10:02:47 <larjona> #startmeeting
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10:03:02 <larjona> Hello everybody, welcome!
10:03:07 <pabs> hola!
10:03:08 <boutil> hi!
10:03:20 <larjona> I'd prefer if somebody co-chair with me, I'm at workplace and phone calls happen some times
10:03:57 <larjona> The agenda is here https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Publicity/Meetings/2015-07-13
10:04:01 <tvincent> Hello!
10:04:37 <boutil> I can cochair if needed
10:04:37 <larjona> zobel madduck and ana excuse their presence
10:04:50 <larjona> #chair boutil
10:04:50 <MeetBot> Current chairs: boutil larjona
10:04:54 <larjona> thanks boutil
10:04:55 <boutil> (if children leave me alone)
10:05:08 <larjona> Ok, let's go with the first topic
10:05:13 <larjona> #topic Review of topics/actions from last meeting
10:05:56 <larjona> I think we cannot have updates from "Press" (zobel cnote and Maulkin)
10:07:23 <larjona> about DPN, I've failed in getting more involved regularly, but for this one I'll write some paragraphs
10:07:50 <boutil> for me too It's been a busy month here
10:07:54 <pabs> the DPN TODO is overflowing btw, probably time to do the next edition
10:08:16 <larjona> yes pabs, I'll try to put some time tonight (this week for sure)
10:08:19 <boutil> yes. Lets'try to do an issue before the end of this week
10:08:58 <boutil> let's keep the paragraphs short not to get demotivated by the number of items
10:09:20 <larjona> Any news about the ads for DebConf15? zobel and cnote were going to help bgupta in getting the ads after DebConf published.
10:09:31 <pabs> ads?
10:09:52 <larjona> Printed ads in newspapers, announcing DC15 and thanking sponsors
10:10:09 <pabs> oh
10:10:54 * larjona is reviewing the "actions" from last meeting log http://meetbot.debian.net/debian-publicity/2015/debian-publicity.2015-05-05-18.00.html
10:11:22 <larjona> A review/update/proposal for "Events" was also pending, I offered but did not do any work until now :/
10:12:36 <boutil> about Debconf, the two events we submitted after the last meeting were accepted
10:12:47 <pabs> great :)
10:13:07 <boutil> so it will be short talk with video, and BoF in a room, with maybe no video coverage
10:13:37 <larjona> Ok let's go to to the DC15 topic (4)? or to the next one (migration to git)?
10:13:53 <boutil> but we can organize something to have a live feed
10:14:08 <larjona> #topic DebConf Publicity Talk and BoF preparation
10:14:44 <larjona> #info The log of meeting about starting to organize DebConf talk and BoF is in http://meetbot.debian.net/debian-publicity/2015/debian-publicity.2015-05-28-20.01.html
10:14:59 <larjona> #info  the two events we submitted after the last meeting were accepted
10:15:07 <larjona> #info it will be short talk with video, and BoF in a room, with maybe no video coverage
10:15:16 <boutil> from what I can tell, nothing has been done for the actual preparation of the slides
10:15:43 <larjona> we talked about using the SVN repo for that
10:16:15 <pabs> there is already a talks dir in SVN
10:16:26 <larjona> fine
10:16:45 <pabs> it contains the DebConf11 talk, perhaps some material from that would be useful
10:16:48 <KGB-1> 03C├ędric Boutillier 6494 03debconf-15 add debconf15 directory
10:17:16 <larjona> #info new folder has been created to prepare the talk/BoF: https://anonscm.debian.org/viewvc/publicity/talks/publicity-team/debconf-15/
10:17:22 <larjona> thanks boutil
10:17:37 <boutil> it was the easiest part of the preparation :)
10:17:42 <tvincent> Should we schedule some time to work on the slides?
10:18:17 <boutil> we can open a wiki page or a gobby document to gather ideas
10:18:45 <larjona> I have time these weeks nights to work on that, but I have 3 tasks: DPN, catch up with DebConf15 publicity, and contribute to the talk/BoF
10:18:52 <boutil> the talk is 20 minutes, I guess it is including questions
10:18:59 <larjona> yes boutil
10:19:32 <larjona> Which people is going to speak in the talk?
10:19:44 <boutil> Ana and I, I think
10:19:46 <larjona> pardon Who*
10:20:57 <larjona> any other?
10:21:12 <pabs> great. I can help with reviewing slides
10:21:39 <larjona> For the case ana or boutil can't, finally...
10:22:33 * larjona thinks it would be nice that all the people of the team that are present would copresent or at least be there, both for talk and for bof. Not sure if somebody is shy or prefers not to be in front of the audience...
10:23:31 <tvincent> I won't be at DebConf, otherwise I would have gladly copresented. :)
10:24:04 <pabs> I will probably be in the audience, would rather not be on stage
10:24:23 <larjona> c'mon, I want to see you all in the video! :D
10:25:00 <boutil> :)
10:26:23 <boutil> do you prefer wiki or gobby to do brainstorming?
10:26:44 <tvincent> I'm fine with both.
