18:06:57 <h01ger> #startmeeting
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18:08:01 <h01ger> #topic jenkins-qa meetings - short intro, why are we here (aka: say hi)
18:08:20 <h01ger> hi ;)
18:10:17 <h01ger> #topic jenkins-qa meetings - 2. jenkins.d.n status 2.1 OOMs - gone, or?
18:10:35 * h01ger hasnt seen any OOMs recently… helmut ?
18:10:53 <h01ger> #save
18:14:09 <h01ger> there have been to sponteanous reboots recently, no idea why.
18:15:13 <h01ger> #topic jenkins-qa meetings - 3. jenkins.d.o migration next steps
18:15:29 * h01ger didnt have time to work on this :/
18:16:52 * h01ger thinks it would be great if someone takes this and does this. the usual magic $someone :) could be you.
18:17:42 <h01ger> TODO in git has enough info and if not, please ask
18:19:40 <helmut> h01ger: stability looks quite good to me
18:19:53 <h01ger> hey helmut. nice!
18:19:55 <helmut> just the archive seems to break more often ;)
18:20:02 <h01ger> yeah…
18:20:46 <h01ger> #topic jenkins-qa meetings - 4. AOB
18:21:25 * h01ger thinks job-cfg/live.yaml can go. we should maybe bring those jobs back eventually but atm they are failing and noone is taking care of them…
18:25:17 <helmut> given jenkins increased stability I get -ECONNREFUSED while git clone/pulling stuff from alioth
18:25:31 <helmut> is anyone observing that as well?
18:25:48 <h01ger> sometimes
18:25:55 <h01ger> alioth is sometimes a bit flaky
18:26:40 <h01ger> if its in your script you can maybe workaround it… but if the jenkins git plugin hits it… you loose
18:27:58 <h01ger> if the OOMs are gone, shall we drop the code to drop the heap dump or keep that?
18:31:21 <h01ger> #topic jenkins-qa meetings - 5. next meeting
18:31:36 <h01ger> according to schedule, this would be on december 28th
18:32:07 <h01ger> however this clashes with 33c3… and while i *might* be online then, i dont want to commit to that and would suggest to skip the december meeting…
18:32:26 <helmut> skip
18:37:28 * h01ger nods
18:38:49 <KGB-0> 03Holger Levsen 05master 12612fa 06jenkins.debian.net 10TODO update meeting agenda, next meeting, freebsd vm upgrade status * 14http://deb.li/ig5nv
18:39:17 <h01ger> #topic thanks profitbricks.com for sponsoring the hw jenkins.d.n is running on!
18:39:21 <h01ger> #endmeeting