15:50:37 <shirish> #startmeeting
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15:50:37 <rharish> so let's start with the T-shirts ...
15:50:51 <rharish> shirish: cool :)
15:50:59 <rharish> so T-shirts ? anyone got designs for that ?
15:51:20 <rharish> and please address your concerns as well
15:51:22 <shirish> rharish: you can see the hashtags for anything you want to put as an action point or whatever which needs to be recorded.
15:51:48 <shirish> also see https://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot
15:51:50 <rharish> cool
15:51:54 <j4v4m4n_mobile> my net is volatile
15:52:13 <rharish> #topic T-shirts !
15:52:41 <j4v4m4n_mobile> i get mesages in batches
15:52:42 <shirish> wasn't somebody in bangalore supposed to take care of that ?
15:53:07 <shirish> j4v4m4n_mobile: welcome to the world of mobile IRC internet :)
15:54:09 <Pooja> Do you have any T- shirts or designs for the same?
15:54:13 <j4v4m4n_mobile> we should ask people to opt in for t shirt when they register
15:54:52 <shirish> Pooja: not that I know of or aware about.
15:55:04 <j4v4m4n_mobile> design can happen now, but actual printing has to wait till cfp closes
15:55:04 <rharish> yeah, but if you've got some T-shirts - and I remember the Diaspora ones - we could use the same
15:55:09 <shirish> We used to have one with the debian swirld logo
15:55:12 <rharish> else we're running out of time for designs
15:55:15 <rharish> and printing
15:55:33 <rharish> I usually get the printing done from Tirupur(near Coimbatore, TN)
15:55:44 <j4v4m4n_mobile> it can just have a good resolution debian logo
15:56:12 <rharish> j4v4m4n_mobile: so we don't have any readymade ones at the moment ?
15:56:14 <j4v4m4n_mobile> debian/rules is a common slogan
15:56:38 <shirish> rharish: you could use the debian logo + the thing done by Mahendra on-site and that could be a unique design.
15:56:50 <rharish> the site logo ?
15:57:00 <rharish> yeah, I loved that :)
15:57:11 * bsc will go offline abruptly... internet damn flaky..
15:57:19 <j4v4m4n_mobile> but now that logo is a bad hack by me
15:57:35 <j4v4m4n_mobile> some designer should make a new one
15:57:42 <rharish> wow ! bsc glad to see you :)
15:58:02 <rharish> well, we don't really have any designers over here to be honest
15:58:03 <shirish> j4v4m4n_mobile: exactly, a designer could either use that as a base or just clean that up and that would be good to go.
15:58:06 <Pooja> sorry everyone...I have leave :)
15:58:18 <rharish> gnite Pooja  :) o/
15:58:19 <j4v4m4n_mobile> www.debian.org also on back
15:58:27 <shirish> Pooja: sure, no issues. take care
15:58:49 <bsc> rharish, :)
15:58:53 <Pooja> bye :)
15:59:03 <shirish> j4v4m4n_mobile: we could have something clever on hacking or something and perhaps have it in 2-3 languages or more.
15:59:08 <rharish> bsc: what about the CFP ?
15:59:17 <rharish> I heard shirish talking about sending mails
15:59:40 <shirish> rharish: what mails are you talking about ?
15:59:42 <rharish> if that is the case we could use the official e-mail id for the FOSS club over here
15:59:49 <rharish> sending papers via mai l
15:59:51 <rharish> *mail
16:00:04 <rharish> no ? I remember reading that, was busy so didn't reply
16:00:17 <j4v4m4n_mobile> and debian the universal operating system on front
16:00:20 <shirish> rharish: ah o.k. I was not talking about people sending in actual papers, an abstract is good enough.
16:00:40 <bsc> rharish, I had created one for speakers as well and pushed it to git.. I think it can be implemented (btw, I haven't done any validations for the paper title and paper description as I thought that is simply useless)..
16:00:57 <shirish> rharish: and that too if they want, not necessary. We are good enough with a by-line which explains what the talk/workshop is about.
