17:02:14 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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17:02:28 <TheSnide> hi alll
17:03:14 <TheSnide> today will be a loose meeting
17:03:21 <ToBeFree> hm.
17:03:59 <ToBeFree> is there something I should know about this meeting? I never bothered about the MeetBot pings before
17:04:01 <ToBeFree> ;-D
17:05:44 <TheSnide> nah, just attend if you want. speak if you feel to.
17:06:05 <TheSnide> #topic 2.2
17:06:27 <TheSnide> sql schema is mostly completed
17:07:06 <TheSnide> i added an extra url table to avoid complex runtime url decoding
17:07:43 <TheSnide> i'm also rewriting cgi html part from scrtach
17:08:05 <TheSnide> ... but i still use html::template.
17:08:52 <TheSnide> so far the startup cost of a request is far below 10ms
17:09:39 <TheSnide> we'll see how it fares when sql queries will pile up to construct the model, but it looks very promising
17:10:58 <TheSnide> #info sql branch perf-test box is a RPi.
17:11:22 <TheSnide> e'll see how *that* scales.
17:11:25 <kjetilho> :-D
17:11:53 <kjetilho> scale horizontally with more RPi's? :)
17:12:02 * TheSnide has the habit of having an anemic perf-test box at work.
17:12:08 <fenris02> TheSnide, is there a migration service from rrd -> sql ?
17:12:13 <GrumpyFux> *waves*
17:12:34 <TheSnide> #info 2.2 will *not* scale horiz yet.
17:13:26 <GrumpyFux> Um, some background please. sql will replace data storage done by rrd so far?
17:13:28 <TheSnide> #info sql in 2.2 is _only_ for *metadata* (storables)
17:13:39 <GrumpyFux> Ah
17:14:04 <kjetilho> the stuff needed for munin-html ... and munin-limits?
17:14:09 <fenris02> that means that upward migration from 2.x -> 2.2 is possible, and the nodes can talk to a 2.2 master?
17:14:16 <TheSnide> #info rrd _will_ stay. (no pb so far)
17:14:56 <TheSnide> fenris02: yup, protol will not change
17:14:57 <kjetilho> with SQL for metadata, it will be simpler to scale RRD updates and graphing horizontally
17:15:38 <TheSnide> yes, but 2.2 will be sqlite-only
17:15:55 <GrumpyFux> #info sql in 2.2 will be sqlite-only
17:16:01 <fenris02> TheSnide, only the master is writing to the sql db correct?  not multiple writers ?
17:16:29 <TheSnide> as the db is rewritten wholly each m-u run
17:16:51 <TheSnide> yeap. it is a drop-in for the storable architecture
17:17:09 <TheSnide> 2.4 will bring MoM
17:18:02 <GrumpyFux> Methods of Mayhem?
17:18:57 <TheSnide> but let's focus on simple,manageable tasks
17:19:29 <TheSnide> mom = master of masters
17:20:00 <TheSnide> aka horz scaling
17:20:45 <GrumpyFux> yeah, but that abbrev was completely unknown to me
17:21:20 <TheSnide> #info yes, but 2.2 will be sqlite-only
17:21:23 <fenris02> TheSnide, which version replaces m-n with async?
17:21:51 <TheSnide> not 2.2
17:21:56 * fenris02 nods
17:22:11 <TheSnide> dunno  yet
17:22:42 <TheSnide> will probably call it 3.0 when that happens
17:25:55 <TheSnide> ... as the protocol might get enhanced.
17:28:39 <TheSnide> and i'm tempted to add plugin-exec abilities to asyncd, and let m-n die out of attrition.
17:33:38 <TheSnide> ok. so no more questions.
17:34:07 <TheSnide> #topic bugs
17:34:28 <TheSnide> aany particular bug ?
17:35:52 <GrumpyFux> Besides my personal favorites and the things that are really hard to fix?
17:35:53 <TheSnide> ok, anything else ?
17:36:19 <TheSnide> oh
17:36:42 <TheSnide> what are your fav ?
17:37:10 <GrumpyFux> A request, could somebody(tm) triage the list at <http://munin-monitoring.org/report/9> and give an idea how to handle at least the more important ones?
17:37:24 <GrumpyFux> #1205 shouldn't be to difficult to fix
17:38:02 <GrumpyFux> #1382 (that was me) will be fixed in rrd once I've managed to fork projects on github
17:38:21 <kjetilho> GrumpyFux: how about we fix at least 5 each before next meeting? ;)
17:38:22 <GrumpyFux> (Tobi already told he'll pick it)
17:40:05 <GrumpyFux> kjetilho: Quite an idea, however there are a lot that a incomplete or require re-design of the way munin operates.
17:40:21 <GrumpyFux> But there are too many to do a triage during that meeting here
17:41:24 <kjetilho> until next meeting we can probably find 5 closable bugs each.  it would be a start.
17:43:53 <GrumpyFux> find? Also propose how to deal with it, too
17:44:44 <GrumpyFux> by the way, are there now pointers in trac to all reports in the Debian BTS?
17:51:31 * TheSnide got disconnected...
17:53:37 * TheSnide still has a flaky connection...
17:56:39 * TheSnide does not think upstream url are done
17:58:02 <m-r-b> <xSmurf@freenode> wtf
17:58:15 <m-r-b> <xSmurf@freenode> .kickban m-r-b
17:59:40 <m-r-b> <TheSnide@freenode> xSmurf: ?
18:00:36 <m-r-b> <xSmurf@freenode> unless my bouncer fucked up he was spamming like crazy
18:00:54 <m-r-b> <xSmurf@freenode> oh wait it's a linked chan bot isn't it?
18:01:11 <m-r-b> <TheSnide@freenode> yup
18:02:57 <TheSnide> so, any other point ?
18:03:08 <TheSnide> #topic anything else
18:04:15 <GrumpyFux> Well, IMHO there's a long-time project "documentation" in Trac. The current state is terrible
18:04:54 <TheSnide> #topic doc
18:06:08 <GrumpyFux> everybody hides?
18:07:17 <TheSnide> #info 2.2 will have a enhanced embedded doc/
18:07:31 <TheSnide> (the munin guide)
18:08:16 <GrumpyFux> Then just a statement: I'm inclined to aim for a complete re-write of the doc in Trac. But that's a huge task and none I could handle.
18:08:29 <TheSnide> i'm slowly taking info from the various trac pages to integrate them in the guide.
18:08:48 <GrumpyFux> My time ressources are very limited, and not predictable, I'm afraid
18:08:48 <be0rn> Why focus on the trac? Doc should IMHO be moved to the guide.
18:09:00 <TheSnide> doc in trac will be more a wiki.
18:09:25 <GrumpyFux> Whereever. More important it's well organized so information can be found.
18:09:26 <TheSnide> more a living bag-of-hacks.
18:09:45 <TheSnide> my focus is purely the guide for now.
18:12:39 <TheSnide> more a living bag-of-hacks.
18:13:24 <TheSnide> #topic branches
18:14:24 <TheSnide> #info the branches are in my own git repo on github.
18:15:24 <TheSnide> #info it is steveschnepp/munin, branches "sql" and "guide" if you'd like to have a peak.
18:16:28 <TheSnide> but beware, i do rebase from time to time
18:16:48 <TheSnide> so, anything else ?
18:17:21 <TheSnide> (more than 1h elapsed. time to close)
18:17:40 <TheSnide> so, see you next week for your weekly dose of munin.
18:17:45 <TheSnide> #endmeeting