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17:04:53 <shirish> abdulkarim: shravan: meha: nixmaniack: come on guys, do you guys have something or not ? Or do you wanna change  the venue ?
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17:06:28 <nixmaniack> shirish, yes.
17:07:18 <shirish> nixmaniack: I'm taking you want a change of venue, where should we shift to, to #diaspora or somewhere else ?
17:07:57 <vasudev> shirish: what is wrong with this menu?
17:08:18 <shravan> shirish: I can take the session on apt pining and gnome ext coding
17:08:31 <shirish> vasudev: nothing is wrong with the venue at least for me, but seems nobody is responding, maybe people are confused by the multiple chats.
17:08:32 <shravan> what time does the utsav start
17:08:40 <shirish> meha: ?
17:08:53 * vasudev wonders why shirish thinks changing menu makes every one talks
17:09:01 <meha> please do..
17:09:19 <meha> IRC diaspora shravan and nixmaniack wat say
17:09:37 <shirish> vasudev: no it doesn't but new people do get confused easily and takes time to open up.
17:10:08 <shirish> meha: I have already made a #diaspora channel for us, there is nobody there but me atm.
17:10:31 * vasudev wonders why #diaspora for debian related stuff
17:10:37 <shirish> vasudev: also you were mixing venue to menu.
17:10:52 <vasudev> :P
17:11:12 <shravan> vasudev: :)
17:11:23 <vasudev> I strongly oppose diaspora for Debian
17:12:03 <shravan> vasudev: me too. We should discuss it here only
17:12:38 * vasudev even thinks advertising diaspora any more in debian related program is wrong
17:13:25 <nixmaniack> Ok. fine. let it be here only. Let's start.
17:13:37 <meha> ohkk..here
17:13:43 <nixmaniack> What time the DebUtsav starts?
17:13:49 <meha> 10
17:14:23 <nixmaniack> and what time does it end?
17:14:30 <abdulkarim> meha: who is the chair?
17:14:57 <shirish> abdulkarim: atm its me.
17:15:23 <abdulkarim> #info DebUtsav starts at 10am
17:15:47 <meha> abdulkarim: and ending time u all decide
17:15:50 <shirish> if somebody wants to share the chair with me, they are welcome.
17:16:15 <abdulkarim> shirish: add meha to the chair
17:16:28 <shirish> so first thing is are we doing the quiz thing or are we doing the game thing ?
17:16:31 <kart_> shirish: chair need to be too big then ;)
17:16:32 <shirish> #chair meha
17:16:32 <MeetBot> Current chairs: meha shirish
17:16:45 <shirish> kart_: lol :P
17:16:49 <kart_> ok. it was joke.
17:17:01 <vasudev> poor Meetbot
17:17:03 <vasudev> :P
17:17:08 <shirish> :P
17:17:28 <kart_> shirish: Is DebUtsav one day event?
17:17:31 <shirish> back to serious guys, that's the first order of business, quiz thing or game thing, people ?
17:17:35 <kart_> or series of?
17:17:49 <shirish> kart_: correct, we are starting at 10ish and ending at our convenience.
17:17:57 <vasudev> yes you guys should right some good report after events
17:17:59 <shirish> kart_: give me a moment, will pull the URL for you.
17:18:12 <shirish> vasudev: I did put up a blog post of the first event.
17:18:33 <vasudev> shirish: you should consider writing to debian-in-workers and debian-dug-in
17:18:40 <vasudev> just like bubulle wrote for debian-project
17:18:40 <shirish> https://flossexperiences.wordpress.com/2012/02/08/debian-utsav-coep-04-02-2012/
17:18:53 <vasudev> shirish: do consider not to go too long also :)
17:19:12 <shirish> vasudev: I know but its kinda kiddish atm.
17:19:21 <meha> abdulkarim: where is pravin??
17:19:48 <abdulkarim> meha: i guess he is not in Pune
17:19:48 <shirish> vasudev: kart_:http://wiki.debian.org/DebianIndia/DebianUtsav2012
17:20:04 <shirish> yup, the last I spoke with him, he's going to Kerala.
17:20:12 <kart_> shirish: thanks
17:20:15 * shirish envious of him. God's own country.
