18:05:15 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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18:05:22 <TheSnide> hiall
18:05:27 <ssm> evening :)
18:06:17 * TheSnide is still commuting, but it should be ok. just laggy
18:07:01 <TheSnide> #topic 2.2
18:07:30 <TheSnide> nothing new, several pull reqs :)
18:08:00 <TheSnide> didnt havetime to look at it closely yet
18:11:39 <h01ger> TheSnide: whats your plan regarding this jquery code embeddings?
18:18:19 <ssm> h01ger: there's a munin data api now, as far as I recall, which may be used by a javascript browser application (jquery is common) to render web pages there.
18:18:57 * ssm wonder if it provides munin data as json
18:19:12 <TheSnide> jquery is here to stay, just tell me how to package it proprerly
18:19:31 <ssm> TheSnide: for the debian packaging, it'll be replaced with a dependency on a jquery package, and a symlink.
18:20:24 <ssm> it is rather common to vendor these javascript libraries in the release tarballs.
18:21:29 <helmut> ssm: http://paste.debian.net/76216/ not perfect, but gets a few things right
18:21:38 <h01ger> ssm: i was talking about deb#735236
18:22:03 <TheSnide> note that i still need to address the tgz.
18:23:05 <TheSnide> ... actually i could just leave that to packagers :D
18:23:24 <TheSnide> but i agree, using the .min. version of it is not cool.
18:23:31 <helmut> TheSnide: what about not shipping compiled crap and instead shipping sources in a source tarball?
18:24:23 <helmut> TheSnide: minifying can be an optional build step. using the non-minified version will most likely not end up being the performance bottleneck
18:24:24 <TheSnide> by compiled, you mean minified ?
18:25:00 <TheSnide> for the record, i do *not* like minified JS.
18:25:22 <TheSnide> so, it'll be replaced by the _full_ version asap.
18:25:33 <ssm> me would recommend enabling compression in the web server before rewriting the js to remove whitespace and long variables. :)
18:26:14 <TheSnide> ssm: +1 (mod_gizp is usually better compromise)
18:26:22 <ssm> but for _very_ busy sites, you take your performance wins where you can get them.  Munin would probably not be a very busy site
18:26:56 <helmut> TheSnide: on the other hand mod_deflate (there is no mod_gzip) is very bad in conjunction with mod_cache
18:27:05 <TheSnide> #agreed minified JS will be replaced with nonfminified version
18:28:08 <TheSnide> helmut: as ssm said, if you have issue with the js in munin, then you have knowledge to tweak it.
18:28:25 <helmut> ssm: are you aware of a process for submitting lenses? (and if that process requires a github account, can you take care of it?)
18:28:53 <TheSnide> helmut: thx, will put lenses for a later topic if you'd like
18:29:07 <ssm> TheSnide: thanks, helmut: no, and yes
18:30:26 <TheSnide> so, i'm planning to work on sql-version @ debconf this we.
18:30:59 <TheSnide> i also prepared some slides to present it, if someone is interested.
18:31:24 <ssm> that'd be good food for munin planet
18:36:04 <TheSnide> yup.
18:36:25 <TheSnide> i'm also writing some tuto on setting a munin dev env
18:36:39 <TheSnide> using the awesome dev_scripts/
18:36:58 <TheSnide> (also planet food)
18:37:03 <ssm> that'd be _very_ helpful
18:37:50 <TheSnide> ssm: i took a while to understand how it worked, but now it feels magical.
18:37:52 <TheSnide> :)
18:37:58 <TheSnide> and _very_ simple
18:39:01 <TheSnide> #topic munin-c
18:39:13 <TheSnide> helmut: any news one it ?
18:39:15 <TheSnide> :)
18:41:47 <helmut> no
18:42:00 <helmut> well, pretec said he'd work on the packaging today. ;-)
18:42:19 <ssm> Question for munin-c: coverity has free service for open source projects, and can pull code from github for testing and analysis.  Would it be a good idea to ask them to analyse it?
18:42:32 <ssm> (https://scan.coverity.com/)
18:42:43 <helmut> munin-c is kinda stuck, cause all the low-hanging fruit is harvested
18:43:20 * ssm can register on the coverity site, and add the munin-c github repo.
18:43:29 <helmut> ssm: since most parts of munin-c are blessed by splint (and splint is kinda strict), I don't expect much of it, but I don't mind reports either
18:43:54 <ssm> Ok, I'll give it a try. (and then read more about splint)
18:44:32 <helmut> ssm: splint use source code annotations (e.g. which memory is initialized, what pointers may contain NULL) and verifies them against function annotations
18:44:43 <TheSnide> helmut: yes, munin-c is full of splint related commits :)
18:45:58 <TheSnide> helmut: note that i'll might do some commits on munin-node, that could be ported to munin-c.
18:46:09 <helmut> ok.
18:46:19 <TheSnide> i'll be experimenting with munin-node, as it _is_ easier :)
18:46:43 <helmut> is there anything in particular that munin-c should aim for? more plugin coverage? (which?) more node features? (which?)
