17:12:30 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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17:12:39 <TheSnide> #topic 2.2
17:13:05 <TheSnide> #info nothing new on the 2.2 front.
17:14:03 <TheSnide> #info dev is mostly stalled due to lack of free time, but should resume next week.
17:14:34 <TheSnide> #topic munin-c
17:16:23 <TheSnide> #info first usable parsing conf build, still lots of feats to implement (notably the conf file read ordering)
17:17:25 <TheSnide> #info idea is to be able to read unmodified mainstream munin-node conf files.
17:20:22 <TheSnide> helmut suggested to use libustr when i mentionned libpcre, for parsing.
17:23:15 <TheSnide> libustr fits the embedded spirit of munin-c quite well, yet libpcre fits the parsing way of mainstring quite well (regex)
17:23:44 <TheSnide> ... for now the parsing is pure stdlib C.
17:25:34 <TheSnide> #info an generic external_ plugin has been designed to be able to use externally launched plugins. It _will_ also go in mainstream munin to fit the munin-c policy. (as I will sponsor it)
17:26:35 <TheSnide> its specs are still TBD, but thx to helmut, it'll fit the spirit of plugins.
17:27:14 <TheSnide> (conf file will be read by the node, which will then set ENV vars accordingly)
17:27:54 <TheSnide> basically: https://gist.github.com/steveschnepp/6993847
18:01:24 <TheSnide> #topic other
18:02:19 <TheSnide> anything anyone ? (closing in 30 min else)
18:10:38 * h01ger wonders what the status of the in c rewritten plugins by helmut is
18:19:43 <pretec> Hi
18:29:00 <helmut> hi. /me tries to catch up
18:29:32 * TheSnide extends the meeting :)
18:30:13 <TheSnide> h01ger: they do work nicely. they are feature identical to main. (except memory)
18:30:40 <h01ger> are they packaged?
18:30:45 <h01ger> is there an ITP/RFP?
18:30:49 <TheSnide> h01ger: the node, OTOH, has some issues
18:30:50 <helmut> h01ger: itp by pretec
18:30:55 <TheSnide> yep, by pretec
18:30:56 <h01ger> cool
18:31:04 <TheSnide> helmut: oh, thx
18:31:13 <TheSnide> (& hi)
18:31:34 <helmut> "PLUGINDIR should be /etc/munin/plugins" <- ACK.
18:31:43 <TheSnide> it seems pretec has some autoconf+packaging issues
18:31:45 <helmut> probably an oversight on my behalf
18:32:28 <helmut> I'll be happy to merge external_ plugins once they've reached mainline's git. ;-)
18:33:29 <helmut> wrt parsing I am still unsure what's best. I actually start to like the current parsing code, except for its memory management.
18:34:13 <pretec> No, the autoconf issues i had where totaly self introduced
18:34:55 <pretec> to less sleep ;)
18:35:02 <pretec> too
18:35:47 <TheSnide> helmut: time will tell.
18:36:36 <helmut> imo there are little blockers for the parse-conf branch. one is missing error checking (I partially addressed that, but setuid is still unchecked)
18:37:15 <helmut> also what is the group "nobody" supposed to be and on what systems does it exist?
18:37:18 <TheSnide> i'm rushing to have a feat-full node.
18:37:35 <TheSnide> yeah, got bitten yesterday by this one
18:37:40 <helmut> lol
18:37:41 <TheSnide> nogroup it should be
18:37:44 <TheSnide> :D
18:37:53 <helmut> and error checked it should be
18:38:06 <TheSnide> segfault. as grp nobody does not exist
18:38:15 <TheSnide> :D
18:38:18 * helmut 'll be busy for most of this week.
18:39:09 * TheSnide wants to rush on the node. set it in prod here. and switch back to sql branch
18:39:28 <TheSnide> (and eventually let helmut rant about it)
18:39:50 <helmut> hmm. that puts me in an odd situation since I mostly care about sql finishing.
18:40:18 <TheSnide> so do i
18:41:19 <TheSnide> if I can launch the external_ plugin on win32, i'd call it done for now
18:41:31 <helmut> TheSnide: what about munin-c docs?
18:41:47 <TheSnide> helmut: yours ?
18:42:25 <helmut> TheSnide: 1) I asked you to review 2) you said you'd manage the .in processing
18:42:40 * helmut has given up fighting with autoconf
18:42:51 <TheSnide> 1. review is done : ok
18:43:14 <TheSnide> 2. .in processing is a post-sql task to me.
18:43:23 <TheSnide> (sorry)
18:43:37 <helmut> ok, we need to convert it do nroff and install it anyway. who can do that?
18:43:44 <helmut> h01ger: you know how to do such things?
18:44:01 <TheSnide> ha ? why not pod ?
18:44:28 <helmut> TheSnide: so you can type man munin-node-c, with convert I mean build-time
18:44:39 <TheSnide> pod2man ?
18:44:48 <helmut> whatever
18:44:55 <helmut> just doit?
18:45:10 <TheSnide> ok, i'll have a look
18:45:23 * helmut just fixed the nogroup issue
18:45:47 <TheSnide> meh, i fixed it. just forgot to push :/
18:46:19 * helmut fetched before fix. :/
18:47:28 <TheSnide> helmut: bah, i'll integrate your fi@x.
18:48:17 <h01ger> helmut: no idea atm, etoobusy
18:49:13 <helmut> TheSnide: if you got a segfault for group nobody, you should fetch git.mmo branch parse-conf
18:49:38 <TheSnide> oj...
18:49:42 <TheSnide> #endmeeting