17:20:28 <shirish> add to that the fact that lot of FLOSS happens there.
17:20:35 <shirish> anyways back to our bit.
17:21:10 <shirish> so first question, the quiz thing or the game thing. I do have few social games in mind which could help opening up the audience as an ice-breaker activity.
17:21:24 <shravan> praveen will join us in a few mins
17:21:33 <shravan> he is very much in pune only
17:21:40 <kart_> shirish: do not try to open audience too much.
17:21:51 <shirish> there was also suggestion of having a quiz thing with FOSS .
17:21:57 <kart_> sometime, it backfire.
17:22:02 <abdulkarim> j4v4m4n: hey!
17:22:02 <shirish> right.
17:22:10 <shirish> j4v4m4n: hey :)
17:22:10 <kart_> shirish: how quiz will help?
17:22:11 <nixmaniack> j4v4m4n, Hi!
17:22:25 <shirish> meha: j4v4m4n is Praveen popularly known as javaman
17:22:32 <shirish> hence the nick.
17:22:39 <j4v4m4n> abdulkarim: shirish nixmaniack kart_ meha hi
17:22:48 <meha> shirish: :)
17:22:58 * vasudev is sad j4v4m4n didn;t say hi
17:23:05 <j4v4m4n> vasudev: hi
17:23:07 * vasudev super flamed j4v4m4n on mail :P
17:23:29 * j4v4m4n was just looking at people talking only :(
17:23:57 <vasudev> j4v4m4n: kidding :)
17:24:04 <vasudev> j4v4m4n: we are known to fight a lot ;)
17:24:16 <j4v4m4n> vasudev: :)
17:24:31 <shirish> all those in favor of quiz say ayes
17:24:52 <j4v4m4n> I would say yes
17:25:09 <shirish> yes from me too.
17:25:13 * vasudev and kart_ only does VETO ;)
17:25:39 <shravan> yes
17:26:01 * j4v4m4n says this isn't UN security counsil :)
17:26:18 <vasudev> shravan: please consider creating a FANPAGE on friendica may be on your own instance
17:26:38 <shravan> vasudev: for the utsav right ?
17:26:38 <j4v4m4n> vasudev: you can have a dissent note :)
17:26:39 <abdulkarim> ayes
17:26:42 <abdulkarim> ;)
17:26:51 <meha> shirish: the other option is game right.. So how the game would be diff. from quiz? :p
17:26:59 <_axeman_> aye
17:27:29 <shirish> meha: quizzes has a fixed format in the sense, there is a questionnaire and their is somebody from the group who answers.
17:27:33 <abdulkarim> game!!
17:27:52 <nixmaniack> i don't know about quiz, so I go with crowd i suppose. :)
17:27:55 <shravan> lets not have too many things
17:27:55 <shirish> games or social games are more say to antakshari, where there is no chair.
17:28:43 <nixmaniack> Nay for games!
17:28:45 <shirish> nixmaniack: there was a suggestion of having a quiz with somebody making a list of 10-15 questions about FOSS individuals, history whatever.
17:29:04 <shirish> shall I take it then all for quiz.
17:29:20 <shravan> quiz yes, games no
17:29:26 <j4v4m4n> shirish: make the questions like a story with some background info/trivia added to it
17:29:42 <shirish> j4v4m4n: that's not a bad idea.
17:30:11 <shirish> which brings up the next thing, who wants to commit to it and how much time we put for it ?
17:30:19 <shirish> 30 minutes, more , less what ?
17:30:40 <meha> shirish: Quiz yes.//who is making it?? and games: no because we don't know what to do and how to do
17:31:13 <shravan> i think everyone just send 5 questions onto the mail thread.
17:31:32 <shravan> After we have 40 questions
17:31:37 <shravan> we will take 20 from them
17:31:38 <shirish> shravan: ok, that sounds reasonable but somebody has to pick and choose.
17:31:52 <shirish> so we know whom to blame :P
17:32:01 <shravan> we all will solve them in our head
17:32:08 <shravan> the simple ones go for a toss
17:32:36 <shirish> it seems like shravan is steering it, shravan do you want to take ownership of it ?