18:46:52 <TheSnide> mostly an async init for massive snmp plugins.
18:47:20 <helmut> I don't think async is a worthwhile goal for munin-c, because basically munin-c is fast
18:47:23 <TheSnide> i have to monitor 3k snmps routers.
18:47:59 <helmut> as in whenever you have the resources to run slow plugins, you do have the resources to run the perl node
18:49:03 <TheSnide> comes the starved nodes in mind.
18:49:48 <TheSnide> and the win32 ones. make plugins that do not require cygwin, and a diskstat one.
18:50:24 <TheSnide> i'm also experimenting cpu1sec.c to see if it works better on busy nodes.
18:51:14 <TheSnide> it doesnt need munin-c node, btw. and that is _good_ :)
18:51:51 <helmut> well wrt. win32, I won't be doing any work except for reviewing and merging. sorry. not my department.
18:52:45 <TheSnide> no pb.
18:52:46 <helmut> I do agress that relaxing the mainline-first rule for w32 stuff makes sense though
18:52:51 <helmut> *agree
18:53:18 <TheSnide> yep, that's where i'd want to come. what's your take on portability ?
18:53:33 <TheSnide> #ifdef or makefile tricks '
18:53:34 <TheSnide> ?
18:54:29 <helmut> portability is always a tradeoff. common sense required. where reasonable implement portable interfaces in platform specific files.
18:55:11 <helmut> starting out with #ifdef is not bad in itself. refactoring is possible
18:55:35 <TheSnide> +1 to kiss at first.
18:56:12 <helmut> you see, getting a working patch into shape is often easier than getting a well written patch working. ;-)
18:57:10 <helmut> anything else about munin-c?
18:58:20 <helmut> packaging is kinda stuck, cause it doesn't use official tarballs yet
18:59:02 <helmut> if someone who groks git-bp can set up collab-maint for pristine-tar that'd help a lot. I recently fixed the watch file
18:59:51 <TheSnide> ssm: do you know about git-bp ?
19:00:16 <ssm> helmut: I can add the official tarballs to the pristine-tar branch for collab-maint/munin-c
19:01:19 <helmut> ssm: great. that should enable me to fix up the rest and upload
19:01:45 <helmut> ssm: uscan should already verify pgp signatures
19:03:26 <TheSnide> ssm, helmut: great thx. having it packaged in at least "deb/exp" makes it real :)
19:03:44 <TheSnide> (much more than a random tgz in sf.net)
19:03:53 <TheSnide> ok, next ?
19:03:58 <helmut> ok
19:04:16 <TheSnide> #topic lenses
19:05:00 <TheSnide> as helmut asked there is no dedicated lenses for munin
19:10:46 <TheSnide> http://augeas.net/ augeas
19:13:58 <TheSnide> i think it would be great to have dedicated ones, as it would increase visibility of munin, given the increasing notoriety of augeas.
19:14:30 * TheSnide is in PR these days.
19:14:41 <TheSnide> #topic misc
19:14:48 <TheSnide> anything else ?
19:14:59 <GrumpyFux> About minidebconf ...
19:15:01 <TheSnide> #ranttime !
19:15:04 <ssm> about FOSDEM :)
19:15:17 <TheSnide> ssm: i wont go there :/
19:15:29 <GrumpyFux> I'll not make it since I was unable to resove the remaining issues
19:17:26 <pretec> I'll go to FOSDEM
19:17:34 * ssm will be at FOSDEM
19:17:56 <TheSnide> who wont be (excluding me ?)
19:17:59 <TheSnide> :/
19:18:08 <pretec> ssm: lets have a beer (or something) there :)
19:18:23 <ssm> <voice inflection="zombie">Jooooin uuussss</voice>
19:18:30 <ssm> pretec: yes :)
19:18:47 <TheSnide> i was planning on having the second munin IRC conf somewhere in Feb.
19:19:16 <TheSnide> if some are interested.
19:19:48 <TheSnide> same as before, 2100-2300 CET, with 2 or 3 talks.
19:20:00 * ssm will think of a topic, if and when…
19:20:17 <TheSnide> the date is quite open.
19:20:54 <TheSnide> but i was thinking end feb.
19:21:08 <ssm> TheSnide: end feb should work. If in doubt, try doodle.com to help pick a date for it.
19:21:39 <TheSnide> #action TheSnide will doodle an end feb date.
19:21:55 <TheSnide> ssm: timing is ok ? (night time)
19:22:13 <ssm> yes
19:22:26 <TheSnide> i think it should suit ppl best, as it is IRC anyway.
19:24:18 <TheSnide> I was also thinking about a AMA session.
19:25:15 <TheSnide> but, meetings are quite good for that already.
19:25:18 <TheSnide> ...
19:25:48 <TheSnide> so, /me is very happy with today's.
19:26:01 <TheSnide> anytthing else ?
19:27:27 <ssm> not from me
19:30:08 <TheSnide> ok
19:30:12 <TheSnide> #endmeeting