea of the status of our packages ?
[20:22:08] <klausade> what is the list of "our packages"?
[20:22:09] <danielsan> last time I had checked the tasksel stuff prevented people from testing if some of our changes on etch packages need forward porting to lenny
[20:22:35] <h01ger> danielsan, which tasksel stuff?
[20:22:39] <h01ger> do you mean profile stuff?
[20:23:03] <danielsan> yes, tasksel did choose the standard debian tasks too
[20:23:05] * h01ger thinks is a bit outdated probably
[20:23:09] <sepski> i was mostly thinking of debian-edu-* and lwat, but also the education-* packages
[20:24:23] <an3as> apropos education-* packages: Please tell me if no harm can be done if we switch to blends-dev
[20:24:32] <h01ger> an3as, it can
[20:24:38] <h01ger> an3as, we use trunk for lenny atm
[20:24:40] <danielsan> I think we have to check if all packages we whant to depend/suggest made it into lenny or need to be replaced by other/included in our own archive?
[20:25:04] <h01ger> danielsan, yes. but afaik all have
[20:25:21] <h01ger> flashplugin-nonfree will be available+supported via
[20:25:41] <sepski> also we need to identify packages we do not need to install, and make sure they do not make the cd images. to make room for the needed packages
[20:25:45] <danielsan> with the amd64 native flash 10 version?
[20:25:54] <an3as> h01ger: you use trunk? well, yes, is this a difference to what you have done before?
[20:26:48] <danielsan> an3as: no we did use trunk most the time (I think the etch branch is not yet there also)
[20:26:51] <h01ger> an3as, the blends stuff is post-lenny, so we dont want it in trunk, as we want to use lenny in trunk atm
[20:26:59] <h01ger> danielsan, yes
[20:27:05] <danielsan> nice
[20:27:21] <an3as> sh01ger: so you ment rather no for the moment, right?
[20:27:29] <h01ger> (afaik and i'm not watching amd64 ultra close :)
[20:27:37] <h01ger> an3as, exactly
[20:27:41] <an3as> OK
[20:27:44] <h01ger> an3as, help us get lenny out! ;)
[20:27:49] <h01ger> +pleeeease :)
[20:27:52] <an3as> I'll keep blends-dev in experimental
[20:28:05] <h01ger> an3as, no, you can upload it to sid
[20:28:06] * danielsan got an amd64 board by his brother so I can watch nonfree amd64 stuff more closely soon
[20:28:14] <h01ger> an3as, we build in lenny
[20:28:42] <h01ger> an3as, just dont commit education-* changes to svn/debian-edu
[20:28:47] <an3as> This means uploading to unstable and filing a RC bug would do the trick as well?
[20:29:03] <sepski> it's not going into lenny/stable any way :)
[20:29:07] <h01ger> an3as, stuff in unstable migrates to squeeze, not lenny.
[20:29:13] <h01ger> so no need for an rc bug
[20:29:15] <an3as> I will *never* commit education without asking you before. ;-)
[20:29:26] <an3as> ... stupid me, yes
[20:29:33] <an3as> I'm just in pre-Lenny times
[20:29:37] <sepski> :)
[20:29:59] <an3as> BTW, blends-dev has a cdd-dev compatibility package with wrappers
[20:30:12] * h01ger notes that we also need to write documentation and some uprade instruction. the skeleton is at
[20:30:41] <h01ger> and for getting lenny out, we need testers, bugreports and people fixing stuff :)
[20:30:42] <sepski> I hope more can can get the time to test the images. and we need to verify our bugs for lenny
[20:31:10] <h01ger> #info we also need to write documentation and some uprade instruction. the skeleton is at
[20:31:22] <h01ger> #info for getting lenny out, we need testers, bugreports and people fixing stuff :)
[20:31:41] <h01ger> maybe we should send a post to d-d-a? and our user lists?