17:32:56 <shravan> shirish: fine
17:33:01 <j4v4m4n> shirish is the quiz man :)
17:33:09 <vasudev> j4v4m4n: noooo
17:33:16 <j4v4m4n> shravan: he did quiztronomy :)
17:33:39 <vasudev> j4v4m4n: then organizers should have lot of buffer for quiz
17:33:51 <shirish> j4v4m4n: its good if shravan does as he would be also attuned to what would be interesting to students, which I'm far removed from.
17:33:53 <shravan> j4v4m4n: :) yep i like quizes
17:34:16 <j4v4m4n> vasudev: all organizers are here only :)
17:34:35 <shirish> #action shravan's responsibility to pick 20 questions for the quiz.
17:35:24 <shirish> #info everybody else puts 5 questions on the thread/conversation about FOSS (doesn't matter whether its an individual or a project).
17:35:28 <shravan> shirish: yes but everyone needs to pitch in 5 questions
17:35:42 <shirish> shravan: see ^
17:36:10 <shirish> shravan: is 30 minutes enough for the questions and trivia or do you need a bit more time ?
17:36:47 <shravan> #info Come up with link questions. Event A links to Event B and finally culminates at Event C. Guess who the person in Event C was etc
17:36:55 <shravan> shirish: is the quiz in teams ?
17:38:13 <shirish> shravan: not a bad idea as well. what do people think ?
17:39:11 <shirish> although lemme remind if we do some team stuff, it will take time for people to gather and settle down. That alone can take anywhere from 10-15 mins.
17:40:09 <shirish> I dunno if we wanna do an introduction round before we start the quiz?
17:40:16 <shravan> meha: can you get Debian CD's so we can give away at the quiz please
17:40:36 <shravan> shirish: quiz no teams please, alone is good
17:41:00 <shirish> right, that saves us some time then.
17:41:48 <meha> Alone is good.. I would say
17:42:03 <shirish> it would be better if we have DVD's rather than CD.
17:42:14 <meha> shravan Cd's kahan se par?
17:42:22 <shirish> yup, for me also.
17:42:27 * nixmaniack is waiting for discussions of technical stuff related to debian to start, then he'll pitch in
17:42:31 <meha> shravan from where and how?
17:43:13 * abdulkarim waiting too!
17:43:14 <shirish> meha: can't the college sponsor few blank DVD's ?
17:44:01 <meha> shirish: I'll ask
17:44:05 <shirish> cool.
17:44:19 <meha> shirish: Tell me the number of Cd's u want
17:44:33 <shirish> meha: make those DVD's. CD's have just so much space.
17:45:09 <shirish> and the prices are same (in fact CD's are a bit costlier IIRC).
17:45:30 <j4v4m4n> meha: download debian testing DVD1
17:45:35 <shirish> I think 50 should be tops.
17:45:49 <vasudev> j4v4m4n: don't go for testing
17:45:55 <vasudev> j4v4m4n: CD's won't be proper
17:46:09 <shirish> j4v4m4n: lol you meant Debian stable 6.0.4 correct ?
17:46:36 <shirish> and btw testing is broken atm, I did see couple of bugs about that couple of months back.
17:46:38 <vasudev> shirish: no he meant testing
17:46:58 <shirish> there are workarounds given, but they are for somebody who is intimate with Debian.
17:47:07 <vasudev> even if you download testing please try installing before burning
17:47:22 <vasudev> else you will burn your money instead of DVD's
17:47:26 <j4v4m4n> vasudev: ok agreed
17:47:35 <j4v4m4n> meha: go for stable
17:47:43 <vasudev> i would sugest USB sticks
17:47:46 <vasudev> than CD's
17:47:54 <vasudev> no investment is required
17:47:54 <meha> j4v4m4n: ohk.DVD's :)
17:48:12 <vasudev> j4v4m4n: what do you think?
17:48:19 <shravan> i wanted to give away something in the quiz ..
17:48:21 <meha> vasudev: I guess we are giving DVD's to the ones who will answer the questions
17:48:22 <shirish> vasudev: true but that means the students need to carry a stick with them.
17:48:27 <shravan> can anyone think about something ?
17:48:31 <shirish> right.