16:01:06 <rharish> yeah, whatever it maybe, there's an e-mail id that goes by fossatamrita@gmail.com
16:01:11 <rharish> just to make it look more official
16:01:14 <rharish> :P
16:01:22 <j4v4m4n_mobile> we just need abstract when registering
16:01:38 <rharish> so bsc 's work is not needed ? :o
16:01:41 <j4v4m4n_mobile> we can just copy when they come
16:01:51 <bsc> rharish, so, IF delegate form works, THEN speaker form also works as I have added only two text boxes..
16:02:00 <bsc> rharish, bsc didn't do any such work yaar.. :D
16:02:00 <j4v4m4n_mobile> don't have to complicate it so much
16:02:06 <rharish> haha :P
16:02:10 <shirish> rharish: great, hopefully you keep looking into fossatamrita@gmail.com and if there comes something that might need my attention, let me know.
16:02:28 <bsc> rharish, I haven't implemented any "file upload" thingy there as shirish said abstract was enough..
16:02:41 <rharish> oh yeah, I can share each and every mail that I get, no issues over there
16:02:42 <shirish> exactly.
16:02:55 <j4v4m4n_mobile> not needed folks
16:03:12 <shirish> rharish: I don't need every mail, I need only the mails where you feel two heads are better than one.
16:03:19 <j4v4m4n_mobile> why do we even want that?
16:03:30 <rharish> lol, that was a perfunctory statement :P
16:03:53 <rharish> j4v4m4n_mobile: so how exactly are we selecting speakers ?
16:04:06 <bsc> btw, as I have said earlier, someone MUST design the registration form.. :D
16:04:07 <rharish> when you say papers, you mean talk abstracts or something else ?
16:04:25 <j4v4m4n_mobile> we go by the abstract summary
16:04:38 <rharish> and that is submitted via mails right ?
16:04:39 <j4v4m4n_mobile> and their contributions
16:04:42 <shirish> rharish: talk abstract.
16:04:48 <shirish> rharish: correct.
16:04:55 <j4v4m4n_mobile> no
16:04:58 <bsc> rharish, I think (and this is just a guess about you, I know I am) we both are thinking about "formal" paper presentations where the speaker sends a paper in IEEE format kinda stuff..
16:05:09 <rharish> exactly :P
16:05:17 <j4v4m4n_mobile> during registration in a text area
16:05:34 * shirish just wants to point out that this has been discussed before.
16:05:40 <j4v4m4n_mobile> this is just an invitation to present
16:05:50 <j4v4m4n_mobile> cfp is commonly used
16:05:56 * bsc want everyone to try the speaker registration form.. :D
16:05:59 <shirish> rharish: you need to get that IEEE stuff out of the head for this.
16:06:11 <j4v4m4n_mobile> just we are open for talk registrations
16:06:21 <rharish> and all of them will be via mails ?
16:06:39 <j4v4m4n_mobile> when we say cfp is open it means speakers please register
16:06:46 <j4v4m4n_mobile> no emails
16:07:03 <rharish> j4v4m4n_mobile: aaha, so we use the registration forms by bsc  ?
16:07:06 <j4v4m4n_mobile> just fill the speaker registration form online
16:07:13 <rharish> yeah, that's better :)
16:07:17 <j4v4m4n_mobile> rharish yes
16:07:35 <rharish> aishwarya: hi :)
16:07:46 <aishwarya> hello! :)
16:08:03 <shirish> rharish: the mails were only for people who want to submit an abstract, not a condition but for people who can't sleep at night without putting up a paper :)
16:08:09 <rharish> bsc: can you share the link again ?
16:08:10 <shirish> or in other terms a masochist.
16:08:10 <j4v4m4n_mobile> aishwarya hi
16:08:22 <shirish> aishwarya: hey :)
16:08:32 <bsc> rharish, the git link? https://gitorious.org/minidebconfindia/metoo/
16:08:38 <rharish> yeah thanks :)
16:08:54 <shirish> bsc: should you also jump the ship to gitlab ?
16:08:59 <j4v4m4n_mobile> rharish bsc you should work together get it up on debutsav.in
16:09:15 <rharish> bsc: show me the  way :)
16:09:16 <aishwarya> sorry to join in late, can someone brief me very quickly what is going on?
16:09:24 <rharish> shirish: is the bot even working >
16:09:25 <rharish> ?
16:09:27 <bsc> j4v4m4n_mobile, before that, the form should be designed to be merged with the rest of the website...