[20:32:10] <sepski> h01ger, you'll send the summary? you can emphasise this point :)
[20:33:03] <danielsan> I will have more time to test at the end of next week again
[20:33:15] <h01ger> sepski, will try :)
[20:34:30] <sepski> are we done with this point for now, i expect this will be a recurring item on the agenda
[20:35:03] <danielsan> at least until lenny is done :)
[20:35:04] * h01ger thinks so
[20:35:26] <sepski> #topic Skolelinux - Meeting in progress :: Agenda at :: 4- flashlugin-nonfree-extrasound for etch
[20:35:41] <jever> since I've a new job, I'm 13h away from home and mostly offline, so no chance to do anything but read backlog :-(
[20:35:50] <sepski> is anyone using this ?
[20:36:21] * h01ger thinks its needed for sound to work with flash on workstations and thinclients
[20:36:51] <h01ger> i've heard people using it but cant remember who :)
[20:37:22] <danielsan> I tested it ages ago, but can't remember anything elese about it anymore :(
[20:37:28] * jever doesn't use that
[20:37:29] <sepski> didn't think flash worked all that great on thin clients.. ? klausade you have close encounters with users. do you use it?
[20:38:37] <sepski> h01ger, even if we move it, it's not like it's going to get installed by itself ? so i dont see the huge damage.
[20:38:40] <h01ger> there are two small issues with adding it to etch, which are not really issues, but should be done knowingly: 1. we havent added new packages to etch so far (but i think its fine - or maybe we did?) and 2. so far, local doesnt contain contrib packages. but as contrib software is free software, i think its fine ;) one has to explicitly select it to install too
[20:38:46] <h01ger> sepski, exactly
[20:38:50] <klausade> flash works very well, together with pulseaudio. then you even get sync between sound and images on youtube.
[20:39:07] <h01ger> klausade, doesnt that also need a flashplugin-pulseaudio package?
[20:39:12] <h01ger> do you know if its in lenny?
[20:39:17] <h01ger> +ecth?
[20:39:32] <klausade> h01ger: theres is a libflash thing you can use.
[20:40:00] <h01ger> ah
[20:40:18] <klausade> h01ger:in lenny flash is available in a version that understands alsa.
[20:40:33] <sepski> klausade, you are using that backported for etch or ?
[20:40:55] <h01ger> klausade, you mean in sid? because in lenny there is nothing atm ;)
[20:41:15] <klausade> but, that said, educational sites using flashin fullscreen are popping up all the day, only thing that can handle that is halfthick.
[20:41:20] <h01ger> so no objections to move flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound to etch? then i'll do that..
[20:41:34] <sepski> agreed
[20:41:57] <klausade> h01ger: move it in. it won't install automatically, or?
[20:42:10] * dinoex is here now.
[20:42:16] <h01ger> klausade, no, it wont
[20:42:32] <h01ger> #info agreed: no objections to move flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound to etch? then i'll do that..
[20:42:35] <sepski> klausade, we should perhaps have a halfthick profile
[20:42:59] * h01ger nods sepski
[20:43:20] <h01ger> dinoex, hi :) we're having a meeting, summary so far at :)
[20:43:26] <danielsan> dinoex: < sepski> will everyone please make their presence known to the meetbot (use /me = your name)
[20:43:45] <klausade> sepski: or just have thinclientserver also setup halfthick. since the scripts just setup thinclients on 192-network, and halfthick on the 10-network.
[20:44:16] <klausade> we would just need to rename the profile.
[20:44:33] * h01ger suggests to just do that
[20:44:39] <sepski> klausade, does ithave no ill effects on the thin client what so ever ?
[20:44:46] <sepski> i'v never mixed the servers like that
[20:45:02] * dinoex = Dirk Meyer
[20:45:03] <h01ger> and adding a router profile too, would be great. but that will probably break the profile layout once again? ;)
[20:45:38] <sepski> that's a bug that needs to be fixed anyway
[20:45:53] <klausade> hem, never mixed like that either, guess it needs some testing, but I guess it should work. i know of a few places doing it like that.
[20:46:00] <danielsan> maybe with a wish list bug to set clients in ldap/dhcp as thinclients/flashthick?
[20:46:21] <sepski> danielsan, they are in separate networks usualy
[20:46:22] <h01ger> next topic?
[20:46:40] <sepski> #topic Skolelinux - Meeting in progress :: Agenda at :: 5- etch r2 cds?