17:48:49 <vasudev> meha: oh I didn't follow discussion
17:48:58 <vasudev> but giving Squeeze doesn't sound good
17:49:11 <meha> vasudev: we all like suggestions :)
17:49:17 <shirish> vasudev: that's understandable but there has to be some token of appreciation.
17:49:20 <vasudev> meha: go for LMDE
17:49:47 <nixmaniack> vasudev, +1 for LMDE! :)
17:50:08 <shirish> meha: you decide which distribution/flavor you want to give to the students, otherwise this will generate into a flamewar.
17:50:21 <vasudev> shirish: no flame war here
17:50:25 <shravan> pupy linux :P
17:50:31 <vasudev> LMDE = Linux Mint Debian Edition
17:50:36 <vasudev> shirish: can you see Debian in there?
17:50:47 <shirish> can we get this outta way please, I don't wanna get into debian,LMDE,puppy or whatever else GNU/Linux distribution you like.
17:51:21 <shirish> vasudev: I have played with LMDE and know what it is, but let her decide/do. We just want to give people a momento.
17:51:30 <vasudev> shirish: some one asked for suggestion here i gave suggestion
17:51:43 <vasudev> shirish: if you don't like me talking fine
17:51:43 <axeman> just a caution for LMDE.. if you upgrade it to unstable.. it breaks !
17:51:43 <abdulkarim> shirish: let Meha decide and let her take her own time to decide... lets move forward
17:51:58 <shirish> abdulkarim: that's what I said beofre.
17:52:17 <shirish> vasudev: its not that, we just do not want to get into things which are not needed atm.
17:52:27 <meha> vasudev: we want ur suggestion.. What else can be given.. #economical which my colg can afford :p
17:52:37 <CIA-2> Debian-IN: 03kamathvasudev * rcff6dc8 10debian-in/ (.gitignore .mrconfig docs/TODO): aspell-mr and aspell-ta comming in to git repo of Debian-IN
17:52:58 <meha> shirish: what else we need to decide.. in ur  checklist whats the next thing :)
17:53:00 <shirish> meha: its just another Debian-based distribution. It 'looks pretty' .
17:53:41 <shirish> ok, then how much time do we give for introduction to Debian and all the related infrastructure and stuff with initials of Packaging concepts.
17:53:42 <meha> axeman: thanks :) it will help
17:53:50 <axeman> meha, :)
17:55:11 <nixmaniack> we can merge the session of packaging concepts with packaging itslef. No need of separate session
17:55:35 <shirish> ok, everybody on http://piratepad.net/ArmBNVBDyo
17:55:43 <shirish> #link http://piratepad.net/ArmBNVBDyo
17:55:59 <shirish> that's the sorta agenda for the day, we are filling it as we go.
17:56:34 <shirish> ok, now b. c. and d. are supposed to be my baby, do we want to roll them in one or do we want to keep them as separate entities.
17:57:13 <shirish> This is because Sana has got her tests and hence isn't coming.
17:58:16 <shirish> so if you ask me, I would see half an hour for each would be good to give a good background but its to the whole team.
17:58:32 <shirish> Maybe 1.5 hours is too much or somethings are not needed there.
17:58:39 <shirish> comments everyone.
17:59:53 <j4v4m4n> meha: we can give t shirts - one diaspune and one chamba for special questions!
18:00:06 <shirish> that would be cool.
18:01:04 <shirish> ok, another way, does anybody want to take b. c. or d. items ?
18:01:09 <nixmaniack> 1.5 is too much. I'll go sleeping. ;)
18:01:28 <shirish> nixmaniack: right, so much time should we allocate for this ?
18:01:38 <shirish> and what should be buffer in it ?
18:01:40 <meha> j4v4m4n: I will answer one question.. can I have Chamba :) I forgot to buy that time :p
18:02:01 <j4v4m4n> shirish: we can take b off for now
18:02:25 <j4v4m4n> meha: yup
18:02:28 <nixmaniack> shirish, perhaps an hour seems fine. without getting in much detail, cover up all the points
18:03:04 <shirish> nixmaniack: ok, done . Does somebody want to help/cover some part of that or I take care of that ?
18:03:11 <shirish> I have no issues either way.
