17:58:40 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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17:58:49 <TheSnide> hi all
17:58:49 <GrumpyFux> Oy *hide*
17:59:20 <MaliutaLap> bugger, I keep forgetting these meetings are at like 4am
18:00:03 <MaliutaLap> can't we just once meet at like 12pm GMT+10? :)
18:00:47 <TheSnide> ;)
18:01:39 <TheSnide> #topic 2.2
18:02:25 <TheSnide> i think json api are needed *now*
18:04:18 <TheSnide> so i think 2.2 will wait until implemented
18:07:46 * TheSnide has low battery. changing phone.
18:13:04 <m-r-b> <Kxepal@freenode> json api? how it is proposed to be used?
18:13:35 <TheSnide> Kxepal: actually, the urgency is to provide one.
18:14:00 <TheSnide> Kxepal: its usage can be delegated to a side project.
18:14:29 <TheSnide> Kxepal: that feels the right way, as _providing_ it isn't that difficult.
18:15:58 <TheSnide> I plan to use a new CGI, munin-cgi-json
18:16:14 <TheSnide> (or munin-cgi-rest, ....)
18:16:43 <TheSnide> it should be highly similar to the current munin-cgi-state or munin-cgi-datafile
18:21:02 <MaliutaLap> TheSnide: speaking of the CGI - what about that rewrite of the CGI graphing?
18:22:14 <MaliutaLap> TheSnide: is there a way to do it [partially] with JS? Place some strain on the browser?
18:22:47 <TheSnide> MaliutaLap: the _main_ purpose of the json api is to export *everything*
18:23:14 <TheSnide> MaliutaLap: metadata *and* rrd data.
18:23:26 <MaliutaLap> Ok, that could be useful
18:23:47 <TheSnide> MaliutaLap: this way, any rewrite can be done asynchronously of the server development
18:23:53 <m-r-b> <Kxepal@freenode> just export, not import too? that would be awesome to build some metadata replication/sync thing
18:24:26 <TheSnide> Kxepal: 2.2 will have an r/o API. r/W would be too broad in scope
18:24:54 <MaliutaLap> TheSnide: I get it, it does seem like a better way of doing it - and given some of the criticism I've read of late might do Munin in general some favours
18:24:57 <m-r-b> <Kxepal@freenode> sounds reasonable
18:25:10 <TheSnide> Kxepal: ... but, r/w in 2.6 sound quite a doable target.
18:25:54 <m-r-b> <Kxepal@freenode> TheSnide: that would be awesome! (:
18:25:56 <TheSnide> MaliutaLap: yes. I'm thinking that HTML5+JS has some hype these days. So we have to move with the train, or stay here.
18:26:29 <TheSnide> .oO( Hype-driven developpement )
18:27:03 <TheSnide> #info 2.2 will have an r/o json api. r/w in 2.6.
18:27:11 <TheSnide> #undo
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18:27:16 <TheSnide> #info 2.2 will have an r/o json api. r/w in 2.4
18:27:28 <TheSnide> 2.4 after 2.2, not 2.6 :)
18:29:06 <MaliutaLap> TheSnide: so we're going to rely on a moving target? Are we going to do it in a RESTFUL way?
18:30:03 * MaliutaLap _might_ be able to consider one of the more knowledgeable REST people in the world to do something - he is looking for a project to contribute to
18:31:12 <TheSnide> MaliutaLap: i'm a noob in REST. But i want to do it like ... say ... twitter.
18:31:35 <MaliutaLap> I'm gonna puke :)
18:31:50 <MaliutaLap> I'll talk to Fuzzy about it
18:31:54 <TheSnide> MaliutaLap: ok. but you get it :)
18:32:19 <MaliutaLap> he might be able to give us some guidance on what is the best RESTful approach
18:33:00 <TheSnide> #info the API definition will be done outside meeting, but the item will now be tracked in a specific topic.
