19:01:56 <nthykier> #startmeeting
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19:02:07 <nthykier> o/
19:02:29 <nthykier> #topic Admin
19:02:48 <nthykier> #info Previous meeting meets are at http://meetbot.debian.net/debian-release/2019/debian-release.2019-02-27-19.15.html
19:03:27 <nthykier> #info nthykier had an action for emailing team@ about whether the current meeting time still works; not done
19:03:36 <nthykier> Silly me :-/
19:03:55 <jmw> oh I thought the meeting had been last week
19:04:06 <jmw> I can spare ten minutes, but highlight me if you want input please
19:04:20 <nthykier> Ack
19:04:21 <kibi> mraw
19:04:32 <nthykier> maybe we should jump to stuff you can answer then :)
19:04:39 <nthykier> #topic Unblock queue
19:05:52 <nthykier> I think we are doing okayish here but we are accummulating a few unblocks a week
19:06:02 <jmw> we certainly have a growing queue
19:06:23 <kibi> depending on what happens during the RT sprint, I might try and help trim that down a bit
19:06:36 <nthykier> ugh, it is up on 64 items (filed, not closed and not "moreinfo")
19:06:49 <nthykier> (based on https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?pkg=release.debian.org;dist=unstable#_0_13_4)
19:07:08 <jmw> yep. I am putting in bits of time to keep it down but it's started growing beyond that now
19:08:04 <nthykier> Any input on the items itself?  Should we send a d-d-a mail / reminder about something else to make our lives easier?
19:08:35 <nthykier> I note that RC bug-wise we only got 14 RC bugs that are "unblockable" at the moment (https://udd.debian.org/bugs/?release=buster_not_sid&merged=ign&unblock-hint=ign&fnewerval=7&flastmodval=7&rc=1&chints=1&ctags=1&cdeferred=1&crttags=1&cautormtime=1&cbritney=1&sortby=id&sorto=asc&format=html#results)
19:08:47 <jmw> I intend to draft a bits mail when we get below 300 rc bugs and that's an opportunity to tighten criteria for non-rc things
19:09:41 <nthykier> and you use bugs.d.o as the true definition here?  I have been using UDD and there is a difference on ~30 bugs
19:10:02 <jmw> I use bugs.d.o/release-critical as the true measure, yes
19:10:03 <nthykier> (i.e. if we use UDD, we are on less than 300 now :P)
19:10:34 <jmw> cheating is for later in the freeze when we get really desperate :p
19:11:13 <nthykier> cool.  So the current goal is to get to 300 RC bugs (per bugs.d.o and then draft a d-d-a mail)
19:11:34 <jmw> if you're happy with that. it was just a vague sort of timeline in my head so far
19:11:43 <jmw> good milestone though
19:11:44 <nthykier> I am - and relatedly
19:11:46 <nthykier> #topic Freeze progress
19:12:05 <nthykier> jmw already poked to some items on the check list (thanks!)
19:12:06 <jmw> bad nthykier not overusing #info/#actions
19:12:36 <nthykier> bad nthykier is bad! :P
19:12:37 <jmw> the thing on the checklist I most want to get done is the keys, so they can be in the point release for stretch. we're blocked on archive keys mostly
19:12:51 <nthykier> (but yes, I should have info'ed)
19:13:05 <nthykier> ack, that sounds reasonable indeed
19:13:38 <nthykier> huh, we have more open items in "Before freeze" than I thought
19:13:56 <jmw> yes it surprised me earlier when I looked at it (so I got on with some)
19:14:21 <nthykier> jmw: thanks for that again. I was aware of the keys and the DSA machine upgrades
19:14:22 <jmw> we missed the boat a bit on letting service maintainers know what packages will be removed
19:14:31 <nthykier> but not all of the rest
19:14:34 <jcristau> uh, the keys don't really block anything do they?
19:14:53 <jcristau> i mean, stuff can keep being signed by the existing keys and they don't expire soon
19:15:18 <nthykier> jcristau: no; I did not mean to imply the keys blocked on anything (just I remembered the items as being open)
19:15:26 <nthykier> related on the check list
19:15:34 <nthykier> kibi: How is d-i looking?
19:15:38 <jmw> jcristau: it wouldn't be the end of the world indeed, but it's got to be done some time anyway
19:15:45 <nthykier> (Re: "d-i should have (beta or even better rc) releases")
19:16:31 <jcristau> methinks the thing that most needs to get done is arch qualification.  aka kill armel.  and 32 bit mips.