18:03:27 <j4v4m4n> shirish: you making a debian intro video :)
18:03:50 <nixmaniack> i ain't good at talking non-technical. so i'm off on that
18:03:58 <j4v4m4n> shirish: two people taking it would be good
18:04:03 <shirish> j4v4m4n: not me. I think shravan would be the right person.
18:04:19 <shirish> j4v4m4n: that is what I do think, but somebody needs to come forward for it.
18:04:24 <j4v4m4n> shirish: sorry I meant shravan only :)
18:04:34 <shirish> lol :P
18:04:59 <shirish> in fact if he makes a good video we may save 30-40 minutes and cut down the talk drastically too.
18:04:59 <meha> j4v4m4n: we are talking about which point
18:05:23 <shirish> meha: j4v4m4n just bought the point that shravan is gonna make a Debian introduction video.
18:05:31 <j4v4m4n> meha: making a video for debian introduction
18:05:47 <shirish> meha: which basically tells people what debian is, who its for and what it can do .
18:05:47 <shravan__> please do not count on me completly for the video
18:05:55 <shirish> ah, ok.
18:06:15 <meha> shirish: and j4v4m4n  for the video
18:06:20 <shirish> shravan: seems to be off with the connectivity today, or are you doing illegal :P
18:06:21 <meha> sryy shravan and j4v4m4n
18:06:59 <shravan__> shirish: :)
18:07:08 <j4v4m4n> shravan__: ok we'll keep it sa plan B
18:07:24 <shirish> so let's play it this way, if shravan does make a video, then we will show it or otherwise I'll do the whole thing in about an hour.
18:07:31 <shirish> just a sec. though.
18:07:31 <abdulkarim> shravan shravan_  shravan__
18:07:58 <shirish> abdulkarim: I think he might be trying to see if he can get some stuff out of oftc.net .
18:08:19 <shirish> abdulkarim: he told me he had been trying few things.
18:08:40 <shirish> anyways, back on topic. does anybody wanna share about the non-technical part ?
18:08:56 <shirish> It does get boring to talk for an hour non-stop.
18:09:12 <shirish> it would be nice if somebody does take a shot at that.
18:09:29 <j4v4m4n> abdulkarim: can you take c?
18:10:16 <shirish> abdulkarim: has been quiet today.
18:10:40 <abdulkarim> j4v4m4n: i guess not
18:10:51 <shirish> ok.
18:10:52 <abdulkarim> i may help muneeb with packaging though
18:11:01 <j4v4m4n> nixmaniack: you? it is technical stuff
18:11:31 <nixmaniack> j4v4m4n, just a sec. lemme go through it
18:11:34 <shirish> it would be nice, I don't know any C, you would have a baby here
18:11:59 <j4v4m4n> shirish: it is about point c :)
18:12:15 <shirish> j4v4m4n: lol, and I was thinking C as in the language :P
18:12:20 <shirish> ROFL.
18:12:41 <abdulkarim> anyways just for the record, i hate C :p
18:12:45 <shirish> nixmaniack: that would be cool, what say you ?
18:12:50 <shirish> abdulkarim: :P
18:13:06 * shirish acting out his LOTR speak.
18:13:22 <nixmaniack> no i won't be able to talk on that. sorry.
18:13:54 <shirish> oh ok, back to me I guess. If anybody else wants to take up, please lemme know now.
18:14:08 <j4v4m4n> shravan: you will help shirish?
18:14:14 <nixmaniack> i might help shirish in between if i can
18:14:19 <nixmaniack> but not for sure
18:14:50 <shravan> j4v4m4n: point C ?
18:14:59 <shirish> nixmaniack: chalega, any help is appreciated.
18:15:34 <j4v4m4n> nixmaniack: abdulkarim stop shirish if he gets too boring :)
18:15:49 <j4v4m4n> shirish: http://piratepad.net/ArmBNVBDyo in there
18:15:57 <shirish> shravan: Point C in http://piratepad.net/ArmBNVBDyo
18:16:11 <shirish> j4v4m4n: I know whom you meant to redirect.
18:16:27 <j4v4m4n> shirish: :)
18:17:18 <shirish> shravan: it would be nice if you do decide to cover it.
18:17:24 <shirish> I can of course help you.