16:09:42 <shirish> rharish: the bot works, we have used it in the past.
16:09:56 <rharish> lol :P
16:10:00 <shirish> it will record everything and also make a list of things based on the hashes shared.
16:10:14 <shirish> aishwarya: we are talking about speaker registrations.
16:10:18 <j4v4m4n_mobile> bsc just get in the functionality design we will see
16:10:19 <rharish> bsc:  is it necessary, the form could be one off
16:10:25 <bsc> shirish, I can easily jump to gitlab.. I am just waiting for the work to finish..  (too lazy to jump in the middle.. ;) )
16:10:25 <shirish> aishwarya: before we were talking about t-shirts.
16:10:31 <rharish> yeah, the design shouldn't really matter at this time tbh
16:10:35 <shirish> bsc: no issues.
16:10:36 <aishwarya> shirish: ok.
16:11:10 <shirish> aishwarya: who was supposed to work on the site from your end ? Darshana or Pooja ?
16:11:11 <bsc> j4v4m4n_mobile, functionality has been implemented and tested to my knowledge (I am pretty sure I may have missed something, so guys pls test it on ur free time)
16:11:22 <rharish> so bsc, I *might* find some free time tomorrow, what needs to be done ?
16:11:26 <rharish> bsc: sure
16:11:28 <aishwarya> by when are we expecting the cfp to be up?
16:11:33 <shirish> bsc: I have been struggling with Apache 2.4 at my end, some bug or some issue.
16:11:53 <bsc> rharish, "what" can be either design or testing or putting it in the server..
16:12:21 <bsc> j4v4m4n_mobile, btw, u send me the password using the old gpg key i think.. I can't open it here.. will mail my current public key..
16:12:30 <rharish> I can do the testing :p the design I can get someone to get it done
16:12:39 <aishwarya> sorry, got disconnected
16:12:41 <j4v4m4n_mobile> my next batch is still in wait
16:12:44 <shirish> but have shared with Akshat, so maybe in a day or two will try it out there, he is on stable (probably) so we might test it on Apache 2.2
16:12:54 <aishwarya> ok
16:12:55 <shirish> aishwarya: no issues, it happens.
16:13:00 <rharish> j4v4m4n_mobile: btw, I did send the gpg key last time arround right ?
16:13:45 <shirish> rharish: it's basically gpg --genkey and answering all the questions it asks.
16:13:56 <rharish> yeah, I'd done that
16:14:24 <aishwarya> incidentally, we have students attending the mozilla's maker party. so we have sent in posters to some of our attendees to publicize
16:14:25 <rharish> I just sent the content of .asc file after uploading it in the server
16:14:32 <j4v4m4n_mobile> but keep your keys safe
16:15:05 <j4v4m4n_mobile> send me your key ids
16:15:19 <j4v4m4n_mobile> after uploading your keys
16:15:55 <rharish> j4v4m4n_mobile: I'd done that, can you confirm if you have it ? I'd sent a reply an hour or so ago
16:15:57 <shirish> umm.. should be gpg2 (is more secure)
16:16:02 <bsc> j4v4m4n_mobile, http://keyserver.ubuntu.com:11371/pks/lookup?op=vindex&search=balasankarc&fingerprint=on
16:16:06 <shirish> j4v4m4n_mobile: will do it tonight.
16:16:29 <j4v4m4n_mobile> ping
16:16:34 <rharish> and vim-gpg plugin installation is quite a pain when you're using bundle(spf13)
16:16:40 <bsc> j4v4m4n_mobile, btw, we should definitely have a keysigning party.. just for the people to know abt keys and all that stuff..
16:17:00 <rharish> bsc: yeah, I'm a noob when it comes to that. +1
16:17:10 <rharish> aishwarya: cool to know about the maker's party
16:17:53 <j4v4m4n_mobile> i have not checked mails in last few hours
16:18:02 <rharish> oh okay, let me know
16:18:09 <j4v4m4n_mobile> i will share when I get on my laptop
16:18:17 <shirish> rharish: I hope there are no idea of having a maker's party in debutsav
16:18:22 <rharish> j4v4m4n_mobile: coz I don't seem to be getting my commits over at upstream
16:18:45 <rharish> shirish: I don't even know what a maker's party is, tbh :P :P
16:18:52 <shirish> rharish: while it's a good idea, getting onto open hardware is a different ball-game altogether.