19:16:36 <jcristau> (+el)
19:17:08 <jmw> I didn't realise arch qual wasn't complete yet (had my eye off the ball). I ticked it earlier, oops
19:17:37 <nthykier> jmw: no worries
19:17:38 <kibi> nthykier: we're about to switch from alpha to rc given the freeze stage, not that it changes much except for the “looks” of it :)
19:17:51 <nthykier> kibi: Sounds good :)
19:18:01 <kibi> EFI bits are getting into place, and the kernel just went in, so things are looking good
19:18:13 <nthykier> and secure boot too? :)
19:18:15 <kibi> no major issues I'm aware of, at least
19:18:26 <kibi> that's what I meant by EFI bits, sorry for the imprecision
19:18:50 <kibi> (most of the work is done by debian-efi, and the shim* bits were the blockers until a few days ago)
19:19:31 <kibi> of course that still needs to be confirmed by publishing a release that indeed delivers SB, but missing support for say the next release or two wouldn't be a regression anyway
19:19:43 <kibi> (*the next d-i release)
19:20:05 <nthykier> Sounds promising :)
19:20:26 <jcristau> jmw: maybe it happened and i missed it, it's not like i watch closely.
19:20:30 <kibi> we even have a buster theme in place now ;)
19:20:39 <nthykier> kibi: \o/
19:20:40 <jcristau> but i thought it'd be more visible if it has
19:20:51 <nthykier> Re: arch-qual - it has not happened
19:21:02 <jmw> nah I have probably assumed visibility. we certainly haven't killed armel, so
19:21:22 <jmw> I assumed we'd be done with that before this stage
19:21:56 <nthykier> jcristau: jmw: Are you both attending the sprint?  I think it might make sense to have a look at it there?
19:22:02 <jmw> no, I can't
19:22:15 <nthykier> Ok
19:22:16 <jmw> and nor are you?
19:22:39 <nthykier> Indeed, I am not - just historically doing arch-qual over IRC has not worked too well
19:22:43 <jcristau> i'll be in the building, because i'm hosting, but not necessarily in the room
19:22:48 <nthykier> ok
19:22:49 <jmw> it hasn't worked well however we do it...
19:23:02 <nthykier> jmw: touché
19:23:26 <jmw> now is the wrong time and place though
19:23:26 <kibi> sneaky nthykier trying to get others to do the dirty arch qual work without him ;p
19:23:27 <jcristau> 2 people making decisions in a room somewhere is not likely to go down very well either
19:23:39 <jcristau> even if the room is not in vancouver
19:24:06 <nthykier> returning to the topic of freeze progress: Are there any major issues/blockers for the release (beyond arch-qual) that we have spotted/should look at?
19:24:07 <olasd> if you insist we can put more people in the room
19:24:12 <jmw> . o O ( "cambridging" doesn't have the same ring as "vancouvering" )
19:24:32 <jcristau> (not blaming anyone, it's tedious and annoying and unfun, so...)
19:25:12 <jmw> nthykier: I don't believe so right now, that we know about. things are mostly just motoring along
19:25:50 <kibi> jmw: Mozill'axing
19:26:17 <jmw> kibi: you've thought about that too much :)
19:26:32 <nthykier> kibi: is that an issue for the release or an alternative to "vancouvering"? :P
19:27:24 <kibi> jmw: otherwise busy, sorry for lagging…
19:27:29 <nthykier> #info Besides architecture qualification and 300+ open RC bugs, there are no major known issues holding back the release!
19:27:38 <nthykier> so that is (mostly) good news :)
19:27:43 <jmw> (release tomorrow!!1!)
19:27:56 <jmw> ahem
19:28:12 <jmw> any others you need me for before I dinner?
19:29:07 <nthykier> no, I think I will cut the meeting here.  The two remaining items are "Transitions" (there should be none of those in the freeze) and "Architecture qualification" (don't think we can do that now anyway)
19:30:44 * jmw flees
19:30:49 <nthykier> cool
19:31:00 <nthykier> #topic AOB
19:31:06 <nthykier> any items for AOB?
19:32:03 <nthykier> guess not?
19:32:21 <nthykier> #topic Next meeting
19:33:10 <nthykier> #info Next meeting is (currently) 25th April at 19:00 UTC (import into your calendar via https://release.debian.org/release-calendar.ics)
19:33:13 <nthykier> Thanks :)
19:33:16 <nthykier> #endmeeting