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Meeting summary

  1. 2.2 (TheSnide, 18:02:15)
    1. sql code might be broadly testable by next meeting (TheSnide, 18:03:03)
    2. ... some evolutions might involve "ghost" nodes/plugins. (TheSnide, 18:04:02)
    3. next item to be enhanced will be async. specially on docs. (TheSnide, 18:04:45)

  2. munin-c (TheSnide, 18:05:35)
    1. the external_ plugin did hit :devel. But as helmut noticed, it is mostly unusable at current state. (TheSnide, 18:06:34)
    2. mainline has now to catchup munin-c new feats. (TheSnide, 18:06:59)

  3. misc (TheSnide, 18:07:12)
    1. sf.net has come up lately in the news. ssm did setup a download.mm.o virtual site that can readily be used for releases. (TheSnide, 18:08:42)

Meeting ended at 18:18:11 UTC (full logs).

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