18:18:13 <shirish> shravan: ?
18:18:59 <shravan> shirish: I will need to do reading up. Because the upcoming week is packed I do not wish to comit to this sorry
18:19:48 <shirish> shravan: ok, then it falls back to me I guess. I would have to do a refresher although most of things I do remember .
18:20:03 <shirish> there could be something interesting though.
18:20:11 <j4v4m4n> shirish: is the man!
18:20:22 <shirish> abdulkarim: would you like to talk about apt-mirror though and your experience with it .
18:20:48 <shirish> that would be really interesting, maybe you could demo that, what say you ?
18:21:15 <abdulkarim> shirish: it depends on the audience
18:21:34 <shirish> abdulkarim: I could lead them to apt-mirror and then you could show it.
18:21:40 <abdulkarim> and i don't think newbies would understand even a word of it
18:22:00 <nixmaniack> hmm. it depends on the audience. it's kinda sys admin stuff :)
18:22:05 <abdulkarim> shirish: it would be too much for beginners (as is suppose most of them would be)
18:22:13 <abdulkarim> nixmaniack: exactly
18:22:20 <shirish> right.
18:22:53 <shirish> meha:  what do you think? apt-mirror is basically a tool to make a mirror for debian packages and sources.
18:23:24 <shirish> its kinda like what sourceforge.net gives you, number of mirrors you can download a package from, similar concept.
18:23:30 <meha> expect the crowd to be Msc-ca first year..they may understand it
18:23:40 <shirish> do you think it would be too much for newbies ?
18:24:10 <shirish> ok, let's see on that day how they react.
18:24:12 <meha> overview is ohk.. how deep r u going to talk
18:25:07 <shirish> meha: the idea is you could make a repository out of this. What I wanted was Abdul to share his experiences with making the repository.
18:25:17 <shirish> two things happen if he shares that.
18:25:34 <shirish> a. People come to know that if a student can do it so can s/he.
18:26:03 <shirish> b. Some people do get interested into understanding and seeing what other things can be played with it/around it etc.
18:26:11 <shirish> that is what I'm thinking about.
18:26:35 <shirish> I do know of quite a few things happening in the wild but that would be outside of the domain for the talk.
18:26:59 <shirish> Anyways, something to think of back of the mind.
18:27:47 <shirish> hmm... ok we are at 11:30 a.m. till now, do you want to introduce packaging concepts now or want to have a break ?
18:28:42 <shirish> meha: keep an eye out at http://piratepad.net/ArmBNVBDyo . I am gonna constantly update it, this will be part of your press release.
18:29:32 <meha> shirish: If u want we can start the meeting late as well :) 10 am is ideal like every time but just realized it is a SUNDAY
18:29:57 <shirish> meha: lol, I thought you knew that :P
18:30:07 <shirish> bolo kya kare.
18:30:16 <shirish> I am happy either way.
18:30:34 <shirish> although if we start late, people start coming in l8er as well.
18:30:44 <meha> abdulkarim: nixmaniack shravan: DO u think kids will come by 10 Cuz I am expecting crowd from ur colg as well and PICT
18:31:21 <shravan> lets just start at 10am with how many people we have
18:31:21 <shirish> meha: and some from other colleges as well (I have been talking with some students as well who are interested and may show up. )
18:32:12 <shirish> meha: what we could do is start with the introduction round for the first twenty odd minutes, then do the quiz and then move to other things.
18:32:16 <shirish> how does that sound ?
18:32:24 <nixmaniack> meha, 10 seems okay
18:33:19 <shirish> guys, please carry on. I have to make chai for the self, meha has the chair, bbi around 10 odd minutes or so.
18:33:52 <shirish> #action Debian history talk - shirish - 30 minutes
18:34:17 <shirish> #action Debian infrastructure and processes talk - Shirish and Muneeb - 30 minutes.
18:35:01 <meha> shirish:  yes thats grt
18:38:31 <shirish> ok that moves to 11:30 a.m. Sunday morning, do you guys think we should have a break there or go for the next thing on the list ?
18:39:52 <meha> break??
18:40:18 <shirish> break as in toilet break or something. or just go to the next topic ?