10:26:52 <larjona> I'm not sure if ana will be able to present finally, she told me something; so the people reading the logs, please consider to step ahead :D
10:26:57 <larjona> I'm fine with both too
10:27:04 <boutil> me too, with slight preference for gobby
10:27:09 * pabs too but suggests gobby is more realtime
10:27:14 <larjona> ok, gobby then
10:27:55 <larjona> boutil could you create the gobby doc too?
10:28:24 <boutil> done
10:29:03 <boutil> #info the document under Teams/Publicity/debconf15-talk on gobby.debian.org will be used to gather ideas for the presentation
10:29:27 <pabs> gobby infinote://gobby.debian.org/Teams/Publicity/debconf15-talk
10:30:03 <larjona> #info gobby infinote://gobby.debian.org/Teams/Publicity/debconf15-talk
10:30:08 <larjona> thanks
10:30:30 <larjona> #info people reading the logs, please consider to step ahead and copresent the talk/BoF
10:30:50 <boutil> I think I have nothing to add on this topic
10:31:46 <larjona> #action larjona expects to put some time this week to work in the talk/BoF slides and preparation
10:31:51 <larjona> next?
10:32:04 <larjona> #topic Git migration
10:32:33 <pabs> git sounds like a good idea to me
10:32:48 <pabs> how do we want to structure the repo?
10:33:11 <boutil> git sounds great for me too.
10:33:41 <larjona> I don't know which steps need to be decided/done to achieve the git migration.
10:34:07 <larjona> If anybody works in a team with a git workflow, maybe we can use that.
10:34:48 <larjona> Or use the bits.debian.org workflow, but ana is not here and I'm not sure if DPN, announcements etc need something different
10:34:52 <pabs> I think: 1) figure out the structure we want (one big repo as now, multiple repos or?) 2) pick someone to do it 3) do it 4) update docs
10:35:09 <boutil> we use git for packaging in the Ruby team, but the workflow there is not the same
10:35:37 <pabs> the other thing is that in the end, most of what we have in SVN/git ends up in CVS in the end :)
10:35:44 <boutil> I think one big repo, reflecting the current layout of the SVN is fine
10:36:13 <boutil> we don't have many documents. Having just one repo is easier for newcomers
10:36:37 <larjona> I think we should try to emulate the current organization (in structure and workflow), and then, evolve as we need
10:37:03 <pabs> fair enough. as there are lots of folks not here right now, we should probably discuss on the list though?
10:37:20 <larjona> Any volunteer to setup a git repo mirroring the current one, and make a proposal to the list?
10:37:27 <larjona> or just write a proposal to the list
10:37:42 <boutil> we can send an email with the proposition to migrate to git with the current layout
10:38:05 <boutil> and then if no objection, move officially to the git repo
10:38:21 <larjona> #info we will send an email with the propostion to migrate to git with the current layout
10:38:26 * boutil never did a Git migration before
10:38:42 <boutil> but can try
10:39:23 <larjona> #action boutil will send the email to the list about git migration, and create a git repo emulating the current layout if there are no objections
10:39:23 <boutil> #action boutil will import the SVN repo to Git, and send the proposition to the list
10:39:34 <larjona> sorry
10:39:44 <boutil> no problem :)
10:40:29 <larjona> I think ana or zobel may help on this, I think that they were the ones proposing the topic in last meeting (not totally sure about that, though)
10:40:44 <larjona> Ok, any other comment on this topic?
10:40:44 <boutil> is there something to do so that the publicity team on alioth gets a Git repo?
10:42:01 <boutil> ok, found documentation on the Debian wiki for alioth
10:42:11 <boutil> https://wiki.debian.org/Alioth/Git
10:42:20 <boutil> it should be fine
10:42:27 <boutil> next topic?
10:42:53 <larjona> #topic DebConf related publicity/press tasks
10:43:15 <larjona> This is about preparing all the related publicity outputs for DebConf, in advance, if possible
10:44:13 <larjona> My plan was to research about last debconf outputs and make a list of titles for blogposts, create a filler for the social network coverage, a template for the press releases and announcements...
10:44:26 <boutil> an announcement for Debian's birthday, one for the opening of DebConf
10:44:36 <larjona> but I think it's quite a lot of work, I'd prefer that we do together
10:44:53 <larjona> Or maybe there is documentation somewhere about all the things we need to care of?
10:45:26 <larjona> #info we need to prepare an announcement for Debian's birthday, and another one for the opening of DebConf
10:46:00 <larjona> #info we'd need to know the status of the work on printed DebConf ads (bgupta proposed it last meeting)
10:46:32 <larjona> #action larjona will contact bgupta and DebConf sponsors team to know  the status of the printed ads, and if any help is needed
10:46:53 <larjona> Shall we create a filler for the social networking during DebConf?
10:47:03 <larjona> (similar to the release one)
10:47:42 <pabs> probably there will be enough content from the conference itself?
