17:59:00 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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17:59:08 <TheSnide> hi, meeting is open.
17:59:17 <GrumpyFux> *waves*
17:59:20 <TheSnide> #topic agenda
18:00:02 <TheSnide> not much to annouce today.
18:00:33 <TheSnide> it'll be as usual 2.2, m-c and misc.
18:01:07 <TheSnide> i'll try to make the 2 first short, so we can loosely have a misc session :)
18:01:16 <TheSnide> ... here is goes ...
18:01:19 <TheSnide> #topic 2.2
18:02:27 <TheSnide> #info as stated on the ml, 2.2 will have a new plugin.sh hook to be able to "remember" emitted fields
18:03:04 <TheSnide> #info 2.2 won't have it embedded in the master. 2.4 will.
18:04:33 <TheSnide> ok, next
18:05:01 <TheSnide> #topic munin-c
18:05:55 <TheSnide> helmut merged a lot of code, thx
18:06:35 <TheSnide> i deployed the cygwin branch to about 15 hyperv nodes
18:07:42 <TheSnide> some extra tweaks were needed.
18:07:51 <TheSnide> i
18:08:37 <TheSnide> i'll push them also after some feedback from ops
18:10:21 <helmut> I'd like some more feedback from pretec and then slice a release
18:10:30 <helmut> consider the current state of munin-c a release candidate
18:12:16 <TheSnide> #info cygwin is a nice start on win32, but it'll *need* a native port soonish.
18:12:53 <TheSnide> as deployement is currently a nightmare :)
18:13:20 <TheSnide> ... and only 4 plugins do work as intended anyway.
18:13:49 <TheSnide> but that wont happen before 1.0 anyway.
18:14:22 <TheSnide> (or whatever version we'll release m-c with)
18:15:32 <TheSnide> #info yet i agree with helmut, current code seems rock-solid
18:15:47 <TheSnide> ok, next topic
18:15:52 <TheSnide> #topic misc
18:16:49 <GrumpyFux> Nothing new on my side. I spent most of the time doing things that shall not be mentioned here
18:17:50 <GrumpyFux> I was however wondering what a good place was to discuss future concepts. Things that are too complicated to be handled in a single ticket
18:17:59 <TheSnide> did anyone spend some time looking at the upcoming sql branch ?
18:18:01 <GrumpyFux> Like protocol enhancements/redesign
18:18:26 <TheSnide> GrumpyFux: usually #meeting/misc is a good starter
18:18:56 <GrumpyFux> Or plugin handling, there are a lot of ugly things that need a redo, at the resk of breaking some plugins
18:19:17 <TheSnide> as it has the potential to have more eyeballs than usual.
18:19:30 <TheSnide> the ML is another good option IMHO
18:19:57 <GrumpyFux> OK, I'll take it there since it might turn into a longer writeup
18:21:27 <TheSnide> the fact that we dont have a -dev ML isnt an issue, since the traffic is very low anyway. anythin that can make munin look more lively is a GoodThingâ„¢.
18:23:48 <TheSnide> GrumpyFux: main tricky part of protocol is that it has to be backwards compatible.
18:24:00 <TheSnide> fwd compat is a nice pkus
18:24:03 <TheSnide> plus
18:24:12 <GrumpyFux> sure
18:30:54 <zerick> Hi guys, I'm seeing this on munin-node.log -> "Logfile '/var/log/exim4//mainlog' is not readable"
18:31:25 <zerick> Any idea about this ?
18:32:07 <GrumpyFux> TheSnide: End the meeting? Seems like everything has been said
18:36:54 <GrumpyFux> zerick: Which OS, which munin version?
18:37:32 <zerick> GrumpyFux, Debian 7., munin  2.0.6-4
18:38:37 <TheSnide> GrumpyFux: ok
18:38:40 <TheSnide> #endmeeting