18:42:14 <j4v4m4n> folks I'm feeling sleepy :( I'll leave now. Looks like we have all things cleared.
18:42:51 <nixmaniack> j4v4m4n, yeah. sure.
18:43:04 <meha> carry on
18:43:13 <j4v4m4n> good night everyone
18:43:45 <shirish> ohk
18:43:50 <shirish> back people.
18:44:34 <shirish> so who's gonna take the packaging concepts session, abdulkarim, shravan, nixmaniack ?
18:45:12 <nixmaniack> shirish, it'll be merged in hands on session only. we'll explain as we go
18:46:00 <shirish> nixmaniack: oh ok. so should we start the packaging hands-on session then and there only ?
18:46:34 <abdulkarim> shirish: yes
18:46:54 <shirish> then we could be over by around 14:00 hours.
18:47:11 <abdulkarim> let all of them have a deb packaging and then you all can bore them as much as you want :p
18:47:30 <shirish> :P
18:48:00 <meha> can we have a half hr. break in b/w frm 1pm for Lunch
18:48:02 <shirish> abdulkarim: the point is to get some idea of the timings so that could be in the release.
18:48:49 <shirish> meha: wouldn't half an hour be less, IIRC the canteen will be shut on Sunday.
18:49:28 <nixmaniack> i think we can do 11:30 to 12:30 our intro to packaging.
18:49:30 <shirish> we probably would have to go downstairs to that Punjabi Dhaba or something .
18:49:32 <nixmaniack> then take break
18:49:47 <shirish> nixmaniack: that makes sense.
18:50:33 <meha> if half hr. is less for u 1-2 pm is ideal.. We have shops nearby.. a lot of them
18:50:40 <shirish> nixmaniack: I'm guessing you and abdul are gonna take care of it.
18:51:59 <shirish> nixmaniack: muneeb bol ? who is taking ownership of intro. of packaging ?
18:52:21 <nixmaniack> shirish, I and abdulkarim
18:52:54 <shirish> ok.
18:54:14 <meha> next topic
18:54:15 <shirish> #action nixmaniack and abdulkarim taking introduction to packaging 11:30 - 12:30 a.m.
18:54:17 <meha> :)
18:54:33 <meha> 12:pm
18:54:40 <meha> 12:30 pm**
18:54:56 <shirish> #info lunch break 12:30 - 13:30 hours.
18:54:57 <abdulkarim> 1am!!!
18:55:07 <shirish> sorry.
18:55:35 <shirish> #action revised nixmaniack and abdulkarim taking intro. to packaging 11:30 - 12:30
18:55:59 <meha> Can we take 12:30 -1:30 something..
18:56:32 <meha> buffer time if  our speakers don't finish on time :p
18:56:47 <meha> then 1-2 lunch //apt time
18:57:38 <meha> ping!!!!!
18:57:47 <shirish> meha: um.... I nearly forgot at least I hadn't thought of Q&A and feedback, that alone should fetch back 15 mins. each session.
18:57:55 <shirish> meha: i'm here.
18:59:34 <shirish> everybody take a look at http://piratepad.net/ArmBNVBDyo
19:00:44 <shirish> meha, how does that look ?
19:01:35 <shirish> #info buffer 15 minutes for Q&A, feedback and speaker.
19:01:38 * nixmaniack is checking the link
19:03:37 <shirish> if somebody does want to change something please do, just make sure to add your name to in that box on the top-rightish corner.
19:03:58 <shirish> the idea of the pad is people can edit/ change things concurrently.
19:04:05 <nixmaniack> shirish, sure, seems good so far
19:04:22 <shirish> meha: what do you think ?
19:04:44 <shirish> shravan: abdulkarim: your thoughts too guys .
19:05:50 <meha> nixmaniack: wat say
19:05:58 <shirish> meha: how many people from F.E. came to gnunify ?
19:06:26 <nixmaniack> meha, looks good, if i have anything to add i'll just put it
19:06:31 <meha> shirish:  3 AFAIK they were only Volunteering
19:07:00 <shirish> hmm.... so maybe I do need to take into account a bit of introduction to FOSS as well.
19:07:02 <nixmaniack> shirish, we'll have to freeze the priratepad after some date, so we have idea when it's final
19:07:29 <shirish> otherwise this would be above board for them.
