17:02:24 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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17:02:51 <TheSnide> say hi if you're here :)
17:03:01 * helmut hides
17:03:04 <Ttech> hi. i was pinged.
17:04:02 <TheSnide> #topic welcome
17:04:41 <TheSnide> well, it's the first of lightning meetings
17:05:25 <TheSnide> #info meetings will happen each tues, at 1900 CET for about 15 min.
17:05:58 <TheSnide> #info a short length is to be able to stay focused, and not too intrusive.
17:06:40 <TheSnide> #info objective is to have a timed rally point, where more ppl than usual are here...
17:07:11 <TheSnide> #info ... and to convey some infos from behind the scene
17:07:42 <TheSnide> #topic status of 2.2
17:08:30 <TheSnide> #info 2.2 deadline is nearing, yet progress on key features are not progressing.
17:09:06 <TheSnide> #info The UI part is stalled, and the SQL part is slowly advancing.
17:09:27 <helmut> what is the issues with sql?
17:09:46 <TheSnide> it is mostly because i dont have as much time as initially planned.
17:10:27 <helmut> is there a feature branch for sql work?
17:10:38 <TheSnide> since my time is heavily discontinuous, i have trouble following a feature rich branch
17:11:10 <TheSnide> #action push the local sql branch on github
17:11:17 <helmut> TheSnide++
17:11:34 <TheSnide> #action TheSnide will push the local sql branch on github
17:12:10 <TheSnide> work didnt advance much, it's mostly lab research
17:12:22 <TheSnide> but, well..
17:12:29 <helmut> fine. just get what is done out to others to review and continue
17:13:16 <TheSnide> #info TheSnide started rewriting parts of the Guide
17:13:38 <TheSnide> since it's much easier on discrete timesets
17:14:05 <TheSnide> Url will follow the meetinjg
17:15:14 <TheSnide> #info sql is still aimed for 2.2, dev finished mid oct.
17:15:27 <TheSnide> #info new UI will wait for 2.4
17:16:14 <TheSnide> #agreed 2.2.0 should get released in oct, at all costs.
17:16:47 <TheSnide> #topic munin guide
17:17:36 <TheSnide> #info i copied some of pgsql docs, it looks quite  nice. expected for 2.2.
17:18:09 <TheSnide> #action TheSnide will push feat branch to github
17:18:22 <TheSnide> #topic next meeting
17:19:29 <TheSnide> #agreed will be 17 sept at 1900
17:19:44 <TheSnide> #topic questions
17:19:52 <TheSnide> any questions ?
17:20:06 <helmut> I am not quite up to date on the roadmap. what are the main expected changes for 2.2?
17:20:29 <TheSnide> helmut: ui + sql
17:20:37 <helmut> no. you postponed ui to 2.4
17:20:48 <TheSnide> well, will be guide + sql now
17:20:55 <helmut> ok.
17:21:04 <helmut> I suggest either of the following two options:
17:21:24 <TheSnide> i prefer to deliver something that to wait for another 2 years
17:21:26 <helmut> 1) have just the guide as release goal for 2.2, postpone sql and release strictly on time.
17:21:27 <TheSnide> :)
17:21:39 <helmut> 2) have sql as a hard feature requirement, postpone release if necessary.
17:21:53 <TheSnide> yeah, that was my plan C.
17:21:56 <TheSnide> :)
17:22:13 <helmut> which was planc?
17:22:25 <TheSnide> no mind
17:22:53 <helmut> and for sql it doesn't matter if you write portable sql. if it works with sqlite, you have 90% of the use cases.
17:22:54 <TheSnide> #action TheSnide will focus on guide for 2.2
17:23:32 <helmut> I saw sqlite scaling to 3GB databases and beyond, can tune them now. ;-)
17:23:40 <TheSnide> hehe
17:23:46 <TheSnide> ok, anything else ?
17:24:03 <helmut> ping me once you pushed the sql branch
17:24:40 <TheSnide> #agreed sql doesnt need to be portable for 1st releases
17:24:49 <TheSnide> helmut: will do
17:25:06 <TheSnide> thx all
17:25:09 <TheSnide> #endmeeting