16:18:55 <j4v4m4n_mobile> does git push work?
16:19:24 <rharish> j4v4m4n_mobile: it all works smooth for me, I get no errors when I push on my terminal screen
16:19:32 <rharish> but I don't see it being reflected anywhere
16:19:44 <rharish> not in the website nor in the upstream repo (gitlab)
16:19:51 <j4v4m4n_mobile> rharish see your .git/config to see where origin is pointing at
16:20:30 <rharish> I manually push to origin_gitlab(or whatever, which points to the correct repo link AFAIK)
16:20:39 <j4v4m4n_mobile> rharish it won't reflect on site automatically
16:20:40 <rharish> I can check that by git remote -v
16:21:06 <rharish> j4v4m4n_mobile: oh, but I don't see my commits being shown in gitlab either
16:21:10 <shirish> rharish: it's something like this, don't check the link now but later http://makerfaire.com/new-york-2014/
16:21:15 <rharish> same was the case with gitorious
16:21:20 <j4v4m4n_mobile> someone has to pull that on server
16:21:28 <rharish> oh how is that done ?
16:21:45 <rharish> can I do it ?
16:22:04 <j4v4m4n_mobile> or set a cron job to do frequent git pulls
16:22:08 <shirish> rharish: first understand how git works, that will be a later job.
16:22:43 <j4v4m4n_mobile> or set commit hooks on gitlab to trigger it remotely uf you want it more efficient
16:22:45 <rharish> shirish: git add, commit, push is fine with me
16:22:52 <rharish> :P
16:22:52 <shirish> rharish: did you read from git 1 to git 5, I know it's a lot of text but you get an understanding how things work.
16:23:07 <rharish> shirish: obviously nah :P
16:23:39 <j4v4m4n_mobile> rharish you can do it after I send you the password
16:23:40 * rharish looks for materials on cron jobs and commit hooks
16:23:47 <rharish> alright
16:23:51 <rharish> j4v4m4n_mobile: thanks :)
16:23:54 <shirish> rharish: if you know that, the only thing you need to learn is how to work with your forked repo. and, merging with upstream, syncing and then issuing merge/pull requests.
16:24:09 <j4v4m4n_mobile> i'll be back in 2 minutes
16:24:10 * rharish doesn't have a fork
16:24:14 <rharish> okay :)
16:25:51 <shirish> rharish: ah right, so this should be much easier then.
16:26:06 <rharish> yeah, it should be :D
16:26:21 <shirish> rharish: I think you just messed up the origin
16:26:38 <rharish> uh oh :( why do you say that ?
16:26:52 <shirish> rharish: because of the mail you had written.
16:27:12 <rharish> well, I very well could have :\
16:27:13 <shirish> share the output of $git remote -v on paste.debian.net
16:27:37 <shirish> rharish: go to the repo. and then run the command.
16:27:57 <rharish> shirish: I'm not using that same system today
16:28:06 <rharish> that's another one, today's a laptop
16:28:11 <rharish> I'll paste it nevertheless
16:28:21 <shirish> rharish: sure, good.
16:28:53 <rharish> http://paste.debian.net/122098/
16:29:08 <rharish> okay coming back, what's happening with the T-shirts
16:29:13 <rharish> and where's bsc gone ?
16:29:15 <rharish> :o
16:29:22 <bsc> rharish, am here.. :0
16:29:38 <rharish> haha, bsc are you free tomorrow ?
16:29:38 <bsc> rharish, why are you using gitlab_origin ?? I see no such thing anywhere
16:29:56 <rharish> yeah, like I said, that was another system
16:30:00 <shirish> rharish: exactly.
16:30:00 <bsc> rharish, at what time? I think I'll be free at evening..
16:30:13 <rharish> yeah and this is my laptop
16:30:17 <shirish> rharish: you have still messed up the origin.
16:30:32 <rharish> I don't think so :\
16:30:42 <rharish> but then I very well could have :P
16:30:52 <rharish> bsc: yeah evening works fine
16:30:55 <rharish> 4 PM ?