19:07:43 <shirish> I was thinking most of the F.E. guys would have come to GNUnify.
19:08:09 <meha> nopes..here we are targeting PG 1st yrs. #Msc-ca
19:08:11 <shirish> nixmaniack: actually should be final after the meeting, atleast the topics are decided and the timings are somewhat decided.
19:08:38 <shirish> I'm guessing that we would have to be flexible with what happens on that day as well.
19:08:46 <meha> shirish: Homework.. when are we going to evaluate that..
19:09:18 <shirish> meha: that is a thought, it  would be more something like self-study or something.
19:10:04 <shirish> we could of course do give something for them to work on but that means some sort of event or something on some sunday.
19:10:23 <shirish> That is just an idea.
19:11:52 <shirish> nixmaniack: abdulkarim: would there be any homework you would like to give people to do or something ?
19:12:34 <nixmaniack> shirish, we'll see, right now there's no packaging work in debian-in
19:12:43 <shirish> ok.
19:13:08 <shirish> so should I take that off the table/page ?
19:13:21 <shirish> nixmaniack: ^
19:13:38 <nixmaniack> shirish, yes you should.
19:13:59 <nixmaniack> if something comes up in my mind, i'll put it up
19:14:08 <shirish> nixmaniack: done, chalega.
19:14:23 <shirish> meha: anything else on your mind ?
19:14:42 <meha> in the piratepad please mention.. Who is doing what
19:14:54 <shirish> meha: have already done that.
19:15:07 <meha> so that we can ask the concerned person abt it.. #I shall update about the DVDs soon
19:15:19 <meha> Video?
19:15:29 <shirish> meha: each person is written in front of the activity .
19:15:42 <shirish> meha: take that as a no/cancelled.
19:16:13 <shirish> I'm not so good with video imagery tools. If somebody else wants to, they are most welcome.
19:16:37 <shirish> Shravan is good at it as he made the last video within a day but seems he is busy.
19:17:11 <meha> yes
19:17:25 <shirish> I do have some videos which talk about Debian but from what we have seen people tend to goof off.
19:17:50 <shirish> the thing many of these videos talk to people who already know what Debian is and are also quite polished.
19:18:18 <nixmaniack> shirish, we need advertising video, not talks :P
19:18:25 <shirish> it somehow fails to connect with students here, at least that was our experience when we tried it cofsug and other things.
19:18:41 <shirish> nixmaniack: right. lemme check if youtube has some short advertorials.
19:19:10 <shirish> nixmaniack: I could also check with the debian-publicity team, maybe they know of some short advertorial video .
19:19:35 <shirish> meha: keep this as an option, lemme see if I can get us something.
19:19:37 <meha> shirish: yes
19:19:38 <nixmaniack> shirish, hmm
19:20:00 <shirish> nixmaniack: muneeb bol ?
19:20:39 <nixmaniack> shirish, nothing! i think you were going to check for advertorial videos that's it
19:21:16 <shirish> nixmaniack: I do. The point is many a times people do it on their own sites as well. Youtube is not the know-all for everything.
19:21:32 <shirish> and at times you do find gems if you talk to the right people.
19:22:12 <nixmaniack> so the meeting ends here?
19:22:30 <nixmaniack> shirish, meha axeman axeman ?
19:22:35 <nixmaniack> anything else?
19:22:47 <shirish> I'm all out.
19:23:08 <axeman> axeman, i think we have a nice schedule :)
19:23:48 <shirish> should I call it an end here ?
19:23:51 <meha> yay!!
19:23:55 <meha> yes
19:24:20 <shirish> #info somebody needs to tell speakers they have last 10 minutes or something.
19:24:55 <meha> PS;shirish
19:25:05 <shirish> #closemeeting
19:25:05 <meha> the debian utsav ends at what time?
19:25:31 <shirish> meha, whenever people want.
19:25:46 <shirish> i'm not putting a stop to it as I don't know.
19:25:56 <shirish> we could end it around 16:00 hours officially.
19:25:59 <meha> ohk!
19:26:36 <shirish> so shall I call it a day ?
19:26:49 <shirish> #endmeeting