20:30:50 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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20:30:55 <TheSnide> hi all !
20:31:10 <TheSnide> today, a special late meeting.
20:31:45 <TheSnide> #topic 2.2
20:32:53 <TheSnide> nothing much. i
20:34:18 <TheSnide> #topic json api
20:34:32 <ssm> ooo :)
20:35:05 <TheSnide> as planned this has its own topic :)
20:35:55 <TheSnide> i edited the wiki page with my remarks. basically i do _not_ like pretty urls.
20:36:43 <TheSnide> url query string are quite useful imho, as they are quite standard.
20:37:45 <TheSnide> anyway, i think i'll work on it full steam ahead. as i really want it to happen.
20:38:04 <helmut> could you include the link to the relevant wiki page?
20:38:15 <ssm> http://munin-monitoring.org/wiki/RestApi
20:39:29 <TheSnide> nothing much more to say. questions ?
20:40:10 <TheSnide> #topic munin-c
20:40:40 <TheSnide> i did have _very_ limited time last week. so nothing much there either.
20:40:43 <helmut> [json] maybe the wiki page should state what should be accomplishable with the envisioned api
20:41:06 <TheSnide> #topic json api
20:41:14 <TheSnide> helmut: +1
20:41:45 <TheSnide> 2.2 being able to access _every_ data (sql+rrd) via json
20:42:14 <TheSnide> , but only the GET method.
20:42:15 <helmut> TheSnide: ok. thanks
20:42:19 <ssm> . o O { logs? }
20:42:37 <TheSnide> 2.4 other methods (PUT, POST, DELETE, ...)
20:42:47 <ssm> or at least "is this node responding well"
20:43:22 <TheSnide> logs ?
20:43:37 * ssm was thinking of what to retrieve with the json api
20:44:09 <ssm> If it could be used to find out the state of a munin node, if it is reachable and responding every time
20:44:43 <ssm> if it is not planned, put it in the box with the other feature creeps. :)
20:45:55 <tuxcrafter> is the meeting still on?
20:46:02 <ssm> tuxcrafter: yes
20:46:05 <kjetilho> ssm: that's not in the RRD, so push to feature creep :-p
20:46:10 <ssm> k
20:46:42 <TheSnide> ssm: oh, that is. (state)
20:47:22 <tuxcrafter> i had some issues this week with async spoolfetch taking up more then 1500MB for less then 50 nodes, how can i make sure it doesnt kill my OS by limmiting the spoolfetch
20:48:05 <tuxcrafter> and i got a munin mail notification that keeps spamming me with emails with status changes from unknown to OK and to unknown
20:48:31 <tuxcrafter> i dont know why asysnc keeps genereting so many unknows but it gives me about 200 mails aday
20:53:35 <TheSnide> tuxcrafter: meeting will be over soonn :)
20:54:14 <TheSnide> #topic misc
20:54:19 <TheSnide> anything else ?
20:55:04 <ssm> logging.  The non-oo rewrite of the logging is proceeding nicely. :)
20:55:54 <ssm> (the non-oo rewrite of the oo rewrite of the current logging.  I thought I'd skip right through second-implementation-syndrome, and it looks like I'm ending up with something much simpler, and still useful)
20:58:04 <TheSnide> nice
21:01:02 <TheSnide> ssm: do not hesitate to create a pull req, it make it quite nice to remind me to merge things.
21:01:09 <ssm> ok
21:01:23 <TheSnide> I end up using it quite often myself.
21:01:49 <TheSnide> .. it's even easier than pushing directly (as you can ask for review)
21:02:16 <ssm> and it gets tested :)
21:06:51 <helmut> I manaI'm using http://paste.debian.net/85313/ augeas lens with success now. I didn't encounter any more errors with strange files.
21:14:57 <TheSnide> ok, ending meeting ?
21:15:14 <TheSnide> #stopmeeting
21:15:25 <TheSnide> #endmeeting