16:30:58 * bsc thinks someone with op should change the channel welcome msg asap.. its still 2013.. :P
16:31:44 <shirish> rharish: also you have also ssh which has gitorious things, we are no longer doing anything with gitorious
16:31:47 <bsc> rharish, err.. I am not sure.. The thing is, we have a mozilla webmaker tommorow and I dnt knw when I'll be back.. If you are free at night, that would be better. Else, I would ping you when I reach home..
16:31:59 <shirish> rharish: there shouldn't be anything to do with gitorious anymore.
16:32:22 <shirish> bsc: I think kart_ has those rights .
16:32:41 <bsc> shirish, haha... it sounds like you _HATE_ gitorious.. :D
16:32:42 <j4v4m4n> hi now on laptop
16:32:44 <rharish> shirish: I understand, I push by providing the remote "origin"
16:32:56 <bsc> shirish, having a breakup with gitorious eh??  :P
16:33:00 <rharish> I was just lazy to remove gitorious
16:33:11 <rharish> j4v4m4n: cool
16:33:12 <j4v4m4n> rharish: origin is the default remote
16:33:27 <shirish> bsc: nope, if not using something, why complicate it, remove it, simplify life.
16:33:31 <rharish> and that points to gitlab
16:33:35 <shirish> bsc: makes it easier.
16:33:50 <rharish> alright, I'll remove it :D
16:33:57 <bsc> shirish, :)
16:33:58 <j4v4m4n> rharish: for push and pulls
16:34:17 <rharish> j4v4m4n: what else do I require then ?
16:34:19 <j4v4m4n> rharish: so if you don't specify a remote it uses origin
16:34:23 <shirish> umm... coming in 2 mins.
16:34:36 <rharish> I usually specify remotes while pushing and pulling
16:34:59 <rharish> and it should work fine even when I don't since origin is gitlab anyways, na ?
16:35:12 <copyninja> only persons with op is jaldhar and kart_
16:35:28 <bsc> rharish, so you also the "git push origin master" guy?? nice..
16:35:31 <shirish> copyninja: glad you could join us :)
16:35:38 <rharish> bsc: oh yeah :P
16:36:17 <copyninja> well I will always be here :รพ
16:36:40 <copyninja> glad you people thought #debian-in can be used for discussion
16:36:40 <bsc> copyninja, :)
16:37:07 <bsc> copyninja, #minidebconfin also exists.. right?
16:37:27 <rharish> copyninja: hi :)
16:37:44 <j4v4m4n> copyninja: we could use #debutsav too if we start spamming here too much :)
16:38:04 <rharish> bsc: j4v4m4n shirish any news on sponsors or any outside funds ?
16:38:29 <rharish> aishwarya: still there ?
16:38:39 <aishwarya> rharish: yea
16:38:59 <rharish> aishwarya: cool :) what needs to be done wrt to getting funds ?
16:39:36 <j4v4m4n> rharish: we have to start contacting sponsors
16:40:08 <j4v4m4n> rharish: we have to make a sponsorship team to work on it
16:40:09 <rharish> j4v4m4n: yeah, btw I'll be in Pune from 24th sept to 6th oct
16:40:18 <rharish> how do we go about it ?
16:40:19 <aishwarya> rharish: we have a sponsorship letter ready now, and would be reaching out to potential sponsors
16:40:40 <aishwarya> j4v4m4n: yea
16:41:00 <rharish> can/should the same be shared with the everyone ? or should that letter be only from the college's approach ?
16:42:07 <j4v4m4n> rharish: lets have some people from collge and some from community in sponsorship team
16:42:15 <aishwarya> rharish: the letter is framed as the college request for a sponsor. Not sure, if we can could hand over to non-college representatives.
16:42:18 <rharish> yeah and that needs to be done real fast now
16:42:24 <j4v4m4n> rharish: perfect, we'll have a debutsav in pune during that time
16:42:28 <rharish> aishwarya: oh fine
16:42:35 <rharish> OMG ! :D
16:42:44 <copyninja> well #debian-in is not owned by any one.. its a community channel and I appreciate people use it for community discussions than creating 100 different channels
16:42:46 <aishwarya> j4v4m4n: makes sense.
