17:58:45 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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17:58:54 <TheSnide> hi all ;)
18:02:14 <TheSnide> if some want a later session just say so
18:02:35 <TheSnide> #topic 2.2
18:03:35 <TheSnide> #info 2.1.6 is out. fixing a critcal bug in cgi html
18:04:11 <TheSnide> only missing paets
18:04:54 <TheSnide> parts are category page and comparison  pages
18:16:59 <TheSnide> #topic json
18:17:38 <TheSnide> i did some quick hacks on it, mostly based off templates.
18:18:24 <TheSnide> i'm still wondering about either reusing the html urls, and providing a json version.
18:18:41 <TheSnide> or provide a completely different urls and json.
18:19:04 <TheSnide> different urls are much easier to maintain in the long term.
18:19:54 <TheSnide> also, _what_ should be inside the json is also quite nebulous at the moment.
18:20:34 <TheSnide> #info way more feedback is needed on what to emit, and which urls to accept.
18:21:18 <TheSnide> also, i'm thinking about ditching the cgi alltogether, and switching to a standalone server.
18:21:43 <TheSnide> (such as mojo, or plack, or http::server::simple, or ... )
18:22:27 <TheSnide> as the cgi container has served us well, but is becoming a burden to set up for our userbase.
18:23:15 <TheSnide> packager do a nice job of handling the default, but cannot envision every hairy setup a user can come up with.
18:23:58 <TheSnide> so, simple http access via a new tcp port should be much easier to do.
18:24:06 <Croccydile> meep?
18:25:00 <TheSnide> setting up reverse proxy to aregate backends is something considered normal these days.
18:25:11 <TheSnide> Croccydile: yes ?
18:25:21 <Croccydile> I saw my name up there
18:25:44 <TheSnide> Croccydile: yeah. standard pingall prior to weekly meeting.
18:26:24 <TheSnide> #topic munin-c
18:26:34 <TheSnide> nothing new.
18:26:39 <TheSnide> #topic misc
18:28:14 * Croccydile cuddles his plushy either way
18:28:36 <Croccydile> since moving the munin master to arch its been working fine now
18:30:04 <TheSnide> I'll might take some time to work on RRD. Some feat I'd like to implement are a _non_ roundrobin rrd :)
18:30:31 * ssm thinks that sounds like a replacement
18:31:04 <TheSnide> and a full featured rrdcache. (one that does also _read_ rrd data over the rrdcache socket)
18:31:13 <TheSnide> ie, no need to flush to disk.
18:37:32 <TheSnide> ssm: why ? i want to keep everything. just append :)
18:46:01 <TheSnide> anyway.
18:46:08 <TheSnide> anything more to add ?
18:46:49 <TheSnide> ssm: did you have a look at the url i proposed, and do you have an idea of a json format ?
18:55:43 <TheSnide> ok.
18:55:48 <TheSnide> #endmeeting