19:15:06 <nthykier> #startmeeting
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19:15:34 <nthykier> #topic Admin/last meeting
19:15:37 * h01ger 
19:15:45 <nthykier> We are slightly overdue on these meetings
19:16:02 <nthykier> as will be apparent in a moment when I link to the last meeting minutes
19:16:23 <nthykier> #info Last meeting minutes are http://meetbot.debian.net/debian-release/2018/debian-release.2018-06-27-19.02.html
19:16:44 <adsb> mmm
19:17:12 <adsb> fwiw I'm usually around at this time, but no-one else ever seems to be :) (or at least neither of the RMs)
19:17:35 <nthykier> #info nthykier had one action to send out a mail calling for and informing about existing concerns (for arch-qualification).  This is marked done 2018-06-27
19:17:49 <nthykier> ok, so we should look at a new time for the meetings?
19:18:19 <kibi> can generally make any time
19:19:19 <nthykier> Next item on the agenda would be "Changes to the autopkgtest gating." but for most parts we have deployed autopkgtests and it is now blocking, so I don't think there is anything to add to that
19:19:47 * elbrus hasn't heard much complains
19:19:48 <nthykier> (ping me if you want it anyway; otherwise I will move on)
19:19:54 <elbrus> rather the opposite
19:19:58 <nthykier> yes, it has been working great!
19:20:06 <nthykier> #topic Transitions
19:20:26 <nthykier> We are in the transition freeze, so mostly there shouldn't any - but I noticed a request for clamav?
19:20:57 <kibi> apparently blocking srm stuff?
19:21:45 <adsb> yeah, getting it done in sid first makes sense
19:21:54 <adsb> clamav maintainers are nice like that
19:22:01 <nthykier> Ok, I will just ack that after the meeting then?
19:22:07 <nthykier> ("I guess")
19:23:17 <adsb> iirc the request is reasonably detailed and it should be a quite small transition
19:23:27 <adsb> if it helps, we take new upstreams in stable all the time[tm]
19:23:42 <nthykier> ok
19:23:46 <nthykier> will do that then
19:24:04 <adsb> certainly better than when I had to patch-and-upload a bunch of things for it in volatile *shudder*
19:24:09 <adsb> ta
19:24:14 <nthykier> ok, moving on.
19:24:31 <nthykier> #topic Architecture qualification for buster
19:25:07 <nthykier> I think ivo were planning on us doing this in a sprint (we certainly won't cover it now).
19:25:36 <nthykier> Nevertheless, if you have updates to the concerns for architectures, we definitely need to announce them now rather than alter
19:25:39 <nthykier> later*
19:26:07 <adsb> if the sprint is still likely to be at the paris BSP, I won't be there fwiw. not that that should stop you at all :)
19:26:23 <nthykier> ok :)
19:26:31 <nthykier> we will have fun without then!
19:26:47 <nthykier> (not sure where we are with the Paris BSP sprint to be honest :P)
19:27:17 <nthykier> #topic New meeting schedule?
19:27:52 <nthykier> So adsb said that "now" doesn't work too well for him and mostly we have had very low attence lately, so I assume this holds for others.
19:28:17 <adsb> (I have a social engagement on the thursday night, work stuff on the friday and could do with a weekend at home)
19:28:28 <nthykier> Are we looking at "earlier" or a different day?
19:28:29 <adsb> actually adsb said it was ok for him but no-one else ever seemed to be around :P
19:28:51 * kibi was busy fixing his non-digital lifeā€¦
19:28:57 <adsb> I can't easily make before 1900 UK time
19:29:00 <elbrus> We evening is fine for me
19:30:16 <elbrus> but earlier than now not great
19:31:18 <nthykier> ok - I think I will send a mail to team@ and open the ball for discussing the meeting time.
19:31:45 <nthykier> it occurs to me that I am not getting input from all the people who cannot make it at this time :P
19:32:25 <nthykier> #action nthykier will send a mail to team@ to discuss whether we should move the monthly meeting to a new day/time
19:32:26 <elbrus> indeed
19:32:39 <nthykier> #topic AOB
19:33:10 <nthykier> Any AOB ?
19:33:10 <adsb> not from me
19:33:26 <kibi> all good here
19:33:49 * elbrus was wondering how unblock requests were handled in general, but he saw some responses today
19:34:16 <nthykier> elbrus: good question.  :)
19:34:52 <nthykier> mostly you are free to review any of them and decide to ack or nack it.  We have some tooling (e.g. "d" + "hint") to make it easier for you
19:35:38 <nthykier> s/mostly// ?
19:36:28 <nthykier> You will probably want a longer explanation - I think we should take that after the meeting though :)
19:36:38 <elbrus> ack
19:37:46 <nthykier> cool, then I will end the meeting with a note that I am delighted to see such a high number of fixed RC bugs in unstable and a steady dropping RC bug curve! :)
19:37:49 <nthykier> #endmeeting