18:33:23 <m-r-b> <Kxepal@freenode> I'm also familiar with REST and would like to help too as much as I can
18:34:16 <TheSnide> MaliutaLap: i don't have any idea on how it should be done right. I did just set up a page on the wiki to collect comments
18:34:49 <TheSnide> #link http://munin-monitoring.org/wiki/RestApi
18:35:15 <TheSnide> nothing much more
18:35:43 <TheSnide> #topic munin-c
18:38:53 <MaliutaLap> progress? Speed increases?
18:48:20 <TheSnide> no progress on m-c since last time
18:48:57 <MaliutaLap> ok. What _needs_ to be done there?
18:50:37 <TheSnide> mostly packaging. some conf parsing has to be finished.
18:50:47 <MaliutaLap> My C isn't too bad (considering I hate C++ and OO programing in general)
18:51:08 <MaliutaLap> it's in git right?
18:51:12 <TheSnide> unit testing also
18:51:32 <TheSnide> yeap, everything muninish is in git nowadays
18:51:51 <TheSnide> munin-c.git
18:52:27 <MaliutaLap> ok, I'll try to look at it, the conf parsing at least before the next meeting - just prey I awake for that. It's almost 5am here
18:52:37 <MaliutaLap> s/prey/pray/
18:53:37 <TheSnide> sorry
18:54:18 <TheSnide> #topic next meeting
18:54:56 <TheSnide> next meeting will be at 21:30 CET, since I cannot earlier.
18:55:18 <TheSnide> #info next meeting will be at 21:30 CET, since I cannot earlier.
18:55:31 <MaliutaLap> CET? can I have that as GMT[+/-]???
18:56:32 <MaliutaLap> I don't deal well with american timezone names
18:57:04 <TheSnide> GMT+1 iirc
18:57:32 <TheSnide> 2030 GMT
18:57:59 <MaliutaLap> That actually works for me, it's like 10:30 AEST
18:58:08 <MaliutaLap> I can be awake for that easily
18:58:24 <TheSnide> we'll see if it is a better hour than now for more ppl, it might be the new hour.
18:58:34 <MaliutaLap> Yay!
18:59:15 <MaliutaLap> oh, and I _actually_ managed to contribute to this meeting :)
18:59:22 <MaliutaLap> I think
19:07:27 <TheSnide> (worse for me, but i'll cope with it if there is enough demand)
19:07:32 <TheSnide> MaliutaLap: :)
19:07:41 <TheSnide> #topic misc
19:08:09 <GrumpyFux> irc conf?
19:08:28 <TheSnide> GrumpyFux: yp
19:08:39 <TheSnide> #topic
19:08:44 <TheSnide> #topic IRC Conf
19:09:20 <GrumpyFux> Just I might take two of the short slots. Got some ideas recently
19:10:31 <TheSnide> GrumpyFux: oh, that would be nice
19:11:20 <TheSnide> the bad part is that you'r the only one who replied and showed some interested.
19:11:49 <TheSnide> ... but i was told that "just move forward, ppl will follow". :)
19:12:21 <TheSnide> GrumpyFux: you don't care about which one, just a wednesday.
19:12:22 <MaliutaLap> TheSnide: the "build it and they will come method" ... not always the best
19:12:53 <TheSnide> MaliutaLap: bah. worked for me so far. just give it enough time.
19:13:07 <TheSnide> [ and have something useful :D ]
19:13:48 <GrumpyFux> TheSnide: Just mention it every now and then. Just remind me, about when will this happen?
19:15:19 <MaliutaLap> ok, third time I'm trying for bed in 7 hours - the booze is supplementing the sedatives :)
19:16:13 <MaliutaLap> TheSnide: poke me on the munin-c stuff
19:17:34 <MaliutaLap> I have some other stuff going on, but it should jive with a look at that code
19:17:57 <TheSnide> GrumpyFux: plan is june. Might be July.
19:18:25 <TheSnide> GrumpyFux: ... but it should be on wednesday evening (as you expressed your preference)
19:18:50 <TheSnide> #topic misc
19:18:53 <TheSnide> anything else ?
19:20:34 <TheSnide> thx all !
19:20:38 <TheSnide> #endmeeting