18:01:30 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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18:01:39 <TheSnide> #topic intro
18:01:41 <TheSnide> hi all !
18:01:51 <TheSnide> #topic agenda
18:02:11 <TheSnide> nothing really new
18:02:32 <TheSnide> #topic 2.2
18:03:26 <TheSnide> #info big feat of 2.2 is sql, nothing other significant will be added
18:06:18 <TheSnide> #info feature freeze will happen on dec 15th. release around end year. I do not plan to release many beta, mostly one around the 15th. 2.2 will become then the new stable, 2.0 will move to old stable and be fixed with only big bugs.
18:08:07 <TheSnide> #info 2.3.0 will come by feb, with a focus on UI, that was left out in 2.2.
18:09:18 <kenyon> I need a flow chart!
18:09:23 <kenyon> :P
18:09:50 <TheSnide> 2.2 might contain an sql-version of munin-cgi-graph, called munin-cgi-graph-sql to provide gradual improvement, as the bug rate might be high.
18:10:45 <TheSnide> (or live directly with the new cgi, as will be voted here)
18:10:47 <TheSnide> :D
18:11:18 <TheSnide> kenyon: iCal ?
18:11:51 <kenyon> haha no just joking
18:12:04 <TheSnide> (same)
18:12:25 <TheSnide> #topic munin-c
18:12:42 <TheSnide> nothing more here.
18:12:47 <TheSnide> #topic misc
18:13:06 <TheSnide> ok, q&a !
18:15:54 <TheSnide> ok, well.
18:15:58 <TheSnide> #endmeeting