10:48:52 <larjona> I think the content will be enough, but maybe we can pre-craft the messages to fit different social networks' styles
10:49:11 <larjona> and agilize the "ACK"s and so
10:49:27 <boutil> at least announcements of the keynotes
10:49:39 <boutil> those can be prepared in advance
10:50:25 <larjona> (I will not be able to live-dent, but I can put work during this month on this. For example, gather the list of published dents from last year, propose some others with title+text for pump+dent with tags for gnusocial/twitter )
10:50:50 <boutil> would be great
10:51:53 <larjona> #action larjona will create a "filler" for DebConf, to prepare the format of some messages in the shape for the different social networks, so it's easier to quick-publish
10:52:00 <boutil> we probably don't want to do a coverage as intense as for the release though
10:52:38 <larjona> I agree. Not too much quantity, but quality :D
10:53:25 <larjona> #info we need to publicize our talk/BoF too :D
10:54:29 <larjona> I'm not sure if "Press" is under control (zobel was going to assist Maulkin, but Maulkin was going to send email to the list about handling press in the team, and that last part didn't happen)
10:55:23 <larjona> Anybody has news about that?
10:55:48 <boutil> no
10:57:31 <larjona> Shall we rely in that when they read the log will inform if some help is needed? Or better somebody to contact them?
10:57:57 <boutil> better to ask explicitly on the mailing list
10:58:57 <larjona> ok
10:59:44 <boutil> shall we move to the last topic?
11:00:52 <larjona> pardon, phone call
11:01:01 <larjona> #action larjona will ask in the list about the status of Press
11:01:14 <larjona> #topic Social networking
11:01:50 <larjona> From my side, this has been covered in the former topic
11:02:08 <larjona> and we're out of time
11:02:12 <boutil> nothing special to add on my side
11:02:19 <larjona> but for my side no problem to extend a bit the meeting
11:03:20 <boutil> I think everybody wants coffee already :)
11:03:37 <larjona> ah, I want to inform that I upgraded my Spigot to the last release, and I think it's broken :/
11:03:54 <boutil> Spigot is ?
11:04:01 <larjona> if the post about Perl meeting from bits doesn't show up in pump.io, I'll post it manually
11:04:16 <larjona> spigot is the software that publishes automatically some RSS feeds in pump.io
11:04:25 <larjona> currently bits, and News
11:04:28 <boutil> ok, thanks
11:04:47 <larjona> With the new version, I'll try DPN feed again, I hope I can post it
11:04:57 <larjona> nothing else from my side
11:05:05 <boutil> what was the issue again with the DPN feed?
11:06:06 <larjona> feedparser throws exception because of subitems not having date field, and spigot not controlling that exception. Will write to the list with update about that after my tests
11:06:07 <pabs> I wrote an unfinished script to backup identi.ca/debian to wml, so we can have dents on www.d.o/News/short too
11:06:18 <larjona> great pabs
11:06:25 <pabs> needs work though
11:06:36 <boutil> great!
11:06:55 <pabs> it is in the scripts dir in SVN if anyone wants to try it out
11:07:15 <larjona> I'll try to help, but I suppose 5 minutes from your Python makes 1 hour for mine :)
11:07:26 <larjona> But maybe I have some more hours than you minutes :)
11:08:11 <pabs> I'll try to polish it before DebConf
11:08:29 <larjona> #info pabs created an initial script to backup the identica feed and publish it in www.d.o/News/short: https://anonscm.debian.org/viewvc/publicity/scripts/fetch-identica.py?view=log It needs work, though
11:08:38 <larjona> ok, anything else?
11:08:59 <boutil> not for me
11:09:25 <pabs> think that is it for now
11:09:33 <larjona> ok, thanks everybody for attending
11:09:41 <larjona> ice cream for you:
11:09:44 <larjona> . ,                . ,              . ,                 . ,
11:09:45 <larjona> *   ,             *   ,             *   ,              *   ,
11:09:47 <larjona> ` *~.|,~* '       ` *~.|,~* '       ` *~.|,~* '        ` *~.|,~* '
11:09:48 <larjona> '  ,~*~~* `     _ '  ,~*~~* `     _ '  ,~*~~* `      _ '  ,~*~~* `     _
11:09:50 <larjona> ,* / \`* '    //  ,* / \`* '    //   ,* / \`* '    //  ,* / \`* '    //
11:09:51 <larjona> ,* ; \,O.   //    ,* ; \,O.   //     ,* ; \,O.   //    ,* ; \,O.   //
11:09:53 <larjona> ,(:::)=//         ,(:::)=//          ,(:::)=//         ,(:::)=//
11:09:54 <larjona> (  `~(###)        (  `~(###)         (  `~(###)        (  `~(###)
11:09:56 <larjona> %---'`"y          %---'`"y           %---'`"y          %---'`"y
11:09:57 <larjona> \    /            \    /             \    /            \    /
11:09:59 <larjona> \  /              \  /               \  /              \  /
11:10:00 <larjona> __)(__            __)(__             __)(__            __)(__
11:10:02 <larjona> '------`          '------`           '------`          '------`
11:10:03 <larjona> and
11:10:05 <larjona> #endmeeting