17:07:17 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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17:07:28 <GrumpyFux> .oO (No time to hide)
17:07:56 <TheSnide> hi all, meeting today is earlier
17:08:18 <TheSnide> so, i wont expect as much ppl as usual
17:08:40 <TheSnide> and  therefore it might be shorter
17:08:41 <GrumpyFux> I didn't expect sarcasm
17:09:00 <RoyK> GrumpyFux: can I just upgrade and keep the old data?
17:09:28 <mandark`> GrumpyFux: Yeah ! You're right ! cool thanks. But how should I have found it ?
17:09:46 <GrumpyFux> RoyK: In the very general yes. Some poorly written third-party plugins might break
17:10:03 <mandark`> GrumpyFux: I don't even see diskstats when I 'list' on this server )o:
17:10:08 <TheSnide> RoyK, mandark`: beware channel is logged while meeting is live
17:10:12 <GrumpyFux> mandark`: "grep 'Write IO Wait time' /path/to/where/the/plugins/are/*"
17:10:29 <TheSnide> #topic 2.2
17:11:04 <mandark`> (I tried : echo list | netcat -w1 backup2 4949 | grep -v '^#' | tr ' ' \\n | while read line; do echo "config $line"; done | netcat -w1 backup2 4949 | grep 'warning\|critical' :p)
17:11:41 <TheSnide> not many things happened
17:12:13 <TheSnide> #agreed do a go/nogo for 2.2 in jessie in sept.
17:13:02 <TheSnide> current mind is to have a rock solid 2.0 in jessie
17:13:57 <TheSnide> #info 2.1 can be tested easily in deb/exp, sql version will be uploaded there soon
17:14:42 <RoyK> using ubuntu, what would be the preferred way to setup munin 2.0.x? using a ppa? what about debian?
17:14:47 <TheSnide> #info lazyload js will be inactive by default.
17:15:32 <TheSnide> #link http://blog.pwkf.org/post/2014/01/How-to-try-Munin-2.1.x-easily-in-Debian-derivatives
17:16:19 <TheSnide> RoyK: 2.0 is in deb/stable, and in lastests ubuntu
17:16:29 <TheSnide> no need for ppa
17:17:35 <TheSnide> my objective is to have a fully working cgi html sql-based for the FOSDEM.
17:17:52 <TheSnide> that will be 2.1.5
17:19:18 <h01ger> any ETA for 2.1.5?
17:19:27 <RoyK> TheSnide: latest ubuntu isn't LTS :P
17:19:35 <RoyK> well, it soon is - three months to go
17:19:43 <RoyK> guess I'll be using debian anyway
17:20:12 <TheSnide> h01ger: around fosdem
17:20:17 <h01ger> cool
17:20:29 * h01ger hopes pretec replies to his 2.1.4-1 questions til then ;)
17:20:38 <h01ger> TheSnide: you wont be at fosdem, or will you?
17:20:43 <TheSnide> then i'll integrate the various github pulls
17:20:52 <TheSnide> i wont ;(
17:21:13 * h01ger nods
17:21:52 <TheSnide> ... and thrn i'll integrate cgi graph as sql
17:22:01 <TheSnide> for 2.16
17:22:18 <TheSnide> Limits for 2.1.7
17:22:33 <TheSnide> and m-u for 2.1.8
17:22:56 <h01ger> ssm: i just realize you uploaded 2.0.6-4+deb7u2 to stable-proposed-updates but never asked for stable migration for it... this somehow disturbs my plans for fixing some wheezy bugs in wheezy 7.4 (scheduled for the weekend after fosden, so that should be uploaded next week or so...) - ssm, whats your current plans about this?
17:23:09 * h01ger goes shopping, will be back soon
17:23:15 <TheSnide> … at least that is the macro planning (no dates for .6+)
17:25:37 <TheSnide> #topic munin-c
17:27:10 <TheSnide> i got a big private rant, that i have to address. i still have to ask if i can reply publically, but many of the points are valid. so it is quite intersting
17:27:45 <TheSnide> /publicly/
17:29:05 <TheSnide> nothing much on the packaging, just that I reverted to use a git tgz instead of a autool tgz
17:29:26 <TheSnide> to ease the pkg team job
17:29:52 <TheSnide> #topic else
17:30:02 <TheSnide>17:30:35 <GrumpyFux> munin cabal meeting last weekend?
17:32:39 <ssm> h01ger: I'll see what I can do about it.  Forgot about filing a migration bug.
17:37:23 <TheSnide> #endmeeting