16:42:52 <copyninja> and scattering discussions every where
16:43:00 <j4v4m4n> copyninja: okay :)
16:43:01 <copyninja> so please go ahead and use it
16:43:11 <rharish> copyninja: thanks :)
16:43:26 <j4v4m4n> aishwarya: so we can make another letter format where debian community will be contacting sponsors
16:44:06 <j4v4m4n> rharish: share your gpg key id
16:44:07 <aishwarya> j4v4m4n: yep.
16:44:30 <j4v4m4n> bsc: yours too, I was on mobile when you shared the link
16:44:42 <rharish> j4v4m4n: is it mandatory that I use vim-gpg plugin ? I doubt if I can do that right now
16:45:00 <bsc> j4v4m4n, http://keyserver.ubuntu.com:11371/pks/lookup?op=vindex&search=balasankarc&fingerprint=on
16:45:04 <j4v4m4n> rharish: oh just founf it now
16:45:17 <rharish> yay \o/
16:45:18 <shirish> having dinner, will come in later, my handle is still here though.
16:45:19 <copyninja> and if you folks forgot there also a in.mini@lists.debconf.org which is now full of spam only
16:45:27 <bsc> rharish, nah, u can always download the file he shared and gpg --decrypt it
16:45:39 * bsc also gonna have food .. brb
16:45:57 <rharish> shirish: bsc I might leave in the next 10-15 mins, so gnite :)
16:46:45 <rharish> j4v4m4n: no issues with the gpg key I assume ?
16:53:06 <rharish> j4v4m4n: thanks :)
16:53:07 <j4v4m4n> rharish: bsc|afk sent the password
16:53:32 <j4v4m4n> rharish: bsc|afk now you have no excuse left to get cfp up :)
16:54:33 <j4v4m4n> shirish: can you try a draft sponsorship request letter from debian side? Pavi might have a format
16:54:53 <j4v4m4n> aishwarya: we should know the sponsorship benefits at different levels though
16:55:36 <aishwarya> j4v4m4n: yea, we have defined that.
16:56:50 <j4v4m4n> aishwarya: I hope there is no problem sharing that
16:57:06 <rharish> wasn't that shared aishwarya ?
16:57:23 <aishwarya> j4v4m4n: Am not sure.
16:57:30 <aishwarya> will share in
16:57:38 <j4v4m4n> rharish: I think I missed it
16:57:42 <copyninja> hope you guys won't mind me and jo0nas barging in on some debian related discussions
16:57:52 <copyninja> if you are using meetbot let us know and we will wait
16:58:12 <rharish> I'll be leaving soon btw
16:58:17 <rharish> hostel regulations again \
16:58:21 <j4v4m4n> copyninja: I think we will be closing soon
16:58:25 <rharish> j4v4m4n: you missed what ?
16:58:27 <aishwarya> j4v4m4n: yea, i will share
16:58:34 <shirish> copyninja: we are using meetbot, so you can use it.
16:58:37 <rharish> oh nvm
16:58:39 <j4v4m4n> rharish: missed the sponsorship levels
16:58:46 <rharish> yeah, yeah
16:59:03 <copyninja> j4v4m4n: no problem
16:59:13 <copyninja> jo0nas: we need to wait for some time :)
16:59:18 <jo0nas> sure
17:00:26 <shirish> aishwarya: you can either put the sponsorship benefits at levels either the mailing list or share it on our individual names, whichever is better way for you, use that.
17:01:00 <aishwarya> yea, i will share it at individual level as of now.
17:01:02 <shirish> aishwarya: rharish: am in talk with 2-3 institutions but with nothing to go on as far as specifics are concerned, haven't moved .
17:01:04 <j4v4m4n> shirish: how do we assign tasks with MeetBot ?
17:01:39 <shirish> j4v4m4n: you can use action with the hash before it.
17:01:45 <rharish> oh btw, I need some naive help over here
17:01:54 <rharish> j4v4m4n: I did the gpg --depcrypt
17:01:58 <rharish> what next ? :o
17:02:54 <j4v4m4n> rharish: use the vim gpg plugin
17:03:02 <j4v4m4n> rharish: then you can just open the file in vim
17:03:27 <j4v4m4n> rharish: there will be a plain text file in that folder without .gpg extention
17:03:38 <j4v4m4n> rharish: but delete that file after you see it
17:03:39 <rharish> j4v4m4n: I did ssh and I was able to login
17:04:06 <j4v4m4n> rharish: never store or transmit passwords in plain text
17:04:14 <j4v4m4n> rharish: awesome!