[20:46:48] <sepski> a blast from the past :)
[20:47:06] <h01ger> hehe
[20:47:09] <sepski> we still have cd's with the horrible ssl bug on them i assume ?
[20:47:17] <h01ger> ITYM ssh
[20:47:49] <h01ger> but does the bug matter, afaik d-i fetches security updates during installation and immediatly fixes it
[20:47:59] <sepski> i know debian-cd builds etch-test cd's i hope it's trivial to make etch cd's work again, but no need if nobody wants to test them
[20:48:12] <danielsan> h01ger: only since lenny, or am I wrong?
[20:48:27] <sepski> and only if there is network
[20:48:33] <h01ger> but still i think we could test the etch images and if they are fine, copy away and call+release them as r2. they are based on debian etch r8
[20:49:36] <sepski> ok ill see if i can get etch builds working again. Do we realy need to build both etch and etch-test images nowdays ?
[20:50:04] <klausade> drop etch-test.
[20:50:19] <h01ger> yeah
[20:50:22] <sepski> it would save up precious hard drive space. we had to stop etch to make room for lenny-test
[20:50:24] <h01ger> also remove old images
[20:50:31] * h01ger roles eyes
[20:50:44] <h01ger> we really really should fix these space constraints
[20:51:12] <sepski> I'll suggest in the frisk board we simply buy it. instead of waiting for domations / scaps from uio
[20:51:31] <h01ger> great
[20:51:33] <klausade> sepski: please do.
[20:51:44] <sepski> #ACTION drop etch-test building
[20:51:49] <sepski> #ACTION enable etch building
[20:52:01] <sepski> #ACTION remove old *-test iso's
[20:52:06] <sepski> about right ?
[20:52:10] <h01ger> #info we could test the etch images and if they are fine, copy away and call+release them as r2. they are based on debian etch r8
[20:52:13] <h01ger> sepski, yes
[20:52:26] <sepski> great
[20:52:34] <h01ger> sepski, "ask frisk for money for disks" is missing
[20:52:56] <sepski> #ACTION ask frisk for money for disks
[20:53:11] <sepski> #topic Skolelinux - Meeting in progress :: Agenda at :: 6- other topics ?
[20:53:19] <jever> videos from gatherings are stored on some servers, is one able to use that servers for diskimage archiving?
[20:53:40] <sepski> what videos ?
[20:54:05] <h01ger> debian meetings videos i assume
[20:54:18] <jever> videos like the one from the user meeting in Oslo
[20:54:27] <h01ger> jever, atm we dont plan to remove old non-test images
[20:55:41] <jever> maybe we can have an archivserver for keeping old images
[20:56:16] <sepski> would it not be enough to keep the releases from woody, sarge and etch
[20:56:23] <sepski> now we have pre releases and rc images as well
[20:56:44] * h01ger thinks we can+should throw away those pre+rc images
[20:56:54] * jever too
[20:56:56] <h01ger> they are probably gpl violations anyway ;) (as we dont have the source)
[20:57:18] <h01ger> s/the source/all the exact sources/
[20:57:53] <h01ger> next meeting, march 16th?
[20:58:04] <sepski> #action Get rid of old (woody/sarge) non release images
[20:58:07] <klausade> gladly
[20:58:13] <sepski> #topic Skolelinux - Meeting in progress :: Agenda at :: 7- next meeting
[20:59:07] <sepski> fine with me, do we have someone that can announce it to the email lists and generaly whip up the interest ?
[21:00:24] <sepski> at what time ?
[21:00:36] <sepski> 20:00 UTC still ?
[21:00:44] * danielsan likes 21:00 CET
[21:00:48] * h01ger better likes 19 UTC
[21:00:58] <h01ger> but 20 is fine too
[21:01:05] <h01ger> esp. if others prefer it ;)
[21:01:20] <sepski> i like 20:00 UTC better then 19:00 since that would be in the middle of bed time stories :)
[21:01:38] <danielsan> :)
[21:01:58] <h01ger> agreed then :)
[21:01:58] <sepski> #agree next meeting 16 march 20:00 UTC in this spot
[21:02:22] <sepski> Thanks you all for attending, great to see so many here again for a meeting :)
[21:02:24] <sepski> #endmeeting

Meeting ended.

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