17:04:29 <j4v4m4n> rharish: so now go debutsav.in folder and run git pull
17:04:38 <rharish> oh just a min
17:04:49 <j4v4m4n> #action rharish bsc|afk get cfp up
17:05:11 <j4v4m4n> #action shirish come up with a sponsorship letter from debian community draft
17:05:17 <rharish> j4v4m4n: it's already upto date apparently
17:05:37 <j4v4m4n> #action aishwarya share sponsor benefits with shirish and j4v4m4n
17:05:58 <aishwarya> j4v4m4n: shared. please check your mail
17:06:05 <j4v4m4n> #action rharish ask on list if anyone wants to volunteer for sponsorship team
17:06:22 <rharish> j4v4m4n: okay
17:06:34 <rharish> shirish: yeah maybe I did mess up the origin :P
17:07:00 <j4v4m4n> should we wind up now?
17:07:13 <rharish> yeah, I think so
17:07:16 <rharish> I'm getting late
17:07:32 <rharish> j4v4m4n: should things go wrong, we can use reflog right ?
17:07:45 <rharish> will tweak a little tomorrow :)
17:08:28 <aishwarya> am signing off. if there is nothing more?
17:08:50 * rharish starts the countdown :D
17:09:09 <shirish> j4v4m4n: should I close the meeting ?
17:09:52 <shirish> j4v4m4n: if I have the tiers, can come up with sponsorship letter from debian community
17:10:10 <rharish> shirish: check your mail
17:10:17 <rharish> I think you have it :)
17:11:37 <shirish> rharish: yup, have it.
17:11:47 <shirish> aishwarya: what do you mean by ND in the letter ?
17:12:00 <shirish> aishwarya: you need to put some amount therein.
17:13:10 <aishwarya> shirish: yep. that's to be filled.
17:13:37 * bsc is back
17:13:39 <shirish> aishwarya: we need those figures, because we need to know the correct figures.
17:13:52 <shirish> aishwarya: we can't have two people sharing conflicting figures.
17:13:56 <rharish> alright then, I'm signing off
17:14:17 <rharish> bsc: will get in touch with you tomorrow :)
17:14:19 <bsc> rharish, if u can get somebody to prettify the UI of registration form, pls do it..
17:14:26 <bsc> rharish, ok... catch ya 2moro... bye
17:14:46 <rharish> noted !
17:14:56 * rharish signs off ; gite everyone :)
17:17:13 <aishwarya> shirish: yep. agree. will add that soon. or, if you have a figure, we can add the same one too.
17:17:48 <aishwarya> imo, it just needs to reach our budget and the benefits.
17:18:55 <shirish> aishwarya: true, the thing is we could have more things that we have not thought of, as ways to raise money.
17:19:39 <shirish> aishwarya: for instance, you could have something local travelling sponsor, food and beverage sponsor, dias sponsor, something like that.
17:19:57 <aishwarya> shirish: yep, makes sense
17:19:58 <shirish> they just have the names on the flyers and don't need any presentation.
17:20:37 <aishwarya> shirish: hmm. ok. Roopak worked in this, will get him in touch with you.
17:20:42 <shirish> you could also have a hospitality partner and a goodwill partner
17:20:58 <aishwarya> shirsh: yea
17:21:16 <shirish> if we do it like that then the overall budget needed from sponsors should be quite less and easily manageable.
17:21:35 <shirish> lastly 'panel sponsors'
17:21:35 <aishwarya> yea
17:22:25 <shirish> #action aishwarya talks with roopak and comes up figures for various sponsors and perhaps local businessman/business houses who could sponsor that part.
17:22:36 <aishwarya> ok
17:22:39 <shirish> damn even my actions are long :)
17:22:57 <shirish> as in being descriptive.
17:23:24 <shirish> j4v4m4n: should we wind up the meet or is there something more to discuss ?
17:24:59 <shirish> I'll end the meet, we can talk informally as well.
17:25:05 <shirish> #endmeeting